Chapter 160 – The Origin School!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Yu Heng, out of consideration for our relationship in the past, allow me to provide you with some advice. It’s best that your Sword Sect doesn’t interfere in the matters between Yang Ye and my Flower Palace. Doing so isn’t beneficial to your Sword Sect at all!” Cao Feng glanced coldly at Yang Ye who was chatting happily with Qing Hong and the others, and she spoke in a cold voice.

Yu Heng frowned. Isn’t she being a little too haughty and overbearing with her words?

Meanwhile, Su Qingshi suddenly said, “Whether we get involved or not is our Sword Sect’s business. There’s no need for your Flower Palace to worry about the matters between my Sword Sect and Yang Ye!”

“You’re Su Qingshi?” Cai Feng’s eyes narrowed.

“What?” Su Qingshi’s brows raised, and she didn’t reveal even a shred of fear on her face.

“As expected of someone on the Hidden Dragon Rankings!” Cai Feng laughed coldly, and then she said, “How full of arrogance!”

Su Qingshi was just about to speak when Bing Yu from Snow Palace suddenly interrupted. “Cai Feng, you’re really getting worse the longer you live. You’re an Exalt Realm expert, at any rate, so don’t you feel ashamed for making a fuss about this with the younger generation? Oh, right, you’ve always been shameless, so how could you feel ashamed?”

“Why don’t we head outside the city for a spar?” Cai Feng looked at Bing Yu while the killing intent in her eyes wasn’t concealed at all.

“There’s no rush for that!” Bing Yu said coldly, “The disciples of both your Flower Palace and my Snow Palace are here today, so why don’t we asked them to measure their strengths with the Measurement Pillar? Let’s see if it’s the disciples of your Flower Palace or my Snow Palace that are stronger!”

“That’s exactly what I was thinking!” said Cai Feng.

When he heard the conversation between Cai Feng and Bing Yu, Yang Ye stopped chatting with Qing Hong’s group of three and looked at the woman from the Flower Palace whose face was concealed behind a veil. Even though her appearance was obscured by it, based on her figure and bearing, she was presumably a peerless beauty. Of course, Yang Ye didn’t care about her appearance, and he cared about her strength more!

He wanted to see exactly how strong this representative of the Flower Palace’s younger generation was!

It wasn’t just Yang Ye, Yu Heng, Su Qingshi, and the others who were about to leave had stopped and looked at the members of the Snow Palace and Flower Palace. Both these powers were merely inferior to the Origin School, and they wanted to see exactly how great the distance between their Sword Sect and these two palaces was.

With a signal from Bing Yu, a woman behind her walked out. The woman could be said to be especially striking amongst everyone here. Her appearance was extremely beautiful but the most striking feature she possessed was her hair. Her hair wasn’t black in color but silver instead. Yes, it was completely silver. Besides that, her bearing was especially cold, and even her face was icy cold as if it described how others shouldn’t get close to her.

Su Qingshi’s bearing was noble and indifferent while this woman was dignified and cold. However, both of them had a similarity, and it was that they were extraordinarily beautiful.

The silver haired woman didn’t look at anyone else. She walked directly to the Measurement Pillar, and then 96 quartz stones on the pillar lit up.

Everyone in the surroundings was dumbstruck, and most were utterly bewildered.

The expressions of the members of the Sword Sect and Flower Palace changed violently, and even Yang Ye’s expression was unprecedentedly solemn. The silver haired woman seemed to have not done anything, but the members of both sects had witnessed it. It was exactly because they’d witnessed the attack that their expressions had changed violently. Because it was merely a single insignificant strand of the woman’s hair that caused the quartz stones to light up….

Most importantly, her method of attack was soundless and without signs that an attack was being launched. This was the most terrifying aspect of it, and it was what made Yang Ye fearful the most! At the same time, Yang Ye felt fortunate in his heart. He felt fortunate that he’d cultivated with Elder Mu in the past few months, otherwise, if he participated in the Ascension Rankings with his strength from that time, then not to mention obtaining the first, even ascending onto the rankings would be a problem!

Just a strand of her hair possessed such terrifying might…. The participating disciples from the Sword Sect suffered a blow to their confidence, and Situ Rong’s expression was slightly unsightly. Even if he utilized all his ability and trump cards, he would still be unable to attain a result of 96 lit quartz stones! This caused Situ Rong who was originally filled with confidence to think in his heart. Could it be I’m really too weak?

The contempt and disdain in Cai Feng’s eyes had completely vanished and only a solemn expression remained there.

After the quartz stones lit up, the silver haired woman turned around and walked off to stand behind Bing Yu. From the beginning until the end, she hadn’t spoken a single word, and she’d merely shot a glance at Wenren Yue as she returned to where she stood behind Bing Yu.

Wenren Yue’s expression was concealed but her eyes were calm to the extreme and without the slightest ripple. When the silver haired woman glanced at her, she’d glanced at the silver haired woman as well, and then she walked slowly towards the pillar.

Meanwhile, everyone in the surroundings recovered from their shock. Numerous Profounders didn’t know how the silver haired woman had struck the pillar, but they knew that 96 quartz stones had lit up because of her!

96! Such a result was similar to the geniuses of the Origin School from last year, yet a member of the Snow Palace had attained such a result now. Is the Snow Palace going to surpass the Origin School this time?All the spectators in the surroundings felt both shocked and excited because a fierce struggle between evenly matched opponents was the most meaningful!

When Wenren Yue walked over to the pillar, the gazes of everyone in the surroundings had descended onto her because everyone really wanted to find out the results of this monstrous genius from the Flower Palace.

As she stood before the pillar, Wenren Yue lightly raised her fair hand. Suddenly, a petal formed purely from profound energy appeared on her palm. The petal was thumb sized, crystalline, and resplendent. After an instant passed, the petal started spinning on her palm, and it grew faster and faster to the point one couldn’t make out the shape of the petal.

“Go!” Wenren Yue flicked with her finger, and the petal transformed into a ray of white light that shot at the pillar.


A sharp and ear piercing sound of air being torn apart resounded, and it was the sound of the petal tearing the air apart as it shot forward.


An explosion resounded, and then 96 quartz stones lit up!

As she gazed at the lit stones, Cai Feng heaved a slight sigh of relief in her heart. Earlier, she was slightly worried that Wenren Yue would lose because if that had happened, then she might be utterly ridiculed by Bing Yu. Fortunately, even though Wenren Yue hadn’t won, she hadn’t lost as well.

Even though they’d both caused 96 quartz stones to light up, none of the spectators in the surroundings felt shocked as they had earlier. After all, that silver haired woman had accomplished it soundlessly.

“Haha! How bustling with excitement!” Right at this moment, lighthearted laughter resounded from afar. Everyone turned around to look over, and they saw a young man had suddenly appeared on the teleportation platform.

The young man had a handsome appearance, wore a moon white robe, and had a smile on his face.

“It’s the Origin School’s Yuan Hua who’s ranked at the 4th position on the Origin School’s Outer Court Rankings!” Meanwhile, Murong Yao suddenly said to Yang Ye, “According to rumor, King Realm experts aren’t a match for him at all. It’s even to the extent that rumors day he has fled from Spirit Realm experts in the past. The former about defeating King Realm experts is probably true, but few believe the latter to be true!”

“Do you believe it?” asked Yang Ye.

Murong Yao glanced at Yang Ye and said, “I only believe what I’ve witnessed with my own two eyes. Wouldn’t we find out about his strength in a moment?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Yuan Hua walked over to stand before Cai Feng and Bing Yu, and then he cupped his fists to them and said, “Junior Yuan Hua greets seniors.” Nobody knew if he’d done it intentionally or not, but Yuan Hua seemed as if he hadn’t noticed Yu Heng from the Sword Sect.

“Kid, your Origin School merely sent you alone?” asked Cai Feng.

“Of course not!” Yuan Hua smiled and said, “A total of five disciples have come from my Origin School this time. My other four Senior Brothers have already entered the Imperial Capital via other teleportation platforms. My Senior Brothers know that many wish to witness the strength of my Origin School, so they sent me to display my mediocre ability!”

“Kid, my Flower Palace and the Snow Palace have both lit 96 stones up this time. For the sake of your Origin School’s reputation, it’s best that you ask your Senior Brother to come over. Otherwise, you might really be displaying mediocre ability,” said Bing Yu in a cold voice.

“96 quarts stones, a very good result. The results of both your palaces are much better than last year!” Yuan Hua smiled as he said, “However, it’s inadvisable for me to trouble my senior brothers for such a trivial matter. Otherwise, I would get a scolding.”

“Then please display your that mediocre ability of yours,” said Bing Yu in a cold voice.

Yuan Hua nodded and didn’t waste his breath anymore. He walked over to the pillar, and then raised his palm and slapped it down at the pillar.


Along with an enormous bang, a total of 98 quartz stones suddenly lit up on the pillar!

A wave of exclaims resounded in the surroundings while all the members of the Sword Sect, Flower Palace, and Snow Palace were visibly moved.

“Haha!!” Yuan Hua laughed as he walked into the city, and it wasn’t long before he vanished from their fields of vision.

“How formidable!” Murong Yao spoke in a low voice as she gazed at the quartz stones on the pillar.

“He’s very formidable indeed!” Yang Ye agreed.

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