Chapter 186 – Wenren Yue

Almighty Sword Domain

When it heard Yang Ye, the tiger pressed its body closer to the ground, and it gazed at the violet mink with a pleading expression that filled its eyes.

The violet mink hurriedly shook its little head to indicate that it refused to kill the tiger.

The bitter smile on Yang Ye’s face grew even more bitter as he said, “Little Fellow, if I don’t kill it, then I’ll fail even if I leave this place alive!”

The violet mink continued shaking its head, and it seemed to feel that this wasn’t sufficient, so it grabbed Yang Ye’s head with its claws and shook his head forcefully….

“Alright, alright. We won’t kill it, alright?” Yang Ye spoke helplessly as he embraced the violet mink in his arms.

It hurriedly waved its little claw upon hearing this, and then a strand of violet light enveloped the tiger before it was sent into Yang Ye’s Vortex Dantian. The little fellow simply seemed as if it was deeply afraid that Yang Ye would go back on his word.

Yang Ye was slightly amused when he saw the little guy’s actions. Actually, he was merely joking just now because he’d given up on killing it once he saw it submit. It was like a hired thug that was a King Rank Darkbeast, so long as there was nothing wrong in his head, then why would he give up on obtaining it? Moreover, perhaps it was because of the violet mink but he didn’t have much ill intent towards Darkbeasts, and he had a slightly good impression of them instead.

Moreover, he’d sensed the little fellow’s attitude towards the matter this time, and it didn’t want him to kill Darkbeasts. Of course, he believed that if a Darkbeast didn’t know what was good for it and intended to kill him, then the little fellow would definitely stand on his side.

As for the Inner Cores of the Darkbeasts, it wasn’t a problem at all. Even though he couldn’t kill Darkbeasts, wouldn’t others kill them anyway? After all, there were always countless people in this world that loved to court death. So, when compared to Darkbeasts, he was even more interested in killing those humans that courted death like the members of the Ghost Sect and Flower Palace!

Suddenly, Yang Ye frowned, and with a flip of his wrist, Violet Spirit shot violently towards an enormous tree that resided around 30m away.


The tree was blasted into pieces, and then a figure flashed out from there.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed when he saw the appearance of this person. With a gesture of his right hand, Violet Spirit transformed into a violet ray of light that flew back into his palm. The profound energy within his body instantly started surging, and he gazed at this person and said in a deep voice, “The Flower Palace’s Wenren Yue? How long have you been here?” It was none other than the representative disciple amongst the participants from the Flower Palace, Wenren Yue!

Wenren Yue gazed at the Violet Spirit sword that resided in Yang Ye’s hand and said, “What a profound method of sword control. Looks like your strength is much stronger than the rumors say!”

“How long have you been here?” Yang Ye asked the same question again. He didn’t want his secrets to be known by the members of the Flower Palace, otherwise, he would never be able to rest in peace again!

“Is it important?” Wenren Yue spoke indifferently.

A wisp of a cold smile arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and he said, “Indeed, it isn’t important at all!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye’s figure flashed, and he transformed into a shadow that shot explosively towards her. Moreover, he suddenly swept Violet Spirit towards her in midair, causing a golden strand of sword qi to shoot towards her first.

When it came to the members of the Flower Palace, he desired to kill every single one of them that he met. If it was at any ordinary time, then he would definitely not attack rashly. But now… this moment was a good opportunity!

Wenren Yue wasn’t surprised when she saw Yang Ye suddenly attack. She stretched out her right hand, and then a flower petal shot towards Yang Ye’s strand of golden sword qi at a speed that wasn’t visible to the naked eye.


The golden sword qi instantly destroyed Wenren Yue’s flower petal, and then it didn’t slow down at all as it shot towards her.

A wisp of shock flashed in her eyes, and she said in a low voice, “What sharp sword qi. Wait! You possess profound energy of the five elements!”

As she spoke, she waved her right hand once more, and then a flower petal shot out explosively once more. This time, the flower petal was even faster than before, and its might was much more terrifying than before.


The golden sword qi and flower petal collided violently around 3m in front of Wenren Yue, and an explosion resounded before they transformed into waves of air that dispersed into the surroundings.

At the same time, Yang Ye had arrived in front of her, and he didn’t waste his breath or hesitate to draw his sword and slash down from top to bottom!

This sword strike was swift like a bolt of lightning. No! It was even swifter than that!

However, it was exactly such a swift strike that actually missed!

It actually couldn’t be said to have missed because it had slashed off a strand of her beautiful hair!

Just moments before all of this had occurred. At the same time that Yang Ye drew his sword, Wenren Yue’s body had suddenly and strangely transformed into countless flowers that dispersed towards the surroundings before she appeared mysterious 30m away. At the same time, the flowers that she’s transformed to earlier swept at Yang Ye at a shocking speed.

At such a close distance, Yang Ye was utterly unable to dodge such an attack, and he could only allow those flowers to shoot onto his body!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

It was like firecrackers were exploding on him, and numerous explosions resounded.

Wenren Yue touched the hair on her forehead that had been cut off by Yang Ye, and then she looked at Yang Ye who’d been struck by the petals of those flowers. She said, “What swift swordsmanship! But is that all you’ve got? How….” Suddenly, her voice stopped abruptly while her pupils constricted.

She saw Yang Ye pat the slightly tattered clothes on his body as he walked slowly towards her.

The might of those flower petals was formidable indeed. But in Yang Ye’s opinion, they were still slightly insufficient. After all, his physical defense was already stronger than an ordinary King Rank Darkbeast!

Even though he’d withstood her attack, his expression was even more solemn. This woman’s strength was even more formidable than he’d imagined! Not only had she been able to dodge that strike of his from before, but she was also able to launch a counterattack at the same time that she did. Such a reaction speed could truly be described as terrifying!

This was the first time that his Reactive Strike had failed against someone of the same cultivation realm!

“What a formidable physical defense!” Wenren Yue gazed at him as she said, “So we’ve always been underestimating you. Not to mention anything else, just that physical body of yours is quite a huge threat to us! I’m really curious, there are practically zero body refiners in the southern territory now, and even if there are, it’s some worthless body refiners. How did you improve your body to such an extent?”

“Do you think I would tell you?” A wisp of ridicule arose on the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth, and he continued walking slowly towards her.

Wenren Yue nodded and said, “Right, I presume you wouldn’t. I’m very curious. What other trump cards do you possess? Feel free to utilize all of them!”

Yang Ye frowned. There’s something off about her attitude. Is she investigating my trump cards?Yang Ye shook his head and stopped thinking about all of this. When he arrived 10m away from Wenren Yue, the profound energy within his body had instantly surged into the Gale Shoes while he simultaneously executed the Gale Steps, causing his figure to transform into numerous afterimages that vanished on the spot. Those afterimages hadn’t dispersed yet when his body had arrived in front of Wenren Yue.

Just like before, Yang Ye drew his sword and slashed.

This time, its speed was superior to the last.

However, Wenren Yue’s expression remained unchanged, and she utilized the same trick. At the instant Yang Ye drew his sword, her figure had vanished on the spot while countless flowers immediately enveloped Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s expression remained unchanged when he saw this, and he allowed those flowers to strike him. At the same time, he flicked Violet Spirit towards Wenren Yue who’d appeared over 30m away, and Violet Spirit instantly transformed into a bolt of lightning that shot towards her. After that, his figure flashed, and he shot followed behind Violet Spirit and shot towards her as well.

Wenren Yue flicked her finger when she saw Yang Ye’s sword flash over like a bolt of lightning, and then two flowers shot out explosively and instantly blasted Violet Spirit away!

Right at this moment, Yang Ye had arrived in front of Wenren Yue. She frowned when she saw Yang Ye arrive empty handed. Could it be that this man intends to utilize his fist against me?Suddenly, a feeling of danger suddenly arose in the bottom of her heart, and it caused her expression to change. With a wave of her right hand, countless flowers instantly effused out from her hand as she instinctively utilized them to block before her.


An enormous bang resounded. Wenren Yue’s arms felt numb while the flowers on her hand instantly exploded into pieces. Moreover, right when she was about to retreat, a fist that flickered with a golden glow had arrived before her stomach.

Wenren Yue’s pupils constricted, and she shouted loudly. “Appear!”

As soon as she spoke, numerous lotus flower petals suddenly appeared in front of her stomach and blocked Yang Ye’s fist!


Wenren Yue took over 10 steps back while Yang Ye wasn’t any better as well. When he came into contact with those lotus flower petals, his entire arm felt numb before an enormous force came from his arm, causing him to retreat explosively. Moreover, he’d retreated even further than Wenren Yue as he’d taken over 20 steps back!

Both of them looked at each other from afar, and both of them saw shock and seriousness in each other’s eyes.

Right at this moment, the Violet Spirit sword that Wenren Yue had blasted flying earlier had suddenly transformed into a strand of violet light, and it instantly arrived before Wenren Yue and stabbed at her chest. This sudden and unexpected event caused her expression to change violently once more!

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