Chapter 1203 – The First To Attack Will Be The First To Die!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye was behind the old man when his figure appeared again.


A moment of silence ensued before a string of blood sprayed out from the center of the old man’s forehead. At the moment before he died, his eyes were still filled with shock and a trace of terror.

Yang Ye’s attack was too swift!

It was so swift that even he couldn’t avoid it!

Another Emperor was dead!

After they recovered from their shock, the other 3 attacked decisively. They knew that Yang Ye would definitely not spare them. Under such circumstances, they would be fools if they still held onto any hope that he would. Presently, the only way for them to live was to fight desperately with their lives on the line!

Once Snowy finished absorbing the spirit energy within the old man, Yang Ye waved his right hand and put the corpse away. After that, he charged at the other old men. At the same time, a ray of sword energy swept through the sky.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Numerous explosions resounded through the sky.

This time, Yang Ye was at a complete disadvantage while being besieged by the 3 Emperors. It wasn’t surprising because Yang Ye was just a Saint and not a god. While he seemed to have instantly annihilated Emperors with ease, time after time again, all of those were done with the strongest attack he could execute. Executing the ultimate version of Death by a Thought didn’t cripple him like it had in the past, but his profound energy was still a huge problem!

Every single executing practically exhausted a quarter of his profound energy. Even if he used violet crystals to recover his profound energy, there wasn’t a thread of it left within him!

Presently, Yang Ye wasn’t using his sword; he was using his physical strength!

The Fire Dragon Gauntlets appeared on Yang Ye, and every single punch he swung caused ripples to surge through space.


A loud explosion resounded through the sky as an Emperor struck Yang Ye’s chest and blasted him flying.

“He doesn’t have any profound energy left! Kill him!” One of the Emperors’ figure transformed into a ray of light and shot towards Yang Ye. Moreover, he was accompanied by the other 2 Emperors as he charged forward.

A vicious glow flashed through Yang Ye’s eyes. He tossed a few violet crystals into his mouth before stretching his right hand forward and clenched it. In an instant, the space around him cracked apart, and then he slammed his fist forward!


A strand of terrifying force surged out like a torrent from Yang Ye’s fist. The Emperors’ expressions changed drastically. They hadn’t expected that Yang Ye could actually execute such a terrifying attack after he exhausted all his profound energy, so they were immediately caught off guard. But they were Emperors in the end, so it only took a moment for them to regain their composure and slap their palms forward in unison.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The space throughout the area shook violently, and then it started cracking. At this moment, the 3 Emperors were 3km away from Yang Ye while slightly unsightly expressions covered their faces. Moreover, there was a wisp of scarlet red on the corner of their mouths. As for Yang Ye who stood before them, he had a wisp of blood flowing down the corner of his mouth as well.

The 3 of them stared fixedly at Yang Ye. Meanwhile, one of them said, “Kill!”

The 3 old men immediately shot forward towards Yang Ye. They were still on the way towards him when 2 energy palms and an energy fist slammed down at Yang Ye.

Meanwhile, a sword appeared in Yang Ye’s grasp. The 3 old men’s expressions changed drastically when they saw that, and then they forcefully stopped themselves in midair and retreated to where they were just a few moments ago. At the same time, numerous profound energy barriers and their auras surged out from within them. Besides that 2 of them even withdrew shields!

They gazed at Yang Ye as if they were facing a formidable enemy!

Yang Ye had a grin on his face as he said, “Which one of you is going first?”

Their faces tensed up, and none of them dared to attack.

Suddenly, a shrill cry resounded from afar. The 3 Emperors turned towards the source of the cry, and they saw an arm flying off from the Emperor who was in battle with Dugu Jian. After that, countless rays of light shot towards that Emperor.

Their expressions changed slightly at the sight of this, and they were about to lend that Emperor a hand. However, a strand of sword intent suddenly pressed down upon them. Their expressions changed slightly in response while they looked at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye still had a smile on the corners of his mouth, “The first to attack will be the first to die!”

“AH!” A shrill cry resounded from afar.

Yang Ye and the 3 old men looked towards its source, and they saw that the Emperor in battle with Dugu Jian was covered in injuries while spirit energy was seeping out slowly from within him. As soon as the spirit energy emerged from that Emperor, Snowy immediately sucked all of it away.

An Emperor had fallen!

The old men’s expressions grew unsightly.

Yang Ye glanced at Dugu Jian, and he was shocked when he saw Dugu Jian. At this moment, Dugu Jian’s countenance was ghastly pale while blood was spraying incessantly from both his mouth and chest. Especially his chest. It was like a fountain of blood. However, his eyes were filled with excitement, happiness, and the blazing desire to fight!

Dugu Jian glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I’ve killed an Emperor!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Dugu Jian cracked a smile before his figure crashed down from midair. But it didn’t take long for an intent sword to appear beneath him and carry him slowly into the city.

Yang Ye waved his right hand and instantly took the corpse of that Emperor whom Dugu Jian had just killed, and then his gaze moved to Qin Zhuyao. At this moment, she was still in a disadvantaged position, but she didn’t panic. Moreover, she hadn’t suffered many injuries. Conversely, that Emperor before her had a few holes on his body.

Yang Ye nodded to himself because Qin Zhuyao was very skilled at finding her opponent’s weak points. Even though the strength of that Emperor far surpassed her, he had quite a few weak points. It seemed like it was due to the fact that he was impatient and wanted to kill her as soon as possible, so he was attacking quite hastily. Yet he didn’t realize that it gave Qin Zhuyao opportunities.

“Sword Wave!” Suddenly, Qin Zhuyao shouted coldly as she approached that Emperor, and then she took her sword in both hands before stabbing it down swiftly. Countless rays of strange sword energy suddenly appeared around her and that Emperor. Why was it described as strange? Because it was indistinct. But it didn’t take long for the sword energy to start rippling like a wave. Moreover, it wasn’t just the sword energy that was rippling, even the space in the vicinity was rippling!


Countless rays of dazzling sword energy enveloped them.

Suddenly, a muffled groan resounded from within the rays of sword energy, and it made Yang Ye frown because it was Qin Zhuyao’s voice.


A beautiful figure was blasted away from within the dazzling glow of the sword energy.

It was Qin Zhuyao!

Yang Ye flicked his finger and an intent sword appeared below Qin Zhuyao before sending her into the city. Qin Zhuyao’s countenance was ghastly pale while blood flowed out incessantly from the corner of her mouth. Moreover, her right arm was gone. She turned around to glance at Yang Ye, and then her head tilted to the side as she fainted.

Yang Ye turned around to gaze at the sword energy at the other side. It had just dispersed when Snowy emerged from his chest and inhaled.

Qin Zhuyao had won. Even though she’d paid a heavy price, she’d won. Yang Ye was confident that after she killed an Emperor today, Qin Zhuyao would undergo a transformation in both her strength and mentality!

Once Snowy finished absorbing the spirit energy, Yang Ye waved his right hand and instantly put the corpse away. After that, he gazed at the other 3 old men who had unsightly expressions on their faces, “Want to make a move?”

They stared fixedly at Yang Ye while one of them said, “The enmity between you and our World Devastator Cult is irreconcilable now!”

A smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, “I’ll accompany you until the end!”

The old man stared at Yang Ye, “You think you’re very strong?”

Yang Ye replied, “Killing you isn’t a problem!”

The old man nodded, “I have to admit that you really are very strong, but you’re all alone. Right? We severely underestimated your strength today and suffered a loss. But don’t worry, we won’t underestimate you again. Once you see our World Devastator Cult’s true strength, you’ll realize how tiny and laughable you are!”

Yang Ye gazed at the old man and chuckled, “Do you know how strong I really am?”

Before the old man could reply, Yang Ye added, “Don’t threaten me. I’m serious. What have I not experienced in my life? I, Yang Ye, had no intention to cause trouble when I arrived here, but it doesn’t represent that I’m afraid of trouble. Doomsday City wanted to destroy my Sword Alliance. Now, I’ve destroyed them. Yet your World Devastator Cult seeks to destroy my Sword Alliance now. Don’t worry, you’ll suffer the same consequences as Doomsday City!”

“How laughable!” There was a wisp of ridicule on the corners of the old man’s mouth, “You’re very strong and ordinary Emperors aren’t a threat to you. But what about those above the Emperor Realm? Young man, this world is huge. The experts in this world are far more numerous than you think, and they’re far strong as well. Don’t start thinking that you’re invincible after gaining a little strength.”

Yang Ye chuckled, and then he took a deep breath and said, “I’ve recovered 50% of my profound energy.”

The 3 old men’s eyelids twitched, and then the old man who spoke with Yang Ye hesitated for a moment before he ordered, “Retreat!”

As soon as he gave the order, the 3 of them turned around and vanished on the spot. As for the other 2 Emperors who were fighting the other members of the Sword Alliance, they vanished on the spot as well.

Meanwhile, Snowy emerged from Yang Ye’s chest, and she pointed at his stomach before pointing towards the distance. She seemed to be saying that since his profound energy had recovered, then why did he let them go? After all, she could absorb so much spirit energy once he killed them!

Yang Ye rubbed her head gently and smiled, “Actually, I lied to them. I haven’t even recovered 10% of my profound energy.”

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