Chapter 1184 – If It’s An Enemy, Then I Have A Sword For Him!

Almighty Sword Domain

Time passed slowly within the room.

Yang Ye was covered in sweat while his eyes were bloodshot.

A Sword Servant at the Emperor Realm was countless times stronger than a Sword Servant at the Quasi Emperor Realm. No, it should be said that they couldn’t be compared at all. If he hadn’t attained the Saint Realm, Yang Ye would have probably suffered backlash by now.

Even if he was a Saint now, it was still extremely difficult to refine!

After around an hour passed, the expression on Yang Ye’s face suddenly changed before he spat out a mouthful of blood. After that, he took around 10 steps back while the corpse slowly slumped down to the ground.

He’d failed!

Yang Ye wiped off the blood on the corner of his mouth while a solemn expression filled his eyes. The difficulty of refining a Sword Servant at the Emperor Realm was much greater than he’d expected!

But he wouldn’t give up, of course!

After resting for around 2 hours, Yang Ye started the refinement process again.

In the blink of an eye, 3 days had passed but Yang Ye still hadn’t been able to succeed. Besides that, he’d failed a few dozen times during this period!

As he continued his attempts, Yang Ye started to examine and consider the refinement process. Because he realized that he hadn’t failed solely because of his lower cultivation. There was another reason, and it might be related to the technique itself!


Because he suddenly recalled that the expert who’d created the technique had probably not attained the Emperor Realm.

When he thought of that, Yang Ye had a very strong feeling that it might be the reason!

So, he didn’t just carry out the refinement process in the end. He studied it bit by bit as he refined the Sword Servant, and then he modified and improved the refinement technique. Even though it was even more difficult, it couldn’t be helped. He didn’t want to give up on the opportunity to possess a Sword Servant at the Emperor Realm. After all, a Sword Servant at the Emperor Realm would be a huge assistance to him right now!

It didn’t take long for 2 more days to pass.

Yang Ye’s tense expression had started to ease up slowly. Even though he’d still failed numerous times in the last 2 days, he’d discovered even more problems and had resolved them in succession.

Another day passed.

Suddenly, Yang Ye let out a sigh of relief, and then he fell backwards and started breathing rapidly.

As for the Emperor Realm Sword Servant in front of him, it slowly took a knee before him.

He’d succeeded!

After working hard incessantly for days, he’d finally succeeded at modifying and improving the technique to refine Sword Servants!

But it was absolutely tiring!

At this moment, Yang Ye felt like he’d fought an Emperor for 3 days and 3 nights! Not only was he physically tired, he was even more mentally exhausted. Because his mind had been tense throughout this period, and he hadn’t dared to relax at all!

Fortunately, his exhaustion was worth it! Because he had a Sword Servant at the Emperor Realm now!

Yang Ye rested for a short while before he stood up, and then he flicked the black spear over to the Sword Servant. The latter took the spear and stood by Yang Ye’s side.

He’d thought about it for a long time, and he’d finally decided to give the Quasi Emperor Rank spear to the Emperor Realm Sword Servant. Because it would provide a tremendous increase to the Sword Servant’s strength. After all, there definitely was a gap between the combat strength of puppets and true Emperors, so the Sword Servant’s strength would definitely rise immensely if it had that spear in its possession!

Suddenly, Snowy emerged from Yang Ye’s chest. Yang Ye was stunned when he saw her because she was much larger than before!

Yang Ye was stunned for a while before he said, “You… you’ve grown fatter?”

Snowy blinked but didn’t understand what he meant. Suddenly, her eyes lit up, and then she transformed into a ray of light that entered the pocket of space in front of Yang Ye’s chest. It didn’t take long for her to emerge once more, and then Yang Ye watched with shock as she opened her mouth and spat lightly.

Piles of violet crystals surged out from her mouth!





Yang Ye’s hands were trembling from excitement as he watched her spit out more and more violet crystals!

It didn’t take long for her to finish, and there were over 11,000 violet crystals in front of Yang Ye!

Over 11,000!

Yang Ye couldn’t help but gasp. If he were in the Radiant Dimension, then while such a number of violet crystals wasn’t huge, it would definitely still make him visibly moved. However, he was in Dark Hell Continent now! 10,000 violet crystals here were definitely equivalent to 100,000 or even more violet crystals in the Radiant Dimension! It couldn’t be helped because the violet crystals and spirit energy here were truly too scarce!

Yang Ye gulped, and then he stretched out his hand to Snowy and said, “Do… do you have more?”

Snowy blinked, and then she lowered her head and licked Yang Ye’s hand. After that, a small puddle of liquid appeared on Yang Ye’s palm.

Saliva? Yang Ye’s face darkened. But it didn’t take long for him to notice that it wasn’t saliva, it was spirit energy, and it was extremely dense spirit energy.

Yang Ye put the violet crystals away and rubbed Snowy’s head as he smiled, “You’ll grow stronger by absorbing spirit energy, right?”

He’d noticed previously that Snowy would undergo changes as she absorbed more and more spirit energy. But at that time, perhaps it was because she absorbed too little, but the changes she underwent weren’t very obvious. Yet now, Snowy hadn’t just grown larger from absorbing the spirit energy that emerged after the death of an Emperor, he felt that some changes had occurred to her!

However, he wasn’t able to put a finger on it. As for asking Snowy about it, it would be a waste of effort. She would just blink…. Obviously, even she didn’t know what she was.

Yang Ye rubbed her head lightly and smiled, “Come, let’s head outside!”

But Snowy shook her head, and then her eyes narrowed slightly as she pointed at Yang Ye’s chest.

Yang Ye asked, “You want to sleep?”

Snowy quickly nodded.

Yang Ye chuckled, “Then quickly head in and sleep!”

Snowy nodded. She flew over to Yang Ye and pecked him lightly on the forehead. Her face immediately turned red once she finished kissing him, and then she quickly shot into the pocket of space.

Yang Ye roared with laughter. He waved his right hand and put the Sword Servant away before leaving the room.

In the hall.

At this moment, it wasn’t in a terribly damaged state anymore. It hadn’t just become larger to the point of accommodating over 10,000, it was even quite grand.

This was naturally all thanks to Ye Liuyun!

Yang Ye sat at the seat of the host while Ye Liuyun and the others were below him. Besides Ye Liuyun and some others, there were many other unfamiliar faces, and all of them were Quasi Emperors!

Yang Ye was quite surprised by this!

“Sword Master!” All of them bowed to Yang Ye and greeted him respectfully. While Yang Ye was just a Saint, it didn’t affect the reverence they felt towards him. It could be said that Yang Ye’s prestige in their hearts was unmatched by anyone else!

In the past, many of them had some plans of their own. Yet now, even if they had plans, they didn’t dare to display it at all. Yang Ye didn’t just possess formidable strength, he was extremely ruthless as well.

While all of them bowed to Yang Ye, Nan Shuang stuck out her tongue at him instead. As far as she was concerned, Yang Ye was still that miserable kid who liked to brag and act weak.

Yang Ye glanced at her, shook his head, and smiled before he glanced at the others with a serious expression on his face, “Rise!”

All of them nodded slightly to Yang Ye and returned to their seats.

Yang Ye gazed at Ye Liuyun and said, “Miss Ye, it seems like there are many new faces in our city. Moreover, I can sense that the number of experts in the city hasn’t just increased slightly.”

Ye Liuyun stepped forward and said, “That’s naturally all thanks to you, Sword Master. A few days ago, you killed an Emperor of Doomsday City while only at the Saint Realm. News of that has spread throughout the continent. Coupled with the fact that our Doomsday City has a spirit vein and has been trying to recruit others, many mercenaries around the area rushed over and expressed their willingness to join the Sword Alliance.”

Ye Liuyun revealed a slight smile at this point, “At this moment, our Sword Alliance has 56 Quasi Emperors, and over 7,000 Saints. Moreover, some of them are even on the verge of advancing into the Quasi Emperor Realm. However, we lack violet crystals, so they can’t advance for now!”

Ye Liuyun’s voice carried a trace of helplessness as she finished speaking. Because the Sword Alliance lacked violet crystals the most right now!

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and said, “How many are on the verge of advancement?”

Ye Liuyun replied, “11 of them. They’ve been stuck at the high-rank of the Saint Realm for a long time. The only reason they haven’t advanced is because they don’t have sufficient violet crystals!”

Yang Ye glanced at the people here and said, “Step forward!”

It didn’t take long for 11 figures to arrive before Yang Ye, and they bowed slightly to him.

Yang Ye asked Ye Liuyun, “How many violet crystals are needed to charge into the Quasi Emperor Realm?”

Ye Liuyun replied, “500 at most!”

Yang Ye flicked his finger and 500 violet crystals instantly appeared before each of them.

Everyone in the hall was stunned at the sight of this, and it didn’t take long for them to feel excited. It was especially so for those 11 people. They even quickly knelt down on one knee before Yang Ye and spoke in unison, “We’ll never forget Sword Master’s kindness!”

After all, many would be stuck at the high-rank of the Saint Realm for hundreds or even thousands of years, and it might take even longer. If they couldn’t advance, then only the exhaustion of their lifespan and their subsequent death awaited them. So, Yang Ye’s actions were actually no different than giving them a new lease on life! Thus, how could they not feel excited?

Yang Ye glanced at everyone within the hall and said, “Once you join the Sword Alliance, you’re one of my own, and I, Yang Ye, am never stingy towards those I who are on the same side as me. However, I will absolutely show no mercy to those who harbor ill intent. The Sword Alliance doesn’t just belong to me, it belongs to everyone. I hope that everyone will be able to work together and allow the Sword Alliance’s name to not just resound through Dark Hell Continent but resound through the universe as well!”

“We swear to follow Sword Master until the end of our lives!” All of them bowed and spoke respectfully.

“Resound through the continent? Resound through the entire universe? Your ambition is quite huge, huh!” Suddenly, a voice resounded in the sky above the city, “But don’t you think you’re exaggerating a little?”

An Emperor!

The expressions of everyone within the hall changed, but they didn’t panic.

Yang Ye chuckled and started walking towards the exit. Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun walked over to his side and spoke softly, “Be careful. It’s probably the Dark Sky Sect!”

A slight smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “It’s fine. If he’s a friend, then I have meat and wine for him; but if he’s an enemy, then I have a sword for him!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure vanished on the spot.

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