Chapter 125 – Princess Of The Shang Dynasty

Almighty Sword Domain

A woman in slightly revealing clothes slowly floated up from within the coffin, and when he saw the woman’s appearance, Yang Ye’s breath stopped while the blood within his entire body couldn’t help but surge.

The woman was around 20 years of age. Her beautiful hair was curled in layers that ended with a bun. She had rosy cheeks, almond eyes, curved brows, and her features were exquisite to the point it didn’t seem like something a woman of the mortal world should possess.

Especially her eyes that were even more charming than the eyes of a fox. It was like strange magical powers resided within those eyes, and they emanated a force that enchanted the heart, causing others to be unwilling to move their gaze from her.

The woman stopped in midair and greedily took a deep breath of air. This slight action caused Yang Ye’s entire body to heat up because as the woman took that breath, the pair of ample hills that were exposed before her had started to shake lightly. So, how could Yang Ye who’d only experienced such things once be able to resist it?

Qin Xiyue’s breath was taken away by this woman as well. She’d never imagined that such a beautiful person actually existed in the world. She felt that her own appearance was gorgeous, but when it was compared with the woman that floated before her, then no matter if it was appearance or figure, she was slightly inferior. Even though she was slightly unwilling to admit it, the facts were indeed so.

The woman in midair suddenly looked at Yang Ye before she blinked, and her narrow and long eyes revealed traces of charm that took one’s soul away.

She truly is a peerless beauty! Yang Ye took a deep breath while his Sword Intent surged out. After he utilized his Sword Intent, Yang Ye’s mind instantly cleared up, and even though his heart still sped up slightly when he looked at the woman again, he didn’t reveal such an embarrassing appearance as he had just now.

A wisp of surprise flashed in the woman’s eyes when she saw Yang Ye’s eyes were clear, and then her scarlet red lips parted slightly as she said, “Sword Intent. I never expected that a Profound at the Mortal Realm like you actually comprehended Sword Intent. How interesting!” Her voice was soft and sweet, and it caused others to feel as if they were bathing beneath a summer breeze.

Meanwhile, Qin Xiyue asked. “Is Senior the Empress of the Shang Dynasty from all those years ago, Daji?”

Yang Ye was shocked. He’d heard of Daji. According to legend, she was the number one beauty of the southern territory all those years ago, and she was a beauty that made countless men go crazy for her. Supposedly, the destruction of the Shang Dynasty was related to this woman. So, if this woman was really Daji, then it was obvious why she was able to communicate with the little fellow. It was because she was a Darkbeast!

However, Yang Ye was puzzled. Wasn’t she annihilated by the Grand Qin Empire and the various sects all those years ago?

“The Shang Dynasty’s Empress?” A wisp of confusion flashed in the woman’s eyes. After a long time, she revealed a smile. She didn’t answer Qin Xiyue but looked at the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder instead and said, “Little Fellow, you’re from the mink clan? Oh, wait, the pressure from your bloodline causes even me to feel slightly fearful. You are….” Suddenly, the woman opened her eyes wide and seemed to have thought of something, causing dense fear to appear in her eyes.

The violet mink blinked while a strand of violet light flashed in its eyes, and it seemed to be warning the woman.

Yang Ye stretched out his hand to embrace the violet mink, and he rubbed its little head while he said with slight sorrow, “Little Fellow, we’ve known each other for quite a long time now, yet you’ve always been unwilling to let me know of your origins. Do you not take me as a friend?”

The violet mink hurriedly shook its head, and it rubbed Yang Ye’s face with its little claws before starting to wave them.

As he gazed at the slightly anxious violet mink, Yang Ye smiled and said, “Alright, I was just joking with you. Tell me when you think the time is right, alright?”

The violet mink nodded.

Meanwhile, the woman said, “Little Fellow, even though this kid has comprehended Sword Intent at the age of 17, it can’t be considered as extraordinary. So, there’s definitely no future for you if you stay by his side. Why don’t you come with me?”

Yang Ye’s face darkened when he heard this because this woman was actually trying to take the violet mink from him while right before his eyes. Moreover, she even belittled him like that. If I knew this would happen, I shouldn’t have let her out just now!

The violet mink glanced at the woman with disdain. It flashed onto Yang Ye’s shoulder and rubbed Yang Ye’s ears with its little claws, and it paid no further attention to the woman.

Yang Ye was delighted in his heart. The little fellow still is the closest to me in the end!

The woman smiled and didn’t mind the violet mink’s attitude. She looked at Yang Ye and said, “Kid, since it’s willing to follow you, then it’s your fortune. Remember, you must not treat it badly, understand?”

“Senior, I think you should wear some clothes first….” Yang Ye suggested in a very serious manner. If he hadn’t utilized his Sword Intent, then he would have probably been completely and utterly enchanted by the woman while talking to her. Even if he had Sword Intent to protect himself, the woman’s current appearance caused his blood to boil from the sight of it.

The woman chuckled and said, “Even I don’t mind, so why are you complaining? Don’t tell me that you don’t want to take a few more glances!”

Even though she said this, the woman still gestured casually and wrapped some clothes around her body to conceal that alluring scene.

Qin Xiyue glanced at Yang Ye with a gaze full of blunt disdain because she’d clearly witnessed Yang Ye’s unsightly appearance from before.

Yang Ye disregarded Qin Xiyue’s gaze, and he looked at the woman and said, “Senior, I’ve already opened the coffin and rescued Senior. So, if there’s nothing else, then please allow us to leave.”

“You’re reminding me that I owe you my life?” The woman smiled spuriously as she looked at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye blushed from being exposed, and he said, “I only lifted a finger. It was nothing….”

The woman said, “I originally needed another one or two hundred years in order to free myself, yet I never expected that all of you would’ve actually come here. Of course, it’s mainly this little fellow. I sensed its aura since the moment it entered the Tomb of Emperor Zhou. So, I utilized a secret technique of my Nine-tailed Fox Clan to communicate with it. I originally never expected that all of you would really come here, but all of you really did. Moreover, you opened up the coffin and allowed me to leave in advance. Such actions can be considered as great kindnesses to me.”

Yang Ye was delighted in his heart. He knew that this woman before him could still be considered as a good person that knew how to appreciate and repay the kindness of others. On the other hand, Qin Xiyue was shocked and cried out involuntarily. “Nine-tailed Fox Clan, you’re Daji?”

“She’s my mother!” The woman spoke flatly.

The Princess of the Shang Dynasty!

Both Yang Ye and Qin Xiyue were shocked because this woman before them was actually the princess of the Shang Dynasty. However, both of them were puzzled by why the Shang Dynasty’s princess was lying in a coffin.

The woman asked abruptly. “Does the world belong to the Grand Qin Empire now?”

Qin Xiyue’s heart shook. The Shang Dynasty can be said to have perished at the hands of the Grand Qin Empire. Since this woman is the princess of the Shang Dynasty, she definitely hates the Grand Qin Empire to the extreme. If she finds out about my identity, then this woman will probably not let me go. Even though I’m unable to see through her strength, it has definitely surpassed the King Realm.

“Presently, the southern territory has been unified, and only the Grand Qin Empire rules over it!” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice.

“It’s unified?” The woman asked. “Then what about the Origin School? Does that sect still exist?”

When she mentioned the Origin School, the woman’s voice carried a trace of coldness.

Yang Ye answered “It does. The Origin School is currently the top power amongst the six great powers of the southern territory!”

The woman fell silent and seemed to be thinking of something. However, Yang Ye knew that it was definitely not anything good because her face was covered in coldness.

Meanwhile, the violet mink touched Yang Ye’s ear, and then it flashed into Yang Ye’s body before it laid down and started snoring in the pool of Profound Energy.

When the saw the little fellow enter Yang Ye’s body, the woman at the side suddenly opened her eyes wide, and her eyes were filled with shock.

Qin Xiyue was extremely puzzled by this scene. Even though she was very curious about where the violet mink and the Nether Wolf King had gone, she didn’t continue asking because Yang Ye refused to tell her. She just thought that it was some sort of divine technique possessed by Darkbeasts. But based on this woman’s expression, she felt that it was probably not so simple.

Shit! Yang Ye cried out in his heart when he saw the woman’s shocked expression, and he said to himself, Little Fellow, if you wanted to sleep, you could have at least waited for a while!

“Where… where did it go?” asked the woman.

Yang Ye blinked and said, “This is its divine technique. Even I’m not very sure but I’ll help you ask it next time….”

“Bullshit!” The woman cursed while her figure flashed, and she directly appeared before Yang Ye. After that, she placed her fair hand on Yang Ye’s chest and directly started to examine Yang Ye’s body.

Yang Ye’s expression changed. He didn’t hesitate to draw his sword and slash it down at the woman who stood before him. Moreover, he didn’t dare hold back and utilized his full strength including his Sword Intent.

The speed of his sword strike was swift like a bolt of lightning, and it was impossible to see with the naked eye.

However, it was precisely such a swift sword strike that was stopped and held by two fair and flawless fingers!

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