Chapter 173 – Agreement

Almighty Sword Domain

When Yang Ye left the Immortal Indulgence Pavilion, it was night already, and the streets were extremely quiet because the Grand Qin Empire had enforced a curfew. So, only a few figures could be occasionally seen flashing swiftly through the streets.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s heart was in slight turmoil. Having more than one wife was the dream of every single man, but he’d never thought about it in the past. After all, he was only an ordinary person in South Peace City in the past, so not to mention having a few wives, even filling his stomach was an issue.

He was a person who knew when to be content. Besides his desire to protect his younger sister and mother, he didn’t have any ambition. So, even if he’d become a Talisman Master and comprehended both Sword Intent and the Enlightened Sword Heart, he’d still never thought about utilizing his strength to do anything for himself.

Qin Xiyue said it was extremely normal for men to have multiple wives. He wasn’t opposed to this, but was it fair to Su Qingshi and Qin Xiyue? Even though the way Qin Xiyue said it was extremely natural and without any discomfort, Yang Ye was able to sense that she’d feigned all of that.

After all, Qin Xiyue was a princess of an Empire, and she was a King Realm expert as well. How could she be willing to share her husband with another woman? As for Su Qingshi, it was even more obvious. With her strength and pride, just thinking about asking her to share him with another woman caused chills to run down his spine.

Of course, most importantly, both their strengths were much higher than his own. Under such circumstances, how could they share a bed together?

Suddenly, Yang Ye stopped moving, and he looked towards the distance as he exclaimed with surprise. “Qingshi?”

Su Qingshi was standing ahead in white clothes, and she was looking at Yang Ye with Green Darkness in her hand.

When she heard Yang Ye, Su Qingshi’s figure flashed over to stand in front of Yang Ye, and then she said, “Someone was following you just now!”

“Following me?” Yang Ye was surprised, and then he said, “How could that be possible!?”

He wasn’t being conceited, but with the little fellow by his side, how could he not notice someone following him?

“It was an Exalt Realm expert!” said Su Qingshi in a low voice.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched as he said, “An Exalt Realm expert? Was it the Ghost Sect or the Second Prince?”

If it was an Exalt Realm expert, then it was understandable that the violet mink couldn’t notice that person….

Su Qingshi shook her head and said, “I was only able to sense that person’s presence but didn’t see that person. You killed a King Realm expert at the entrance of the capital today, and you’ve already drawn the attention of numerous powers and clans. Especially the Ghost Sect, they’d probably already started investigating you. The Flower Palace as well, they’ve probably wouldn’t underestimate you any longer!”

“I can’t act feign weakness to defeat stronger opponents any longer!” Yang Ye laughed bitterly. According to his original plan, he was to conceal his strength and try his best to avoid making any enemies, so that he could shock the world with a single brilliant feat during the Ascension Rankings. Unfortunately, it wouldn’t work any longer.

Su Qingshi suddenly said. “Was it because of that woman called Qing Hong?”

Yang Ye glanced at Su Qingshi. When he noticed she didn’t reveal any unusual emotions, he heaved a sigh of relief in his heart and immediately nodded as he said, “They are friends I encountered in the Grand Myriad Mountains, and they’d helped my mother and younger sister in the past. They were implicated in this matter because of me, so I couldn’t just do nothing to save them!”

Su Qingshi glanced at Yang Ye and didn’t say anything.

Yang Ye suddenly asked. “Right, what are you doing here?”

Su Qingshi asked. “You utilized Violet Spirit today?”

Yang Ye nodded and said with bewilderment. “What’s wrong?”

“Show it to me!”

Yang Ye didn’t hesitate when he heard this, and with a flip of his right hand, the Violet Spirit sword appeared on his palm.

Su Qingshi’s fair hand moved lightly, and the Green Darkness sword in her hand flew before the two of them. At the same time, the Violet Spirit sword in Yang Ye’s hand suddenly trembled and left its sheathe by itself. It flew over to Green Darkness’s side, and then under Yang Ye astounded gaze, a strand of sword light suddenly erupted from the two swords as they spun around each other….

“What’s going on?” Yang Ye was bewildered as he gazed at the two swords that coiled around each other.

As she gazed at the swords, a wisp of a complicated expression flashed in Su Qingshi’s eyes. With a slight wave of her fair hand, Violet Spirit flew back into Yang Ye’s grasp. She said, “Violet Spirit and Green Darkness were once a single sword, and it was called the Violet Green Sword. It was one of the few Dao Artifacts in my Sword Sect. A few tens of years ago, my Father utilized the Violet Green Sword in battle with the Ghost Sect’s Master. Its Sword Spirit was heavily injured during that battle and fell into an unconscious state, whereas, its body was destroyed, causing the Sword Spirit’s consciousness to be split into two as well.

“In order to recover the Violet Green Sword, both parts of its Sword Spirit had to be awakened. So, my Sword Sect had no choice but to forge the Violet Green Sword into two swords before they were given to the disciples of the sect to be constantly nourished within their Dantians with the hope that they would be able to awaken the Sword Spirit within these two swords!”

Yang Ye was visibly moved. He hadn’t imagined that the sword in his hand would actually have been a Dao Artifact. A Dao Artifact! That was something that couldn’t be valued with gold at all.

Su Qingshi glanced at Yang Ye and continued. “In the Sword Sect, the Green Darkness sword only reacted when I utilized it, so I obtained the Green Darkness sword. The Sword Sect originally intended to hand Violet Spirit over to other disciples to try awakening the Sword Spirit within it, but because of my objection, the Violet Spirit sword has never shown any signs of recovering until now.”

“Your objection?” Yang Ye was puzzled. “Why did you object? If someone is able to awaken the Sword Spirit within Violet Spirit, then wouldn’t it be a good thing for the Sword Sect?”

Su Qingshi moved her gaze away and spoke indifferently. “If someone was able to make Violet Spirit react, then I would have to cultivate with that person. Moreover, our hearts would have to be linked together….”

Yang Ye opened his eyes wide when he heard this, and then he practically roared as he said, “How could you do that? You naturally have to refuse, you did well by refusing….” What a joke! Allow Su Qingshi to cultivate with someone else and have their hearts linked together? Just thinking about it caused Yang Ye to have the impulse to kill someone.

Su Qingshi glanced indifferently at him and didn’t speak.

Yang Ye seemed to feel he’d gotten too agitated earlier, and he blushed as he smiled embarrassedly. He said, “Qingshi, I’ve caused Violet Spirit to react to me, so does it mean that we’ll be cultivating together and linking our hearts in the future?”

Su Qingshi turned around to look Yang Ye in the eye. She said, “We’ll cultivate together if you’re able to return alive from the Grand Myriad Mountains!”

Yang Ye felt warmth flow through his heart when he heard this, and he was slightly moved. The woman standing before him was concerned about him, and it was just that the method she showed it was different than others.

Yang Ye walked slowly towards Su Qingshi, and then he stretched out his hands to hold both of her. After that, with a light pull, he pulled Su Qingshi’s slightly stiff yet delicate figure into his arms. As he took a light whiff of the faint fragrance that came from her, he said in a soft voice, “Don’t worry. For the sake of my mother and for your sake, I’ll definitely return from the Grand Myriad Mountains!”

Su Qingshi’s delicate figure was still stiff. After a short moment, she pushed Yang Ye away lightly, and her icy cold face was slightly blushing. She wanted to struggle free from Yang Ye’s arms yet Yang Ye held tightly onto her waist, causing her actions to be done in vain.

As he gazed at Su Qingshi’s beautiful face that revealed traces of shyness, a sudden impulse shot through Yang Ye’s heart, and he lowered his head slowly. Right when he was about to kiss Su Qingshi’s scarlet red lips, she suddenly struggled free from his embrace, held onto Yang Ye’s shoulder, and then vanished on the spot.

Just two breaths of time after they vanished, a group of Imperial Guards in silver armor moved in an orderly manner and passed by where they stood just moments ago….

After they disappeared into the distance, Yang Ye and Su Qingshi appeared there once more.

At this moment, Yang Ye’s heart was filled with hatred. He wished for nothing more than to rush at them with his sword in hand and annihilate those guards. If those patrolling guards hadn’t interrupted him, then he would have kissed her. Now, it was clear that he didn’t have another chance because Su Qingshi stood far away from him, and her face had recovered its icy cold expression.

Even though he knew that she definitely had a place for him in her heart, getting close to her required a string of favorable conditions. That moment from before was the best opportunity, yet it was gone now….

When she saw Yang Ye looking at her, Su Qingshi’s expression was slightly unnatural. She turned around and said, “Prepare yourself well after you get back. The fight to ascend the Ascension Rankings is about to begin!”

As soon as she finished speaking, Su Qingshi didn’t stay for another moment. Her figure flashed and vanished on the spot, only leaving behind a strand of faint and clear fragrance where she stood moments before.

As he took a whiff of the faint fragrance in the air, Yang Ye sighed in his heart and cursed. Damnable Imperial Guards!!

After he finished saying this, Yang Ye’s figure immediately flashed and vanished beneath the veil of night.

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