Chapter 174 – Profligate Disciple

Almighty Sword Domain

On the next day, Yang Ye headed over to the Talisman Master’s Association.

It was situated in the south of the Imperial Capital. As a great power that possessed an aloof status in the southern territory, the building alone occupied an enormous area and towered into the sky. When one gazed at it from below, it was utterly impossible to lay eyes upon the top.

In the Imperial Capital, the scape of the Talisman Master’s Association building was merely inferior to the Imperial Palace, but the Imperial Palace couldn’t compare to its grandeur.

The entire Talisman Master’s Association building was created from Kyanite. Kyanite were low-grade Profound Rank treasures that were even harder than iron. According to the marker price of it, a fist sized piece of Kyanite could be sold for over 500 gold coins while that amount of money was comparable to few years of expenses for an ordinary family in the southern territory….

If it was in terms of strength, then perhaps the Talisman Master’s Association would be inferior to the Origin School and Grand Qin Empire, but if it was in terms of wealth, then even the Grand Qin Empire was probably unable to compare to the Talisman Master’s Association….

As he stood at the entrance of the association, Yang Ye was visibly moved. The wealth of the association had truly shocked him because he finally understood what being extremely wealthy was like when he laid eyes upon this building. Those buildings in the Sword Sect were simply like low classed buildings before the Talisman Master’s Association building!

“Unrelated people should leave the Talisman Master’s Association building at once!” Right at this moment, a voice sounded out from within the building, and then a figure flashed out and instantly arrived before Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he saw this middle aged man because the man was actually a King Realm expert. Moreover, the man was clearly at the fifth rank of the King Realm!

A King Realm expert is being made to stand guard at the entrance…. Yang Ye suppressed the shock in his hand. With a twist of his wrist, his badge appeared in his palm, and with a flick of his finger, it shot over towards the middle aged man.

After he received the badge, the middle aged man’s expression changed, and then he hurriedly bowed respectfully to Yang Ye. After that, he handed the badge back to Yang Ye in a respectful manner as he said, “I apologize for my offense just now!”

Yang Ye took the badge from him and smiled before he said, “It’s fine, please take me to see Master Lin Shan!”

Yang Ye hadn’t seen Little Yao for a very long time, so he was slightly impatient.

“Master Lin Shan?” The middle aged man was shocked, and he said, “Do you have an appointment?”

Yang Ye shook his head.

The middle aged man revealed a reluctant expression when he saw this, and then he said, “Then I’m very sorry, I can’t take you to see Master Lin Shan. Because unless you have an appointment with Master Lin Shan, otherwise, I don’t have the authority to bring anyone to see Master Lin Shan.”

Looks like Master’s status in the association is very high! Yang Ye smiled and said, “I’m his disciple. He won’t punish you for bringing me to see him!”

“You’re Master Lin Shan’s disciple?” The middle aged man opened his eyes wide. After a short while, he said with a puzzled expression, “But Master Lin Shan only has a granddaughter. Do you have any proof? I’m sorry. It isn’t that I refuse to believe you, but I have to make sure of this. Otherwise, I would truly be unable to endure Master Lin Shan’s punishment if he decides that it’s required. Please do forgive me!”

Proof? Yang Ye frowned. How could he have any proof?

He shook his head, and he was just about to utilize a Transmission Talisman to contact Lin Shan when a clear and melodious voice that carried slight surprise resounded behind Yang Ye. “You’re Master Lin Shan’s disciple?”

Yang Ye turned around when he heard this, and he saw a man and woman looking at him. Both were around the age of 20. The man was handsome, and the woman was beautiful. Especially her figure and appearance, it slightly took Yang Ye’s breath away.

The woman wore a violet colored robed of a Talisman Master. She couldn’t be said to be peerlessly gorgeous, but she had a beautiful appearance, pretty features, and a tall and slender figure. She was very pleasing to look at.

In next to no time, Yang Ye’s gaze descended onto the woman’s left chest. There was a badge made of silver material there, and a small character ‘’ was inscribed on the badge. Yang Ye was slightly surprised. This woman is actually an Earth Talisman Master!

“Young Miss Bai, Young Master Liu!” Meanwhile, the middle aged man by Yang Ye’s side bowed to them and spoke respectfully.

The woman nodded and said, “Wang Han, you may leave!”

Wang Han hurriedly withdrew himself when he heard this.

After Wang Han left, the woman looked at Yang Ye and said, “You said you’re Master Lin Shan’s disciple?”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Who’re you?”

Right at this moment, the young man at the side shook his head and said, “Young Miss Bai, he’s merely a Grade Four Talisman Master, so how could he possibly be Master Lin Shan’s disciple? Moreover, both of us have never heard of Master Lin Shan taking any disciple!”

The woman looked at Yang Ye, and Yang Ye just smiled yet didn’t explain before he turned around and headed towards the Talisman Master’s Association.

The woman’s beautiful brows knit together when she saw Yang Ye remain silent and leave directly. When the young man noticed this, he hurriedly shouted at Yang Ye. “Stop right there!”

Yang Ye stopped when he heard this, and then he turned around to look at the young man before he said, “Is there something you need?”

“Young Miss Bai asked you something, so why didn’t you answer her?” The young man shouted. “Besides that, why didn’t you bow when you met us?”

“Bow?” Yang Ye frowned and said, “Is there something wrong with you? Bow to you? Who the fuck do you think you are?” He’d always respected those who respect him, and he would naturally not be stupid enough to respect someone that didn’t respect him. Yang Ye felt a great deal of aversion towards this fellow’s haughty attitude. Since it was like that, he would naturally not be nice to this fellow!

“How arrogant!” The young man was extremely furious, and he started laughing instead. He said, “You’re the most arrogant fellow I’ve seen in the Talisman Master’s Association throughout these years. Let me tell you, you are dead no matter who your master is. Do you know who Young Miss Bai is? She is….”

Right at this moment, Yang Ye waved his hand to interrupt the young man before he said, “I’m not interested to know who she is, nor am I interested to know who you are!” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around and walked towards the Talisman Master’s Association. He’d never had a good impression of conceited people like this young man.

A wisp of ghastly killing intent flashed in the young man’s eyes when he heard Yang Ye. Throughout the years he’d been in the Talisman Master’s Association, there hadn’t been a single young Talisman Master that dared to treat him in this way, and it was even before the woman he had feelings for.

When he thought up to here, the young man stopped hesitating and tossed with his right hand. A talisman shot out explosively, and it exploded in midair. Space fluctuated before a human head-sized ball of fire flashed into appearance, and then it whistled sharply through the air as it descended towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye stopped moving while a cold light flashed in his eyes. he turned around, clenched his right palm into a fist, and suddenly smashed his fist towards the fireball!


The fireball exploded into pieces in the spot, and it transformed into sparks that covered the sky before dispersing into the surroundings.

The young man’s eyelids twitched when he saw Yang Ye blast the fireball apart with a single punch. He’d never expected that Yang Ye’s strength would actually be so formidable.

Right at this moment, the woman was about to say something, but Yang Ye didn’t give her the chance. Because as soon as he’d blasted the fireball apart, Yang Ye had swiftly stomped the ground with his right foot and relied on the counterforce to shoot over explosively towards the young man.

He avoided offending others so long as they didn’t offend him! Since the young man had attacked him, then he would naturally not hold back!

When he arrived 3m away from the young man, Yang Ye twisted his wrist and Violet Spirit appeared in his left hand. However, right when he was about to draw his sword and slash it, his pupils suddenly constricted. He forcefully stopped himself before he drew his sword and slashed towards his right!


A Windblade collided with Violet Spirit, and then a wave of air suddenly swept towards the surroundings!

At the same time, the young man recovered from his shock. When he realized that Yang Ye actually intended to kill him just now, the young man was both shocked and furious. With a movement of his wrist, a stack of Technique Talismans appeared in his hand.

The woman’s mouth opened slightly when she noticed him withdrawing a stack of Technique Talismans, and she was about to speak, yet it was too late. Because the young man had tossed them at Yang Ye.

There were at least ten in that stack and every single one of them was equivalent to a low-grade Profound Rank combat technique. So, the might they possessed was obvious.

Fireballs, Windblades, Lightning Strikes, Ice Crystals, Ground Spikes….

Yang Ye was caught off guard and coupled with the fact that he was so close to the young man, he was instantly drowned beneath these Technique Talismans….


An enormous world shaking bang resounded at the entrance to the Talisman Master’s Association, and boundless dust, dirt, and waves of air swept towards the surroundings….

When it all dispersed, Yang Ye’s figure that was in an extremely embarrassing state was revealed….

Yang Ye was really in a very embarrassing state. His hair had been blasted to the point they stood on end and his clothes were barely able to cover him. Even though there were no injuries on his body or face, they were all jet black.

At this moment, the experienced what it felt to be that Spirit Realm expert from yesterday. Fortunately, those Technique Talismans weren’t tossed over by Bao’er, otherwise, he would probably be unable to endure their blasts even with the formidable physical body he possessed.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and his eyes bluntly emanated killing intent as he gazed at the young man who stood there in shock. The profound energy within Yang Ye’s body surged while he activated the Gale Shoes, and then he swiftly stomped his right foot on the ground and shot explosively at the young man.

“Stop!” Right when Yang Ye was less than 3m away from the young man, the woman hurriedly shouted in a delicate voice.

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