Chapter 185 – Debate

Almighty Sword Domain

At the same moment that the participants of the Ascension Rankings entered the teleportation formation, a furious roar suddenly resounded in the depths of the Ascension Mountain Rankings that was extremely far away. After that, the ground started to tremor violently while countless Darkbeasts of various types dispersed towards the surroundings.

At this moment, the entire Ascension Mountain Range was bustling, and the ground quaked as if there was an earthquake.

A myriad of beasts dashed through the mountain range, and such a scene and the imposing aura revealed by it was sufficient to make a Spirit Realm expert shudder with fear!

On a mountain that was over 500km away from Ascension mountain Range, the representatives of the six great powers, the Imperial Academy, and the various clans were here. Besides the humans, there were also men that possessed robust figures and strong physiques. Obviously, they were Darkbeast that had taken human form!

Only profounders below the King Realm and Darkbeasts below the Spirit Realm could participate in the Ascension Rankings. If experts at the King Realm or above and Darkbeasts at the Spirit Realm or above entered Ascension Mountain Range, then it would undoubtedly be a calamity for the various powers and those Darkbeasts. So, the various powers and the Darkbeasts were monitoring it from here.

There were Exalt Realm experts and Spirit Realm Darkbeasts here on the mountain peak. Their Spiritual Senses were sufficient for them to sense everything that happened within the Ascension Mountain Range. So long as anyone that exceeded these limits appeared, it would be noticed by them at the first possible moment!

On the mountain peak, a robust man looked at a middle aged man in a green robe that stood not too far away from him, and he asked. “Qing Yun’zi, I heard that the most monstrous genius in history has appeared in your Origin School?”

The middle aged man called Qing Yun’zi glanced at the robust man and said, “I don’t dare say that he’s the most monstrous genius in history, but he can be considered as the most monstrous genius in the last thousand years!

When they heard this, the representatives of the other powers glanced at Qing Yun’zi. What arrogant sentiments!

The robust man roared with laughter and said, “Qing Yun’zi, you still dared to let him participate in the Ascension Rankings? Are you not afraid he’ll die early? It would truly be a pity if such a genius died prematurely in the Grand Myriad Mountains!”

“So long as the grandchildren of you, the Exalt Hu, have the strength, then feel free to kill him!” Qing Yun’zi spoke indifferently. “But the path of cultivation for the Darkbeasts in your Tiger Clan isn’t easy, and you’ve even dispatched all the elites in the younger generation of your Tiger Clan. Aren’t you afraid that they would be completely annihilated by us, humans?”

“Haha!!” Exalt Hu suddenly roared with laughter that shot into the sky. After a short while, he stopped laughing and said, “Qing Yun’zi, it is I who should speak those words. All the geniuses amongst your humans have come here, so aren’t all of you afraid that the elites of my Darkbeast Empire would annihilate them? If that happens, then my Darkbeast Empire will probably be the owner of the southern territory for the few hundred years!”

“Let’s wait and see who kills who?” Qing Yun’zi spoke indifferently.

Exalt Hu glanced at the representatives of the other powers, and then he smiled as he said, “Qing Yun’zi, if the geniuses of your human race are united, then the elites of my Darkbeast Empire would really be slightly in danger. But unfortunately, do you think those geniuses of your human race would be united?”

As he spoke, he glanced at Yu Heng from the Sword Sect and Elder Kugu from the Ghost Sect before he said, “Let’s not speak about everyone else and just speak about the Sword Sect and Ghost Sect. Do you think their sects would join forces against a common enemy?”

Meanwhile, Elder Kugu grunted coldly and said, “Exalt Hu, it isn’t your place to comment on the matters between us humans. Would my human race need to join forces in order to deal with those little Darkbeasts? So long as your Darkbeast Empire doesn’t play any tricks and dispatches Darkbeasts at the Spirit Realm, then I guarantee that all the elites dispatched by your Darkbeast Empire will be annihilated this time!”

“Kugu, I never expected that while your strength hasn’t improved much in the past 10 plus years, your skill in arguing has become much… much greater!” Exalt Hu glanced indifferently at Kugu.

Kugu was about to say something when Qing Yun’zi suddenly said, “Let’s not continue arguing here. The Ascension Rankings is a battle between humans and Darkbeasts, and it’s also a battle between humans as well. If they die during the battle, then they can only be considered to possess insufficient strength. Since they possessed insufficient strength, then wouldn’t they still end up dying if they headed to the Ancient Battlefield? It would end in death in the end, so wouldn’t it be better to perish at the hands of humans and Darkbeasts?”

Kugu and Exalt Hu fell silent when they heard this.


At this moment, Yang Ye revealed a solemn expression as he gazed at the enormous tiger that was almost 10 times larger than him. The size of this enormous tiger was even larger than the two wolf kings within his Vortex Dantian and the Earth Bear King at Death Mountain Range. The strength of Darkbeasts was usually determined by their size. Of course, this common method excluded unusual monstrous geniuses like the violet mink.

Since the enormous tiger had such a colossal size, there was naturally no doubt about its strength….

Of course, Yang Ye wasn’t afraid, and he just felt that he was slightly unfortunate. Because as soon as he’d been teleported here, he’d been teleported before this enormous tiger, and if it wasn’t for him reacting in a timely manner, he would have probably been swallowed into the belly of this tiger.

This time, Yang Ye didn’t think of utilizing this King Rank Darkbeast to improve his strength. Presently, it wasn’t like it had been in the past, and there were countless human profounders in the surroundings. If he fought this tiger to the point both of them were heavily injured, then it was very likely that it would end up benefitting another human.

Right when he was about to summon the violet mink, the tiger suddenly let out a furious roar, and then it pounced towards Yang Ye like an enormous mountain was pressing down towards him.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched. He didn’t give it a second thought before he stomped his right foot on the ground, and then he relied on the counterforce to soar into the air!


The tiger missed and smashed heavily onto the ground. The ground instantly shook violently while a huge and deep hole appeared where the tiger landed.

The tiger grew even more enraged after it missed, and it lifted its head up and roared. After that, it swiftly struck the ground with its front paws and then leaped up before smashing fiercely towards Yang Ye who was descending from midair.

This time, the tiger’s speed was at least two times what it was during the last attack, so Yang Ye was utterly unable to dodge!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted when he noticed its speed, and he said to himself, How swift! It’s even much swifter than Grey and Silver!

Since I can’t dodge, then I can only go head-on against it!A wisp of a ruthless expression flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes while he clenched his right hand into a fist, and then he pulled it back as golden light effused out around it.

At the moment that the tiger was about to collide with his body, Yang Ye let out a loud shout as he swiftly smashed his fist towards the tiger’s head.


Yang Ye flew backward in midair, and he flew un unknown distance to the point his figure directly transformed into a black dot in the eyes of the tiger….

On the other hand, the tiger didn’t fare any better. Not only had a fist imprint sunk into its skull, but it was also blasted down towards the ground at a speed which was even faster than the speed it utilized to pounce at Yang Ye just now. The ground shook as its enormous figure directly sunk over 10m deep into the ground!

After he descended to the ground, Yang Ye’s expression was slightly serious as he gazed at the tiger that had sunken into the ground. That attack of the tiger’s from before had actually injured his internal organs. Fortunately, he was fine after receiving the healing from a Healing Talisman. At this moment, his physical strength and defense were already on par with a King Rank Darkbeast, yet he’d clearly been in a disadvantaged position during the previous collision.

This clearly displayed how formidable the Darkbeasts roaming Ascension Mountain Range now were. Would those other human geniuses be able to resist a single strike from these King Rank Darkbeasts? Yang Ye shook his head and discarded all of these thoughts because this wasn’t something he should be worried about. Yang Ye gazed at the tiger that had leaped out of the hole and said, “Little Fellow, fight with me!”

He was confident in his ability to deal with the tiger by himself, but he had to preserve his strength now. After all, there were all sorts of unknown dangers waiting for him, so he’d chosen to end the battle quickly!

When it heard Yang Ye, the violet mink blinked, and then it looked at the tiger in the distance. After that, an invisible pressure enveloped down towards it.

When tiger that was about to attack once more sensed the bloodline pressure from the violet mink, the ferocious glow in its eyes that were even larger than fists had instantly vanished completely, and it was replaced with fear and terror instead. Moreover, its enormous body even started to slowly lie prone on the ground. Besides that, Yang Ye noticed to his shock that its body was actually shivering….

After a short while, it lay prone on the ground as if it had submitted.

The violet mink blinked when it saw the enormous tiger act in this way, and then it looked at Yang Ye before rubbing Yang Ye’s head with its little claws.

It’s done just like that? Yang Ye hadn’t recovered from his shock yet. A King Rank Darkbeast that was even more formidable than Grey and Silver actually didn’t even resist before submitting in front of the little fellow?

After a short while, Yang Ye recovered from his shock, and then he looked at the little guy who sought credit for its achievements and smiled bitterly. “Little Fellow, let’s kill it alright?”

Even though he wanted to subdue this King Rank Darkbeast, he hadn’t forgotten that he had an assignment this time, and it was to obtain the Inner Cores of 30 King Rank Darkbeasts!

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