Chapter 183 – Slaughter Intent

Almighty Sword Domain

After a short moment of silence, it wasn’t long before the Flower Palace’s Wenren Yue walked towards the teleportation formation, and the disciples behind her hurriedly followed behind.

At the same time, the members of the Snow Palace were led by Leng Xinran towards the teleportation formation as well.

The two palaces were soon walking side by side.

When they arrived before the teleportation, Wenren Yue suddenly stopped and looked at Leng Xinran who was at her right and said, “It was my Flower Palace that entered the teleportation formation first the last time, so the Snow Palace can go ahead this time!”

Leng Xinran didn’t speak nor did she look at Wenren Yue as she directly led the members of the Snow Palace into the teleportation formation.

As they watched the members of the Snow Palace vanish within the formation, a beautiful female disciple behind Wenren Yue spoke with bewilderment. “Senior Sister Wenren, why did you allow the Snow Palace to enter first? In this way, wouldn’t everyone think that our Flower Palace is afraid of the Snow Palace?”

Wenren Yue shook her head and said, “If it was at an ordinary time, then we naturally can’t allow the Snow Palace to enter first. But it’s different now. In the recent years, our Flower Palace has offended numerous powers and clans. So, many will probably make a move against us from the shadows once we enter the Ascension Mountain Range. Even though we’ve been constantly competing with the Snow Palace, they aren’t a mortal enemy of ours, so there’s truly no necessity to form enmity with them just to enjoy a reputation.”

A wisp of worry flashed in the eyes of the woman behind Wenren Yue, and then she said, “Senior Sister, but Elder Cai Feng….”

“I’ll take responsibility for everything!” Wenren Yue spoke in a light voice, and then she walked towards the formation.

The woman sighed in a low voice before following Wenren Yue.

After the two palaces entered the Ascension Mountain Range, the gazes of everyone shot towards the Ghost Sect, the Sword Sect, and the Brightmoon Sect that everyone was on the verge of overlooking.

Even though the strengths of the three sects weren’t as formidable as the Origin School and the two palaces, there was no doubt that even the Sword Sect which had fallen into decline now wasn’t an existence that the clans could provoke.

This time, there was no silence as there had been earlier. After the members of the Snow Palace entered the formation, the members of the Ghost Sect had already started moving directly towards the formation, and they’d completely disregarded the Sword Sect’s members.

Situ Rong grunted coldly and hurriedly chased after the members of the Ghost Sect. Presently, he could be said to be the representative of the Sword Sect, so how could he display weakness to the Ghost Sect in public?

Yang Ye and Murong Yao followed as well when they saw this. Even though they disliked Situ Rong, they couldn’t allow outsiders to laugh at the Sword Sect. Of course, Yang Ye was doing it out of consideration for Su Qingshi. Otherwise, he would hope to keep as low a profile as he could. In his opinion, the order of entering the Ascension Mountain Range was utterly meaningless.

The enmity between the Ghost Sect and Sword Sect could be said to be common knowledge, so watching these two sects go against each other in public now was truly a rare sight.

As expected, when he saw Situ Rong lead the members of the Sword Sect towards the formation, the group from the Ghost Sect led by Xiu Luo had immediately stopped. Xiu Luo looked at Situ Rong while the contempt in his eyes wasn’t concealed at all. He said, “What? The Sword Sect has always been the last to enter, all of you’ve gained some ability now?”

Situ Rong refused to show weakness and counterattacked. “Xiu Luo, don’t think that you’re invincible just because you’ve comprehended Slaughter Intent. My Sword Sect is going to enter the formation first today, and if you’re disgruntled about it, then why don’t we have a spar on the spot?”

“Haha….” Xiu Luo suddenly roared with laughter. He laughed for a short moment before he gazed at Situ Rong, and his face was covered in disdain as he said, “You?”

As soon as he finished speaking, Xiu Luo’s figure suddenly transformed into a black shadow that shot explosively at Situ Rong. Situ Rong seemed to have been prepared, and the glow of a sword flashed at the same moment that Xiu Luo moved, and a snow white strand of sword qi instantly shot violently towards Xiu Luo.

Clamorous noise arose in the surroundings when they saw that the members of the Ghost Sect and Sword Sect had actually entered into battle on the spot…. Of course, most revealed excited expressions in their eyes. Because it was common for others to say that the disciples of the sects were monstrous geniuses, and they who were independent cultivators couldn’t compare to these geniuses at all. Now, they had the extremely rare opportunity of witnessing a battle between two disciples of such sects!

In the air, Li Si and Bai Qi watched indifferently and didn’t obstruct this from happening. Since the two of them hadn’t obstructed it, the Imperial Guards in the surroundings would naturally not obstruct it as well.

Under the gazes of everyone, the black shadow and sword qi collided with each other.


An explosion resounded. After that, Situ Rong’s sword qi rumbled as it dispersed, whereas, the black shadow didn’t slow down as it continued shooting explosively at Situ Rong.

Situ Rong’s expression changed slightly when he saw this, and then the sword in his hand left a string of afterimages behind as it flashed towards Xiu Luo.


The two of them split up as soon as they collided. But in the next moment, the two of them shot explosively towards each other once more.

“I underestimated Situ Rong in the past!” Murong Yao who stood by Yang Ye’s side spoke in a low voice as she watched the intense battle between Situ Rong and Xiu Luo.

Yang Ye nodded slightly. Needless to say, even though Situ Rong wasn’t a nice person, his strength was really not bad. Because not only did Situ Rong show no signs of falling into a disadvantaged position, he faintly showed signs of suppressing Xiu Luo. Of course, Xiu Luo had comprehended Slaughter Intent according to the rumors. So, if Xiu Luo utilized it, then it would probably be a completely different situation.

However, could anyone confirm that Situ Rong had no trump cards of his own?

As they watched the intense battle between Situ Rong and Xiu Luo, some of the profounders in the surroundings started to converse in low voices.

“As expected of the disciples from the sects. Such strength is even superior to some King Realm experts!”

“In the past, I felt that the gap between me and these disciples of the sects wasn’t that great. Now it would seem like I’m not a match for them at all. Alas, I hope I don’t encounter these disciples after I enter the Ascension Mountain Range, otherwise, I would definitely lose my life in the Grand Myriad Mountains!”

“Don’t worry brother. Even though these disciples of the sects are formidable, they very rarely make a move against independent cultivators like us. So long as we don’t offend them, they won’t make a move against us. Because we’re of utterly no threat to them. Our objective is merely to survive and leave Ascension Mountain Range with the required Inner Cores!”

“Right. How could these disciples of the sects take tiny ants like us seriously!”


Another explosion resounded, and then both Xiu Luo and Situ Rong retreated explosively by over 30m.

At this moment, Xiu Luo’s expression was unsightly to the extreme. He’d originally thought that he would only need a few moves to deal with Situ Rong, yet never had he imagined that he wouldn’t just be unable to deal with Situ Rong and would be suppressed by Situ Rong instead. I’ve truly embarrassed myself this time!

When he thought up to here, a wisp of a savage expression surged onto Xiu Luo’s face. With a flip of his right hand, a greataxe that was covered in fresh blood and black energy appeared in his hand. Xiu Luo took a step forward with the greataxe in hand, and he slowly lifted it up to point it at Situ Rong from afar before he said, “I’ll finish you with a single cleave of my axe!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the profound energy within his body fluctuated. At the same time, a strand of terrifying and invisible energy suddenly surged out explosively from within his body. When this invisible energy appeared, the people that were comparatively closer to Xiu Luo instantly felt ghastly coldness envelop them.

“It’s Slaughter Intent!”

“It’s actually the Slaughter Intent of legend!”

“What formidable Slaughter Intent! Situ Rong is in danger….”

When they sensed the ghastly coldness emanated by Xiu Luo, an expanse of exclaims of shock arose in the surroundings. Intent could be said to be abilities of legend, and they’d never imagined that they would actually be able to witness it with their own two eyes!

Yang Ye’s expression became slightly solemn as well. The might of this Slaughter Intent was probably not inferior to his Sword Intent. Of course, his Sword Intent was at the peak of the 2nd level now while Xiu Luo’s Slaughter Intent was at the 1st level. So, Xiu Luo’s Slaughter Intent was of no threat to him, but it still couldn’t be underestimated!

When Xiu Luo released this invisible force, Bai Qi who was originally standing in midair with his eyes closed had suddenly opened his eyes and looked at Xiu Luo. However, he merely took a glance before he withdrew his gaze and said, “His Slaughter Intent isn’t pure. What a pity!” As soon as he finished speaking, he closed his eyes again.

“It’s already not bad!” Li Si said, “Presently, there is no conflict in the southern territory, so where would he find so many people to kill? Actually, I’m very curious as well. How exactly did this kid comprehend his Slaughter Intent? After all, if he killed willfully in the Grand Qin Empire, then it would be impossible for our Grand Qin Empire to be unaware of it. It’s exactly because of this that I’m curious how this disciple of the Ghost Sect comprehended Slaughter Intent!”

“Sects are potential troubles in the end!” Bai Qi suddenly opened his eyes and spoke.

Li Si’s expression changed, and he said, “Watch what you say!”

Bai Qi shook his head, closed his eyes once more, and fell silent.

On the ground below, Situ Rong’s expression changed as well when he sensed the ghastly coldness. However, he wasn’t afraid, and he was excited and joyful instead. If he was able to defeat Xiu Luo who’d comprehended Slaughter Intent, then his status in the Sword Sect would instantly rise a few levels, and even the ‘demonic woman’ Murong Yao would be unable to shake his status.

When he thought up to here, Situ Rong took a deep breath, and the profound energy within his body started surging violently. An invisible gale swept out from around him, and with a flip of his right hand, a dazzling glow flickered on his sword.

At a certain moment in time, Situ Rong’s body suddenly rose slowly into the air while strands of sword light flickered incessantly around him. Moreover, the sword in his hand was dazzling to the extreme like the sun.

Murong Yao’s expression was solemn as she spoke in a low voice. “It’s the Sword Sect’s low-grade Earth Rank sword technique — the Omnipresent Everlight Sword Technique!”

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