Chapter 1188 – I’ll Take Yang Ye’s Head With 10 Swings Of My Sword!

Almighty Sword Domain

After following them for some time, Yang Ye finally understood what they meant when they called it a pilgrimage.

It represented a journey where they utilized their sword intent to travel towards Godfall Mountain. While it sounded very simple, it was actually not simple at all.

It could be said that sword cultivators without Quasi Void Rank sword intent would definitely be unable to travel for 15 minutes!

Even these sword cultivators who possessed Quasi Void Rank sword intent started to feel strained after traveling for less than an hour.

Yang Ye’s expression was solemn. The sword intent here was sharp, extremely sharp. Besides a few sword cultivators, every single sword cultivator’s sword intent was sharp. Because cultivators of the sword always had their edge bared. It was a characteristic of a sword cultivator! Even Yang Ye’s own sword intent was sharp, but it was like a child before an adult when compared to the sword intent here!

Moreover, the sword intent here carried an aura of supremacy and a vicious aura that made one’s heart palpitate.

Around 2 hours later, it even became slightly strenuous for Yang Ye who possessed Void Rank sword intent.

Yang Ye glanced at the others, and he couldn’t but nod to himself when he noticed the expressions on their faces. As expected of some of the most outstanding sword cultivators on Dark Hell Continent. Their willpower and dispositions are very strong indeed.

Because it clearly felt extremely strenuous to them, but they hadn’t chosen to shrink back, and their eyes were burning even more brightly.

Sword cultivators naturally had to grow stronger when they faced adversity!

Yang Ye noticed that 3 amongst the rest were comparatively outstanding, and it was Huan Kong, Lin Fan, and Qin Zhuyao, but Qin Zhuyao was the most outstanding amongst the 3 of them. Yang Ye sized her up briefly. He noticed that Huan Kong was right, and her sword intent could be considered to be at the peak of the Quasi Void Rank.

If the others here were said to be a step away from Void Rank sword intent, then Qin Zhuyao was just a thin sheet of paper away from it!

If she gained a fortuitous encounter, then she would merely have to tap it lightly and that paper would be broken!

Suddenly, Qin Zhuyao glanced at Yang Ye, and a wisp of surprise flashed through her eyes when she saw Yang Ye had a calm expression on his face and seemed to not be affected at all. She sized him up, withdrew her gaze, and sped up.

Huan Kong and Lin Fan’s face became quite unsightly when they saw her speed up. They hesitated briefly before speeding up as well.

As for the others, they hesitated for a moment before speeding up as well!

Every single sword cultivator was prideful, or it should be said that every cultivator had the desire to excel over others! As for sword cultivators, it was even stronger.

Yang Ye glanced at them and started to speed up as well.

At this moment, his desire to excel had been aroused as well. In the past, he’d always lived a life of fighting and killing, and it was the 1st time he was competing with others like this. So, in his opinion, it was rather fun and interesting.

Just like that, the group of sword cultivators strode in an extremely orderly manner as they headed towards Godfall Mountain.

It grew more and more strenuous because the sword intent was growing stronger, and many of them started to turn pale. It felt like a mountain was pressing down on their bodies, and even taking a single step was difficult!

But even then, none of them had given up until now!

The calmest and most composed amongst them was Qin Zhuyao and the other 2. Of course, Yang Ye was another person like that. Qin Zhuyao seemed much more relaxed when compared to the other 2. Even though there were some beads of sweat on her face, it was still calm while her footsteps were firm and stable as before. In short, she was still maintaining the same state since they set out!

As for Huan Kong and Lin Fan, it was a little more strenuous to them. At the very least, they were slowing down. However, they were competing against each other and refused to give up. So, once one of them grew a little faster, the other would follow right away. Under such circumstances, their motivation was growing!

Yang Ye raised his head and looked towards the distance, they were at least 3km away from the foot of Godfall Mountain. Suddenly, Yang Ye turned around to look at Qin Zhuyao, and she was looking at him as well. Yang Ye nodded slightly to her, but she immediately turned her head away and sped up again.

Yang Ye was speechless.

“Haha!” Suddenly, roaring laughter resounded from behind them. They turned around and saw a man who was emanating a faint glow was walking swiftly towards them. No, that man should be described as running. Moreover, he was growing faster and faster.

Huan Kong seemed slightly excited, “Is Yang Ye here?”

Yang Ye was at a loss for words.

The others looked towards the distance as well, and there was a trace of curiosity and shock in their eyes. Because the man was extremely swift, and the sword intent here seemed like it didn’t affect him at all. Yang Ye had looked over as well while a trace of surprise could be seen in his eyes. Because he noticed that the man’s strength wasn’t bad indeed, and it was probably on par with Qin Zhuyao or even slightly stronger!

Of course, he wasn’t sure. After all, he wasn’t familiar with both of them, so they had to fight for him to know who was stronger.

It didn’t take more than 15 minutes for the man to arrive in Yang Ye and the others’ vicinity.

He wore a luxurious embroidered robe and had 3 swords hanging from his waist. He gazed at Yang Ye and the others, “All of you are really slow!” A wisp of a smile curled up on the corners of his mouth, but that smile carried a faint trace of ridicule.

Qin Zhuyao and the others immediately frowned.

Huan Kong asked, “Are you Yang Ye?”

“Yang Ye? What trash is that?” The man gazed at Huan Kong and spoke coldly, “I’m the Junior City Governor of Violet Thistle City, Dugu Jian!”

“Dugu Jian?” Huan Kong shook his head, “I’ve never heard that name. I’d thought that you are Yang Ye, but you’re actually not. You get a bad rating from me for that!” As he spoke, he walked off to the side and didn’t waste his breath on the man.

“It doesn’t matter!” A cold smile had curled up on the corners of Dugu Jian’s mouth, “It makes sense that you haven’t heard of me. But from today onward, my name will shake the entire continent!”

Lin Fan glanced at Huan Kong and spoke indifferently, “I’ve finally seen someone who can compete with you when it comes to talking big!”

Huan Kong glared angrily at Lin Fan, “Ice Face! Want me to kill you right now?”

Lin Fan spoke indifferently, “You wouldn’t be able to even if I gave you 10 more years!”

Huan Kong was about to speak when Dugu Jian suddenly glanced at everyone here, “I’d thought that many good sword cultivators would be here for the pilgrimage, but now it would seem like…. Hahaha….”

Everyone looked at him when they heard this, and their gazes were quite hostile. Meanwhile, Huan Kong and Lin Fan who were arguing with each other had gazed at Dugu Jian as well. Huan Kong sized up Dugu Jian and said, “You think you’re really strong?”

Dugu Jian glanced at Huan Kong and spoke indifferently, “It isn’t a problem for me even if I face 10 like you!”

As he spoke, he glanced at the others and said, “It’s the same for all of you!”

All of them were speechless.

Yang Ye glanced at Dugu Jian. What was it like to put on airs and act arrogantly, this was a prime example! For the very 1st time, Yang Ye felt that he was quite humble!

Meanwhile, Lin Fan suddenly gazed at Huan Kong, “I take back what I said. He’s much better at talking big than you!”

Huan Kong glared at Lin Fan, “I’ll deal with you later!” As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and walked over to Dugu Jian, “You can fight 10 of me? Not to mention you, I wouldn’t be convinced even if Yang Ye said that. As for you? Fuck you! Come! Get over here and compete with me!”

“You?” Dugu Jian spoke with disdain, “I’ll kill you with 10 swings of my sword!”

“Fucking bastard!” Huan Kong suddenly drew his sword and was about to attack.

However, Qin Zhuyao obstructed Huan Kong’s path and said, “You can’t fight here!”

Huan Kong glared at Dugu Jian as he spoke, “I can’t restrain myself anymore!”

Qin Zhuyao turned around to gaze at Dugu Jian, “You think you’re very strong?”

Dugu Jian glanced at her and replied, “To be honest, you’re the only one here who’s not bad. As for the others, they’re nothing.”

All the others were exasperated.

Meanwhile, Qin Zhuyao said, “Then how about we compete?”

Dugu Jian asked, “How?”

She turned around and gazed at Godfall Mountain, “We’ll see who can go further!”

Dugu Jian gazed at Godfall Mountain and said, “What would you do if I win?”

Qin Zhuyao said, “Tell me what you want!”

He glanced at the others and said, “If I win, then all of you must kneel down before me when you meet me in the future!”

Qin Zhuyao asked, “What if you lost?”

“I won’t!” Dugu Jian spoke indifferently, “Tens of thousands of years ago, Jian Wuji reigned supreme over the continent; tens of thousands of years later, the continent belongs to me, Dugu Jian!”

“I’m going to vomit!” Huan Kong waved his hand and said, “I fucking admit my inferiority when it comes to bragging!”

“He definitely knows nothing about the world. He just possesses a little ability in his clan and thought that he’s unmatched in the world.” Lin Fan spoke indifferently, “Such people will get killed sooner or later!”

Yang Ye nodded with agreement.

Qin Zhuyao’s eyelids twitched, and it seemed like she had the desire to attack.

Meanwhile, Huan Kong suddenly gazed at Dugu Jian, “Have you killed an Emperor?”

Dugu Jian glanced indifferently at Huan Kong and said, “I haven’t found anyone suitable!”

The others were speechless.

Huan Kong laughed coldly, “If you haven’t, then you haven’t! You make it sound like you’ve killed so many!”

Dugu Jian said, “Once someone suitable shows himself, I’ll definitely let you watch me kill him!”

“But Yang Ye has killed an Emperor!” Huan Kong said, “Moreover, he did it while he is at the Saint Realm! You… you should have heard of him, right?”

Dugu Jian frowned, “I just emerged from my closed door cultivation, so I haven’t. But so what even if he has? I’ll definitely take his head with 10 swings of my sword!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

“Stop!” Huan Kong said, “Let’s not talk anymore. I wouldn’t be able to take it if I continue talking to you. Let’s just compete right away!”

“I challenge all of you on my own!” Dugu Jian gazed at them and said, “If any one of you goes further than me, then I lose. If I lose, all of you can do as you please!”

Dugu Jian paused for a moment and added, “Of course, I definitely won’t lose!”

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