Chapter 1186 – The Mad Demon Bloodline!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yuan Tianyi gazed at Yang Ye for a long time, a very long time….

As for Yang Ye, he revealed an utterly innocent expression.

The atmosphere here tensed up once more, and it seemed very fiery. Both sides were ready to clash at any moment while vigilance covered their faces.

Yuan Tianyi gazed at Yang Ye for almost 20 breaths of time before he spoke, “You really are brave. But trust me, people like you don’t live for long!”

Yang Ye shrugged but remained silent because he’d never been one to argue with words.

Yuan Tianyi took another icy cold glance at Yang Ye before leading the experts of the Dark Sky Sect away and vanished into the sky.

Cheers filled the city when the experts of the Dark Sky Sect left.

They were filled with happiness, excitement, and another indescribable strand of emotion. After all, just a short while ago, these supreme sects treated them like ants. Moreover, if they encountered disciples of those sects, they had to either move away quickly or bow before them and greet them with a smile. Yet now, those experts of such a sect had lost one of their comrades right before their very eyes, but they hadn’t even dared to speak a single word about it!

It was relieving!

At this moment, all of them felt like their ill feelings had been vented. Even Ye Liuyun felt the same while she heaved a sigh of relief that a battle hadn’t broken out.

Ye Liuyun hadn’t forgotten that the Dark Sky Sect had acted extremely domineeringly and wanted to take their possessions by force that day! The others hadn’t forgotten that as well. So, that was why it felt so good when they saw the experts of the Dark Sky Sect reveal such unsightly expressions!

In the hall.

Only Yang Ye who’d returned to normal and Ye Liuyun were present here.

Ye Liuyun said, “Sword Master, while your actions raised the morale and confidence of our Sword Alliance, it was quite rash!”

Yang Ye gazed at her, and her expression changed slightly in response to it, but she still continued, “Once the Dark Sky Sect really decides to fight us to the death, our recent accomplishments will be destroyed overnight. Even if our Sword Alliance can resist the Dark Sky Sect’s attack, it’ll definitely suffer heavy injuries. So, rising up in the world will become extremely difficult then! Because once everyone finds out that we’re at war with the Dark Sky Sect, no one would be willing to join us anymore!”

Yang Ye walked slowly towards her, and she lowered her head slightly. Meanwhile, Yang Ye chuckled and said, “Miss Ye, there’s no need to be nervous. Even though I’m quite impulsive at times and like to act rashly, I never do that to one of my own. Moreover, I’m not a conceited and obstinate person. So, feel free to speak about any thoughts you have.”

Ye Liuyun heaved a slight sigh of relief. She hadn’t known Yang Ye for long. All she knew was that this Sword Master of hers was absolutely not easy to deal with, and he was even slightly childish on occasion. Earlier, she was afraid that Yang Ye was a conceited and obstinate person, and if he really was such a person, then she would truly be quite worried about the Sword Alliance’s future!

Fortunately, he wasn’t!

Yang Ye continued, “I understand everything you just said. Don’t worry, I’ll be careful. To be honest, attacking just now really was rash. Actually, I didn’t just want to attack, I wanted to kill all of them. Because it’s practically impossible for us to be reconciled with the Dark Sky Sect. But as you said, the Sword Alliance needs time, and I need time as well.”

He wasn’t lying. If he was still all alone, then he would have killed them all. Even if he couldn’t kill them, he would have killed half at least! But he wasn’t alone anymore, he had the Sword Alliance standing behind him. He didn’t consider it as a burden because it would be extremely helpful to him once it developed properly!

Actually, it was quite easy to develop a power here because only spirit veins and violet crystals were required!

Ye Liuyun nodded slightly and said, “So long as you understand!” She was most worried about Yang Ye acting rashly according to his character. If that happened, it would only be harmful to the Sword Alliance. After all, the leader of a power had to be reasonable and wise. Otherwise, it would be absolutely impossible for that power to grow. Fortunately, even though Yang Ye was extremely insane, he was very normal at most times.

Yang Ye flipped his left palm and 2 spatial rings appeared there. He flicked them over to her and said, “There are 10,000 violet crystals in one of them. I think you probably really need them right now! As for the other one, there are all sorts of things in it like treasures and techniques. Their quality isn’t low, so make arrangements for them on your own!”

Ye Liuyun glanced at Yang Ye but didn’t ask where he got them, and she just took them. Just as Yang Ye said, the Sword Alliance really needed violet crystals right now!

Yang Ye flicked the blue mirror he gained that day over to Ye Liuyun as well, “That treasure isn’t bad and should be useful to you.”

A Quasi Emperor Rank treasure! Ye Liuyun took a deep breath and took the blue mirror, “Thank you, Sword Master!”

Yang Ye said, “No, I should be the one to thank you. I’m a lazy person who doesn’t like managing trivial matters, and I’m unable to do so as well. You’re dealing with everything within the Sword Alliance, and I know that it’s definitely not easy. I hope that you’ll be able to persist.”

Ye Liuyun shook her head slightly, “Actually, if it’s compared to those days of scouring the world for violet crystals, then I like this life even more. Even though it’s quite tiring, the future isn’t hazy to me anymore. I believe that many others feel the same as well!”

Yang Ye nodded, “Right, I’m going to head to the Godfall Ruins!”

Ye Liuyun’s expression changed slightly when she heard him, “Sword Master, forgive me for saying more than I should, but the Godfall Ruins are covered in sword intent, and that sword intent was left behind by Jian Wuji all those years ago. They are instinctively protecting their master, and anyone who gets close will be attacked by them. Even… even Emperors aren’t able to go far. Because the closer one gets to the peak of Godfall Mountain, the stronger the sword intent becomes. In short, it’s very dangerous!”

After tens of thousands of years, and even when it’s only protecting its master on instinct, even Emperors still can’t get close!

It’s definitely sword intent that surpasses the Void Rank! Yang Ye was quite visibly moved. He possessed Void Rank sword intent that could remain intact without dispersing for tens of thousands of years. But not to mention an Emperor, it couldn’t even injure a Quasi Emperor or a comparatively stronger Saint. After all, his sword intent would definitely grow weaker after the passage of so many years. But Jian Wuji’s sword intent was still capable of killing Emperors even after tens of thousands of years!

Even though Ye Liuyun said it was dangerous, Yang Ye’s gazes burned even more brightly with desire. Even if the Stellar Sword Diagram wasn’t there, he would still go take a look. Because he wanted to take a look at the past number 1 expert of Dark Hell Continent, and he wanted to take a look at the Sword God who’d exchanged a few blows with the old man in Daoist robes!

Because he was a sword cultivator as well!

Ye Liuyun fell silent for a long time before she said, “I presume you’ve made your decision, and it’s pointless to try and dissuade you. But I hope that you are absolutely careful. Because if anything were to occur to you, then the Sword Alliance would split up in an instant. Your presence is the reason why everyone is staying here, but if you’re gone….”

Yang Ye nodded, “Don’t worry. I understand what you mean.”

As he spoke, Yang Ye waved his right hand, and the Emperor Realm Sword Servant appeared before Ye Liuyun, “I’ve given him the order to obey your orders from now on. He’ll protect Cloudfall City while I’m gone. Besides that, if anyone in the city refuses to obey you, then you can act first and report later!”

Ye Liuyun glanced at the Emperor Realm Sword Servant, took a deep breath, and said, “I won’t disappoint you!” Presently, she had both wealth and human resources. Besides that, the external danger they faced had been temporarily resolved. So, it could be said that it was time for her to develop the Sword Alliance.

Yang Ye nodded, “Remember to notify me if Cloudfall City faces danger. I’ll rush back as quickly as possible. Right, help me take care of Nan Shuang.”

Ye Liuyun nodded, “Understood!”

Yang Ye said, “For the sake of preventing others from targeting Cloudfall City, tell everyone that I’m cultivating behind closed doors. So long as I’m in the city, I believe that both Doomsday City and the Dark Sky Sect won’t look for trouble with us for now. As for the others within the city, I think they wouldn’t dare to any longer.”

Ye Liuyun nodded slightly, “Don’t worry, I’ll manage the city well. Just take care of yourself!”

Yang Ye smiled, “Don’t worry. I won’t die that easily! That’s all. You may leave!”

Ye Liuyun bowed slightly to him, and then she left with the Sword Servant.

Once she left, Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground, recovered to his prime, and then snuck out of Cloudfall City.

As he gazed at Cloudfall City from afar, Yang Ye remained silent for a long time. It was the first time that he’d seriously established a power of his own, and he wanted to develop it well. The battle at the Radiant Dimension allowed him to realize that it was impossible to rely solely on himself. Of course, if he was all alone, then he would be like the Unfettered One, completely without any ties in the world. In that case, just he alone would actually be entirely sufficient!

But he wasn’t all alone!

He had too many ties to the world. Like White Deer Academy, Ocean of Clouds Academy, and Lady. He had to establish a formidable power, and Dark Hell Continent just happened to be suitable for that. Because there was no Heaven Dao here. Thus, so long as he had spirit veins and violet crystals, then he could create a group of experts in no time!

So, it was an opportunity!

The Sword Alliance! There was a slight smile on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. He was about to turn around and leave when he suddenly frowned slightly. He glanced at the surroundings, hesitated briefly, and then vanished on the spot and shot towards Godfall.

Not long after Yang Ye left, a black robed man appeared where Yang Ye had been standing.

The black robed man gazed at the direction Yang Ye had vanished towards and spoke in a low voice, “He’s ruthless and mad enough. It is like the Mad Demon Bloodline. But why can’t I sense the Mad Demon Bloodline? Is he not from the clan? Or perhaps he hasn’t awakened his bloodline? Strange….”

As soon as the black robed man finished speaking, his figure shook and vanished on the spot.

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