Chapter 1199 – My Leg Was Itchy!

Almighty Sword Domain

5 Emperors aren’t enough….

Yuan Tianyi and the others were stunned when they heard Yang Ye, and then they shook their heads and chuckled. Was there an expert on Dark Hell Continent who could fight 5 Emperors alone? There definitely was, and there might be more than one. But it didn’t include Yang Ye.

A Saint was capable of challenging 5 Emperors?

Perhaps Jian Wuji could give it a try if he was reborn!

“So you’re already wildly arrogant to such an extent!” Yuan Tianyi shook his head, “Actually, we don’t even have to join forces and even dispatch 5 Emperors when dealing with you. You have to realize that we haven’t dispatched 5 Emperors for you, we’ve done so for the people backing you. No matter who is standing behind you, my Dark Sky Sect and Doomsday City will definitely annihilate you today!”

Yang Ye glanced at Yuan Tianyi’s group and said, “Actually, I really had no intention to cause trouble upon arriving here, and I never treated all of you as my opponents. But all of you insist on making me your enemy and refuse to stop until you kill me.”

Yang Ye shrugged at this point and continued, “I’ll give both our sides a final chance. Leave right now and we’ll each mind our own business, alright?”

Yuan Tianyi smiled, “What if we refuse?”

Yang Ye asked, “Are you sure?”

Yuan Tianyi looked Yang Ye in the eyes and replied, “I’m very sure!”

Yang Ye gazed at Yuan Tianyi for a short while, and then he nodded, “I like to go to extremes, especially when dealing with my enemies. Since you’ve chosen to become my enemy, then the Dark Sky Sect and Doomsday City will vanish from this world after today. One must always pull up weeds by the roots.”

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he suddenly stomped his right foot down, and then his figure vanished on the spot.

The ultimate version of Death by a Thought!

At the moment Yang Ye’s figure vanished, Yuan Tianyi and the others’ expressions had instantly changed drastically. They sensed danger, extreme danger. But Yang Ye was truly too fast.

Even they could only sense a trace of Yang Ye’s aura and movement!

An instant later, Yang Ye had appeared behind one of the Emperors from the Dark Sky Sect. That Emperor was about to turn around attack when he noticed Yang Ye behind him.


Suddenly, a strand of blood sprayed from the center of his forehead. The old man’s eyes opened wide while terror and disbelief filled them.

Instant annihilation!

Yang Ye had killed an Emperor in an instant!

Yuan Tianyi and the others’ expressions changed drastically. Just like the dead old man, they had disbelief in their eyes.

But Yang Ye paid no attention to them. He patted his chest, and then Snowy emerged from within, opened her mouth, and sucked. The spirit energy that was seeping out from the Emperor behind him instantly surged into Snowy’s mouth. Snowy burped, rubbed her head against Yang Ye’s chest, and then her eyeballs started spinning about. She was ceaselessly sizing up Yuan Tianyi and the others while licking her lips.

As far as she was concerned, all of them were like tonics to her!

Yuan Tianyi gazed at Yang Ye with astonishment, and his voice trembled, “You… you’ve surpassed the Void Rank of sword intent….”

Yang Ye didn’t speak. He just waved his right hand to put the corpse away, and then he stomped his foot against the space beneath him again, causing the space there to tremble. A ray of light hadn’t even shot forward, but Yuan Tianyi and the others’ expressions had changed drastically again. Numerous terrifying auras surged out from within them. At the same time, dense layers of profound energy barriers appeared around them. Moreover, 2 of the old men had even withdrawn shields and placed them in front of themselves.

They acted like they were facing a formidable enemy!

They couldn’t be said to be acting in an embarrassing manner. One could only say that Yang Ye’s previous attack was truly too terrifying. After all, it was an Emperor! But an Emperor had been killed in an instant! Could they accomplish that? They couldn’t accomplish that even if all 4 of them joined forces!

However, right when they thought Yang Ye was attacking, Yang Ye chuckled instead, “What are all of you doing? My leg was just itchy.”

Yuan Tianyi and the others’ faces instantly turned unsightly when they heard him. However, Yang Ye suddenly stomped his foot down again, and his figure vanished on the spot. When Yang Ye’s figure appeared once more, he was in front of the grey robed old man who stood by Yuan Tianyi’s side. The grey robed old man’s pupils had constricted when Yang Ye’s figure vanished, and then the profound energy within him surged into the shield in front of him. At the same time, numerous profound energy barriers were appearing incessantly around him!

“Attack!” At the moment Yang Ye’s figure vanished, Yuan Tianyi had immediately decided to attack. The other 2 old men didn’t hesitate and attacked right away as well.

Meanwhile, a sword had stabbed against the old man’s shield.


The sky shook violently as the shield and the profound energy barriers behind it cracked apart in an instant. At the same time, the old man was even blasted backwards by the force of the collision. However, Yang Ye’s sword was like a shadow that stuck closely to the shield.

Yang Ye gazed at the old man whose face was covered in horror, and he grinned before he suddenly grabbed his sword with both hands and twisted his wrist.


A ray of sword energy shot through the old man’s chest, and a string of blood sprayed out. Rebirth Rank sword intent instantly destroyed the vitality within the grey robed old man, and it didn’t take long for the color in the old man’s eyes to fade away.

Snowy hurriedly emerged from Yang Ye’s chest and sucked away the old man’s spirit energy.

Meanwhile, Yuan Tianyi and the others had arrived behind Yang Ye. However, a terrifying wave of sword intent suddenly appeared in front of Yang Ye, and it blasted them almost 3km away.

Rebirth Rank sword intent!

Void Rank sword intent was already capable of resisting the aura of Emperors, and Rebirth Rank sword intent had fully surpassed the Emperor Realm. Simply speaking, an Emperor might not even be able to win against an intent sword he created.

After the ultimate version of Death by a Thought was enhanced by Rebirth Rank sword intent, its strength was more than 30 times greater!

It was capable of killing Emperors with ease!

In short, even if he casually released a strand of sword energy and enhanced it with Rebirth Rank sword intent, then it would be comparable to an Emperor Rank sword technique!

That was how terrifying Rebirth Rank sword intent was!

Yuan Tianyi and the others were absolutely shocked when Yang Ye’s sword intent blasted them back. At this moment, they knew that they had no chance to win.

After all, Yang Ye was capable of killing Emperors in an instant!

Meanwhile, Snowy had finished absorbing the spirit energy. Yang Ye rubbed her head lightly, and then he put the corpse away with a wave of his right hand. After that, he gazed at Yuan Tianyi, “I’m really curious about something. How many more Emperors does your Dark Sky Sect have after I kill you? I presume it probably isn’t more than 2, right?”

Yuan Tianyi took a deep breath and said, “My Dark Sky Sect was in the wrong, and we’re willing to apologize for this matter. Moreover, we guarantee that we will absolutely not go against the Sword Alliance in the future.”

The violet robed middle aged man by Yuan Tianyi’s side spoke as well, “My Doomsday City is willing to apologize as well, and we guarantee to never go against the Sword Alliance again!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “When I wanted to reason with all of you, you insisted to use strength to talk. Now, I’m using strength to talk with you, yet you want to reason with me. Remember what I said in the beginning? I gave all of you one last chance. Unfortunately, you didn’t cherish it. Allow me to repeat myself, since we’re enemies, I prefer to pull out weeds by the roots!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure vanished once more.

“Flee!” Yuan Tianyi immediately made the decision to flee. His figure flashed like a bolt of lightning towards the distance. The other 2 Emperors from Doomsday City fled towards 2 other directions as well.


They had no desire to fight. What a joke! Yang Ye could kill Emperors in an instant! An instant!

Yang Ye glanced at Yuan Tianyi, hesitated for a moment, and then turned to look at the violet robed middle aged man. His profound energy was sufficient to execute the ultimate version of Death by a Thought for one last time. So, who should he kill? He chose the violet robed middle aged man from Doomsday City. A moment later, Yang Ye’s figure had vanished on the spot.

Around 10km away, the middle aged man had stopped in midair, and Yang Ye wasn’t very far ahead of him.

He glanced at the hole in his chest and gazed at Yang Ye, “How… how swift!”

Yang Ye replied modestly, “It was just alright!”

The middle aged man almost suffocated with rage before he took his last breath. At the same time, Snowy’s head emerged once more, and then the spirit energy which hadn’t even started to seep out from the middle aged man was sucked away.

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly at the sight of this. He suddenly thought of a possibility. If Snowy just sucked the spirit energy within a person….

A chill ran down Yang Ye’s spine because it was absolutely terrifying! After all, spirit energy was the foundation of a cultivator, and if a cultivator had no spirit energy….

Many would be crippled!

Not to mention others, even he feared such an ability! Even though his body was strong and remained strong even without spirit energy, he would lose at least 50% of his strength when he had no spirit energy. Moreover, if he was injured, then how would he repair his body without spirit energy?

Fortunately, Snowy was on his side!

Yang Ye heaved a slight sigh of relief at this point, and then he rubbed Snowy’s head lightly. After that, he looked up and gazed towards the distance. At this moment, there was no sign of Yuan Tianyi and the other Emperor from Doomsday City.

Meanwhile, Dugu Jian and the others appeared not too far away from him. Moreover, besides shock, their gazes carried a trace of fervor as they looked at Yang Ye.

They’d witnessed the battle, and the only reason they hadn’t shown themselves was because Yang Ye prohibited it.

Yang Ye had killed 3 Emperors in an instant, and he’d done so while at the Saint Realm.

Yang Ye glanced at Dugu Jian and the others, and then he nodded. The reason he hadn’t allowed them to join the battle was very simple, it was to make a show of strength. Sword cultivators were proud. If he didn’t possess absolute strength, then they wouldn’t be satisfied with being under his leadership. Moreover, putting on a show of strength could deter those who had other thoughts.

Now, when he saw the expressions they had, he knew that its effect was very good.

“Sword Master!” Meanwhile, Ye Liuyun led the others over to Yang Ye and bowed respectfully to him. After all, they’d personally witnessed how he killed 3 Emperors in an instant.

At this moment, Yang Ye was like a god in their hearts!

“Rise!” Yang Ye waved his hand and said, “Order those at the Quasi Emperor Realm and above to come with me!”

Yuan Feng asked, “Where are we going?”

“We’ll annihilate Doomsday City first and crush the Dark Sky Sect after that!”

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