Chapter 1195 – Point At The Heavens, And The Heavens Shall Cease To Exist!

Almighty Sword Domain

Contrary to his expectations, there was nothing at the peak. There was only a single black stone tablet not too far away from him.

The stone tablet was very tall. It was around 10m tall, and there was a short line of words on it — Do you know how weak I am?

Tempestuous waves instantly swept through Yang Ye’s heart when he saw these words.

Yang Ye fell silent.

He stared fixedly at it in silence.

Was Jian Wuji weak?

He definitely wasn’t. But why had he left those words behind?

Yang Ye had a rough understanding of the reason. During Jian Wuji’s final battle with the old man in Daoist robes, he’d lost. But the old man was merely a clone.

Jian Wuji had been unmatched before this, and he’d never suffered defeat. Yet now, he’d lost to a clone. So, it was definitely a huge blow to him!

Of course, that was definitely not the only reason .After all, Jian Wuji was no ordinary person. Defeat was absolutely not something that could make him suffer a blow to his confidence. So, something else had definitely occurred between him and the old man, and that was the reason why Jian Wuji had left such words behind.

Yang Ye was shocked. How strong is the old man? He even made a Sword God speak such words.

Yang Ye knew that the old man was very strong. It was obvious from the Primordial Pagoda and the incidents with Lady and Jian Wuji. However, he didn’t know exactly how strong the old man was.

He had no idea!

He couldn’t imagine how strong the old man was!

A long time passed before Yang Ye shook his head, and he stopped thinking about that question before turning around with the intention to leave. Suddenly, the stone tablet cracked apart and was obliterated before Yang Ye’s shocked gaze. After that, a black scroll appeared before Yang Ye.

The Stellar Sword Diagram? Yang Ye was delighted. He stretched out his hand and beckoned, and the black scroll flew into his grasp.

It had just touched his palm when it immediately transformed into a ray of light that shot into the center of Yang Ye’s forehead. After that, Yang Ye’s vision dimmed, and he opened his eyes slowly after the world around him spun for a moment. At this moment, he was in a grey and hazy world. Not too far away from him was a man with a sword on his back, and the man had his back towards Yang Ye. So, Yang Ye wasn’t able to see the man’s face.

Jian Wuji? Yang Ye frowned slightly.

“This sword technique is called Point At The Heavens, and it’s at the Void Rank. I obtained it by chance in outer space. That senior said that I shouldn’t allow this technique to be lost in the world, so I left it behind here. I hope you cherish it, one who comes after me. Remember that you must attain Rebirth Rank Sword Intent to cultivate this technique. Otherwise, it’ll definitely result in your death.”

The man with the sword on his back started walking off towards the distance as he said, “During the ancient times, the Heaven Dao was heartless. It treated all things like dogs, so we cultivators who fight for survival with the Heavens should point our swords at the heavens. This technique was created for the Heaven Dao. If the Heaven Dao is unjust and assists the evil, then point at the heavens, and the heavens shall cease to exist!”

As soon as the man finished speaking, he suddenly pressed his index and middle fingers together and pointed them up at the sky.


A sword howl resounded before a ray of sword energy shot up into the sky. Yang Ye watched with astonishment as the sword energy grew smaller and smaller as it shot through the sky. It started as thick as a pillar, but it was thin like a needle when it arrived high above, and it was still shrinking.

A few breaths of time later.


A loud explosion resounded in the sky, and then the entire sky cracked apart in an instant. It didn’t take long for the scene around him to transform before he returned to reality.

Yang Ye’s eyes were still closed tightly as he recalled the scene he witnessed earlier. Point At The Heavens was created for the Heaven Dao. It was like Heavenrend but different as well. He had to rely on the Sword Precursor and ancient sheath to execute Heavenrend. But Point At The Heavens didn’t require assistance from any treasures, and it just required Rebirth Rank sword intent to be executed.

Was the true form of Heavenrend or Point At The Heavens stronger?

It was Heavenrend without a doubt. The main reason it was stronger than Point At The Heavens was because of the Sword Spirit. When he truly joined forces with the Sword Spirit, it was equivalent to becoming one with his sword. Moreover, it was a sword that couldn’t be ranked. But Point At The Heavens was just a sword technique, a sword technique that was created to fight against the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

If he encountered the Radiant Dimension’s Eye of the Heaven Dao right now, then he wouldn’t even have to waste much energy to deal with it. He would just have to point his finger at it, and it would vanish. To a certain extent, the Point At The Heavens technique was much more effective against the Eye of the Heaven Dao than Heavenrend. Because while Heavenrend was said to be capable of rending the heavens, it wasn’t created for the Eye of the Heaven Dao. But Point At The Heavens’ creation was aimed at the Eye of the Heaven Dao.

A huge amount of information entered Yang Ye’s mind when he received the inheritance, and most of the information was related to the weak points of the Eye of the Heaven Dao. Point At The Heavens aimed especially at those weak points. It was like eating, it could be done with a pair of chopsticks. But what would happen if one was given 2 sticks? Perhaps it would still be possible to eat, but would it be as simple and effective as using chopsticks?

Moreover, there was another difference between Heavenrend and Point At The Heavens. He had to utilize the Sword Precursor to execute Heavenrend, and it would be impossible to execute Heavenrend without it. But Point At The Heavens didn’t need that, and even if he suffered backlash from executing Point At The Heavens, it would just exhaust his profound energy. But the backlash from Heavenrend… that could take his life!

Heavenrend was a technique that was used when he was ready to risk his life but Point At The Heavens was a technique that was to be used at ordinary times.

In short, he liked the technique. After all, he’d always been enemies with the Eye of the Heaven Dao, so he would definitely have numerous chances to utilize it in the future.

Yang Ye didn’t choose to head down the mountain. He sat down cross-legged, activated the Sword Domain, and started cultivating Point At The Heavens.

Because he had the Sword Domain around him, he was able to cultivate it at an extremely swift pace. Unfortunately, he could only use the Sword Domain for cultivating techniques. Besides that, he felt even more regretful that he hadn’t been able to obtain the Stellar Sword Diagram on Godfall Mountain. Moreover, Jian Wuji hadn’t left a strand of his soul behind and had just left a projection he’d created in the past. This made Yang Ye feel slightly disappointed.

Time passed slowly. 3 days later, Yang Ye opened his eyes slowly.

He pressed his index and middle fingers together. In an instant, a terrifying aura appeared out of thin air, and the entire mountain started to crack apart. At the same time, the space around him had instantly started to crack apart as well. Yang Ye hurriedly relaxed his fingers because he didn’t want to destroy the mountain.

Yang Ye gazed at his finger and grinned, and then he descended to the point where Heaven’s Gravestone resided. Yang Ye glanced at Heaven’s Gravestone, and he noticed that it was still absorbing the baleful energy and killing intent here. At this moment, it had grown even more material, and the bloody and baleful aura it emanated even made his heart palpitate slightly.

Yang Ye nodded slightly at the sight of this, and he felt that it would be even better if Heaven’s Gravestone could advance to a higher rank.

He didn’t disturb it and continued down because he wanted to ask Jian Xu something.

It didn’t take long for him to see Jian Xu.

Jian Xu asked, “Did you obtain his inheritance?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “There was only a single sword technique that Senior Jian Wuji left behind, and it was something he obtained by chance. The only reason he left it there was because the person who’d passed it down to him didn’t wish for it to be lost. As for Senior Jian Wuji’s own inheritance… there was nothing like that there.”

Jian Xu shook his head, “What a pity!”

Yang Ye smiled. He seemed to have thought of something, and he hesitated for a moment before he asked, “Senior Jia Xu, do you know where the Stellar Sword Diagram is?”

Jian Xu’s expression changed slightly, “You intend to look for it as well?”

Yang Ye didn’t conceal his intentions and nodded, “I do need it.”

Jian Xu gazed at him for a long while before he spoke, “Actually, it would be useless to you even if you obtained it.”

Yang Ye was puzzled, “Why?”

Jian Xu looked up at the sky and said, “See that? There’s a mysterious energy up there. It doesn’t just stop us from leaving, even stellar energy is isolated from our world. The Stellar Sword Diagram needs stellar energy to be utilized. It’s completely useless without stellar energy! Moreover, even if you have stellar energy, you can’t utilize it without the Sword Domain. The laughable thing is many people in this world are searching incessantly for it. Yet they are unaware that it’s useless even if they obtain it.”

Yang Ye gazed at Jian Xu, “Senior, do you know where it is?”

Jian Xu gazed at Yang Ye, “You still want it?”

Yang Ye nodded. He had the Sword Domain. As for stellar energy, wouldn’t he have access to it once he left Dark Hell Continent? As for whether he could leave, he wasn’t worried about that at all. If the energy was left behind by some other expert, then perhaps he might be worried. However, it was left behind by the old man in Daoist robes.

He felt that since it was the old man’s, the energy should probably not make things difficult for him. After all, he was at least half a disciple of the old man’s! At the very least, that was what he thought.

Of course, he wouldn’t be afraid even if it refused to let him through. If worse comes to worse, he would just slash it apart. If he couldn’t accomplish it on his own, he had the Sword Spirit. If she wasn’t enough, then he had the Qiong Qi. If their joint forces weren’t sufficient, then he had the Primordial Pagoda!

If even that failed, then he would really be in trouble.

Jian Xu glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I don’t know its exact location. But according to my conjecture, it should be at the ruins of the Sword God’s Palace. Because Sword God’s Palace had started to engage in internal strife once Senior Jian Wuji fell all those years ago, and besides fighting for the position of palace master, they were fighting for the Stellar Sword Diagram as well. In the end, the Sword God’s Palace was destroyed, and the Stellar Sword Diagram should be in the ruins of the Sword God’s Palace.”

“The Sword God’s Palace was destroyed?” Yang Ye was slightly surprised, “Who destroyed it?”

Jian Xu seemed to have thought of something, and his eyes were filled with fear and a trace of terror. A long time passed before he closed his eyes slowly, “Someone who should have died had died during the internal strife, and it caused great calamity to descend. In just a single night, over 100 Emperors died miserably while countless disciples were annihilated. The Sword God’s Palace was erased from the world overnight! Hahaha….”

Jian Xu looked up at the peak of Godfall Mountain, “We failed the Founding Ancestor!”

Yang Ye said, “Senior, so you’re from the Sword God’s Palace!”

Jian Xu shook his head, “I don’t belong to it. I intended to join the Sword God’s Palace, but catastrophe struck Sword God’s Palace before I could even participate in the recruitment test. That was why I was able to survive. However, everything I cultivated belongs to the Sword God’s Palace, so addressing Jian Wuji as the Founding Ancestor isn’t wrong!”

Yang Ye nodded, “I see.”

Jian Xu gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I have other matters to deal with. I’ll head to Cloudfall City once I’m done. Farewell.”

Jian Xu’s figure transformed into a wisp of light that vanished on the spot.

Once Jian Xu left, Yang Ye frowned. Who destroyed the Sword God’s Palace? Over 100 Emperors died miserable overnight? Such strength is probably comparable to Lady when she was at her peak!Yang Ye took a deep breath. Dark Hell Continent isn’t simple at all! I absolutely can’t allow myself to feel proud because I’ve attained Rebirth Rank sword intent!Bang!

Suddenly, a pillar of blood shot up into the sky. In an instant, the sky in an area of around 50,000km was instantly turned blood red while boundless killing intent and baleful energy filled every single corner of Godfall.

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