Chapter 1196 – Yang Ye, Resist Three Of My Attacks!

Almighty Sword Domain

Heaven’s Gravestone has advanced? Yang Ye was delighted when he saw the pillar of blood. Even though Heaven’s Gravestone was at the Emperor Rank, it wasn’t really sufficient for his current strength. But the Sword Precursor was too strong, and he didn’t dare to use it at will even with his current strength. So, if Heaven’s Gravestone could surpass the Emperor Rank, then it would truly be good news.

Yang Ye was about to head over to have a look. Suddenly, his eyes narrowed slightly as he looked up, and a ray of blood red light was slashing down towards him from above.

What’s Heaven’s Gravestone doing? Yang Ye frowned and flicked a ray of sword energy upwards. In an instant, the blood red light was obliterated.

Suddenly, a blood red sword tore through the air and instantly arrived before Yang Ye. Yang Ye immediately felt like he was within an ocean of blood while boundless baleful energy and killing intent swept at his mind like a tornado. It caused him to be momentarily dazed. At the same time, his eyes turned completely red in an instant.

But it only took a moment for his eyes to regain their clarity before he stretched out his hand and tapped his finger against the tip of the sword.


A sword howl shot up into the sky while the space around Yang Ye started to ripple violently.

Yang Ye gazed at the blood red sword before him. It wasn’t much different than it had been in the past. It was a deep red color in the past, yet it was dark red now, and the baleful energy and intent to kill it carried was countless times stronger than before. Even Yang Ye who’d attained Rebirth Rank sword intent was affected by it.

“Kill!” Meanwhile, Heaven’s Gravestone’s voice resounded from within the sword. After that, a ray of blood red light erupted from the tip of the sword yet was instantly obliterated by a speck of light which flickered on the tip of Yang Ye’s finger.

Yang Ye twisted his palm and clamped down on the sword with 2 fingers, “Heaven’s Gravestone, what’s wrong with you!”

“Kill! Kill everyone!” Heaven’s Gravestone was trembling violently while strands of killing intent and baleful energy surged at Yang Ye. However, it seemed like a barrier had enveloped Yang Ye, so the baleful energy and killing intent weren’t able to approach him at all.

Yang Ye’s brows were knit tightly together. He knew that Heaven’s Gravestone had been affected by Jian Wuji’s killing intent and baleful energy. Jian Wuji’s killing intent and baleful energy didn’t have a consciousness of their own, but they had their own unconscious instinct. Simply speaking, it wasn’t just Heaven’s Gravestone’s own will that resided within the sword, Jian Wuji’s negative emotions were there as well. Presently, Heaven’s Gravestone’s mind wasn’t completely clear, so it was even possible for its consciousness to be eliminated by Jian Wuji’s negative thoughts and emotions!

Heaven’s Gravestone’s consciousness was formed from boundless baleful energy and slaughter intent, but if there was a will to kill that surpassed its strength, then it wasn’t impossible for Heaven’s Gravestone’s consciousness to be eliminated!

“Kill!” Meanwhile, a furious howl resounded from within the sword, and then it trembled violently and struggled free of Yang Ye’s fingers. After that, it stabbed straight towards Yang Ye’s heart. However, it stopped dead in its tracks before it could even touch Yang Ye’s clothes. Because Yang Ye had grabbed it. A moment later, a strand of sword intent surged into it.

“AH!!” In an instant, Heaven’s Gravestone’s shrill cry resounded from within the sword.

Yang Ye held the sword and spoke in a low voice, “Clear your mind!”

Heaven’s Gravestone howled furiously, “I can’t hold on much longer!”

Yang Ye frowned. He knew how prideful Heaven’s Gravestone was. If it wasn’t really severe, Heaven’s Gravestone would absolutely not admit defeat. But it did make sense. Heaven’s Gravestone was just at the Emperor Rank, but what realm of cultivation had Jian Wuji been at? He was a peerless expert, so Heaven’s Gravestone was probably no more than dirt before Jian Wuji. Even if the baleful energy and killing intent here were just a little of Jian Wuji’s negative emotions, it wasn’t something that Heaven’s Gravestone could resist.

Should I eliminate Jian Wuji’s baleful energy and killing intent?

He could accomplish that now, but Heaven’s Gravestone’s consciousness might be erased in the process. Because Heaven’s Gravestone had fused together with Jian Wuji’s negative emotions.

Yang Ye remained silent for a short while before he said, “Enter the Heart of Slaughter. I’ll deal with it!”

“It’s danger… dangerous…. It’s very… very strong….” Heaven’s Gravestone’s voice carried a trace of pain.

“Just do it!” Yang Ye spoke indifferently, “Otherwise, you’re finished.”

Heaven’s Gravestone asked, “Are you confident?”

Yang Ye said, “I’ll give it a try!”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, the blood red sword in his grasp transformed into a ray of light that entered his body and shot into his Heart of Slaughter.


In an instant, a pillar of blood shot up and pierced the sky. At the same time, Yang Ye turned blood red.

He closed his eyes and slowly sat down cross-legged on the ground.

At this moment, Yang Ye seemed quite terrifying. Strands of baleful energy, blood, and killing intent were surging like a torrent from him.

If it was in terms of natural talent, then Yang Ye was no monstrous genius. But if it was in terms of willpower, then he felt that he was really not bad. After all, the pain he’d once endured to temper his body was absolutely not something an ordinary person could endure. Regardless of whether it was Profounder Continent or the Radiant Dimension, there were very few outstanding body cultivators. Why? Because one had to endure inhumane torture to possess a body that was stronger than demon beasts.

Such torture was absolutely not something an ordinary person could endure. Once one endured it successfully, then that person’s willpower was absolutely strong.

Yang Ye knew that Jian Wuji’s negative emotions were strong, but he wasn’t afraid. Because if he even feared this little bit of negative emotions that Jian Wuji had left behind, then he would have cultivated until now for nothing.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground, and his brows were knit together, relaxed, knit together again….

At the foot of Godfall Mountain.

Dugu Jian, Qin Zhuyao, and the others hadn’t left. They were waiting for Yang Ye to descend the mountain.

The peak of Godfall Mountain had always been something they looked up to and were curios about. Because as far as they were concerned, Jian Wuji had definitely left his inheritance or something else there after perishing on that spot.

In short, they just wanted to have a look.

Huan Kong who stood by Qin Zhuyao’s side suddenly asked, “Is he really Yang Ye?”

“Are you not tired of this?” Meanwhile, Lin Fan spoke abruptly, “You’ve asked that question no less than 100 times. Even if you aren’t tired of it, we are.”

Qin Zhuyao glanced at Huang Kong and remained silent.

Huan Kong didn’t argue with Lin Fan this time. He looked up at the mountain peak with admiration in his eyes, “It really is Yang Ye. So he really was Yang Ye! My god! I actually spoke to him just now….” Huan Kong seemed to have thought of something at this point, and his expression changed before he gazed at Lin Fan, “Fuck! I spoke badly about him just now. Do you think he’d hold a grudge? AHHHH! This mouth of time!”

All the others were speechless.

The corners of Lin Fan’s mouth twitched, “Do you really have to act like that?”

Huan Kong glanced at Lin Fan, “What do you know? Let me ask you this. What sort of status did we, sword cultivators, have after Senior Jian Wu perished and the Sword God’s Palace vanished? No! We had no status. Before this, there were 2 peerless geniuses on the continent who can kill Emperors at the Saint Realm! But none of them was a sword cultivator! It was Yang Ye! It was Yang Ye who allowed us sword cultivators to shock the continent once more!”

All of them fell silent.

Huan Kong continued, “After the Sword God’s Palace vanished, fewer and fewer train in the sword. Why? Because sword cultivators have fallen into a decline. Sword cultivators were once glorious, but we’ve fallen into a decline now. Yang Ye’s arrival allowed sword cultivators to appear once more before the world, and it represents that sword cultivators will rise to prominence once more. Because no one would dare to look down upon sword cultivators now. So, do you think it’s wrong for me to admire him?”

Lin Fan glanced at Huan Kong and said, “I didn’t say that you were mistaken. But can you keep it to yourself? We already know that you admire him, so stop for a while, alright!”

“I’m just too excited! I’m delighted! I can’t control myself!” Huan Kong gazed at the peak of Godfall Mountain and seemed like he’d been injected with chicken blood.

“Wasn’t it just killing an Emperor?” Meanwhile, Dugu Jian suddenly spoke, “I’ll kill one another day as well!”

“You!” Huan Kong pointed a finger at Dugu Jian, “Both of us like to talk big, so can we not attack each other?”

Dugu Jian gazed at Huan Kong and said, “You think I can’t kill an Emperor?”

Huan Kong shrugged, “Alright, even if… even if you can. I’m saying that even if, and I’m not saying that you can’t, so don’t misunderstand. Even if you can kill an Emperor, but so what? Can you ascend this mountain? Can you? Look, he has gone up. But what about up?”

Lin Fan glanced at Huan Kong and said, “Be a little tactful when you speak!”

Huan Kong shrugged, “It can’t be helped. I’m an honest person!”

“Isn’t it just ascending the mountain?” Meanwhile, Dugu Jian spoke abruptly, “Is that so great?”

As he spoke, Dugu Jian looked up at the peak of the mountain, and his eyes were filled with resolve. It didn’t take long for him to start walking towards the mountain peak.

The others gazed at Dugu Jian, but here were no smiles on their faces anymore. It was the same for Huan Kong.

However, Dugu Jian suddenly walked back to them and said, “I’m not feeling well today. I’ll head up there another day!”

All of them were speechless.

Dugu Jian glanced at them and said, “I’ll definitely ascend the mountain another day!”

Huan Kong gulped. He suddenly walked closer to Dugu Jian, and then he bowed slightly to Dugu Jian, “I, Huan Kong, admit my inferiority before your shamelessness!”

As he spoke, he glanced at Dugu Jian and continued, “You… you really are formidable!”

The others gazed at Dugu Jian as well, and their eyes were filled with gazes that said they were convinced of his ‘superiority’.

Dugu Jian was speechless.

Suddenly, all of them looked up at the mountain because a figure was walking down slowly from above.

It was Yang Ye!

Their eyes burned with admiration, and even the calmest amongst them, Qin Zhuyao, couldn’t help but clench her fists slowly.

It didn’t take long for Yang Ye to arrive in front of them. He glanced at them and was about to speak when Dugu Jian suddenly pointed his sword at Yang Ye, “I lost the previous competition, and you can raise your requests later. Now, I want to challenge you. I’ll admit defeat if you can resist 3 attacks of mine!”

Yang Ye was speechless.

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