Chapter 1204 – The War Has Just Begun!

Almighty Sword Domain

He was deceiving them, of course.

Even though violet crystals could recover profound energy swiftly, it was impossible for it to recover 50% of his profound energy in a short period.

Actually, those 3 Emperors had been scared by Yang Ye. If they calmed down a little, they would realize that Yang Ye was just scaring them. However, the last line of defense in their hearts had completely collapsed after watching Yang Ye kill a few Emperors in an instant.

So, they’d decisively chosen to flee when they saw Yang Ye hold his sword again.

No one dared to face Yang Ye while he had a sword in hand!

Yang Ye wanted to kill them as well, but he couldn’t accomplish that right now. His profound energy wasn’t sufficient. If he was facing just a single Emperor, then relying solely on his physical strength would be sufficient. But if it was against a few Emperors…. His current physical strength was utterly insufficient to kill 3 Emperors. So, he had no choice but to scare them away. Because if he didn’t, he wouldn’t just be in danger, the remaining members of the Sword Alliance might die in battle. After all, he’d been paying attention to the situation in the surroundings, and he’d noticed that Huan Kong, Lin Fan, and the others weren’t able to hold on for much longer.

Even though they dared to face Emperors and fight Emperors to death, their strength was still a problem! Even though Yang Ye wanted the Sword Alliance’s members to grow, he wouldn’t make them die for nothing. All of them had been able to fight Emperors today, so he was confident that they would definitely obtain great gains. These gains won’t just be reflected in their strength, it would be reflected in their mentality as well!

“Sorry!” Meanwhile, Huan Kong, Lin Fan, and the others walked over to Yang Ye.

There had been 35 of them, yet now, besides Dugu Jian and Qin Zhuyao, only 26 remained here. In other words, 7 of them had fallen in battle.

Yang Ye glanced at them and said, “There’s nothing to be sorry about. Remember that it’s your own lives, and you’ll be the ones to die if you aren’t strong enough. So, you don’t have to feel a sense of responsibility to me, you should feel it towards yourself. After this, I’ll set a training plan. All of you and even I have to grow stronger!”

They nodded in response.

Yang Ye added, “Record the names of our brothers that fell in battle. If they have family, then take good care of them; if they have none, then just bury them well.”

Huan Kong said, “I’ll see that it gets done!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Once you’ve done all of that, all of you should recuperate immediately. The war has just begun!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure shot into Doomsday City.

Doomsday City.

The Sword Alliance didn’t face any obstruction to take over the city while led by Ye Liuyun. All the Emperors of Doomsday City had been killed, so it couldn’t resist the Sword Alliance at all. No one dared to object when faced with absolute strength. So, Doomsday City was practically under the Sword Alliance’s control.

The Sword Alliance was faced with a formidable enemy after just taking over Doomsday City, and that enemy was the number one power of the continent, the World Devastator Cult. Even though the Sword Alliance had won the battle, the hearts of everyone throughout the city felt heavy. Anyone from Dark Hell Continent knew the World Devastator Cult.

Many didn’t know much about it. But they knew that it was very strong, extremely strong! It was obvious from how they’d send 10 Emperors at once just now.

But the Sword Alliance had just a single Emperor. If Yang Ye and the others were included, then it could be considered to have 4 or 5 Emperors at most.

In short, their hearts felt heavy and were filled with worry.

In a room. Dugu Jian was flying before Yang Ye. Yang Ye placed his right hand on Dugu Jian’s chest before strands of violet energy flowed out of his palm and entered Dugu Jian’s body.

Dugu Jian gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Emperors aren’t that strong!”

Yang Ye nodded, “You can fight 10 next time!”

Dugu Jian was speechless.

Meanwhile, Dugu Jian suddenly asked, “How strong are you?”

Yang Ye replied, “You’re that impatient to become the Sword Alliance’s leader?”

He replied, “I am eager, but I can’t defeat you now!”

Yang Ye said, “Then work hard. Perhaps you’ll be the leader of the Sword Alliance, one day!”

“I will!” Dugu Jian continued, “You said that many at the same realm of cultivation are stronger than you. Is that true?”

Yang Ye nodded. He hadn’t forgotten the Nether Pavilion and those mad men and women on the Radiant Dimension’s Martial Rankings. He’d met Ye Langxie and the Saber Monarch of the Radiant Dimension, and both of them could kill Emperors. But they were merely ranked at the 7th and 10th position of the Martial Rankings. So, it was obvious how terrifying those in the top 3 were!

Dugu Jian asked, “I’m still quite weak, right?”

Yang Ye glanced at Dugu Jian, “Do you want the truth or a lie?”

Dugu Jian answered, “The truth!”

Yang Ye gazed at Dugu Jian for a short while before he spoke, “You aren’t just quite weak, you’re extremely weak.”

The corners of Dugu Jian’s mouth twitched.

Yang Ye withdrew his hand and said, “The injuries on your internal organs are completely healed. Just consume some violet crystals, recuperate for a while, and you’ll be fine. I’m going to have a look at Zhuyao!”

Yang Ye turned around and left once he finished speaking.

Dugu Jian gazed at the direction Yang Ye had left towards for a long time, and then he took a deep breath, “Work hard!”

In another room.

Yang Ye gazed at Qin Zhuyao who was lying before him, “You suffered external injuries while he suffered internal injuries. His were more severe, so I healed him first.”

He placed his right hand against Qin Zhuyao’s stomach while he spoke, and then violet energy surged out from his palm.

Meanwhile, Qin Zhuyao spoke abruptly, “Thank you?”

Yang Ye glanced at her and was puzzled, “Why?”

She replied, “I fought an Emperor in the past, but my end goal was to escape. Yet now, I didn’t have such a thought. All I thought just now was that either he or I would die, and he died. Thank you. Because if it wasn’t for you, I would have never known that I could kill an Emperor….”

Yang Ye said, “Every single one of us has enormous potential, and the potential we have is like a soaked piece of clothing. If you do all you can to squeeze it, you’ll always be able to squeeze out more water. Perhaps this comparison isn’t very suitable, but it’s fine so long as you understand what I mean.”

Qin Zhuyao gazed at him and said, “You always force yourself to extremes, right?”

Yang Ye pondered deeply for a short moment before he spoke, “I joined a sect when I was young, but I was reduced to a Labor Disciple because of some problems. However, I didn’t give up. I persisted at all times and forced myself to work harder at all times. I’m sure you’ve seen the results of that. Just think about it, if I had given in to despair or refused to force myself to work harder, what would the result be?”

Qin Zhuyao gazed at him for a long time before she said, “I knew you weren’t a simple person since the 1st time I met you. Because your eyes are filled with confidence. Your confidence isn’t like the confidence that Dugu Jian or those idiots, Huan Kong and Lin Fan, possess. Their confidence is conceit at most times, but you’re different. Your confidence is true confidence, it’s confidence that you have control over everything!”

Yang Ye chuckled, “Confidence comes from strength and experience. To be honest, you, Dugu Jian, and all the others have a limited view of the world. This world is huge. Understand?”

Qin Zhuyao replied, “I understand the principle, but I haven’t experienced it myself!”

Yang Ye smiled, “I’ll take you to gain some experience in the future, alright?”

She gazed at him for a long time before she said, “Your strength is so extraordinary, so why are there no prior traces of you throughout Dark Hell Continent? Don’t tell me that you wanted to make a name for yourself with a single brilliant feat, just like Dugu Jian.”

Yang Ye gazed at her and asked, “Do you really want to know?”

She nodded.

He replied, “Actually, I’m from outside this world.”

Her pupils constricted, and her eyes were filled with shock.

Yang Ye said, “Do you believe me?”

She gazed at him for a short while before she nodded, “I do.”

Yang Ye smiled, “The world is so huge. Have you ever thought about having a look?”

“No!” She continued, “Because no one can accomplish that.”

Yang Ye said, “Since no one can, then I’ll be the first. What do you think?”

Qin Zhuyao looked him in the eyes, “Are you serious?”

Yang Ye nodded.

She gazed at him for a long time before she said, “Alright. The world is so huge, so all of us can go have a look!”

Yang Ye withdrew his hand and flicked over 100 violet crystals to the side of her bed, “Before you do that, recuperate first and grow even stronger. Otherwise, while the world is huge, we wouldn’t be going to have a look at it, we would be going to give our lives away.” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and left the room!

Once Yang Ye left, Qin Zhuyao took a deep breath while a trace of fervor appeared in her eyes. “The world outside….”

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the ground in his room while Snowy stood in front of him. Snowy hadn’t grow larger, but her body was emanating a faint glow.

Yang Ye held her by the ears and said, “Since the battles began, you’ve absorbed the energy of 9 Emperors! According to my estimations based on the previous Emperors, you should produce around 10,000 violet crystals per Emperor. In other words, you have 90,000 violet crystals right now! Right?”

Snowy blinked….

Yang Ye stretched out his hand and said, “Now, it’s time to hand over the collections!”

Snowy raised her little claw and a single violet crystal appeared there. She waved it in front of Yang Ye before pointing her other claw at herself. She seemed to be saying that it belonged to her.

Yang Ye’s face darkened. This little fellow is actually starting to differentiate between hers and mine. This won’t do!

Yang Ye grabbed her in his arms and kissed her on the forehead, “Yours is mine, and mine is yours. Understand?”

Snowy blinked. Obviously, she didn’t really understand him.

Yang Ye kissed her on the forehead again and said, “Let me keep them safe for you. You can ask me for them if you need them. Alright?”

As he spoke, he withdrew a violet crystal, pointed lightly at Snowy before pointing at himself, and then he said, “It’s yours, but it’s mine as well. Yours is mine, and mine is mine. Right, I mean, mine is yours as well. Understand?”

As he spoke, he passed her the violet crystal in his hand.

Snowy blinked. A short while passed before she withdrew a violet crystal and passed it to Yang Ye.

Yang Ye hurriedly nodded and said, “Right, that’s what I mean!”

Snowy’s eyes narrowed as she revealed a brilliant smile, and then she started waving her claws incessantly. After that, violet crystal after violet crystal rained down before Yang Ye!

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