Chapter 143 – Battling A Spirit Realm Expert!

Almighty Sword Domain

Three months later.

Yang Ye gazed at the tree 300m ahead that was riddled with holes. A sword was floating before him, yet he just stared fixedly at the tree.

At a certain moment in time, Yang Ye’s eyes focused, and then a ‘swish’ resounded. The sword before him left a string of afterimages behind as it instantly shot into the tree.

“Five breaths of time!” Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he shook his head. After three months of ceaseless cultivation, his Sword Control Technique could be said to have improved by leaps and bounds. His area of control had increased from the previous 30m to over 300m, and its speed was even countless times swifter than before. Of course, he owed a great deal of it to Elder Mu.

Even though it was like this, Yang Ye was still slightly dissatisfied because Elder Mu had once said that he would have only grasped the basics of the Sword Control Technique when he was able to control a sword to traverse 300m in a single breath of time. In other words, he still couldn’t be considered to have grasped the basics….

However, he didn’t have much time any longer. Because the Ascension Rankings would be beginning in a month from now.

Right, something worthy of mentioning was that his cultivation had improved, and he’d ascended from the first rank of the First Heaven Realm to the second rank. Moreover, it wasn’t just his cultivation that had improved, even his Sword Intent had risen to the peak of the 2nd level. So long as he grasped the critical factor for advancement, then he would be able to instantly break through to the 3rd level of Sword Intent!

Besides that, his Dragonbreaker technique had arrived at the 1st level under Elder Mu’s guidance. As for its might, even Yang Ye was extremely shocked by it….

Yang Ye put his sword away and walked over to Elder Mu’s cottage, and then he cupped his fists towards it and said, “Elder Mu, I have to bid farewell!”

The door slowly opened up before Elder Mu walked out from within. He stretched out his right hand and said, “This sword is for you!”

However, the old man’s hand was completely empty.

As he gazed at Elder Mu’s empty hands, Yang Ye didn’t understand what the old man meant. Suddenly, Yang Ye frowned because he’d sensed a sword, and it wasn’t a trick or formed with Intent. There really was a sword there!

Yang Ye stretched out his hand to receive it. Sure enough, he came into contact with a sheathed sword. “Elder Mu, why… why can’t this sword be seen?”

“It was created with special materials, and it possesses a concealing effect. So, this sword is also called the Hidden Sword. However, unfortunately, that person who forged this sword was unable to concentrate on forging this sword because an unexpected incident had occurred within his family. So, a Natural Sword Spirit wasn’t born within this sword. But it’s still not bad. After all, this sword can be considered to be at the mid-grade of the Earth Rank!” said Elder Mu.

“The mid-grade of the Earth Rank!” Yang Ye was shocked. He took a deep breath and said, “Thank you, Elder Mu!”

He didn’t refuse because he lacked a suitable sword, and it was obvious that this sword was very suitable to him!

Elder Mu withdrew a list and passed it to Yang Ye before he said, “These are the spirit herbs required for the future tempering of your body. I don’t have these spirit herbs anymore, so head out to the outside world and get them somehow. Right, it’s best to get a little more, otherwise, it would be you who suffers in the end.”

Yang Ye’s expression instantly became bitter when he glanced through the list. Because there were at least 20 types of spirit herbs that were Earth Rank spirit herbs. As for Profound Rank spirit herbs, there were over 100 types…. However, fortunately, he was able to endure it with his current wealth, or he could craft more talismans to be sold if worse comes to worse!

The old man waved his right hand, and then a light blue circle appeared before Yang Ye. He said, “A sword that’s too hard is easy to snap. However, your Sword Dao requires such a character like yours. So, I can’t advise you to be more tactful. No matter what, don’t die young.” As soon as he finished speaking, Elder Mu didn’t speak further and turned around before he walked into the cottage.

Yang Ye made the bow of a disciple towards the cottage, and then he didn’t stay here any longer and walked into the light blue circle.


Death Mountain Range. Atop an enormous tree. A woman that wore a black robe and a black mask was utilizing her Divine Sense to search the surroundings. This woman was none other than Feng Yi from Flower Palace.

Because she was afraid of offending Lin Shan, Feng Yi could only spend money to hire the League of Doom to deal with Yang Ye. However, never had she expected that Yang Ye had actually jumped down Death Abyss. If the League of Doom didn’t have an extremely good reputation, she would have felt that the League of Doom was deceiving her.

She didn’t know why Yang Ye had jumped down Death Abyss, but she knew that Yang Ye would definitely not seek death. Because Yang Ye wanted to save his mother!

After hesitating for a long time, she was unable to resist the temptation of that technique to control Darkbeasts, and she’d come to the Grand Myriad Mountains by herself to search for Yang Ye.

However, after staying for over a month in Death Mountain Range, besides a few Darkbeasts, she hadn’t even seen a shadow of Yang Ye’s. Moreover, she’d come to Death Abyss on many occasions, yet she didn’t have the courage to jump down in the end.

What a joke! Even an Exalt Realm expert was unable to return after going down there, so how could a tiny little Spirit Realm expert like her dare to head down there?

Feng Yi sighed and was about to leave. She was still a member of the Flower Palace’s Flower Guard in the end, and she still had numerous assignments to complete in Flower Palace. So, it was impossible for her to stay outside the sect for a long period of time.

Right when Feng Yi was about to leave. Suddenly, she turned around and looked towards the right, and then a glow of excitement flickered in her eyes as her figure flashed and vanished on the spot.


Yang Ye’s expression was extremely unsightly at this moment. Because he’d stopped by a black robed woman just after he left Death Abyss. Moreover, the little fellow told him that this black robed woman was none other that Feng Yi from the Flower Palace.

In these few months at the bottom of Death Abyss, his strength could be said to have advanced by leaps and bounds, but he knew that he was unable to kill a Spirit Realm expert.

“How did you get out safely from Death Abyss!?” Feng Yi gazed at Yang Ye while she asked in a low voice. Her voice had been changed, and it wasn’t her original voice anymore.

Yang Ye was stunned. How does she know that I entered Death Abyss?In an instant, Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something, and a cold glow flashed in his eyes as he said, “Feng Yi, that assassin was hired by you!”

Feng Yi simply removed her mask to reveal her beautiful face when Yang Ye exposed her identity, and she said, “Kid, needless to say, there truly are a great deal of secrets in your possession. Even Exalt Realm experts wouldn’t dare step foot into Death Abyss, yet you went down and even returned safely. Besides that, you have that technique to control beasts. Tell me these secrets and I’ll let you die a bit more swiftly. What do you think?”

“Let my mother go, and I’ll tell those two secrets to you. What do you think?” said Yang Ye.

Feng Yi’s gaze turned cold as she said, “You mother broke the rules of the palace. Even the Palace Master doesn’t have the authority to let her go. I’ll give you one last chance, tell me those two secrets, and I’ll let you die a little more swiftly. Otherwise, you’ll soon be unable to die even if you wanted to. Even though my Flower Palace’s methods of torture can’t compare to the Ghost Sect, but I believe that you would definitely not want to give it a try!”

“Want me to tell you my secrets? Sure! Tell me about my mother’s condition in the Flower Palace!” Yang Ye said in a low voice, “Otherwise, even if you kill me, you’ll be unable to obtain any secrets. Trust me, even if you utilize the Ghost Sect’s methods, you can dream of obtaining what you want from me!”

Feng Yi’s eyes narrowed slightly, and then she said, “I told you the last time. You mother will suffer the cold gales at the bottom of the Passionless Cliff. With the current state of your mother’s body, it’s utterly impossible for her to endure more than a few years. However, you don’t have to worry, the Flower Palace won’t allow her to die so easily. The Flower Palace will utilize all sorts of spirit herbs to protect her life so that she can properly enjoy the cold gales there. Practically all the people who broke the rules of the sect in the past weren’t able to die after suffering for a few years. All of them were tortured to the point their minds collapsed before the sect allowed them to die!”

Yang Ye took a deep breath before he gazed at Feng Yi with a calm expression, and he said, “Feng Yi, it can be said that it’s all because of you that my mother is suffering all this pain. Don’t worry, I’ll make you pay hundredfold for the pain my mother endures. I, Yang Ye, guarantee that the day will come when I’ll make this sect, the Flower Palace, vanish from this world.”

Even though his voice was extremely calm, it was like a volcano that was on the verge of erupting.

“Haha….” Feng Yi roared with laughter. After a short while, she didn’t conceal her ridicule at all as she said, “Make the Flower Palace vanish from this world? You? Let’s forget that you’re merely at the First Heaven Realm, so what even if you’ve attained the Monarch Realm? The resources and reserves of my Flower Palace aren’t things that you can imagine. I’d rather not waste my breath on you. Since you’re unwilling to submit without being forced, then don’t blame….”

Feng Yi hadn’t finished speaking when Yang Ye moved.

Yang Ye withdrew three talismans and slapped them on himself, and then his figure flashed as he shot explosively towards Feng Yi.

The ridicule on Feng Yi’s face deepened when she saw Yang Ye attack. However, right when Yang Ye arrived 27m away from her, her expression instantly changed violently!

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