Chapter 1194 – Fought Through Hundreds Of Worlds!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Senior, do you want to head up there and take a look?” Yang Ye pointed at the peak of the mountain, “I presume that you should be curious about what’s at the peak.”

The slovenly old man glanced at the peak and shook his head. Even though he could go up there because Yang Ye was here, he was a proud person. How could he possibly do something like that? Even if he was heading up to the peak, he wanted to do it with his own strength and not rely on another to get there.

Yang Ye understood the old man’s thoughts and didn’t speak further about it, “Senior, may I know your name?”

“Jian Xu.” The old man sized up Yang Ye and said, “You’re that fellow who’s absolutely famous throughout the continent right now, Yang Ye, right?”

A cultivation at the Saint Realm and Void Rank sword intent. Wasn’t that Yang Ye?

Yang Ye didn’t conceal it, not did he have to. He immediately nodded and said, “Than I’ll be heading up first.”

“This sword of yours….” Suddenly, the old man pointed at the sword which Yang Ye had condensed from sword intent and asked, “Aren’t you going to take it with you?”

Yang Ye smiled at the old man and said, “I think that I should be helpful to those that come after me. So, let it stay here.”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and started walking towards the peak.

A slight smile curled up on the old man’s face when he heard Yang Ye, and then he nodded slightly while a trace of praise could be seen in his eyes. There were many people in this world who liked to keep secrets or perhaps they should be called selfish. Such people couldn’t bear to see others benefit and grow better, and they were absolutely afraid that others would learn what they possessed. Fortunately, Yang Ye wasn’t such a person.

Actually, Yang Ye was a selfish person, but his selfishness depended on the person and matter. If others were selfish to him, then he would be selfish to them. Jian Wuji had left an intent sword behind to help those who came after him to achieve a breakthrough in their sword intent. He’d received Jian Wuji’s kindness, so how could he not pass down Jian Wuji’s spirit of selflessness?

His sword intent was above the Void Rank now. If it was any other person, that person might selfishly refuse to leave an intent sword behind. Why? Because in that way, that person would be the only person on the continent who possessed sword intent above the Void Rank. But Yang Ye didn’t have such thoughts because only the weak would fear that others would become strong!

The strong never feared that others would gain strength!

Yang Ye was still 3km away from the peak. As he walked, he suddenly frowned again. Logically speaking, his sword intent was above the Void Rank now, so it shouldn’t fear Jian Wuji’s sword intent anymore. However, he noticed that the sword intent he sensed around him was a few times stronger than before!

Most importantly, the sword intent here was filled with negative emotions like killing intent, baleful energy, and unwillingness. The killing intent and baleful energy here was many times stronger than his Void Rank slaughter intent. Or it should be said that they couldn’t be compared at all. If his sword intent hadn’t improved, then he would have definitely been corrupted by the killing intent and baleful energy here even if he possessed 2 types of intents!

Suddenly, a voice resounded in Yang Ye’s mind, “Let me absorb the baleful energy and killing intent here!”

It was Heaven’s Gravestone.

Yang Ye stopped and said, “Can you?” The killing intent and baleful energy here were too strong. They were so strong that Void Rank slaughter intent couldn’t resist them at all. So, he was quite worried that Heaven’s Gravestone would lose itself before it could even absorb the killing intent and baleful energy here.

Heaven’s Gravestone said, “Kid, don’t look down on me. I was born for slaughter, so the stronger the baleful energy and killing intent is, the more beneficial it is to me. Even though it’s a little strong here, it’s not a big deal. Besides that, I must improve myself. Otherwise, I don’t feel safe by your side. You… are really great at causing trouble!”

Yang Ye’s face darkened, “Don’t you like that?”

“Like that my ass!” Heaven’s Gravestone was slightly furious, “Just see what sort of people you’ve offended. If it wasn’t for that woman, not only would you have died during the battle at the Radiant Dimension, I, Heaven’s Gravestone, would have to erect my own gravestone as well. In short, it’s too dangerous by your side, so it’s much safer if I improve slightly. Leave me here and head up there yourself.”

It liked to kill, but its desire to kill varied based on the target! What sort of people had Yang Ye offended? They were either Emperors or the Eye of the Heaven Dao, and it was even to the extent that he’d offended peerless experts who were above the Emperor Realm. It really couldn’t survive if this continued! Of course, its true intention was that it hoped to be able to keep up with Yang Ye.

If it couldn’t keep up with Yang Ye as he grew stronger, then what would the outcome be? It was obvious!

Yang Ye nodded and didn’t speak another word. He just issued a command in his heart, and a blood red sword appeared in front of him. Actually, it wasn’t Heaven’s Gravestone’s actual body. Just as it had said in the past, it had no material body. It existed so long as there was blood. However, while it didn’t have an actual body, it had a consciousness, and that consciousness was like a person’s soul.

It had once hidden its own consciousness within Yang Ye’s Heart of Slaughter in order to threaten Yang Ye. Yet now, it wasn’t necessary to do that to Yang Ye anymore. Because based on Yang Ye’s current strength, crushing it would really just take an instant. After all, Yang Ye’s current sword intent was utterly superior to his slaughter intent, not to mention a heaven defying treasure like the Primordial Pagoda was there within him.

The blood red sword was slightly different from how it looked in the past because Heaven’s Gravestone’s consciousness was within it. In the past, it was a dead object without Yang Ye’s control. But at this moment, the blood red sword possessed powerful strength even without Yang Ye’s control. Of course, any sword needed a person as a medium in order to bring forth its true strength.

Even the Sword Spirit’s strength had limits without Yang Ye to swing the Sword Precursor!

Yang Ye gazed at Heaven’s Gravestone that was trembling violently, “How does it feel?”

“Very strong!” Heaven’s Gravestone spoke solemnly, “Even though he hadn’t comprehended slaughter intent, the killing intent and baleful energy here is countless times stronger than Void Rank slaughter intent. Kid, the gap between the 2 of you is really huge!”

“Can you advance above the Emperor Rank?” asked Yang Ye. That was what he cared the most about. If Heaven’s Gravestone could improve once more, then it would definitely be extraordinarily good news to him.

“I don’t know, but I’ll try!” As soon as Heaven’s Gravestone finished speaking, Yang Ye sensed the boundless killing intent and baleful energy in the surroundings start surging towards it. As it surged madly into Heaven’s Gravestone, the blood red sword seemed to grow even more material and solid.

Yang Ye watched for a while before continuing up the mountain.

He really wanted to see what was at the top of the mountain. Of course, most importantly, he wanted to know if the Stellar Sword Diagram was there. After all, Lady had sent him here so that he could obtain it!

Yang Ye didn’t walk very quickly as he traveled up the mountain. He could instantly arrive at its peak with his current strength, but he hadn’t. He was sensing the sword intent around him. Even though he’d advanced past the Void Rank, he knew that there was still a very large gap between his sword intent and Jian Wuji’s sword intent.

Yang Ye had never thought of himself as invincible, and he never felt that he was extraordinary. Because there were too many experts in the world.

Just like this very moment. Even if Jian Wuji had died countless years ago, Yang Ye was still able to sense how strong Jian Wuji had been.

15 minutes later, Yang Ye stopped moving. There were 2 stone tablets not too far ahead of him, and there were words inscribed on the stone tablets.

Yang Ye gazed at the stone tablet on the left.

‘I trained in the sword from the age of 3, comprehended sword intent at the age of 5, attained perfection in sword intent at the age of 10, advanced to the Void Rank at the age of 15. At 19, I was matchless amongst the younger generation of the entire continent. At 22, I was called the Sword God, and I was unmatched throughout the continent. At the age of 23, I broke through the barrier of the world and headed to outer space. At the age of 30, I obtained the inheritance of an ancient sword cultivator in outer space and comprehended the Sword Domain. After that, I fought my way through hundreds of worlds yet never suffered a single defeat. I….”

The words stopped at this point.

Yang Ye clenched his right hand while waves surged through his heart. What was a genius? This was exactly it! Yang Ye’s natural talent could only be described as trash when compared to Jian Wuji. Because Jian Wuji had attained Void Rank sword intent when he was still practicing with the sword. As for when he’d attained Void Rank sword intent, Jian Wuji was already called the Sword God and was unmatched throughout the continent.

At that time, Dark Hell Continent had been a medium world, and the geniuses on the continent at that time were absolutely countless times more terrifying than the geniuses of the Radiant Dimension! So, how terrifying would he have been to be unmatched throughout the continent during that time?

It was quite a blow to Yang Ye’s confidence.

Yang Ye felt like he’d suffered an injury. After all, one would only realize how inferior one was when compared to another who was much greater!

Yang Ye shook his head, restrained his thoughts, and then gazed at the stone tablet on the right. There was only a single line on it.

‘You fought your way through hundreds of worlds yet remained unmatched? That’s because you didn’t encounter me!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

A long time passed before Yang Ye shook his head. Obviously, it was definitely the Unfettered One who’d left these words behind. Both of these fellows were extraordinary!

Actually, Yang Ye was quite curious about whether the Unfettered One or Jian Wuji was stronger if they fought each other at their respective primes. Both of them were peerless geniuses who had comprehended the Sword Domain, and they were searching for experts throughout the world. So, Yang Ye felt that if they were to fight each other, then it would definitely be an absolutely brilliant battle!

Unfortunately, it wasn’t possible for that battle to occur anymore.

Yang Ye remained silent for a long time, and then he hesitated for a moment and looked at a huge rock that stood not too far away from him. He waved his right hand, and it instantly arrived by the side of the 2 existing stone tablets.

Yang Ye pressed his index and middle fingers together before waving them about for a few times, and then the stone was instantly transformed into another stone tablet. After that, Yang Ye started waving his fingers incessantly. A short while passed before Yang Ye smiled as he gazed at the words on the stone tablet, and then he continued towards the peak of the mountain.

The peak was no more than 300m away, but Yang Ye wasn’t impatient at all, and he continued walking slowly. Throughout these past few years, he’d practically never rested for even a day, so it was really rare for him to calm down and take his time.

He’d been too busy throughout his life!

Yang Ye walked slowly, yet it didn’t take long for him to arrive at the peak, and then he was instantly stunned!

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