Chapter 182 – Conflict

Almighty Sword Domain

In the air, Li Si nodded before he waved the jade ruler lightly. A gentle force supported all the Imperial Guards up, and then he looked at the Profounders on the square that had come to participate in the Ascension Rankings. He said, “Everyone, allow me to welcome all of you on behalf of the Grand Qin Empire. I presume the seniors of your sects and clans have already briefed you on the rules of the Ascension Rankings, but I’ll repeat it again now. I hope that everyone makes sure to remember it!

The first rule. The first round ‘Washing Sand Away with Great Waves’ will be just as it was in the past and will be held in the Grand Myriad Mountain. See these teleportation formations before all of you? After you enter these teleportation formations, you’ll be randomly teleported to all over the Grand Myriad Mountain’s Ascension Mountain Range.

Upon entering Ascension Mountain Range, your first task is to survive. Because the mountain range is filled with King Rank Darkbeasts now. The second task is to hunt and kill Darkbeasts to obtain their Inner Cores. Remember, only those who obtain over 30 Inner Cores from King Rank Darkbeasts and come out alive from the Grand Myriad Mountains in 10 days would be able to continue participating in the second round of the competition.

The second rule. Life and death are up to god’s will once you enter the Grand Myriad Mountains. No matter if all of you are killed by humans or Darkbeasts, the cause would be the weakness of your own strengths because all of you are First Heaven Realm experts. There’s still time to withdraw from the competition now. Once you enter the Grand Myriad Mountains, the teleportation formations here would be closed, so the only way back would be to walk back through the Grand Myriad Mountains.”

As soon as Li Si finished speaking, a commotion arose from the crowd below, yet no one left the crowd. What a joke! If they were to leave in public, then how would they be able to hold their heads up high in the southern territory anymore?

Moreover, none were willing to give up on this opportunity as well. If they survived the Grand Myriad Mountains, then it represented their future was limitless, and there would be countless clans and powers that extended an olive branch to them. After all, there had never been anyone that relied on luck to leave the Grand Myriad Mountain alive during the Ascension Rankings!

When he saw no one left, Li Si continued. “After you enter the Grand Myriad Mountains, all of you are both hunter and prey. Whether all of you become a hunter or prey, in the end, depends on your own strengths. There’s one thing that all of you don’t have to worry about. Profounders above the First Heaven Realm and Darkbeasts above the King Rank would absolutely not appear within Ascension Mountain Range!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he closed his eyes slightly, and then his enormous Spiritual Energy covered the heavens and the earth as it surged out and enveloped everyone beneath him.

Even though they were enveloped by Li Si’s Spiritual Energy, nothing unusual happened. Conversely, they felt slightly comfortable instead.

After a short while, Li Si suddenly opened his eyes, and a cold glow flashed within them. He swung the jade ruler lightly, and then over 10 strands of white energy shot out explosively from the top of the ruler.


A bloody hole suddenly split open in the space between the brows of over 10 people in the crowd below. Their eyes were opened wide and filled with shock and bewilderment. They’d died with everlasting regret.

Right when Yang Ye was puzzled, Murong Yao said, “Many King Realm and even Spirit Realm experts would try to sneak in during the Ascension Rankings every single year with the intention of killing the participating profounders in Ascension Mountain Range. After all, all these participants are definitely carrying numerous treasures, and there would be the Inner Cores of Darkbeasts to gain as well. Because numerous King Rank Darkbeasts have gathered in Ascension Mountain Range now….”

“They are actually that stupid? They think they’re able to deceive an Exalt Realm expert?” asked Yang Ye.

“There are always hopeful people in this world!” Murong Yao spoke indifferently.

Yang Ye shook his head and didn’t say anything else. Because Murong Yao’s words really made sense. When they faced temptation and benefits, there would always be those that were hopeful.

After he dealt with them, Li Si looked at them and said, “The Ascension Rankings has begun!”

Even though Li Si said it had begun, no one walked towards the teleportation formation. Practically all the profounders here had looked towards the disciples of the six great powers and the Imperial Academy that stood at the front.

This was a rule. Only after these disciples entered the teleportation formation could the disciples of the other clans, sects, and independent cultivators enter. Otherwise… they would never be able to leave Ascension Mountain Range….

In the southern territory, there wasn’t a single clan or independent cultivator that dared to disrespect the six great powers and the Imperial Academy!

At this moment, the atmosphere here was slightly quiet because the disciples of all these great powers didn’t move. The first to enter the teleportation formation was either the Origin School or the Imperial Academy of the Grand Qin Empire. At this moment, both these powers acted extremely unusually, and they didn’t fight between themselves. As for the two palaces and three sects, it would only be their turn to fight against each other after the Origin School and Imperial Academy had entered….

After a short while, a yellow robed young man suddenly walked out from amongst the group from the Imperial Academy. He walked slowly over to the teleportation formation. At the same time, the others behind him followed him as well.

When he saw the yellow robed young man walk towards the teleportation formation, a cold glow flashed in the eyes of Yuan Ye who led the group from the Origin School. He said, “Qin Youran, do you really intend to be the first to enter?”

The yellow robed young man stopped moving upon hearing this. He turned to look at Yuan Ye before he said indifferently, “Yuan Ye, you don’t have the qualifications to stop me. If you want to be the first to enter, then ask your Senior Brother Yuan Tong to come here. He’s said to be the number one expert beneath the King Realm, and I believe that it isn’t just me who would like to meet him, everyone here feels the same as well!”

“He wouldn’t have been afraid to come here, right!?” Meanwhile, a young man behind Qin Youran laughed lightly and said, “The number one expert beneath the King Realm, the most monstrous genius in the southern territory for the last one thousand years, the existence in the southern territory who’s most likely to become the Martial God. I think he doesn’t dare to come here! After all, there are countless experts here. So, if he doesn’t live up to his reputation, then the Origin School would truly lose face!”

“Haha….” Suddenly, Yuan Ye roared with laughter, and it was slightly frenzied laughter.

Qin Youran frowned and said in a low voice, “Yuan Ye, why are you laughing?”

Yuan Ye stopped laughing and asked abruptly. “Qin Youran, do you know where my Senior Brother is right now?”

“Where?” Qin Youran frowned.

Yuan Ye smiled, and then he swept his gaze through all the disciples from the other five great powers and the Imperial Academy before he said, “My Senior Brother said that it’s truly not challenging to be teleported directly to Ascension Mountain Range. So, he chose to walk to Ascension Mountain Range from the outside. Presently, he’d probably about to arrive at Ascension Mountain Range!”

The expressions of everyone changed when they heard this.

Ascension Mountain Range was at the southernmost area of the Grand Myriad Mountains, and it was over 5,000km away from the Grand Qin Empire. The distance wasn’t the main point. The main point was that this journey was dangerous. After one passed Death Mountain Range, it would practically be a world filled with King Rank and Spirit Rank Darkbeasts. So, it was obvious how difficult it was for a First Heaven Realm cultivator to pass through the territories of these King Rank and Spirit Rank Darkbeasts and arrive at Ascension Mountain Range! Moreover, there might be various other dangers all along the way!

Not to mention a First Heaven Realm expert, even a King Realm expert wouldn’t dare act in this way. Only a Spirit Realm expert that was capable of transforming his profound energy into wings was capable of accomplishing this!

Yet now, a First Heaven Realm profounder had actually acted in this way.

Yang Ye had a solemn expression as well. He was able to walk to Ascension Mountain Range like Yuan Tong as well. Of course, it would probably not be so feasible if he didn’t have the violet mink by his side. He was naturally unafraid of King Rank Darkbeasts, but Spirit Rank Darkbeasts weren’t existences that he could resist right now.

If that Yuan Tong is really unafraid of Spirit Rank Darkbeasts, then the competition to obtain the 1st in the Ascension Rankings will be difficult!

Besides Yang Ye, the expressions of all the disciples from the other five great powers and the Imperial Academy were solemn as well. Even though they hadn’t met Yuan Tong in person, they’d felt extremely great pressure press down upon them just from these actions of his. With such a monstrous genius present during the Ascension Rankings, would we have a chance to reveal our brilliance as well?

Qin Youran took a deep breath, and then he glanced at Yuan Ye before he led the members of the Imperial Academy into the teleportation formation.

Yuan Ye smiled when he saw this, and then he led the other two disciples behind him into the teleportation formation as well.

After the Origin School and Imperial Academy entered the formation, the gazes of everyone shot towards the Flower Palace and Snow Palace. It was common knowledge that there was conflict between these two powers, so this created a problem! Which palace would enter the formation first! After all, it was related to the honor of the two palaces!

When he saw the members of both the palaces remaining on the spot, Xiu Luo from the Ghost Sect grunted coldly and took a stride forward. Suddenly, Li Xianjun who stood by Xiu Luo’s side held onto Xiu Luo’s arm and shook his head towards Xiu Luo.

Xiu Luo frowned while he revealed slight displeasure in his eyes, but he withdrew back to his previous position in the end.

When they saw Xiu Luo step back, the members of the Flower Palace and Snow Palace finally moved their gazes away from him. Even though both these palaces were slightly inferior to the Origin School and Grand Qin Empire, they weren’t existences that the Ghost Sect could compare to. So, if the Ghost Sect acted insensibly, then they wouldn’t mind teaching the members of the Ghost Sect a lesson here!

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