Chapter 1171 – Bane Of All Spirit Veins!

Almighty Sword Domain

The Sword Alliance?

What’s that?

Everyone here gazed at Yuan Feng with astonishment. Needless to say, his actions had truly surprised them. They hadn’t expected someone to actually step forward and refuse. Even though he was a Quasi Emperor, they felt that he was really too bold! After all, Doomsday City was one of the strongest powers on the continent!

Moreover, they were facing 6 Quasi Emperors right now!

The black robed man was stunned as well. Obviously, he hadn’t expected anyone to step forward and refuse. He was just about to make an example out of Yuan Feng when Yuan Feng suddenly continued, “Everyone, we discovered this ruin together, so on what basis does he say that it belongs to Doomsday City? Why should Doomsday City get half of everything we obtain? It’s ours, so why should we give it to them?”

The expressions of many immediately turned gloomy. Obviously, Yuan Feng’s words resonated with them. Why should they give half of their gains to Doomsday City?

“You’re courting death!” The black robed man was about to attack when numerous rays of light appeared abruptly, and then the ropes which tied the white dragon were instantly severed.

“Roar!” The white dragon suddenly opened its eyes and glanced at Yang Ye. After that, it transformed into a ray of white light that shot into the sky and fled towards the distance.

“The spirit vein!” The black robed man was shocked. He couldn’t be bothered to deal with Yuan Feng anymore, and he immediately chased after the spirit vein with the other Quasi Emperors on his side.

But it didn’t take long for the black robed man’s voice to resound from far away, “Don’t let them leave! Kill anyone who dares to try and leave!”

As soon as the black robed man’s voice resounded, the 1,000 plus high-rank Saints from Doomsday City that were guarding the entrance to the gorge had immediately gazed at the others here, and their gazes surged with killing intent.

“Why should we fear them? Kill!” Someone shouted, and then a ray of light shot into the army of experts from Doomsday City before one of their heads rolled to the ground.

“How dare you!” The old man who led the group roared with fury, “Do all of you want to die?” He didn’t dare to order the army to attack because their Quasi Emperors had gone to pursue the spirit vein. But there were over a dozen Quasi Emperors here!

“There’s no gain without risk!” The voice from before resounded once more, “Kill!”

As soon as his voice finished resounding, another ray of light shot into the army and another head flew up into the air.

“Kill!” This time, many others stopped hesitating and charged towards the entrance of the gorge. Since some had charged forward, the rest had no choice but to charge as well.

Because they were all very well aware that they would be finished once those Quasi Emperors returned!

Ye Liuyun glanced at the surroundings but was still incapable of locating the person who’d launched the first attack. She pondered deeply for a few moments before waving her right hand, “Kill our way out!” If they didn’t leave now, it would be impossible to leave once the black robed man’s group returned. As for Doomsday City, she didn’t have the time to think about all of that now.

“Kill!” The Souleater Mercs charged forward like a tide.

“Kill our way out!” The Snow Lion Mercs were right behind them.

The experts from Doomsday City who were guarding the entrance were instantly stunned.

Even though the forces before them just consisted of independent cultivators and some lousy mercenaries, the joint forces of their enemy far surpassed their own. So, how could they dare to resist such a force?

The old man who led the group was no fool, and he immediately waved his hand and commanded, “Retreat!”

As soon as his voice resounded, the army behind him instantly moved aside and opened up a path.

The independent cultivators and mercenaries didn’t try to continue killing, and they just fled out of the gorge. As far as they were concerned, the most important matter at hand was to flee far away and stay far away from Doomsday City’s territory. Otherwise, only death would be awaiting them!

In the chaotic crowd, Yang Ye glanced at Yuan Feng and said, “Lead the others from our Sword Alliance out, and then hide yourselves.”

“Understood!” Yuan Feng nodded to Yang Ye and left.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings, and then his figure shot towards the direction that the white dragon had left towards. If it was possible, he naturally didn’t want to let a Divine Grade spirit vein slip by. If it was in the past, he would absolutely be incapable of fighting 6 Quasi Emperors even if he used all his trump cards. Unless the Sword Spirit and Qiong Qi woke up.

Yet now, not to mention 6 Quasi Emperors, he wouldn’t even fear 12 Quasi Emperors. Presently, he even dared to fight Emperors head-on!

Suddenly, Yang Ye frowned, and then his figure shook before vanishing on the spot. It didn’t take long for 3 figures to flash past Yang Ye’s position.

It was none other than Ye Liuyun, Mu Canglan, and the other old man at the Quasi Emperor Realm from the Souleater Mercs.

Yang Ye gazed at Ye Liuyun’s figure from the shadows, and he pondered deeply for a moment. He’d underestimated her ambition because she intended to try and obtain the Divine Grade spirit vein! But it did make sense because possessing such a spirit vein represented that one would have a good chance at creating a Diamond Rank power. Because many people would be attracted to join a power that possessed a Divine Grade spirit vein.

Moreover, even if it isn’t used to establish a Diamond Rank power, possessing such a spirit vein came with huge benefits. For example, selling it off. In short, anyone with strength and ambition wouldn’t give up easily.

It didn’t take long for more rays of light to pass by Yang Ye.

Yang Ye glanced at them. There were the members of the Snow Lion Mercs, some other mercenary groups, and even independent cultivators.

All of them were Quasi Emperors!

This is getting interesting! Yang Ye chuckled and vanished on the spot.

“Roar!” Suddenly, a dragon roar resounded from afar, and it carries a trace of pain.

It has been caught! Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he sped up.

The white dragon was just a spirit vein. Even though it had its own consciousness, it wasn’t a real dragon. So, its combat strength was absolutely weak. Of course, even a real dragon at the Quasi Emperor Realm would probably be no match for the joint forces of 6 Quasi Emperors!

In next to no time, Yang Ye saw the black robed man’s group. At this moment, the white dragon was bound tightly by silver threads while they stood around it.

At this moment, the black robed man and the others had quite ferocious and unsightly expressions on their faces. Because Ye Liuyun and the others were standing in front of them. Ye Liuyun and the others consisted of almost 13 Quasi Emperors! Moreover, it seemed like Ye Liuyun’s side had come to an agreement.

The black robed man gazed at them with a ferocious gaze, “Do all of you want to die?”

Ye Liuyun spoke indifferently, “You can only blame yourself for being too ‘benevolent’. Based on the way your Doomsday City does things, we’ll definitely be pursued upon leaving this place. Since we’ve offended Doomsday City, then why not offend you until the end? In any case, Doomsday City won’t spare us! So, cut the crap. We just want the spirit vein. Hand it over and we’ll leave right now. Otherwise….”

The black robed man laughed coldly, “Otherwise what?”

“Otherwise all of you will die here today!” Ye Liuyun withdrew a dark green longbow.

“Just a few lousy independent cultivators and mercenaries are going to do that?” The black robed man laughed with disdain, “If we want to crush all of you….”

“Kill!” Ye Liuyun interrupted him, and then an ink black arrow shot forward as soon as she finished speaking. At the same time, the other Quasi Emperors attacked in unison.

“Stop them! Our experts will be here in 100 breaths of time at most!” As soon as the black robed man finished speaking, his figure shot towards Ye Liuyun and the others. The other Quasi Emperors behind him attacked simultaneously as well. After all, how could they let go of a Divine Grade spirit vein? They didn’t dare to do so as well!

However, their fate was quite sad. The battle had only gone on for less than 10 breaths of time when one of them fell. It couldn’t be helped, Ye Liuyun’s side had over 2 times their forces, and all of them were ready to die. Especially at a time like this. They’d resolved to take their enemies down with them if necessary. So, the black robed man’s group was at a complete disadvantage and their destruction was only a matter of time!

Right when they were in fierce battle, a ray of light suddenly flashed by before the silver threads which bound the white dragon were severed. After that, a black shadow suddenly appeared before the white dragon.

The others watched with shock as the figure grabbed the white dragon’s horn and transformed into a ray of light that vanished into the distance.

Everyone here was stunned. A moment later, their expressions became unsightly because someone had taken advantage of them!

They didn’t waste their breaths and immediately shot off in pursuit.

The black shadow had naturally been Yang Ye. He’d immediately risen his speed to its limits once he grabbed the white dragon, and the white dragon was almost unable to endure his speed.

But Yang Ye paid no attention to the white dragon and didn’t stop increasing his speed. He was going faster and faster, and the white dragon’s face was covered in extreme pain. As for Snowy, she’d hidden herself within the pocket of space that Zi’er had created near Yang Ye’s chest.

After some time passed, Yang Ye suddenly stopped and tapped his chest. Snowy immediately emerged from there.

Yang Ye stood before the white dragon who was lying on the ground, and he gazed at the white dragon who was on the verge of death and said, “Follow me, or….” When he spoke up to this point, he pointed at Snowy, “Or I’ll let her swallow you.”

Snowy blinked and immediately opened her mouth.

The white dragon glanced at Yang Ye, and then it glanced at Snowy. Its huge eyes instantly constricted when it saw Snowy, and there was a trace of terror in its eyes.

Snowy was extremely pleased by such a reaction, and she opened her mouth and sucked lightly. In an instant, some of the white dragon’s spirit energy entered her mouth.

The white dragon trembled, and then it instinctively crawled backwards while looking at Snowy with terror in its eyes.

Yang Ye glanced at Snowy. She really is a bane of all spirit veins!

Yang Ye gazed at the white dragon and said, “10 breaths of time. It’ll take 10 breaths of time for them to catch up. I’ll give you 5 breaths of time. If you don’t agree, then I’ll let Snowy eat you right now!”

Snowy nodded, and then she opened her mouth and even started drooling.

The white dragon glanced at Yang Ye, glanced at Snowy, and then hesitated before nodding before Snowy’s threats.

Yang Ye waved his right hand, and then both Snowy and the white dragon entered the pocket of space on his chest. Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun and the others appeared in the sky.

It was too late to hide! Because they’d noticed him. So, they would definitely pursue him without end if he were to hide now!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before lying down on the ground, and his body started shivering incessantly as if he’d encountered something terrifying!

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