Chapter 1202 – I Have To Kill You To Keep You Quiet!

Almighty Sword Domain

“How laughable!” The hunchback old man had indifference in his eyes as he gazed at Yang Ye and the others. After all, a group of Quasi Emperors intended to fight their group of 10 Emperors!

Suddenly, a terrifying strand of sword intent swept up from the city, and the terrifying aura the 9 Emperors emanated was instantly dispersed.

“Sword intent that’s above the Void Rank!” Their pupils constricted at the sight of this. This time, there was no conceit left in their eyes, and there was only shock left there!

“Bring it on!” Yang Ye stomped his right foot against the ground and transformed into a ray of light that shot up into the air. He flipped his left palm in midair and the ancient sheath appeared on his grasp.

A moment later, Yang Ye stomped his foot down against the space beneath him, and the sky shook before his figure vanished on the spot. He was in front of the hunchback old man when his figure appeared once more, and he drew his sword and swung it!

200 overlapped Heavenrends!

The old man’s pupils had shrunk to the size of needles when Yang Ye drew his sword. He hadn’t expected that a Saint could actually execute such a terrifying attack. After all, it made his heart tremble! But even then, the old man’s reaction wasn’t slow. A ray of dazzling golden light suddenly surged out from within him and collided with Yang Ye’s sword energy.


A loud explosion resounded as the golden light around the old man dispersed in an instant. At the same time, he spat out over a dozen mouthfuls of blood in succession while his figure was blasted away.

Suddenly, Yang Ye’s figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

The old man’s eyes opened wide at the exact moment that Yang Ye’s figure vanished, and he howled, “NOOOO!”


As soon as his voice resounded, a ray of light had shot through the center of his forehead, and then Yang Ye appeared behind him.

The other 9 Emperors were stunned on the spot.

2 attacks!

An Emperor had been killed with just 2 attacks!

The 9 of them had no time to feel shocked because the other experts of the Sword Alliance had arrived before them.

Dugu Jian and Qin Zhuyao chose an Emperor each while Huan Kong and Lin Fan joined forces against 1 more. As for the rest of them, they chose a single Emperor to besiege. Besides the hunchback old man who’d just lost his life, there were 5 more Emperors here who were without opponents.

After he killed the old man, Yang Ye summoned Snowy, and he put the old man’s corpse away once Snowy finished absorbing the spirit energy within the corpse. After that, a wave of sword intent swept out and enveloped the other 5 Emperors as Yang Ye said, “You move, you die!”

Unsightly expressions appeared on their faces. But just a moment passed before they charged at Yang Ye. They were all Emperors and living fossils who’d been alive for over 10,000 years at the very least, so how could they possibly be terrified by a Saint? So what even if that Saint’s strength was heaven defying? They were Emperors, not weaklings!

Snowy blinked when she saw them charge at her and Yang Ye, and then her head shrunk back and hid within the pocket of space. But it didn’t take long for her head to emerge again. She glanced at Yang Ye and started waving her claws slightly, and it seemed like she was telling Yang Ye to be careful. After Yang Ye nodded, her eyes narrowed as she smiled, and then she shrunk back into the pocket of space.

Yang Ye gazed at the 5 Emperors, and a wisp of viciousness flashed through his eyes. A moment later, a strand of terrifying sword intent surged out from within him.


All 5 of those Emperors were instantly blasted almost 3km backwards!

They were astounded!

Even though they’d mentally prepared themselves, they still hadn’t expected Yang Ye’s sword intent to be so strong. The aura they gained as Emperors was actually like a child facing an adult when it faced Yang Ye’s sword intent! It couldn’t resist it at all!

Yang Ye stretched out his right hand and an intent sword appeared in his grasp. After that, he sheathed it and gazed at the Emperor who was closest to him.

That Emperor was horrified when he noticed Yang Ye’s gaze, and he didn’t hesitate to slam his fist forward. Numerous energy fists flashed forward incessantly.

However, a strange scene appeared here. When those energy fists appeared incessantly in the sky, they were suddenly split into 2.

At the instant they split apart, the old man’s pupils had constricted, and then Yang Ye appeared in front of him before swinging his sword down. The old man was horrified and wanted to flee, but a strand of terrifying sword intent pressed down upon him like a mountain.

“NO!!!” A miserable and shrill cry resounded through the sky.


The old man’s figure was slashed into 2.

The 4 other Emperors were horrified by this scene!

He killed an Emperor in an instant!Is he really just a Saint?

Yang Ye ignored them. He withdrew a handful of violet crystals and tossed them into his mouth. After that, he patted his chest. Snowy emerged and sucked the spirit energy that emerged from within the old man.

Yang Ye shook his head as he gazed at the old man who’d been sliced into 2, “What a pity. I used a little too much strength and lost a sword servant.”

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at the other 4 Emperors when he spoke up to this point, “Are all of you going to gang up on me, or will you fight me one by one?”

Yang Ye wasn’t one who was fond of wasting his breath in battle. The reason he was talking was naturally to buy time for himself. If the old man from Doomsday City was included, he’d killed 4 Emperors in succession, and practically all of them had been killed in an instant! Why was he able to accomplish that? Because he’d executed the ultimate version of Death by a Thought and executed Heavenrend at his current limits!

Once they were enhanced by Rebirth Rank sword intent, they were horrifyingly strong. But they exhausted a huge amount of profound energy! Based on the current volume of profound energy he could store; he could only execute 4 ultimate Death by a Thoughts in succession. So, it could be said that 4 was his limit.

Just like this very moment. Actually, there was no profound energy left within him!

If they were to attack him now, then the only thing he could do was use his physical strength against them while waiting for his profound energy to recover. But his current physical strength was probably incapable of going against the joint forces of 4 Emperors.

Their expressions changed when they heard Yang Ye. This time, they didn’t attack as they had before this. At this moment, they were truly quite terrified.


He’d killed Emperors in an instant!

Even their joint forces weren’t sufficient to kill an Emperor in an instant!

“You’re not attacking?” Yang Ye nodded and said, “Alright, then let’s just talk. I just happen to have a few questions for all of you.”

They just gazed at him in silence.

Yang Ye glanced at the battlefields in the distance. Presently, Dugu Jian and the others were in fierce battle with 4 Emperors, but the situation wasn’t promising for all of them. Because they were at a disadvantage. Especially Huan Kong and Lin Fan. Both of them had almost been killed on many occasions, and it was the same for the others!

Something worth mentioning was that 4 members of the Sword Alliance were dead!

Yang Ye closed his eyes slowly. Could he lend them a hand? He could! But he couldn’t do that. If they wanted to grow, they had to experience battles of life and death. Moreover, he could save them now, but he couldn’t save them forever. So, they had to get through this by themselves!

So long as they got through this, he was confident that many of them would definitely undergo a transformation!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and gazed at the other 4 blue robed old men, “Actually, what happened today had nothing to do with all of you. I can’t figure out why all of you just had to interfere?”

The old men had extremely gloomy expressions on their faces. If it were before the battle, they would definitely feel that answering Yang Ye was beneath them. Yet now…. They pondered deeply for a short while before an old man stepped forward, “Our World Devastator Cult made the rule that no power is allowed to destroy the current order on Dark Hell Continent. But you destroyed that order.”

“It was Doomsday City who tried to crush my Sword Alliance first!” Yang Ye chuckled, “Are you telling me that only Doomsday City can crush us, but we can’t crush them?”

The old man remained silent. If it was before the battle, he would have said yes. Because the World Devastator Cult had the largest fist. So, would it have to reason with anyone? It wouldn’t! The World Devastator Cult always spoke with its strength.

Yet now, he didn’t dare to say yes. Because Yang Ye’s fist was the largest! At least it was right now!

Yang Ye continued, “As soon as the forces of your World Devastator Cult arrived, you immediately ordered the annihilation of everyone in my Sword Alliance. Needless to say, your World Devastator Cult really acts arrogantly and domineeringly! I’m not one who likes to waste my breath, but now that it has come up to this, we have no way out of this conflict. Since we have no way out, then it depends on who’s the strongest. Your World Devastator Cult is the number 1 power on the continent, and I’d like to see if you can destroy my Sword Alliance.”

The old man glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Since it’s like that, then let’s leave the matter as it is for now, and let’s agree on a later date to engage in battle?”

He was no fool, threatening Yang Ye right now was no different than courting death. The best choice right now is to return to the World Devastator Cult first. Because they’d severely underestimated the Sword Alliance which had just risen to prominence on the continent.

“At a later date?” Yang Ye pondered deeply for a moment and seemed to be slightly tempted.

The old man quickly spoke once more when he noticed that Yang Ye seemed to be slightly tempted, “I’m sure you’ve realized that continuing this battle isn’t beneficial to your side or ours. We can cease fighting for now. As for whether we’ll fight or negotiate will depend on our Cult Master and your wishes”

“What you said….” Yang Ye nodded slightly, “Does make some sense.”

The old man heaved a sigh of relief in his heart, “Then shall we leave now?”

“Wait! Wait!” Yang Ye continued, “I have a few more questions. I’m quite curious about the World Devastator Cult. I really want to know how many Emperors you have, so….”

Suddenly, the old man standing in front of Yang Ye spoke with a gloomy expression on his face, “Are you trying to buy time?”

“Oh my! I’ve been found out! This won’t do! I have to kill you to keep you quiet!” As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, he stomped his right foot down. The space in the area beneath him shook violently while Yang Ye’s figure transformed into a ray of light that vanished on the spot.

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