Chapter 1187 – Pilgrimage Of Sword Cultivators!

Almighty Sword Domain

Right after the black robed man vanished on the spot, Yang Ye appeared where he was standing a moment ago.

He had a solemn expression as he gazed at the spot the black robed man had been standing on just now. The black robed man’s ability to conceal himself was extremely formidable. It could be said to be the best he’d seen after Lady. As for the black robed man’s strength, he couldn’t see through it because the black robed man didn’t emanate even a trace of aura. If the tiny vortex hadn’t warned him, he wouldn’t have even been able to notice the black robed man’s presence!

Yang Ye hadn’t attacked because he hadn’t sensed any ill intent coming from the black robed man. Moreover, he couldn’t just make enemies rashly right now. Even though he couldn’t sense the black robed man’s aura, since the black robed man possessed such ability, it was obvious that it was impossible for the black robed man to be weak! He was an Emperor at the very least!

But Yang Ye couldn’t figure out why the black robed man was following him!

Could it be that a mysterious power thinks highly of my natural talent and intends to recruit me as an elite disciple? Such a thought appeared in Yang Ye’s mind, but it didn’t take long for him to shake his head and vanish on the spot.

Godfall Mountain

Godfall Mountain could be considered the number 1 restricted area on Dark Hell Continent. It wasn’t because it was extremely dangerous, but because everyone throughout Dark Hell Continent held feelings of reverence towards it. Even if those extremely powerful experts of the past came to Godfall Mountain, they wouldn’t damage the place at all. Why? Because if it wasn’t for Jian Wuji who’d fallen on Godfall Mountain, then Dark Hell Continent would have ceased to exist!

Jian Wuji’s sacrifice was the reason that Dark Hell Continent still existed!

Because Jian Wuji had left Dark Hell Continent, and there was entirely no need for him to return when Dark Hell Continent was about to be destroyed. But he’d returned!

So, they felt reverence towards him, and that was why Godfall Mountain was considered the number 1 restricted area of the continent!

Yang Ye sensed a strand of fierce sword intent from afar away before he really arrived at Godfall Ruins, and he immediately frowned. It was unlike any sword intent he’d encountered in the past, and it wasn’t just fierce and sharp, it was filled with a strand of viciousness!

After a moment of hesitation, Yang Ye sped up.

It didn’t take long for him to see a towering mountain in the distance, and it seemed like a towering sword that was stabbed into the sky!

Godfall Mountain!

Yang Ye didn’t continue flying and stopped instead. Because he was within the domain of Godfall Ruins. That wasn’t the main point, the main point was that it was exactly like Ye Liuyun had described. It was filled with sword intent, and the sword intent would target him if he didn’t stop flying. While he didn’t fear the sword intent in this area, there was truly no need to look for trouble.

Yang Ye glanced at the surroundings. He noticed that there was a group of people a few kilometers to his right. There were a few dozen men and women there, and every single one of them was a sword cultivator! Yang Ye was quite surprised because all of them actually possessed Quasi Void Rank sword intent!

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he shot towards the group.

“Another person has arrived!” Yang Ye had just arrived before them when someone suddenly spoke from amidst the group, and then a few dozen heads turned around to gaze at him.

Meanwhile, a slightly bald man arrived before Yang Ye. He sized up Yang Ye and smiled, “You’re a sword cultivator as well?”

Yang Ye nodded.

“He really is a sword cultivator! Hahaha!” The balding man roared with laughter. At the same time, the gazes that the others shot at him became slightly amiable, and this puzzled Yang Ye a little.

The balding man smiled, “The sword cultivators of the world are like family. Come! I presume you’re here to join the pilgrimage to pay your respects to the Sword God, right?”

Yang Ye gazed at the balding man and was slightly puzzled, “What?”

The balding man glanced at Yang Ye and spoke with surprise, “You aren’t here for that? Or perhaps you don’t know about it?”

Yang Ye told the truth, “I really don’t know. Please do tell!”

The balding man sized him up and said, “Are you really a sword cultivator?”

There was a trace of doubt in the others’ eyes as well.

Yang Ye chuckled, “Of course!” He flicked out a strand of sword energy while he spoke.

The others stopped doubting him when they saw that, and the balding man nodded slightly. After that, he looked up at the mountain in the distance, “You know who’s buried there, right?”

Yang Ye nodded, “I do!”

The balding man’s eyes carried a trace of complicated emotions, but there was even more admiration there, “All those years ago, Senior Jian Wuji saved the entire continent on his own, and he paid for it with his life…. From that day onward, all the strong sword cultivators of our continent would make a pilgrimage here every year. Because Senior Jian Wuji didn’t just save the entire continent, he allowed us, sword cultivators, to gain the respect of the entire continent as well. Unfortunately….”

The balding man sighed softly at this point, and then a woman in a green dress spoke abruptly, “Unfortunately, since Senior Jian Wuji fell all those years ago, the sword cultivators of our continent have been unable to stand back up again. Even the sect that Senior Jian Wuji created all those years ago, the Sword God’s Palace, had fallen into utter decline before vanishing in the annals of history.”

Yang Ye asked, “It was destroyed?”

She glanced at him and didn’t speak a word.

Yang Ye was speechless.

Meanwhile, the balding man said, “How could that be possible? Even though the Sword God’s Palace didn’t possess any extraordinary experts after Senior Jian Wuji fell, it was still the strongest power on the continent. But what a pity! Those fellows actually started engaging in internal strife for the position of palace master. Such internal strife went on for hundreds of years, and it ended in their destruction! What a pity!”

Yang Ye nodded, “It really is a pity!” Actually, many powerful powers and empires weren’t destroyed by external forces, and it was their own internal strife that led to their downfall. Just like White Deer Academy, its internal strife had almost eradicated White Deer Academy from the Radiant Dimension.

The balding man sighed softly, “Let’s not talk about that anymore. Right, I’m Huan Kong, and she’s Qin Zhuyao. Let me tell you something, she’s very strong, and she might be able to attain Void Rank sword intent this time! But….” When he spoke up to this point, he spoke softly, “She’s slightly weird. So… so don’t offend her!”

Yang Ye glanced at Qin Zhuyao and was slightly puzzled. She was quite pretty, but she seemed slightly proud and cold on the outside. However, there was nothing weird about her!

Meanwhile, Huan Kong suddenly asked, “Right. Brother, what’s your name?”

Yang Ye was about to speak when Qin Zhuyao suddenly spoke, “Today is the last day. Looks like that fellow, Yang Ye, isn’t coming!”

Yang Ye gazed at her. She knows me? I’m coming here? He was quite stunned!

Meanwhile, Huan Kong nodded, “He probably isn’t coming!”

Yang Ye hesitated for a moment and said, “Why do both of you think that he should come? Besides that, do both of you know him?”

Huan Kong glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Do you not know him? He’s the most renowned sword cultivator on our continent right now! He killed an Emperor! He killed an Emperor while at the Saint Realm! And he possesses Void Rank sword intent and slaughter intent! My god! He’s my idol! No, he’s the idol of all sword cultivators!” A huge amount of adoration could be seen in Huan Kong’s eyes as he finished speaking.

Yang Ye felt quite embarrassed from being praised directly like that. He coughed lightly and was about to tell the bald man his name. However, Qin Zhuyao suddenly said, “From now onward, he isn’t any longer!”

Yang Ye was stunned. Meanwhile, Huan Kong spoke as well, “Indeed. I look down upon him for not coming to pay his respects. I’ll definitely challenge him if I meet him! I’ll beat him down and make him….”

“Can you stop talking big?” Meanwhile, a blade clothes man with a sword in his arms couldn’t help but say, “He killed an Emperor at the Saint Realm. What about you? You’re a Quasi Emperor now, but you probably will have no choice but to flee if you face an Emperor, right?”

“Lin Fan, go to hell!” Huan Kong spoke furiously, “I’ve fought an Emperor! I’ve fought one!”

The black clothed man spoke indifferently, “Sending a few strands of sword energy over before fleeing is considered as fighting an Emperor? Just forget what I said!”

“I challenge you!” Huan Kong suddenly pointed a sword at Lin Fan, “Lin Fan, I’ll beat you down first, and I’ll let you know what a true sword cultivator is like!

“A sword cultivator? You mean a mouth cultivator?” Lin Fan laughed coldly, “I, Lin Fan, really have to admit my inferiority if it’s a competition of bragging. It isn’t just me, everyone else here would admit their inferiority!”

“Fuck you!” Huan Kong’s face flushed red, and he was about to attack when Qin Zhuyao suddenly stood between them.

She said, “If you want to compete, then compete during the pilgrimage. What’s the point of fighting now?”

Lin Fan shrugged, “It doesn’t matter to me!”

Huan Kong grunted and didn’t attack as well.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye asked, “All of you really looked up to Yang Ye before this?”

Huan Kong nodded, “He killed an Emperor and allowed the words ‘sword cultivator’ to shake the continent once more. As sword cultivators, we naturally look up to him. However, he actually didn’t come to participate in the pilgrimage…. This is the most divine activity in the hearts of us sword cultivators, and it’s a representation of our respect to Senior Jian Wuji. But he didn’t come. I give him a bad rating for that!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

Meanwhile, Qin Zhuyao spoke abruptly, “Alright, let’s not talk about him anymore. Let’s begin!”

The others immediately became serious when they heard her.

Yang Ye was about to speak when Qin Zhuyao suddenly said, “Let’s go!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Qin Zhuyao led the group forward, and they strode step by step towards Godfall Mountain.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before following the group.

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