Chapter 1185 – Sorry! My Hand Shook!

Almighty Sword Domain

In the sky above Cloudfall City, a middle aged man in a silver robe was standing not too far away from Yang Ye. The middle aged man seemed to be only around the age of 30. His figure was thin and tall, his appearance handsome and refined, and his eyes were extremely calm yet icy cold. Moreover, his entire body emanated an icy cold aura.

There was another figure by the silver robed middle aged man’s side. Yang Ye recognized that person because it was that woman in a blue dress from before. At this moment, she was looking at him with an icy cold gaze, and it carried a trace of killing intent.

The middle aged man sized up Yang Ye and said, “You really are extraordinary. I never expected that a third genius who can kill Emperors while at the Saint Realm has appeared in our Dark Hell Continent.”

Yang Ye smiled, “You didn’t come here just to praise me, right?”

The middle aged man replied, “I’m Yuan Tianyi, the vice sect master of the Dark Sky Sect.”

“I’ve wanted to meet you for a long time!” Yang Ye spoke like someone of high status as well. Actually, he hadn’t heard of Yuan Tianyu at all, but since Yuan Tianyi was acting so politely, he had to give Yuan Tianyi face!

The middle aged man glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I’ll get straight to the point. You killed numerous members of my Dark Sky Sect, captured my granddaughter, and took her treasures. I really want to know what you think we should do about that? If you don’t want to do anything about it, that’s fine as well. I’ll leave right now. However, I can guarantee that Cloudfall City and your so-called Sword Alliance will vanish from Dark Hell Continent in 15 minutes!”

Yang Ye shrugged, “I’m a person who likes peace, and I’m one who doesn’t want to cause any trouble. So, let’s talk about it. Your granddaughter wanted to kill my friend. Unfortunately, she was a little too weak. While she wasn’t able to kill my friend, she still caused a certain amount of psychological harm to my friend. Besides that, she even insulted me. Even though I acted benevolently and let her go, since you want to get even, then let’s do it. I’ll give you a 20% discount, and you just have to give me 10,000 violet crystals as compensation for the emotional suffering that both my friend and I suffered. Alright?”

“What nonsense!” The middle aged man hadn’t even spoken when the woman instantly cursed with fury, “Compensation? I think you’re….”

“Do you think that you’re almighty because your grandfather is here?” Yang Ye gazed at her and said, “Why don’t you give it a try? Let’s see if I can kill you in front of your grandfather!”

Her expression changed. Only now did she recall that the fellow before her who seemed around her age was actually an existence who could kill Emperors! She immediately didn’t dare to speak another word when she thought of that, and she could only use her gaze to express her rage. Even though her grandfather was an Emperor, she didn’t want a formidable expert who was comparable to an Emperor to target her! If she was targeted by such a person, then it would be an absolute nightmare!

“You think you’re very strong?” Yuan Tianyi gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Or perhaps you think that my Dark Sky Sect is really so easy to bully?”

“No!” Yang Ye looked Yuan Tianyi in the eyes and said, “I don’t think I’m very strong, but I don’t think I’m weak either. At the very least, I don’t think I’m weak when facing your Dark Sky Sect. As for your 2nd question, I just want to say that it wasn’t my Sword Alliance that wanted to bully your Dark Sky Sect, and it was your Dark Sky Sect that wanted to bully my Sword Alliance. I presume you’re much more clearly aware of who caused enmity to arise between me and your Dark Sky Sect, right?”

“So what?” Yuan Tianyi chuckled, “In this world, the stronger party is the one who’s always right. Isn’t that so? Now, my Dark Sky Sect wants an explanation from your Sword Alliance!”

“An explanation?” Yang Ye shook his head and looked directly at Yuan Tianyi, “The explanation is if your Dark Sky Sect wants a fight, then you can have it!”

If they want a fight, then they can have it!

Everyone in the surroundings felt their blood boil when they heard Yang Ye speak those words. After all, it was the Dark Sky Sect! It was one of the top powers on the continent! But Yang Ye refuse to make any compromise and wanted to fight them!

How domineering! Countless members of the Sword Alliance gazed at Yang Ye with a trace of fervor and adoration in their eyes!

Yuan Tianyi gazed at Yang Ye for a short while before he nodded, “Then let’s fight!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the space behind Yuan Tianyi shook violently, and then around 10,000 experts appeared behind him. All of them were at the Saint Realm or above, and there were almost 100 Quasi Emperors amongst them! Moreover, they were armed with the best. Practically every single one of them held and wore Divine Rank treasures. It could be said that while their realms of cultivation and numbers might be on par with the experts of the Sword Alliance, the gap between their strength was definitely like the gap between the heavens and the earth!

They were the elites of the Dark Sky Sect!

As for the Sword Alliance, it had just been established while many Quasi Emperors and Saints had just joined it. Coupled with the lack of equipment in the Sword Alliance, it could be said that the Sword Alliance couldn’t compare to the Dark Sky Sect at all!

But while their strength was inferior, none of them showed any fear, and all of them converged behind Yang Ye.

Ye Liuyun did very well when it came to discipline. Of course, the main reason was their sense of belonging to the Sword Alliance. Because once they joined the Sword Alliance, they didn’t have to experience days filled with danger anymore. There was a spirit vein in the city, so they could advance and increase their lifespan just by working hard.

So, it could be considered as a paradise to them, and they would naturally not allow the Dark Sky Sect to destroy that paradise. Besides that, the Dark Sky Sect wanted to kill all of them and not just Yang Ye.

They had a chance to survive if they joined forces!

Yuan Tianyu gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Now, pay for your ignorance and arrogance!”

As he spoke, the army behind him was about to attack. However, a black robed man who held a spear in his hand had suddenly appeared by Yang Ye’s side. Yuan Tianyi and the others’ expressions changed drastically at the sight of the man. As for the others behind Yang Ye, they were first stunned before feeling overjoyed!

It was an Emperor!

The black robed man was an Emperor!

Besides Yang Ye, the Sword Alliance had another mysterious expert at the Emperor Realm!

That was what everyone thought right now. The only difference was that Yuan Tianyi’s group had unsightly expressions on their faces because they hadn’t expected this. It could be said that 2 Emperors were entirely sufficient to eradicate all of them. Even though Yang Ye wasn’t an Emperor, he was an existence who was even more terrifying than ordinary Emperors!

They’d made a blunder!

A huge blunder!

Unlike Yuan Tianyi’s group, the morale of the Sword Alliance rose drastically. After all, while the Sword Alliance’s strength at the highest level was still inferior to the Dark Sky Sect, the Dark Sky Sect would definitely not dare to look down upon the Sword Alliance when it had 2 Emperors!

Yang Ye walked towards Yuan Tianyi, and he looked Yuan Tianyi in the eyes when he arrived around 30m away from him, “I’m a very rash person. Once I act rashly, I like to kill; once I start killing, even I can’t control myself. Now, I really want to kill. So, let me ask you again. Does your Dark Sky Sect want to fight?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s body started to gradually turn red. It didn’t take long for him to turn completely blood red, and it seemed like an ocean of blood resided within his eyes!

At the moment Yang Ye turned blood red, the sky in an area of 500km had instantly turned blood red as well. The pungent smell of blood and baleful energy instantly appeared here, causing some comparatively weaker cultivators to start vomiting while some of their eyes even started to turn red.

As for the members of the Dark Sky Sect who stood in front of Yang Ye, they bore the brunt of it. Many of them were terrified by Yang Ye’s blood red appearance to the point of moving backwards repeatedly!

Yuan Tianyi’s expression had changed as well, and he clenched his fists slowly. He hurriedly emanated his aura at the Emperor Realm to resist the smell of blood and baleful energy. However, Yang Ye’s dual Void Rank intents instantly dispersed his aura as soon as it left his body!

Dual Void Rank intents! Yuan Tianyi’s expression changed once more.

Meanwhile, a blood red sword appeared in Yang Ye’s grasp. Yang Ye looked Yuan Tianyi in the eyes and spoke fiercely, “If you want to fight, then my Sword Alliance will fight your Dark Sky Sect to the death! Even if my Sword Alliance is annihilated, I’ll cripple your Dark Sky Sect and make it fall from the ranks of Diamond Rank powers. Does your Dark Sky Sect dare to fight us to the death?”

Yuan Tianyi clenched his fists while killing intent and ferocity filled his eyes. As an Emperor, how could he not have a temper? How could he just swallow the rage he felt from receiving such threats from Yang Ye?

“Then let’s….” The space in front of Yuan Tianyi suddenly trembled when he spoke up to this point, and then his face gradually calmed down. He glanced at Yang Ye while a cold smile curled up on the corners of his mouth, “Trust me, your Sword Alliance won’t exist for long. Trust me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he waved his right hand, “Let’s go!”

Ye Liuyun immediately heaved a sigh of relief when she witnessed this scene. While the Sword Alliance was prepared to fight to the death, it was best if the battle could be avoided. Because the Sword Alliance really was too weak when compared to the Dark Sky Sect. So, it would probably lose more than half of its experts in the battle, and it was even possible for all of them to be annihilated!

The most important thing to the Sword Alliance right now was time, time to develop!

If it were to fight that battle, then the Sword Alliance’s chances to truly rise to prominence would plummet. Moreover, once they started fighting, it would definitely play out as Yang Ye had said. They would fight the Dark Sky Sect to the death. At that time, the Sword Alliance would have no chance to grow.

However, right when all of them thought that the matter had come to an end for now, a sword howl resounded abruptly. After that, a blood red ray of sword energy flashed through the sky before the head of one of the Quasi Emperors from the Dark Sky Sect flew up into the air.

Everyone’s expressions changed drastically!

Yuan Tianyi and the others’ reaction was the same, and all of them turned around to gaze at Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye shrugged and spoke it wasn’t intentional, “Sorry! My hand shook! I’ll pay more attention next time!”

Everyone here was at a loss for words when they heard him.

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