Chapter 1201 – Either Win or Die!

Almighty Sword Domain

The blue robed old man’s right hand shook slightly, and then the space around him rippled before he took his last breath.

Yang Ye glanced at the ripples in space around the old man, and then he patted his chest. Snowy immediately emerged and started absorbing the spirit energy within the old man. Once she was done, Yang Ye waved his right hand and put the old man’s corpse away.

Yang Ye rubbed Snowy’s head and started walking towards the city.

“We surrender!” Meanwhile, the Emperor from Doomsday City suddenly led a group over to the Sword Alliance’s forces. The old man gazed at Yang Ye, and the shock in his eyes wasn’t concealed at all. He hadn’t expected that Yang Ye would actually dare to kill an expert from the World Devastator Cult! After all, it was the World Devastator Cult! The strongest power on the continent right now!

He knew that the Sword Alliance would definitely vanish from the face of the continent. But he had to surrender for now. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to live until that happened.

The old man spoke again, “We surrender!”

“You surrender? It’s too late!” Yang Ye stomped his right foot against the ground, and his figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot. He was behind the old man when his figure appeared again.


A torrent of blood surged from the old man’s chest.

His pupils constricted as he glanced at his chest, and there was disbelief in his eyes. He hadn’t expected that he would die just like that.

“I gave you a chance just now, but you didn’t treasure the opportunity. Yet you want to take it now? Unfortunately, I refuse to let you!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, Snowy immediately opened her mouth and the spirit energy within the old man surged into her mouth.

The expressions of all the experts in Doomsday City changed drastically when they saw that even surrendering resulted in death. However, not a single one of them attacked. If the gap in their strengths wasn’t very huge, then they would definitely fight desperately. However, the gap in their strengths was absolutely huge! Even Emperors had been killed in an instant, let alone them!

Yang Ye glanced at the experts here before he said, “I gave him a chance, but he didn’t cherish it. Now, I’ll give all of you a chance. Will all of you surrender?”

They hurriedly nodded. What a joke! None of them wanted to die!

Yang Ye gazed at Ye Liuyun, “I’ll leave the matters within the city to you, I’ll deal with the matters outside the city!”

She nodded in response, and then she led the others into the city.

Yang Ye glanced at Dugu Jian and the others, “Come with me!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye transformed into a ray of light that appeared on Doomsday City’s walls, and they immediately followed him there.

He turned around and gazed at them, “Have any of you fought Emperors?”

They shook their heads. Meanwhile, Qin Zhuyao said, “I have!”

The others gazed at her, and she added, “I lost.”

Yang Ye nodded, “”Actually, Emperors aren’t as strong as you think. I’ve seen many geniuses who are much more terrifying than Emperors. All of you are geniuses as well. But do you know what you lack when compared to them? You lack ferocity and courage! Many of you think that Emperors are very strong, beyond your reach, and impossible to defeat. If you hold such thoughts, then not to mention Emperors, you won’t even be able to defeat a Saint!”

Yang Ye paused for a moment at this point, “I’m not asking all of you to act beyond the limits of your ability. I just want to tell all of you that confidence and courage are very important. For example, the thing I admire about Dugu Jian is that even if he knew that I’m stronger than him, he still dared to challenge me. Even though he lost, he didn’t let himself down! Because he tried his best!”

Dugu Jian glanced at Yang Ye and remained silent.

Yang Ye asked, “Do all of you think I’m very strong?”

They nodded in response!

Yang Ye shook his head, “In your opinion, I really am extremely strong. Because Emperors can’t even avoid a single move of mine! However, I’d like to tell all of you that there are too many others in this world who are stronger than me. I won’t talk about those I don’t know of, let’s just talk about those I know. Amongst the people I know, there are no less than 10 who can kill Emperors at the Saint Realm and Quasi Emperor Realm!”

Huan Kong asked, “What are you trying to tell us?”

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “I’m trying to tell all of you that there are too many outstanding people in this world. So, all of you must have wild ambition, like killing Emperors! Is it very difficult to kill Emperors? It’s very difficult for many of you. But let me tell you that many of you don’t really lack the strength to accomplish it, you lack the mentality. Sword cultivators should be without fear, or to put it in simpler terms, sword cultivators should be unafraid of death. If you don’t even fear death, would you fear Emperors? If you’re prepared to die in battle, I believe that you’ll definitely obtain unexpected gains!”

Meanwhile, Qin Zhuyao nodded, “When I encountered that Emperor I fought, he wanted to kill me, and I couldn’t escape. So, I fought him while being prepared to die. At that time, all I thought about was how I wanted to hit him even if I died. But I never expected him to actually give up on killing me when I fought while completely disregarding my own life. Of course, the main reason was that there were other experts in the vicinity, and he was afraid of them. I attained the peak of Quasi Void Rank sword intent during that battle.”

Yang Ye nodded, “Sword cultivators should we without fear when the sword is in hand. Or to put it in simpler terms, we should not fear death while we have our sword in our grasp. Even if we’re facing a formidable enemy, we should still dare to draw our swords. Even if we would die in the end, we still have to draw our swords. Fighting to death isn’t disgraceful; it’s being afraid to fight that’s disgraceful!”

Yang Ye looked in the direction of Godfall before he continued, “Was Senior Jian Wuji not aware of the old man in Daoist robes’ strength all those years ago? He was! But did he shrink back? He didn’t! He drew his sword and fought! Even though he fell in the end, I believe that he died without regrets.”

“Thank you for the guidance!” Dugu Jian bowed slightly to Yang Ye, “I finally understand why you’re that much stronger than us. There’s no luck behind a person’s success.”

Qin Zhuyao bowed slightly to Yang Ye as well, but she didn’t say anything.

Huan Kong and the others remained silent for a long time, and then they started to bow to Yang Ye in succession.

Yang Ye turned around and looked up at the sky, “We still have a long path ahead of us, and I’ll be very fast. If you can’t keep up, then I’ll have no choice but to leave you behind. It’s not a matter of loyalty. Understand?”

All of them nodded.

They weren’t fools, so they naturally understood what Yang Ye meant. This was how the world was. If everyone was improving yet you fail to improve, would anyone be willing to wait?

Everyone had to display their own worth!

Yang Ye suddenly said, “Dugu Jian, go back to Violet Thistle City!”

Dugu Jian was slightly stunned, and then he came to an understanding. He belonged to Violet Thistle City, and the Sword Alliance had become enemies with the World Devastator Cult. So, he couldn’t avoid dragging Violet Thistle City if he stayed!”

Dugu Jian shook his head, “No one would know that I’m the junior city governor of Violet Thistle City if none of you speak a word about it. Besides that, it doesn’t matter even if they do know. If worse comes to worse, I’ll just renounce my position. In any case, it’s a boring position!”

“Nice!” Huan Kong gave Dugu Jian a thumb’s up and said, “Dugu Bullshit, I’m impressed!”

The corners of Dugu Jian’s eyes twitched, but he didn’t argue with Huan Kong like Lin Fan would. After all, the more one argued with Huan Kong, the more enthusiastic he would get.

Yang Ye gazed at Dugu Jian, “Are you sure?”

Dugu Jian nodded, “I’m a member of the Sword Alliance now, so I should go through thick and thin with it!”

Yang Ye grinned, “I’ll leave an Emperor to you later! Do you dare?”

“I do!” Dugu Jian placed his hand on the sword hanging on his waist. There was no fear in his eyes, only the intent to fight.

Meanwhile, Qin Zhuyao said, “I want one as well!”

Huan Kong glanced at Dugu Jian and Qin Zhuyao, hesitated for a moment, and then walked over to Lin Fan, “Ice Face, how about we join forces and fight one? What’s with that look? I’m doing this for your own good. If I wasn’t afraid that you would feel embarrassed, I would have chosen to challenge 2 on my own!”

Lin Fan spoke indifferently, “Then go challenge 2!”

Huan Kong was speechless.

“Huan Kong and Lin Fan, both of you will fight an Emperor on your own. The others will fight one together!” Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “Remember that I won’t save all of you, nor can I. Whether you live or die is up to you. If any of you do die, we who survive will avenge you and bury you!”

All of them were speechless.

Meanwhile, Qin Zhuyao suddenly asked, “Will the World Devastator Cult come?”

“Of course!” Dugu Jian continued, “They won’t tolerate any provocation. If they don’t come, then their prestige will decline, and that’s something they absolutely won’t allow.”

Huan Kong asked, “How strong is the World Devastator Cult?”

Dugu Jian glanced at Huan Kong and spoke solemnly, “Very strong. Most importantly, it’s very mysterious. No one knows where their headquarters are, and all we do know is that they wear blue robes. According to rumor, they might even have experts above the Emperor Realm, but no one knows if the rumors are true.”

The others had solemn expressions on their faces when they heard this. Above the Emperor Realm! Such an expert hadn’t appeared on Dark Hell Continent for thousands of years! It wasn’t that such an expert didn’t exist, it was that such experts hadn’t shown themselves. Of course, no one was sure if such an expert really did exist. But if the World Devastator Cult had such an expert, then they were in deep trouble!

Suddenly, Qin Zhuyao said, “They’re here!”

As soon as she finished speaking, waves of violent fluctuations instantly arose in the sky above Doomsday City, and then the space there was torn apart before 10 blue robed old men walked out from the crack in space!

10 Emperors!

“It has been many years… since someone has killed a member of my World Devastator Cult!” A hunchback old man walked forward slowly from the group of blue robed old men. He glanced at Yang Ye and the others, and then his gaze descended onto Yang Ye, “You killed him, right?”

Yang Ye nodded, “Indeed!”

The old man looked down at Yang Ye for a short while before he waved his right hand, “Leave no one in the city alive!”

As soon as he finished speaking, a terrifying aura instantly surged out from the 9 Emperors behind him, and those terrifying auras swept down towards Doomsday City.

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at Dugu Jian and the others, “This is our Sword Alliance’s 1st battle! We either win or die!”

“We either win or die!” The others howled in unison, and then over 30 rays of light shot up into the sky!

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