Chapter 172 – Teasing

Almighty Sword Domain

Right when Yang Ye was about to give in to the beast inside him, Qin Xiyue suddenly pushed him away. At this moment, Qin Xiyue’s eyes had a touch of emotion in them, yet there was still some clarity within them. She said, “That which you’re unable to obtain will always trouble you. Big Sister won’t give you her body so easily!”

At this moment, Yang Ye had sobered up slightly, and he immediately smiled bitterly upon hearing Qin Xiyue. He suppressed the emotions in his heart and said, “What is the meaning….”

“It’s really painful for you?” Qin Xiyue took a glance below Yang Ye’s waist.

“What do you think….” Yang Ye spoke in a slightly angry tone.

“Who asked you to allow your imagination to run wild? You deserve it!” Qin Xiyue rolled her eyes at him.

“It’s you who seduced me, alright?”

“If you didn’t allow your imaginations towards me run wild, then would I be able to seduce you?”

“Let’s get down to business!” Yang Ye truly didn’t want to discuss this topic with Qin Xiyue.

“Do you want me to help you deal with it?” Qin Xiyue pointed at Yang Ye’s nether regions.

Yang Ye’s heart couldn’t help but jerk when he heard this. Right when he intended to say that he did, Qin Xiyue said instead, “I was kidding. Let’s get down to business!”

Yang Ye’s face froze, and he glared fiercely at her. If Bao’er was a little she-devil, then this woman was undoubtedly a true she-devil. Moreover, she was one that specialized in men.

“You offended my Second Brother today?” Qin Xiyue really did get down to business.

Yang Ye’s expression became serious when he heard this, and then he nodded and said, “That Second Prince is the prince that used your mother to threaten you?”

Qin Xiyue nodded and said, “That nephew of mine is very narrow-minded. You made him lose face in public today, so he will definitely not let you off. Of course, he can’t openly make a move against you because your master is Lin Shan after all, and he’s only a prince and not the Emperor of the Grand Qin Empire.”

“He will deal with me from the shadows?” asked Yang Ye.

Qin Xiyue nodded and said, “I think he’ll order others to make a move against you during the Ascension Rankings. If you perish during the Ascension Rankings, then even your master, Lin Shan, can only accept it!”

When she spoke up to here, Qin Xiyue paused for a moment, and then she cracked a smile. “If he makes a move against you during the Ascension Rankings, then you don’t have to be worried or fearful at all!”

“Why?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

“Stupid!” Qin Xiyue rolled his eyes at Yang Ye and said, “Do you know how the competition to ascend the Ascension Rankings is carried out?”

“I don’t!” Yang Ye shook his head and was very honest. Even though he’d come to participate in it and had heard of it in the past, he really didn’t know what the competition was like.

“Countless geniuses come to participate in the Ascension Rankings, so if battles are carried out one by one until the 30 strongest geniuses are chosen, then wouldn’t these battles have to be carried out until next year?!” Qin Xiyue said slowly, “The Ascension Rankings is divided into two parts. The first is to allow strong waves to wash away the sand, or to put it in simple terms, it’s to eliminate those people that possess insufficient strength yet desire to make a name for themselves!”

Yang Ye gazed at Qin Xiyue as the sign that he wanted her to continue.

“It isn’t just us humans that will be participating in the Ascension Rankings, the Darkbeasts will be participating as well. There’s a mountain range over 2,500km to the south within the Grand Myriad Mountains, and it’s called Ascension Mountain Range. It stretches on for a few thousand kilometers, and the extremely ferocious Swordtooth Tiger Clan lives there. During the first part of the Ascension Rankings, the member of the six great powers would teleport all the participating Profounders to that mountain range. Only those that are able to leave the mountain within the stipulated period are able to participate in the second part.” Qin Xiyue spoke slowly.

“It’s being held in the Grand Myriad Mountains?” Yang Ye’s eyes lit up. If it was at any other place, then it might be difficult. But if it was in the Grand Myriad Mountains, then would any Darkbeast have the courage to look for trouble with him when he had the little fellow by his side? Wasn’t this equivalent to cheating?

Qin Xiyue glanced at him and said, “Don’t be careless, the Swordtooth Tigers aren’t simple existences. All of them are at least at the King Rank. Besides them, the Darkbeast Empire will dispatch the elite Darkbeasts of other clans to Ascension Mountain Range. Of course, King Rank Darkbeasts are probably of no threat to you. But the biggest threat to you in the Ascension Mountain Range isn’t these Darkbeasts but humans!”

“Human?” Yang Ye frowned and said, “What do you mean?”

“The participants wouldn’t just be able to advance into the second part by merely leaving the mountain range. All of you have assignments to complete as well. Every single one of you must hunt a certain amount of Darkbeasts and gather their Inner Cores. If you don’t gather enough then you would have failed even if you survived the mountain range. Similarly, Darkbeasts have assignments as well. The Darkbeasts’ assignment is to kill and gather the head of humans. I said humans are the most dangerous because while you are in an intense battle with these Darkbeasts, human cultivators would usually be waiting behind to reap the benefits!” said Qin Xiyue.

“Indeed!” Yang Ye deeply agreed. Even though Darkbeasts were formidable, they wouldn’t be so full of tricks like humans. So, it was extremely reasonable for Qin Xiyue to say that humans were the most dangerous.

“Especially the members of your Sword Sect and Ghost Sect!” Qin Xiyue continued. “Every single year, more than 90% of the disciples from the Sword Sect and Ghost Sect would either die or get injured during the Ascension Rankings, and most of these people hadn’t suffered such injuries or death at the hands of Darkbeasts. Besides the Sword Sect and Ghost Sect, the other powers and clans that had enmity between them would kill each other in Ascension Mountain Range as well. In short, the Ascension Mountain Range is equivalent to a place to deal with enmity,” said Qin Xiyue.

“Can I kill the disciples of the Flower Palace while I’m in the Ascension Mountain Range?” asked Yang Ye. He would be extremely happy to kill a few disciples of the Flower Palace while he was there.

Qin Xiyue shook her head and said, “It’s best that you don’t You must remember that your mother is still within the Flower Palace. Perhaps they are unable to deal with you, but it’s extremely easy for them to deal with your mother. Of course, if you’re able to accomplish it without anyone finding out, then it’s an entirely different story. However, I suggest that you don’t take that risk unless it’s they that make a move against you first!”

“You think the Flower Palace’s members wouldn’t make a move against me?” said Yang Ye.

Qin Xiyue shook her head and smiled. Wasn’t the Ascension Rankings the best opportunity to kill Yang Ye? So, how could the Flower Palace possibly let that chance slip by?

“Are you confident in your ability to deal with the Flower Palace’s Wenren Yue?” Qin Xiyue said, “She’s ranked at the first position on the Flower Palace’s Inner Court Rankings, and there’s even a rumor that she possesses a Pseudo Dao Artifact. Even if she doesn’t possess a Pseudo Dao Artifact, she should at least possess an Earth Rank or Heaven Rank Dark Treasure. Don’t fail to kill them but lose your life in the process instead!”

“I wouldn’t be really confident if it was any other place, but if it’s the Grand Myriad Mountains….” Yang Ye smiled and said, “I’m 70% confident if it’s at the Grand Myriad Mountains.”

If he fought Wenren Yue fairly, then he wouldn’t be confident in his ability to kill her even if he utilized his Sword Intent. However, if it was in the Grand Myriad Mountains, then he would have the assistance of the violet mink and the two Nether Wolf Kings! With the three of them coupled with the little fellow’s strange methods of attack, their group of four could even go against a Spirit Realm expert. Even though it would mostly end with their deaths….

“Besides the Flower Palace, you have to be careful of those two fellows from the Ghost Sect. Especially the one called Xianjun. Even though there’s no information related to him, I have a feeling that he’s extremely extraordinary.” Qin Xiyue spoke with a solemn expression on her face.

“You think he isn’t simple as well?” Yang Ye said, “I feel that his strength is even superior to Xiu Luo. It’s just a feeling. Have you investigated him?”

Qin Xiyue didn’t answer him. With a twist of her wrist, a large scroll appeared in her hand, and she passed it to Yang Ye. “The information of all the participating geniuses that can pose a threat to you are recorded here. Even if their cultivations might be slightly low or they aren’t famous, all of them are extremely formidable. You must not be careless if you encounter them in the Ascension Mountain Range!”

Yang Ye felt warm in the heart as he gazed at the scroll, and he said, “Thank you!”

Qin Xiyue cracked a smile and said, “What are you thanking me for? Don’t forget that the higher your ranking is, the more beneficial it is to me. Once you enter into the top 20 of the Ascension Rankings, then I wouldn’t have to sneak around in the Imperial Capital any longer. At that time, I hope you’ll enter the palace with me!”

“Enter the Palace?”

Qin Xiyue nodded and said, “Of course, you’ll be playing the role of son-in-law. So long as you ascend into the top 20 ranks, then the Imperial Household will stop object to us being together. Moreover, my nephew will have no choice but to hold back out of fear, and he wouldn’t be able to make a move against me. At the very least, he wouldn’t be able to do so openly!”

Yang Ye suddenly asked. “What if I die in the mountain range?”

The corners of Qin Xiyue’s mouth curled up slightly before she said, “I’ll naturally go looking for another genius. Big Sister won’t remain a widow for you!”

“That’s really hurtful!” Yang Ye shook his head, and he felt slightly hurt.

“You’ll definitely come back alive!” Suddenly, Qin Xiyue gazed at Yang Ye while her face didn’t reveal even the slightest smile. It was covered in a very serious expression.

Yang Ye’s heart trembled….

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