Chapter 126 – What A Cute Tail

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted when he saw his sword had actually been held by two of her fingers. What terrifying strength!

He knew that he wasn’t a match for her at all, and he was just about to utilize the Pearl of Baleful Blood.

Right at this moment, the woman seemed to have discerned something, and her eyes suddenly opened wide as she said, “How could this be possible, how could this be possible….”

She hadn’t finished speaking when she intended to enter Yang Ye’s body.

Right at this moment, an invisible force suddenly surged out explosively from Yang Ye’s body, and it instantly blasted the woman flying.

Yang Ye was stunned, and Qin Xiyue who was just about to make a move was stunned as well.

A strand of violet light flashed as the violet mink appeared before Yang Ye, and then a strand of terrifying and invisible pressure covered the heavens and the earth as it surged towards the woman.

“Wait!” The woman hurriedly said, “I have no ill intent!”

Yang Ye embraced the furious violet mink in his arms, and then he looked at the woman and said in a low voice, “What was the meaning of that!?”

Even though the woman had made a move against him, it carried no killing intent. Obviously, the woman didn’t have ill intent towards him.

The woman glanced at Yang Ye’s stomach with slight fear, and then she said, “It was my mistake. I apologize!”

When he noticed the emotion in the woman’s eyes, Yang Ye’s heart shook as he said in a low voice, “You noticed it?”

The woman nodded while her eyes flickered with a glow of excitement. She said, “I finally understand why it wants to be by your side. So, it turns out that you possess such a mysterious treasure of the heavens and the earth!”

“You intended to seize it earlier?” Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed as he spoke.

“Seize it?” The woman shook her head and said, “It has already taken you as its master. Earlier, I was blasted away because I didn’t obtain your acknowledgment.”

Yang Ye heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when he heard this. Even though he didn’t know what the tiny vortex was, he found out from what the woman said that the tiny vortex probably only acknowledged him and the people he acknowledged. So, it was utterly impossible for others to enter it without his permission.

Yang Ye asked. “Do you know what it is?”

The woman shook her head and said, “Even though I don’t know exactly what it is, I think even a divine treasure of legend wouldn’t be much greater than it. What? Even you don’t know what it is?”

When she heard Yang Ye and the woman speaking in riddles, Qin Xiyue couldn’t help but ask. “What exactly are the two of you talking about?”

The woman was slightly surprised, but she quickly came to an understanding. Obviously, even though this man and woman were together, they were definitely not true Dao Companions. When she thought up to here, she immediately said with a smile, “When you become Dao Companions with him and he's willing to open up his heart to you, then you’ll know what we’re talking about!”

“Become Dao Companions?” Qin Xiyue was extremely puzzled.

The woman revealed a charming smile and said, “Of course. Once you become Dao Companions with him and finally unite with him as a couple, then you’ll know the answer.”

Yang Ye didn’t want to allow this woman to continue talking nonsense, so he said, “Senior, since we’ve already rescued you, then please sent us out of here. Alright?”

If it was possible, he wanted to kill this woman right now in order to keep her quiet. He really didn’t want anyone to know about the tiny vortex, but it couldn’t be helped, this woman’s strength was too terrifying, and it was utterly not something he could go against.

The woman smiled before the waved her fair hand. The scene before his eyes changed. In a short moment, only Yang Ye and the woman remained. As for Qin Xiyue, she’d vanished.

“What’s the meaning of this!?” Yang Ye spoke in a low voice, and he tightened his grip on the sword in his hand.

The woman revealed a charming smile and said, “Don’t worry, that little lover of yours is safe. Now, only the two of us remain here. I want to make a deal with you, alright?”

“What deal?” Yang Ye frowned. If it was possible, he would absolutely not come looking for this woman. This woman was at least at the Spirit Realm, and she possessed all sorts of strange abilities. So, he might not be able to go against her even if he utilized the Pearl of Baleful Blood.

The corners of the woman’s mouth rose slightly to form an extremely charming smile, and a wisp of a strange glow appeared in her eyes as she said in a gentle tone, “I want to stay in your body just like that little fellow, alright?”

The woman’s voice seemed as if it carried some sort of magic that caused Yang Ye’s eyes to become blurry. He was just about to nod when a violet light suddenly enveloped Yang Ye’s body, and his eyes immediately recovered their clarity. When he recalled the scene from before, Yang Ye’s expression changed drastically because this woman had utilized that sort of strange enchantment technique again. So, he immediately utilized his Sword Intent without the slightest hesitation.

“You call this making a deal with me?” Yang Ye spoke in a cold voice. He’d never expected that he would have actually saved an ungrateful bastard this time. However, it was fine as well because, with the lesson he learned this time, he wouldn’t act carelessly and do something that he wasn’t confident in or do something that was unknown.

“Intent really is the counter of illusion techniques!” When she saw that her technique was useless against this man that stood before her, the woman sighed lightly, and then she said in a serious expression, “I sincerely wish to make a deal with you, and I want to enter that mysterious tiny vortex of yours just like the little fellow. As compensation, I’ll take you to my Imperial Father’s true tomb. Right, the combat techniques and cultivation techniques that my Imperial Father cultivated are there. What do you think?”

Yang Ye didn’t even give it any thought before he said, “I refuse!”

The woman before him was clearly not a good person, so wouldn’t allowing her into the tiny vortex be equivalent to inviting a wolf into his house?

The woman was slightly puzzled, and she asked. “Why?”

“Because that thing repelled you!” Yang Ye said in a low voice, “When the little fellow entered my tiny vortex that day, the tiny vortex didn’t repel it at all. However, it repelled you when you tried to enter it this time. As for why it repelled you, I don’t know the answer to that, but I know that it definitely doesn’t want you to enter it. Or perhaps, you’re a threat to me, so that’s why it acted in that way!”

The woman was stunned, and then she started laughing, and the ample hills on her chest shook along with her laughter, causing Yang Ye’s eyelids to twitch while he cursed in his heart. What a witch!

After laughing for a while, the woman said, “The reason the little fellow wasn’t repelled was that it’s an auspicious beast, and it’s loved by the heavens and the earth. So, it’s normal for it to be acknowledged by that tiny vortex of yours. As for why I was repelled, it wasn’t because I had ill intent towards you, and it was because I was too anxious earlier and aroused the intention to seize it. Divine treasures possess intelligence of their own, and it sensed it, so it repelled me. Now, I know that it has already taken you as its master, so I would naturally not try to obtain it.”

“You’re pretty frank!” Yang Ye spoke with ridicule.

The woman didn’t mind it and said with a smile, “What do you think? If you’re willing to allow me to stay in the tiny cortex, then I’ll bring you to the main chamber. Moreover, I can lend you a hand if you encounter lethal danger in the future. Of course, it’s limited to opponents below the Exalt Realm!”

Yang Ye was slightly tempted when he heard this. He didn’t care much about the main chamber, but he cared about what the woman said at the end instead. If an expert below the Exalt Realm made a move against him, then this woman would lend him a hand. Simply speaking, it was equivalent to possessing a bodyguard at the Spirit Realm in the future!

Just thinking about having such an expert to fight for him caused him to feel excited!

However, Yang Ye was still sensible and didn’t agree immediately. This mater had great implications, and he was truly unable to fully trust this woman. He allowed the Nether Wolf Kings to stay in his Vortex Dantian because the little fellow could deter them. However, the little fellow was clearly unable to suppress this woman for now. So, if the woman had ill intent, then he would be in danger.

After a short while, Yang Ye asked. “Why do you want to enter my tiny vortex?”

The woman was slightly hesitant. However, her heart shook when she noticed Yang Ye’s vigilant gaze. She knew that if she concealed anything, then this young man before her would definitely not agree to cooperate with her. So, she immediately said honestly, “Because that tiny vortex of yours can improve my speed of cultivation! I was sealed by the Grand Preceptor for over 400 years now. Even though my cultivation hasn’t dropped, it hasn’t improved as well. I’ll perish if I’m unable to advance into the Exalt Realm in three years of time because I only have another three years of lifespan remaining!”

Yang Ye frowned as he asked. “Just because of that?”

“It’s also because I have nowhere to go now!” The woman said with a smile, “Someone would have come to let me out after this year, but I’ve come out in advance now. In other words, a variable has risen in the Grand Preceptor’s arrangements. This also means that I can only go with you!”

Yang Ye disregarded what she said. He was still slightly hesitant, and he hesitated on whether he should let the woman into the tiny vortex.

“If you’re worried that I would harm you while within that vortex, then you can be completely at ease. Because divine treasures possess intelligence of their own. If I dared to arouse harmful thoughts towards you, then it’ll definitely make a move against me by itself.” The woman smiled happily as she spoke.

Yang Ye fell silent, and he thought in his heart. If this woman is able to ascend into the Exalt Realm, then at that time, I’ll be able to ask her to help rescue my mother. Even if she’s unable to rescue my mother, I’ll have a trump card against the Flower Palace. Otherwise, I truly don’t know when I’ll be able to go against a colossus like the Flower Palace if I rely solely on my own strength!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye stopped hesitating and said, “I agree!”

The woman was delighted when she heard this. Her figure flashed as she transformed into a white fox with nine tails and arrived before Yang Ye. Right when she was about to enter Yang Ye’s body, Yang Ye embraced her and touched her tail. He said with a smile, “What a cute fox. What a cute tail….”

“You’re courting death!” When Yang Ye touched the fox’s tail, the white fox’s pure white fur was instantly covered in a rosy color, and then a furious shout that carried a strand of embarrassment resounded and rumbled by Yang Ye’s ears.

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