Chapter 142 – Sword Control Technique

Almighty Sword Domain

Time flowed swiftly, and two months passed in the blink of an eye.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged on the smooth rock beneath the waterfall and allowed the water to strike him from above. At a certain moment in time, Yang Ye opened his eyes and slowly stood up. It was slightly strenuous for him, but he still stood up slowly.

After that, he stomped lightly with his right foot and leaped up before landing firmly on the ground.

Yang Ye looked down at his bronze colored skin, and then the corners of his mouth curled up slightly before forming into a smile. The inhuman tempering he’d experienced throughout these two months of time hadn’t just allowed him to stand stably beneath the waterfall, his body had undergone a qualitative transformation. Presently, his body had attained the state of being similar to steel.

Simply speaking, his body was currently comparable to the body of a King Rank Darkbeast!

“Ordinary treasures and techniques are utterly unable to harm your current body!” Right at this moment, Elder Mu appeared by Yang Ye’s side.

“Elder Mu, I feel like my entire body is full of strength, and I really want to head to the Grand Myriad Mountains to fight a one on one battle with a King Rank Darkbeast!” Yang Ye spoke with slight excitement. If he wasn’t underground here, he would truly want to let the Nether Wolf King out and fight to his heart's content. However, he hadn’t allowed the little fellow and the others to come out after he’d come here because one should always take precautions against others. The tiny vortex was too mysterious, and he truly didn’t want too many people to know about it.

The little fellow was able to notice his tiny vortex with a single glance, and Yin Xuan’er was able to as well. So, logically speaking, the old man ought to be able to as well. After all, the old man’s strength far surpassed the two of them. However, for some unknown reason, not a single human expert he encountered was able to notice his tiny vortex, and Yang Ye was slightly puzzled by this.

“If it’s battle, then you’ll have plenty of opportunities in the future!” Elder Mu said, “Presently, it’s very difficult for your body to attain any further improvements. Regardless of whether it’s the cultivating beneath the waterfall or this level of the Nether Ghostflames, they aren’t of much help to the strengthening of your body any longer. On the other hand, if I strengthened the Nether Ghostflames, then your body wouldn’t be able to endure it unless you possess the assistance of spirit herbs. In short, leave the cultivation of your body as it is for now, and it’s time for you to practice the Sword Control Technique!”

Yang Ye nodded in agreement when he heard this. He’d similarly noticed that his cultivation beneath the waterfall wasn’t very effective to the improvement of his body any longer. As for the Nether Ghostflames, it was able to improve his body, but Elder Mu didn’t have spirit herbs anymore. Utilizing the Nether Ghostflames to improve his body without the assistance of the spirit herbs was truly like courting death.

“Let me have a look at your Sword Control Technique!” said Elder Mu.

Yang Ye nodded. With a flip of his right hand, a sword appeared in his palm, and with a command in his heart, the sword soared into the sky. It danced through the sky for a while before he withdrew them, and then he looked at the old man.

Elder Mu shook his head slowly and said, “That was very flashy, and it’s utterly impossible to be utilized against enemies. Besides stressing upon being skillful, the Sword Control Technique stresses even more on speed. Even an ordinary person can take precautions against them at the speed you control your swords. Since they can take precautions against your swords, then the effects of the Sword Control Technique would diminish greatly.”

After he finished speaking, Elder Mu pointed at a tree that was 300m away and said, “Watch!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the sword in Yang Ye’s hand suddenly escaped his grip, and then it transformed into a ray of light that shot into the tree.

Yang Ye gulped down a mouthful of saliva and said in a shocked tone, “300m in less than a single breath of time. How formidable!”

Yes, the sword had actually crossed a distance of 300m in an instant, and it truly shocked Yang Ye.

This wasn’t the end of it!

The sword suddenly flew backward out of the tree, and then it transformed into a ray of light that shot into the sky. Just like Yang Ye had done before this, the sword dances about incessantly in midair. However, it was different than when Yang Ye had executed this move because the sword couldn’t be seen at all.

All Yang Ye saw was strands of sword light and afterimages, whereas, he was utterly unable to catch sight of the sword itself because it was too fast….


The sword returned to Yang Ye.

Elder Mu gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Snap out of your shock. The person that created this Sword Control Technique was able to take the head of another from 500km away, and he merely utilized two breaths of time to accomplish that. 500km in two breaths of time, even the Divine Sense of a Monarch Realm Expert couldn’t match such speed!”

“500km in two breaths of time!” Yang Ye said with shock, “Elder Mu, is this Sword Control Technique really just an Earth Rank technique?”

“It really was an Earth Rank technique 10,000 years ago!” Elder Mu said, “But as for now, even if it can’t compare to a Heaven Rank technique, it shouldn’t be much inferior. After all, the Earth Rank techniques from 10,000 years ago weren’t so inferior as they are now. At that time, all sorts of heaven defying techniques emerged endlessly. Even though this Sword Control Technique was famous at that time, it couldn’t be considered to be a top-rate technique, and it wasn’t even top-rate amongst Earth Rank techniques!”

“10,000 years ago….” Yang Ye asked in a low voice. “Elder Mu, you wouldn’t have lived for 10,000 years already, right?”

“Me?” Elder Mu chuckled and said, “Can anyone in the world live for 10,000 years? Even a Saint Realm expert possesses a mere few thousand years of lifespan. Perhaps an expert at the God Realm might be able to live for 10,000 years. But in the history of the entire southern territory, not a single person seems to have attained the God Realm. Let’s not continue talking about this. I’ll utilize my Divine Sense to suppress you while you cultivate beneath its pressure. You can be considered to have attained a basic grasp of the Sword Control Technique when you’re able to do as I did and control your sword to traverse a distance of 300m in a single breath of time!”

“300m in a single breath of time to attain a basic grasp!” Yang Ye smiled bitterly and said, “Elder Mu, do you think I’m capable of accomplishing it?”

It wasn’t that he had no confidence in himself, but what Elder Mu said was too unrealistic. After all, he was only capable of traversing over 10m in the time of a single breath now….

“Why not?” Elder Mu frowned and said, “Do you think I’d utilized the strength of my own cultivation to accomplish that? I merely utilized a cultivation at the First Heaven Realm to control the sword just now. Since I was able to accomplish it, why can’t you?”

“Elder Mu utilized a strength at the First Heaven Realm to control the sword just now?” Yang Ye spoke with astonishment.

“Of course!” Elder Mu nodded. However, Yang Ye hadn’t noticed that the corners of Elder Mu’s mouth had twitched slightly when he said these words.

Yang Ye instantly became confident when he heard this. Right, since someone else can accomplish it, then why can’t I?

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye took a deep breath and said, “Elder Mu, let’s begin!”

He’d just finished speaking when he felt a strand of terrifying invisible pressure assault him from ahead. Yang Ye was shocked in his heart. This is Elder Mu’s Divine Sense?

Now, he understood what the pressure King Zhou had exerted upon him was. However, the pressure Elder Mu emanated was unlike King Zhou because it was just right and not overpowering. So, he merely felt that he was suppressed and restrained by it. On the other hand, the pressure King Zhou emanated was overpowering to the extreme, and it crushed him to the point of being suffocated.

“My Divine Sense is equivalent to a form of gravitational force. If you were able to strike 10 times in a single breath of time before this, then you’ll at most be able to strike a single time within a single breath of time now. Start training slowly with those trees. I’m going to rest!” As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mu turned around and walked towards his cottage.

Even though the old man had left, that pressure still remained. This caused Yang Ye to be shocked by the old man’s strength. During these few months of living together with the old man, he’d tried to indirectly inquire about Elder Mu’s strength, but he failed to obtain an exact answer. Later on, he stopped asking completely. In any case, he knew that the old man was very, very formidable….

Yang Ye shook his head, discarded the distracting thoughts in his mind, and then started to control his sword with a command in his heart.


Above Death Abyss, a black robed figure looked down silently towards the depths of Death Abyss. This black robed figure was none other than that Mortal Assassin from the League of Doom that had come to assassinate Yang Ye.

After the last time that she’d failed to assassinate Yang Ye, she knew that she was unable to assassinate Yang Ye while he was accompanied by a King Realm expert. So, she’d waited before Death Mountain Range since then.

Two months ago, that young man called Yang Ye had arrived here. However, before she could even make a move, the young man had leaped down Death Abyss, and this caused her to be stunned for a very long time.

What was Death Abyss? It was a place that even Exalt Realm experts didn’t dare enter! But that young man had leaped down without the slightest hesitation….

There was always a secret behind something unusual. Her instinct told her that the young man would come back up. She naturally didn’t think that the young man was tired of living and had sought death. However, after two months had passed, that young man still hadn’t come back up….

After a short while, the black robed figure withdrew her gaze, and then she turned around and flashed towards the exit of the Grand Myriad Mountains.

Actually, her assignment could be considered as concluded since the moment Yang Ye had leaped down Death Abyss. Regardless of whether Yang Ye had perished, it wasn’t her problem since Yang Ye had leaped down Death Abyss. However, she who had never failed an assignment in the past had failed successively at Yang Ye’s hands, and it was even to the extent that she’d almost been killed by him on many occasions.

This caused her to feel extremely displeased. So, she really wanted to end Yang Ye’s life with her own hands. Or perhaps, it could be said that the relationship between her and Yang Ye wasn’t a pure relationship of assassin and target any longer.

However, no matter what, it had come to an end. She could return and report that her task was accomplished. But she could help but think that the young man called Yang Ye was very mysterious and extraordinary….

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