Chapter 1198 – It’s Still Not Enough!

Almighty Sword Domain

Besides Qin Zhuyao, all of the others had expressed their willingness to join the Sword Alliance.

In the end, Yang Ye gazed at Qin Zhuyao and said, “Miss Qin, I represent the Sword Alliance in inviting you to join us.”

Qin Zhuyao’s strength wasn’t weaker to Dugu Jian. Especially now that she’d attained Void Rank sword intent. Moreover, she was a Quasi Emperor. It could be said that even if she was compared to an Emperor, she wouldn’t be much weaker.

Based on his estimations, Qin Zhuyao had a very good chance at killing an Emperor if she joined forces with Dugu Jian.

Qin Zhuyao gazed at Yang Ye for a long time before she asked, “Why did you create the Sword Alliance?”

Yang Ye replied, “You’ll find out in the future!”

She asked, “Can’t you tell me now?”

Yang Ye shook his head, “I can, but it’s pointless to talk about it now.”

Qin Zhuyao fell silent for a short while before she asked another question, “We can challenge you at any time?”

Yang Ye nodded and replied, “So long as you think you have the strength, then you can challenge me at any time. If you win, you’ll be the boss of the Sword Alliance, and I’ll obey your command. But you must obey my command until that happens.”

“I’ll join!” She didn’t hesitate this time.

A slight smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth. There were 35 sword cultivators here. Qin Zhuyao and Dugu Jian had attained Void Rank sword intent while even the weakest amongst the others possessed Quasi Void Rank sword intent. Most importantly, all of them were Quasi Emperors! Even though such a force seemed extremely formidable, around 90% of the strong sword cultivators throughout the continent were probably here!

Based on the Sword Alliance’s current strength, it didn’t have to fear Doomsday City or Dark Sky Sect anymore. However, Yang Ye had never taken them to be the Sword Alliance’s opponents. His was always looking further, even further than that!

Meanwhile, Huan Kong suddenly asked, “Boss, what’s above the Void Rank?”

All the others looked at Yang Ye because they were curious about the answer as well.

Yang Ye remained silent for a while before he said, “Do you know why very few know about the realm above the Void Rank?”

They shook their heads in response.

Yang Ye explained, “Because it’s a realm that can only be comprehended yet is impossible to be imparted with words.” Yang Ye wasn’t lying. What was the Rebirth Rank? It was a form of destruction before recreation. In order to accomplish that, one had to attain comprehension of it, not receive information about it. Because the information received from others would only bring about an opposite effect.

It was like life. Only by experiencing can it be considered as life. If one had never experienced it and only heard descriptions about it from others, then would one truly understand it?

If he told them about it now, yet they hadn’t gained true enlightenment about destruction and recreation of their sword intent, then igniting their own sword intent would be practically no different than courting death.

All of them remained silent.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye added, “I’m not trying to keep it from myself. But this realm can really only be comprehended and can’t be imparted through words. Besides that, all of you shouldn’t reach beyond your grasp, including Dugu Jian and Miss Qin. Even though you’ve both attained the Void Rank of sword intent, it isn’t condensed enough or strong enough. What all of you need now isn’t to think about how to advance from the Void Rank, and it’s how to further temper your sword intent and your control over your sword intent.”

“Control over our sword intent?” Dugu Jian asked, “What do you mean?”

Yang Ye glanced at them as he flipped his right palm, and an intent sword appeared there. As soon as it appeared, Dugu Jian and the others’ expressions changed drastically, and they moved backwards repeatedly.

Yang Ye was slightly stunned. He issued a command in his heart, and the sword intent’s aura immediately vanished, so all of them couldn’t sense his Rebirth Rank sword intent anymore.

Their countenances immediately eased up slightly once its aura vanished.

Yang Ye said, “Watch!”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, the sword on Yang Ye’s palm started to shrink at a gradual pace. It grew smaller and smaller, and it didn’t take long for the intent sword to be around the size of a needle.

“Compression?” All of their eyes opened wide. They hadn’t expected that sword intent could be controlled like that.

Yang Ye nodded and said, “See that? The strength of this intent sword is countless times stronger than before. Moreover, it can be compressed further. You call it compression; I prefer to call it the brink. Brink sword intent is the act of compressing sword intent to its brink, and then allowing it to explode! Dugu Jian and Qin Zhuyao, if both of you are able to learn this technique, then you’ll even have a chance to kill Emperors on your own!”

Yang Ye snapped his fingers as he finished speaking, and the intent sword instantly vanished. He added, “That technique is one of my trump cards. It isn’t just an extremely powerful sword technique; it can be utilized to strengthen your sword intent as well. I presume it should be very useful to all of you.”

All of their eyes had a trace of admiration and acceptance in their eyes when they gazed at Yang Ye. Because this technique, Brink Sword Intent, was absolutely much greater than an Emperor Rank sword technique, yet Yang Ye had shared it just like that.

If they were in Yang Ye’s position, then it would probably be very difficult for them to share their trump cards. After all, everyone was selfish.

Meanwhile, Yang Ye continued, “Everyone is selfish, and so am I. But I understand that if all of us act selfishly, then the Sword Alliance’s existence would be meaningless. Everyone has their own Sword Dao, and you’ve definitely obtained your own comprehensions and experience after traveling on the path of the Sword Dao for so long. Now, I hope that all of you can share it, so that we may adopt each other’s strong points to make up for our weaknesses and grow together. I’ve already started. Now, it’s up to all of you.”

A moment of silence ensued before Dugu Jian stepped forward. However, Huan Kong spoke before he could, “I’ll go first, I’ll go first. Today, I’ll allow all of you to see this thing that I’ve comprehended….”

Once there was a first, there was a second, and it didn’t take long for them to start a grand discussion of the sword.

A smile curled up on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth when he witnessed this scene. A long time passed before he looked up at the sky. Actually, he envied the Unfettered One a little. Because the Unfettered One was all alone, and he could go anywhere he wanted. The Unfettered One could live his life for the sword.

But Yang Ye’s sword had its restraints, and it was his loved ones. Many formidable sword cultivators throughout history had sought to have no desires and have only the sword in their hearts. They sought the limits of the Sword Dao. Were such people strong? They were very strong. Just like the Unfettered One. If a person focused on a single thing, and especially if that person was a monstrous genius, then it would definitely be extremely terrifying.

The heart of a sword cultivator couldn’t be shackled. It was something that Yang Ye agreed on. However, Yang Ye’s heart was shackled. What was the shackle? It was ‘love’.

Yang Ye was aware of it, but he could never sever his connection to it for the sword. Why did he cultivate in the sword and strive to get stronger? It was to protect those he cared about. If even those he cared about were gone, then even if he became invincible throughout the universe, what would be the point?

Yang Ye had taken up the sword solely because of love!

If he had to, he wouldn’t hesitate to abandon the sword for his loved ones. However, he would absolutely not abandon his loved ones for the sword!

Suddenly, the space in front of Yang Ye rippled, and some time passed before Yang Ye frowned. He turned around and gazed at the others, “Something has happened at our Sword Alliance’s headquarters.”

One of them was puzzled, “Headquarters?”

Yang Ye nodded, “All of you aren’t the only members of the Sword Alliance. There are many others, and our headquarters are at Cloudfall City. I’ll tell all of you about it later. Come with me now and raise your speeds to its limits. For safety’s sake, I’ll be going first!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished before them.

“How swift!” Huan Kong was shocked, “That technique is fucking cool! This won’t do! I have to beg him to teach it to me once I get to Cloudfall City!”

“Let’s go! Otherwise, we wouldn’t even be able to see a shadow of him!” As soon as Lin Fan finished speaking, he and the others immediately transformed into rays of light that shot up into the sky.

Cloudfall City. Sword Master Hall.

After the City Governor’s Estate had been rebuilt by Ye Liuyun, it was named Sword Master Hall. At this moment, all the experts at the Quasi Emperor Realm throughout the Sword Alliance were within the hall, and Ye Liuyun was leading the meeting.

The atmosphere in the hall was quite heavy.

Meanwhile, Yuan Feng suddenly asked, “Is the information reliable?”

Ye Liuyun nodded and said, “My spies in Doomsday City and the Dark Sky Sect have sent news that the forces of both those powers have been moving. If I’m not wrong, they might have joined forces. After all, an enemy of their enemy if their friend. Coupled with the fact that there isn’t much of a conflict of interest between them, it’s very normal for them to have joined forces.”

Yuan Feng was puzzled, “Why haven’t they attacked until now?”

Ye Liuyun replied, “According to the information I received, all the other 5 powers besides the World Devastator Cult seemed to have gone to the ruins of the Sword God’s Palace, and it should have been their Emperors who had gone. In other words, the strength they had at their disposal wasn’t sufficient to crush us. Or perhaps, it should be said that they didn’t want to risk their lives. Because if the Sword Master is included, then we have 2 Emperors on our side. But now that their Emperors have returned, they would have absolute strength over us once they joined forces. So, there would be no need to risk their lives.”

Ye Liuyun took a deep breath at this point, and she continued, “For safety’s sake, I’ve notified the Sword Master. I presume he’s on the way back right now.”

Meanwhile, Yuan Feng spoke solemnly, “If they’ve really joined forces, then even the Sword Master’s presence would probably make no difference!”

Ye Liuyun raised her head and looked out of the hall in silence.

Meanwhile, a terrifying aura suddenly appeared in the sky above the city.

Emperors had arrived!

However, a sword howl suddenly resounded in the sky above.

Ye Liuyun and the others instantly heaved sighs of relief when they heard that sword howl.

In the sky above Cloudfall City.

After executing a few Void Flashes in succession, Yang Ye had finally rushed back here. Yuan Tianyi and the man in violet robes from Doomsday City were standing not too far away from Yang Ye.

Yang Ye smiled, “Only 2 Emperors? That doesn’t seem to be sufficient!”

“How come!” Yuan Tianyi chuckled. As soon as he finished speaking, 3 old men instantly appeared around him.

5 Emperors!

Yuan Tianyi gazed at Yang Ye and said, “I told you. You Sword Alliance won’t live for long. I told you to wait and see. Now, what do you think?”

Yang Ye glanced at them and shook his head, “It’s still not enough!”

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