Chapter 158 – 93!

Almighty Sword Domain

Right when Situ Rong had walked over to the Measurement Pillar and intended to measure his strength, someone suddenly exclaimed once more. “The Ghost Sect has arrived!”

When they heard this, all the others in the surroundings gazed towards the teleportation platform in unison, and even the members of the Sword Sect had done the same. But unlike the others in the surroundings, the members of the Sword Sect had hostile gazes.

There were only four members from the Ghost Sect, and all of them wore black robes that had skeletons printed on them. Their group consisted of a red haired old man who held a pitch black stick and three young men around the age of 17.

“That’s Elder Kugu, an Exalt Realm expert!” Murong Yao who stood by Yang Ye’s side spoke in a low voice.

“Elder Kugu?” Yang Ye said, “I don’t know who he is!”

“He’s from the same generation as the Sword Commanding Elder, and his strength is extremely formidable. Countless disciples of my Sword Sect have perished at his hand.” Murong Yao said, “In short, if you encounter him by yourself. Alas, it’s best if you don’t. Because encountering him would be equivalent to death.”

Yang Ye nodded with agreement. Because how could an Exalt Realm expert be an existence he could go against now?

“See that young man behind Kugu? He’s probably Xiu Luo. According to the elders, he has comprehended Slaughter Intend, and he’ll be our greatest enemy this time!” Murong Yao gazed at the young man with a rather solemn expression but there wasn’t any fear in her eyes.

Yang Ye gazed at the young man. The young man was around his age and had a very handsome appearance. He wasn’t unpleasant to look at like the other disciples of the Ghost Sect, and he gave off an innocent feeling. However, Yang Ye would naturally not believe that he was innocent because it was impossible for a person that had comprehended Slaughter Intent to have not dyed his hands with blood!

“Even though he seems innocent, he’s actually extremely ruthless. According to rumor, he hadn’t just killed both his parents in order to comprehend Slaughter Intent, he’d even annihilated over 1,800 people that formed his entire clan. In short, he’d killed everyone that was even slightly related to him. In the end, an expert of the Ghost Sect was satisfied with his ability and took him back to the Ghost Sect. Supposedly, no one in the Ghost Sect dares to become his master….” Murong Yao spoke in a low voice.

“He killed both his parents?” Yang Ye’s expression turned solemn. If this was true, then his perverseness had simply arrived at an unimaginable level. I really have to be extremely careful of this madman.

However, for some unknown reason, Yang Ye felt that those two people by Xiu Luo’s side were the ones that were truly dangerous. Both of them were slightly older than Xiu Luo, yet they seemed even more innocent from the outside when compared to Xiu Luo. But Yang Ye felt that both of them weren’t simple, and it was even to the extent that he felt they were even more dangerous than Xiu Luo.

The four members of the Ghost Sect disregarded everyone and directly walked over to the members from the Sword Sect. The old man with red hair swept his gaze past Murong Yao and the others before he looked at Yu Heng in the end and smiled coldly. “Yu Heng, I never expected that it would actually be you who led the group this time. What? You’re afraid the disciples of your Sword Sect would die prematurely?”

“Of course I am!” Yu Heng ridiculed. “Kugu, if your Ghost Sect participated in the Ascension Rankings in an upright manner, then my Sword Sect would naturally have no need to fear your Ghost Sect. However, your Ghost Sect always resorts to despicable methods, so my Sword Sect naturally has to be fearful. After all, these juniors can’t go against those Spirit Realm experts of your Ghost Sect, right?”

Ku Gu glanced at Yang Ye and the others who stood behind Yu Heng, and then he said with disdain, “Are they even worthy of making my Ghost Sect utilize Spirit Realm experts? Yu Heng, you truly think too highly of them.”

Situ Rong and the others were furious when they heard this, yet they didn’t dare interrupt.

“Kugu, don’t tell me that it wasn’t your Ghost Sect who dispatched experts to kill the participating disciples of my Sword Sect at that time and don’t tell me that it wasn’t your Ghost Sect that hatched the recent plot against the participating disciples of my Sword Sect. If the disciples of your Ghost Sect weren’t afraid of the disciple from my Sword Sect, then why would there be any necessity to use such despicable methods?” Yu Heng spoke coldly.

“Fear the disciples of your Sword Sect?” Kugu smiled gloomily and said, “Yu Heng, arguing here with you is meaningless. The Measurement Pillar is right here, and the strongest disciples in the younger generation of our sects are here as well. Why don’t we ask them to give it a try? And let everyone here see exactly who is afraid of who?”

“That’s exactly what I wanted!” Yu Heng glanced at the three youths behind Kugu and said, “You first?”

“You were here first, so you first!” Kugu acted courteously.

Yu Heng turned around to look at Situ Rong before he said in a low voice. “Don’t hold back!”

Situ Rong nodded. He would naturally not hold back because it was related to the Sword Sect’s reputation. He took a deep breath before the profound energy within his entire body surged, and then with a flip of his wrist, a sword appeared in his hand. His profound energy poured into the sword, and the sword instantly howled.

At a certain moment in time, Situ Rong shouted loudly, and then he stabbed the sword towards the pillar. Instantly, numerous energy swords shot out explosively from the tip of the sword towards the pillar.


In merely a breath of time, no less than 30 plus energy sword had struck the pillar, and then the quartz at the lower portion of the pillar suddenly lit up. Everyone swept their gazes over, and they noticed that an entire 91 had lit up.

“91…. How formidable. As expected of a member of the six great powers. Right, where’s that fellow from before that wanted to show these disciples of the sects how monstrous independent cultivators are?”

“He really is formidable. Even an ordinary King Realm expert wouldn’t be able to light 91 quartz stones up. The disciples of the sects really are monstrous!”

“Independent cultivators really can’t compare to the disciples of the sects. Alas, I should have worked harder and looked for a sect to join. How I regret it….”


Situ Rong instantly revealed happiness on his face when he heard the people in the surroundings, and then he shot a provocative gaze at the three young men from the Ghost Sect. He hadn’t noticed that both Su Qingshi and Yu Heng had frowned slightly at this moment because they were clearly aware that Situ Rong hadn’t exerted his full strength at all and was concealing his strength.

91 quartz stones were really very good amongst independent cultivators, but if it was amongst the elite disciples of the sects, then it could only be considered as a passing score. If it was at any other time, then Su Qingshi and Yu Heng would approve of Situ Rong holding back. However, holding back at such a moment seemed to be extremely foolish because it was related to the Sword Sect’s reputation.

“This is the strength of a disciple from your Sword Sect? How disappointing!” Elder Kugu ridiculed, and then he turned around to look at the three young men behind him. “Which one of you will do it?”

Xiu Luo stood forward. He didn’t even spare a glance at Situ Rong before directly walking over to the pillar, and then he flicked his finger. A strand of blood shot explosively towards the pillar, and then row after row of quartz stones lit up until a total of 93 had been lit up!

“My god! 93 stones have actually been lit up! This is the best result up until now, right? It’s actually two stones better than the Sword Sect. How formidable….”

“93! Even King Realm experts below the fifth rank of the King Realm would find it very difficult to accomplish. Who is he? He actually possesses such terrifying strength!”

“I recognize him, his name is Xiu Luo. Supposedly, he has comprehended Slaughter Intent. If he utilized his Slaughter Intent, then he would probably light up 95 quartz stones or even more!”

“Slaughter Intent!” The others in the surroundings gasped when they heard this.

Situ Rong’s face burned because he’d really been slapped on the face in public!

Yu Heng and Su Qingshi’s faces were slightly unsightly. Even though the people in the surroundings hadn’t spoken about their Sword Sect, there was no doubt that the Sword Sect had really lost face this time.

Meanwhile, Xiu Luo glanced at Murong Yao and the others before his gaze descended onto Situ Rong in the end. He said, “If everyone in the younger generation of the Sword Sect is at a similar level as you, then it would truly be too boring.” As soon as he finished speaking, he turned around and walked back towards the other two young men.

“Wait!” Right at this moment, Murong Yao stood out, and Xiu Luo turned around to look at her before he said, “What?”

Murong Yao didn’t speak. She walked over to the pillar, and then she stretched out her right hand before lightly clenching her fingers together. An energy sword formed from profound energy appeared in her hand, and as her profound energy was ceaselessly poured into it, the energy sword grew more and more material. After two breaths of time, the energy sword seemed like a real sword, and it emanated a dazzling and resplendent glow in midair.

“Go!” Murong Yao moved her wrist, causing the energy sword to shoot forward explosively!


An enormous bang resounded. The Measurement Pillar trembled lightly before the quartz stones instantly lit up beneath the astounded gazes of everyone in the surroundings.

“95!” Someone shouted from within the crowd.

All the spectators in the surroundings gasped. 95! She’s a true monstrous genius, and she can even be considered a monstrous genius in places like the Origin School and Imperial Academy.

Situ Rong’s expression remained unsightly. Because even if he utilized his full strength, he wasn’t confident in his ability to light up 95 quartz stones. However, this junior sister of his had actually lit 95 stones up, so didn’t this mean that her strength wasn’t inferior to his own?

Yu Heng and Su Qingshi’s unsightly expressions eased up slightly because the Sword Sect wouldn’t be disgraced in public in the end.

Looks like I underestimated her slightly! Yang Ye gazed at Murong Yao while he spoke in his heart. Even he didn’t dare rashly utilize his body to directly resist the might the attack that Murong Yao had just executed. He was confident in his ability to resist it, but when he saw Murong Yao’s composed expression, he knew that she hadn’t utilized her full strength, and if she had, then the might of that attack would have been even more terrifying!

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