Chapter 159 – The Flower Palace!

Almighty Sword Domain

The contempt in Xiu Luo’s eyes had vanished, and he carefully sized up Murong Yao before he said, “Your strength isn’t bad. You’re qualified to become an opponent of mine. I’ll see you during the Ascension Rankings!” As soon as he finished speaking, Xiu Luo didn’t waste his breath, and he turned around to walk over to Elder Kugu’s side.

After Xiu Luo returned to Kugu’s side, another young man behind Kugu walked out. The young man swept Yang Ye and the others with his gaze before it descended onto Murong Yao in the end. After that, he shook his head and said, “Pretty good strength, appearance, and figure. But what a pity, such a pity.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the young man didn’t wait for Murong Yao to speak before he walked straight towards the Measurement Pillar. After that, he bent his right hand so that his palm faced the ground, and then a strand of black energy flashed into appearance on his palm.

However, just at this moment, fluctuation arose from the teleportation formation again.

“The Flower Palace has arrived, and the Snow Palace as well!” Someone exclaimed.

Everyone looked over towards the teleportation formation again.

Two groups of people had appeared on the platform. The group of four on the left wore long dresses that were covered in gorgeous flowers, whereas, the group of five on the right wore pure white long dresses. Both these groups had a similarity, and it was that they were entirely made up of women. Besides that, all of them were extremely beautiful.

“See the most beautiful woman amongst the group of women in white dresses on the right?” Murong Yao said to Yang Ye, “She’s Leng Xinran, the representative of the Snow Palace. Supposedly, she had killed a King Realm expert in the past. Right, she possesses water element profound energy, so you must be careful if you fight her in the future!”

“What about the group on the left?” Yang Ye glanced at Leng Xinran before he moved his gaze towards the group from Flower Palace. Compared to the Snow Palace, he was even more interested in the Flower Palace.

Murong Yao glanced at Yang Ye and said, “See the woman on the left whose face is covered by a veil? She’s Wenren Yue, and she’s at the ninth rank of the First Heaven Realm. She’d very mysterious, and there are no rumors about her. However, the more it is like this, the more we should be careful!”

“Wenren Yue, huh?” Yang Ye nodded lightly, and then he looked at Murong Yao and said, “You seem to have very good knowledge about these geniuses!”

“Of course!” Murong Yao said, “Only by constantly knowing the strengths of these monstrous geniuses from the southern territory would I be able to have an accurate understanding of my own strength. Otherwise, with the flattery of those inner court and outer court disciples of the Sword Sect, I would probably think I’m truly a monstrous genius just like Situ Rong does!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Now I understand why your strength is so formidable!” Indeed, there wasn’t a single piece of trash amongst those that were able to become experts, just like Murong Yao.

“You’re not bad yourself. Because I sense an aura of danger from you!” Murong Yao’s brows raised as she spoke.

“We’re on the same boat now, so even if I’m dangerous, I’m only a threat to others, right?” Yang Ye smiled as he spoke.

“It would be good if all the participating disciples from the Sword Sect could think in that way!” Murong Yao spoke flatly.

Yang Ye smiled and didn’t speak any further. He was able to sense that the senior inner court disciples led by Situ Rong really rejected Murong Yao, Qin Feng, and him. However, he didn’t mind all of that. So long as they didn’t offend him, then they would reject him as they pleased. In any case, it wouldn’t harm him at all!

The Snow Palace and Flower Palace seemed to be hostile against each other. Both groups glanced coldly at each other before simultaneously walking towards the entrance of the city.

“Kugu, Yu Heng, I didn’t expect that it would be the two of you who are leading your respective groups!” The beautiful woman leading the group from the Flower Palace noticed Yu Heng and Kugu with a single glance, and she spoke in a flat voice.

“Cai Feng, after a few tens of years, you’re still as gorgeous as ever!” Yu Heng had a slightly complicated expression in his eyes as he gazed at the beautiful woman, and he sighed with emotion. “It seems like only yesterday that we were companions. Alas….”

A wisp of a complicated expression flashed in the eyes of the beautiful woman called Cai Feng as well, and she said, “After a few tens of years, you’re already on the verge of becoming a geezer.”

“Time is unforgiving!” Yu Heng shook his head and smiled.

Meanwhile, the beautiful woman in the lead of the group from Snow Palace said coldly, “Please go somewhere else to rekindle your old flames, alright?”

Cao Feng’s expression turned cold, and then she cracked a smile and said, “So what about it? It’s still better than someone who can’t rekindle anything!”

The beautiful woman in the white dress glanced coldly at Cai Feng, and then she looked at Yu Heng and said, “Yu Heng, you were an outstanding figure all those years ago, so what possessed you to make you take interest in this woman? Fortunately, you didn’t choose to get together with this woman, otherwise, she would have made you wear countless ‘green hats’ throughout the years. You probably still don’t know yet, but the male pets someone possesses has already exceeded three digits!”

Cao Feng’s expression was slightly unsightly as she said, “Bing Yu, are you looking for a spar?”

“You think I’m afraid of you?” Bing Yu laughed coldly.

“I’ll be leaving first!” Right when the atmosphere between them was confrontational, Kugu cupped his fists to the two women before he led the three young men away.

He truly wasn’t interested in being dragged into the enmity between the Snow Palace and Flower Palace.

Yu Heng cupped his fist to them and intended to leave as well. Because he didn’t want to be dragged into the enmity between the Snow Palace and Flower Palace as well. The Sword Sect couldn’t afford to offend either side, so it was best to leave.

“Is there someone called Yang Ye in your Sword Sect?” Right when Yu Heng intended to leave, Cai Feng spoke abruptly.

Situ Rong and the others looked at Yang Ye while Su Qingshi and Yu Heng frowned.

Yang Ye was stunned as well. Could it be that she intends to look for trouble with me?

However, he wasn’t afraid because he possessed the identity of a Talisman Master, so he stood out immediately and said, “I am him!”

When they heard Yang Ye, the disciples from Flower Palace looked at Yang Ye. Especially Wenren Yue whose face was concealed by a veil. Her beautiful eyes flickered with a curious glow.

Cai Feng sized Yang Ye up from top to bottom, and then she said, “You’re Feng Yu’s son?”

Yang Ye gazed silently at her.

“The second rank of the First Heaven Realm? I thought Feng Yu’s son would be extraordinary, yet I never expected that you are merely at the second rank of the First Heaven Realm. How disappointing!” Cai Feng shook her head lightly.

“Are you done?” Yang Ye spoke indifferently.

Needless to say, Yang Ye’s composed and calm expression was extremely detestable. Cai Feng’s eyes narrowed slightly as she said, “Don’t think that you can sleep peacefully just because you have Lin Shan to rely on. If my Flower Palace wants to deal with someone, then even the Talisman Master’s Association would be unable to stop it.”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “I believe you. I’ll be waiting.”

“Aren’t you afraid that your mother would die?” said Cai Feng in a low voice.

Yang Ye suddenly started laughing. He laughed for a while before he said, “With the Flower Palace’s status in the southern territory, it wouldn’t stoop so low as to utilize someone’s mother to threaten that person, right?”

“That may not necessarily be the case!” Meanwhile, Bing Yu said coldly from the side, “The Flower Palace is even capable of rearing men, so how could they be incapable of using your mother to threaten you? Kid, take a word of warning from me. If the Flower Palace threatens you with your mother, then it’s best that you don’t make any compromise. Because the consequences of that would be you dying along with your mother, and even if you don’t die, living would be worse than death!”

“Thank you for your warning, Senior!” Yang Ye bowed slightly to Bing Yu, and then he looked at Cai Feng and said, “If there’s nothing else, then I’ll be leaving.”

A wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed through Cai Feng’s eyes while the profound energy within her body surged. Right at this moment, Su Qingshi suddenly appeared before Yang Ye and said, “Senior Cai Feng wouldn’t do something like bullying the weak, right?”

Yu Heng said as well, “Cai Feng, give me some face and drop this matter for now, alright?” Yang Ye was representing the Sword Sect now, so if he allowed Cai Feng to humiliate Yang Ye, then it wouldn’t just be Yang Ye who lost face, the Sword Sect would lose face as well.

After a short while, Cai Feng grunted coldly and said, “I’ll give Yu Heng face and drop the matter this time. Kid, I guarantee that you’ll be reunited with your mother one day. At that time, I’ll make living worse than death for you!”

Yang Ye’s face remained expressionless, and he didn’t say anything in retaliation as well. He turned around and walked into the city. He knew that this person before him was definitely just like Feng Yi and definitely bore a grudge against his mother, and that was the reason why she targeted him like this. At the same time, he knew that Cai Feng wasn’t wrong, the Talisman Master’s Association could protect him for a time, yet it was impossible for it to protect him for a lifetime. After all, if the Flower Palace dispatched a Spirit Realm expert or even Exalt Realm expert to assassinate him, then he wouldn’t have any room to resist at all.

So, he had to become stronger without end!

“Yang Ye!” Suddenly, a familiar voice resounded from the side. Yang Ye turned his head to look over, and he saw Qing Hong smiling brilliantly at him. Moreover, Man’zi and Xiao Hei were at her side.

“What are all of you doing here?” Yang Ye walked over, and he couldn’t help but reveal a smile on his face.

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