Chapter 175 – Unforeseen Event

Almighty Sword Domain

Stop? What a joke! If my physical body wasn’t comparable to a King Rank Darkbeast, then I would have probably transformed into a pile of ash by now. Yang Ye didn’t just refrain from slowing down, he even sped up to arrive before the young man, and then didn’t hesitate at all to draw his sword and stab.

The young man was astounded when he saw Yang Ye instantly arrive in front of him. Because he was utterly unable to dodge at this moment and could only stand there helplessly as a terrifying aura stabbed towards his chest.


When Violet Spirit was only inches away from the young man’s chest, a yellow colored force erupted from within the young man, and it blasted Yang Ye’s sword away.

Yang Ye withdrew his sword and flashed backward, and then his brows knit together tightly as he gazed at the yellow energy barrier that covered the young man. He hadn’t expected that this fellow would actually possess such a defensive treasure that was capable of blasting his sword away. It’s at least at the Earth Rank or above!

Since he’s able to possess an Earth Rank treasure, then I presume his identity is definitely not simple. But so what about that? I don’t attack unless attack. Since he wants to kill me, then I’ll naturally give him an eye for an eye.

There were many people in the world that looked for trouble like this and refused to be reasonable. So, the fist was the best way to deal with everything!

Right when Yang Ye was prepared to attack again, the woman arrived before the young man, and there was a stack of Technique Talismans that flickered with brilliant radiance within her hand. The woman gazed at Yang Ye and said coldly, “How ruthless of you! We merely asked if you were Master Lin Shan’s disciple, yet you actually wanted to kill him!”

When he saw the woman stand in front of him with a stack of Technique Talismans in her hand, the young man instantly became confident. He gazed at Yang Ye and said furiously, “You actually wanted to kill me! How audacious of you! Let me tell you! No matter who your master is, you’re dead! Not only are you dead, but your whole family is dead as well! I’ll kill everyone related to you by blood….”

The young man was both shocked and furious when he recalled that he was almost stabbed to death by this fellow who stood before him. He was shocked because this fellow’s strength was truly too formidable, and that stack of Technique Talismans he tossed were actually unable to kill this fellow. He was furious because this fellow actually dared to attack him. After all, even the princes of the Grand Qin Empire and the geniuses of the Origin School had to give him some face!

When had he ever been treated in this way?

When he thought up to here, another stack of Technique Talismans appeared in his hand. However, when he intended to toss them at Yang Ye, he was stopped by the woman who stood by his side.

When he heard the woman and saw the bunches of Technique Talismans in their hands, Yang Ye couldn’t help but laugh. He looked at her and said, “Earlier, I thought you were a reasonable person. But now it would seem like you are just like that fellow by your side. Even though it’s quite pointless, I still want to ask you. Who was it that attacked first? Who was the one that wanted to kill the other first? Besides that, why didn’t you ask him to stop when he wanted to kill me just now? Yet you asked me to stop when I wanted to kill him? Moreover, you even spoke like it was my mistake. Who the fuck do you think you are? Are you the Origin School’s Master or the Grand Qin Empire’s Emperor?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye didn’t continue wasting his breath. He withdrew a high-grade Strider Talisman and Strength Talisman, and then he slapped them on himself. After that, his figure flashed and instantly arrived in front of the young man before he drew his sword and slashed!

This time, Yang Ye hadn’t held back at all. Under the boost from his golden profound energy, the Strength Talisman, and his own physical strength, the speed at which Yang Ye drew his sword was at least two times faster than before, and its might had experienced a similar increase as well. So, a loud sound of air exploding resounded at the instant Violet Spirit left its sheath!

Yang Ye’s speed was truly too swift. It was swift to the point the young man and woman weren’t able to react in time before he arrived in front of them.

This time, the young man was terrified when he sensed the terrifying aura Yang Ye emanated.


Violet Spirit descended towards the young man’s head, and the yellow energy barrier appeared once more and struck Yang Ye’s sword.

Yang Ye’s hand trembled while Violet Spirit almost fell out of his grasp. In the next moment, a wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in his eyes as he shouted. “Break!”

As soon as he shouted, his right hand suddenly smashed down.


The sound of glass shattering resounded through the surroundings!

The young man was horrified when he sensed the yellow energy barrier shatter, and he instinctively dodged towards the side. However, it was still slightly too late, and Yang Ye’s Violet Spirit pierced through his right arm….

“AH!!!” The young man’s eyes opened wide while a shrill cry resounded from his mouth….

Along with this shrill cry, an arm flew into the air while blood sprayed from it….

Right when Yang Ye intended to finish him, the woman had recovered from her shock, and then she tossed three Technique Talismans at Yang Ye.

Yang Ye stopped, and then with a flick of his wrist, Violet Spirit swept swiftly towards them before three strands of golden sword qi shot out explosively from its tip. Earlier, he’d been struck by the young man’s Technique Talismans because he’d been too careless and hadn’t expected the young man would possess so many Technique Talismans. Now, he was vigilant against the woman since a long time ago, so he was naturally ready to deal with her attacks.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The sword qi collided with the techniques created by the talismans, and then they dispersed into the air.

The woman’s eyelids twitched. This fellow’s strength is too formidable.

Right when she was about to say something, Yang Ye had moved. Yang Ye held Violet Spirit in his hand as he swept it towards the woman, and then a strand of golden sword qi shot explosively at her. At the same time, Yang Ye’s figure flashed along behind the sword qi and dashed swiftly towards her.

The woman’s identity was definitely not simple, but so what about it? Could he only be killed but not retaliate? He, Yang Ye, would pay no attention to all of this. Since someone wanted to kill him, then he would kill that person. It was just that simple! This woman was very beautiful as well, but was it related to him at all? He would cherish beauties, but he would absolutely not do so when the beauty was his enemy.

No matter if it was a child or a woman, he would kill his enemies without the slightest hesitation!

The woman’s expression changed when she noticed Yang Ye actually intended to kill her. With a flick of her finger, another three Technique Talismans flew at Yang Ye. The Technique Talismans exploded in midair, and then a bolt of lightning that was thick as an arm, a fireball that had a tail of fire which stretched out for over a meter, and a blade of wind that whistled through the air shot down explosively towards Yang Ye.

This time, it was Yang Ye’s expression that changed. Because one of these three Technique Talismans were actually a low-grade high-rank Technique Talisman. So, it was equivalent to an Earth Rank technique!

Yang Ye didn’t dare be careless. He stopped moving while the profound energy within his body poured swiftly into Violet Spirit, and then he swiftly slashed it at those three Technique Talismans.


The Technique Talismans collided with the three strands of Sword Qi that Yang Ye executed. A wave of air swept towards the surroundings, yet the bolt of lightning that was thick as an arm hadn’t lost momentum at all and was still descending towards him from amidst the wave of air.

This time, Yang Ye truly experienced how formidable Talisman Masters were. The young man and woman before him were both merely at the First Heaven Realm, and their strengths weren’t formidable at all. However, the young man had almost caused him to be defeated here, whereas, the woman was even more terrifying. Because he had no choice but to expose some trump cards of his, otherwise, he would be utterly unable to resist this Technique Talisman that was comparable to an Earth Rank combat technique!

Right when Yang Ye was about to utilize his Sword Intent, a strand of violet light suddenly appeared around him, and Yang Ye was immediately delighted when he saw it. I actually forgot the little fellow!

With this violet light barrier present around him, Yang Ye gave up on utilizing his Sword Intent and allowed the lightning to descend.


A bang that shook the heavens resounded. The ground shook while dust fluttered into the air. At this moment, the entire Talisman Master’s Association was alarmed.

It wasn’t just the Talisman Master’s Association, even some experts in the surroundings were shocked. Who had the gall to actually cause trouble at the Talisman Master’s Association?

In next to no time, numerous experts rushed towards the association….

The dust and dirt dispersed, and Yang Ye walked out slowly from amidst them. The woman’s pupils constricted, and her eyes were filled with shock and disbelief!

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath. His figure flashed before he instantly arrived in front of the woman, and then he drew his sword and slashed.

“Stop!” Right at this moment, a deep voice sounded out from within the association building.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched because the person who spoke these words was at least at the Spirit Realm. When he thought about how the woman had actually tossed a high-rank Technique Talisman at him, Yang Ye stopped hesitating and sped up his actions.

So, what if that person was a Spirit Realm expert? The woman had backing, but did he not have the same? What were masters for? They were there to stand up for their disciples at the critical moment….

“What audacity!” This time, the voice didn’t come from within the building, and it came from behind Yang Ye instead….

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