Chapter 184 – Taking Action

Almighty Sword Domain

As he watched Situ Rong rise slowly into the air, a strand of a vicious expression flashed in Xiu Luo’s eyes. He shouted in a grim voice. “Cleave of Bloodthirst!” As soon as he finished speaking, he suddenly hurled the greataxe in his hand at Situ Rong.

At the instant that the Greataxe of Bloodthirst left his grasp, an enormous blood red glow that was around 30m long shot out explosively from the tip of the greataxe and slashed down towards Situ Rong before the greataxe could arrive.

The blood red glow seemed material and was filled with a dense aura of blood. Even if they were almost a kilometer away from it, the profounders in the surroundings were still able to smell it clearly.

The most terrifying wasn’t the blood red glow but the axe itself that Xiu Luo had hurled. The axe was extremely swift, and it caused the expressions of all the participating profounders to reveal shock.

Most importantly, its might was extraordinary!

Everywhere it passed, the air was completely split apart while a rift that was over 30m in size appeared in midair….

In the air, a wisp of a vicious expression flashed in Situ Rong’s eyes, and then he shouted with a grim voice as he slashed his sword down towards Xiu Luo. In an instant, a strand of sword qi that wasn’t inferior to the blood red glow shot out explosively from the tip of the sword. At the same time, a dense expanse of tiny wisps of sword qi shot out abruptly from Situ Rong’s entire body. These wisps of sword qi were like raindrops that covered the heavens and the earth as they shot towards Xiu Luo.


The blood red glow and sword qi collided, causing an enormous bang to resound, and then a blast of air erupted from the point of collision. The hard flooring on the square was instantly blasted into pieces while arm thick cracks started spreading incessantly towards the surroundings….

However, Xiu Luo’s axe continued shooting over without difficulty and arrived before Situ Rong. At the same time, the dense rain of sword qi that Situ Rong emanated had arrived before Xiu Luo as well.

Both of them had executed formidable techniques earlier, so there was very little profound energy left in their bodies. So, how could they dodge, how could they resist? At this moment, both their expressions changed violently!

Right at this moment, a figure suddenly appeared in front of Xiu Luo, and with a wave of his right hand, a blood red energy shield appeared before him. The dense rain of sword qi descended onto the blood red energy shield, and countless cracks appeared on it in next to no time. That figure grunted coldly when he noticed this, and then he stretched out his right hand, causing countless strands of black energy to effuse out from his palm.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The black energy collided with the rain of sword qi, and numerous explosions resounded….

Someone had come to Xiu Luo’s rescue, and it was the same for Situ Rong. It was naturally not Yang Ye who rescued Situ Rong. With how Situ Rong had acted towards him, how could Yang Ye possibly rescue Situ Rong? Yang Ye wasn’t someone that would repay hatred with kindness.

It was Murong Yao who rescued Situ Rong. Murong Yao originally hoped that Yang Ye would rescue him. However, she noticed that Yang Ye had no intention to do that at all…. So, she had no other choice but to make a move herself.

Even though she didn’t like Situ Rong, all the disciples of the Sword Sect had to put the enmity between them aside when facing the Ghost Sect!

Amongst the disciples present here, only Yang Ye and Murong Yao possessed the strength to resist Xiu Luo’s attack, and since Yang Ye refused to help, then she naturally had no choice but to do so.

When the axe was less than 3m away from Situ Rong, Murong Yao appeared before him, and a sword had suddenly appeared in her hand. With a flick of her wrist, she instantly slashed countless times with her sword.


The greataxe was blasted flying.

The young man standing before Xiu Luo grunted coldly. He stretched out his right hand, and the greataxe fell firmly into his grasp as if Murong Yao had sent it right there.

“Since Fairy Su of the Sword Sect entered the teleportation formation before my Ghost Sect all those years ago, the Sword Sect has always entered after my Ghost Sect. This time, my Ghost Sect will still be entering first. What do all of you from the Sword Sect think about this?” said the young man.

The expression of the members of the Sword Sect turned grim when they heard this. If they agreed, then they would truly lose all face for the Sword Sect.

“Who do you think you are!” Meanwhile, Situ Rong roared furiously. “You think you can go in first just because you said so?”

Murong Yao shook her head upon hearing this, and she said to herself, Situ Rong is truly unable to discern the situation. Could it be that he still thinks the strongest in the Ghost Sect is Xiu Luo?

The young man glanced indifferently at Situ Rong, and then he turned to look at Li Si who stood in midair before he said, “Prime Minister, killing isn’t prohibited here, right?”

“It isn’t!” Li Si glanced indifferently at the young man before he said, “The reason those seniors of your sects weren’t allowed to come here was that once someone enters the teleportation formation, then the competition would be considered to have begun. Thus, so long as you have the ability, then feel free to kill!”

The Grand Qin Empire would naturally not mediate the enmity between the sect, and it was even to the extent the Empire was pleased the more these sects fought amongst each other!

“Good!” Right at this moment, Yang Ye suddenly walked out from the crowd and arrived by Murong Yao’s side before he said, “Since Senior Li Si has said that the Ascension Rankings have begun and killing isn’t prohibited, then disciples of the Sword Sect, what are all of you waiting for?! The Ghost Sect only possesses 3 members while we have 10! Don’t tell me that the 10 of us are afraid to fight the 3 of them!”

When the young man spoke those words, he knew that he couldn’t keep a low profile any longer. Before he came here, he’d promised Su Qingshi that he would take care of these disciples of the Sword Sect if it was possible. It couldn’t be helped. He was unable to do refuse a request from her.

Now, the disciples of the Sword Sect needed him to take care of them. Because amongst the disciples present here, perhaps only Murong Yao and himself were able to go against the young man that stood before them.

He wasn’t being conceited, but this was a fact of the situation. Of course, there was an even more important reason. He desired to annihilate all the members of the Ghost Sect right here if it was possible. Because their group would be split apart once they entered the Ascension Mountain Range. So, if those members of the Sword Sect were alone while they encountered any one of these three members of the Ghost Sect, then besides Situ Rong and Murong Yao, the others would probably face death.

However, it was different here. They were all together now, and they could gather their forces. If they were unable to win a fight of 10 against 3, then what was the point of participating in the Ascension Rankings? It was better for them to just go home and have kids.

When they heard Yang Ye, the members of the Sword Sect were first stunned, but they quickly reacted to what he meant. After that, they walked over to Yang Ye, Murong Yao, and Situ Rong’s side, and then they withdrew their swords and stared at the members of the Ghost Sect with hostile gazes.

The young man’s expression changed. He sized Yang Ye up for a moment before he said, “You’re that Yang Ye who kill a King Realm expert at the entrance of the Imperial Capital?”

With a flip of his wrist, Violet Spirit appeared in his grasp, and he pointed it at the young man from afar before he said, “I don’t have the time to make small talk with you. Just tell me, will you allow us to go in first, or will you fight us?”

The young man’s eyes narrowed and flickered with a ghastly cold glow. He was very confident, and he felt confident in his ability to kill Yang Ye. However, he was clearly aware that it was absolutely impossible to go against all 10 members of the Sword Sect. Even if Xiu Luo and the other junior brother behind him were included, it would still be impossible.

It was even to the extent that the slightest mistake might cause all three of them to perish here. Even though they could at least kill seven or eight members of the Sword Sect, would it be worth it?

If they entered into the Ascension Mountain Range and these members of the Sword Sect had split up, then he would be entirely capable of annihilating them all without sacrificing anyone from his side. So, when he thought up to here, the young man had made his decision.

Yang Ye laughed coldly when he saw the young man remain silent, and then he led the disciples of the Sword Sect towards the teleportation formation. If he was really a disciple of the Sword Sect, then he would absolutely disregard everything to make them leave their lives behind. However, he wasn’t. So, it was naturally impossible for him to fight with his life on the line for the Sword Sect. What a joke! He still clearly remembered how the Sword Sect had treated him.

Murong Yao’s red lips parted, but she didn’t say anything in the end. With her level of intelligence, even she’d noticed that Yang Ye’s relationship with the Sword Sect seemed to be slightly different now. Otherwise, with Yang Ye’s character, he would probably disregard everything to kill these members of the Ghost Sect. But Yang Ye hadn’t done so.

She wanted to do that, but if Yang Ye refused to cooperate with her, then she didn’t possess any confidence in being able to kill the three of them. Moreover, it was even to the extent that the slightest mistake might cause all the disciples of the Sword Sect, herself included, to perish here.

What a waste of such an opportunity…. Murong Yao sighed lightly.

As he watched at the members of the Sword Sect walk towards the teleportation formation, Xiu Luo spoke furiously. “Senior Brother Xianjun, we’re going to let them enter just like that?”

“What else?” The young man said indifferently, “Do you think the 3 of us can resist their group of 10?”

Xiu Luo was speechless. Even though he was arrogant, he wasn’t arrogant to the point of thinking the 3 of them could annihilate all 10 members of the Sword Sect. After all, he’d already utilized his Slaughter Intent earlier, yet he was still forced ‘perish together’ with Situ Rong. On the other hand, Situ Rong seemed to not be the strongest amongst the members of the Sword Sect….

But I really feel slightly unwilling to accept this…. Xiu Luo thought with a gloomy expression on his face.

In the sky, Bai Qi opened his eyes after Yang Ye’s group entered the formation, and he said, “What an interesting kid….”

After the 10 members of the Sword Sect entered Ascension Mountain Range, it was the members of the Ghost Sect that entered next, and then it was the Brightmoon Sect. After the Brightmoon Sect entered, all the remaining profounders just rushed forward without giving any thought to the order that they entered the Ascension Mountain Range in….

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