Chapter 187 – Probe

Almighty Sword Domain

Right when Violet Spirit was about to strike Wenren Yue, a blue light flashed.


Violet Spirit shot backward like a bolt of lightning, and it flew back into Yang Ye’s hand. On the other hand, a crystal blue ring had suddenly appeared in Wenren Yue’s grasp. It was exactly this crystal blue ring that had blasted Violet Spirit back just now!

“What a strange sword technique. It’s at least at the Earth Rank as well, right?” Wenren Yue held the ring in her hand as she gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Besides that, the sword in your left hand that can’t be seen and that violet sword of yours are probably at the Earth Rank as well. The Sword Sect really thinks very highly of you!”

Yang Ye didn’t answer her. Needless to say, this woman’s strength was truly extremely formidable. Not only was the Reactive Strike ineffective against her, even the Sword Control Technique had been blocked by her. Moreover, she still seemed to be very carefree. So, Yang Ye knew that she hadn’t become serious at all!

When he though up to here, Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he looked at the violet mink that resided on his shoulder before he nodded to it. In the next moment, Yang Ye took a step with his right foot, and then he relied on the counterforce and the boost from both the Gale Shoes and Gale Steps to shoot explosively towards Wenren Yue. At the same time, the Violet Spirit sword in his hand directly transformed into a strand of violet light that instantly arrived before Wenren Yue.

This time, Yang Ye didn’t hold back, and he executed the Sword Control Technique to its limits. He was over 30m away from Wenren Yue, yet Violet Spirit arrived in front of her in less than a breath of time, and the explosions from it tearing through the air resounded incessantly.

Wenren Yue’s expression remained unchanged as she stretched her fair hand forward and waved lightly. The crystal blue ring in her hand suddenly transformed into countless fist sized rings that enveloped down towards Yang Ye’s Violet Spirit sword.

The sword and rings encountered each other. No explosions resounded as the fist sized rings instantly went around Violet Spirit before suddenly constricting and forcefully restraining Violet Spirit.

Yang Ye’s expression changed when he witnessed this. His Violet Spirit was an Earth Rank Dark Treasure while his Sword Control Technique was even swift like a bolt of lightning. However, such a combination had still been restrained by the woman’s ring. Could it be that ring is a Dao Artifact of legend?

Yang Ye didn’t have the time to think about anything else because he’d arrived in front of her. This time, Yang Ye didn’t execute the Reactive Strike, and he clenched his right hand into a fist before smashing it directly at Wenren Yue’s chest.

His fist hadn’t arrived when a gust of wind had arrived from the force it shot forward with. The gust of wind caused Wenren Yue’s clothes to stick tightly to her delicate figure, and a few deep fist prints had even appeared on the ground beneath her feet.

A wisp of surprise flashed in Wenren Yue’s eyes, and she seemed to be surprised by Yang Ye’s strength. However, she was merely surprised. With a light wave of her hand, one of the rings that were created earlier had appeared in front of her and blocked Yang Ye’s fist.


The ring instantly shattered into pieces while Yang Ye’s fist arrived before her chest without suffering any difficulty. Wenren Yue’s expression still remained unchanged, and merely the surprise in her beautiful eyes had grown deeper.

Right when Yang Ye’s fist was about to blast onto her chest, those lotus flower petals suddenly appeared once more.


His fist struck the petals, and then he felt his arm become number. Moreover, Wenren Yue took around seven steps back while he’d taken over 10 steps back instead!

“This Lotus Armor is a mid-grade Earth Rank treasure. The stronger you are, the greater the recoil would be. It can be said that with this Lotus Armor on me, I’m already in an invincible position!” Wenren Yue gazed at Yang Ye as she spoke.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he heard this. So those lotus flower petals are actually part of a mid-grade Earth Rank armor. No wonder my physical strength which is comparable to a King Rank Darkbeast can’t break through them.

An Earth Rank armor. This is slightly difficult to deal with!“Do you have any other trump cards?” Right at this moment, Wenren Yue spoke abruptly.

“What!?” Yang Ye said, “You really want to know about my trump cards?”

Wenren Yue gestured with her hand, and the rings that restrained Yang Ye’s sword flew back into her hand. After that, she looked at Yang Ye and said, “You really surprised me, and I really want to know your true strength!”

“What exactly do you want!?” Yang Ye asked in a deep voice. At this point, he felt that this woman’s attitude was very strange! Logically speaking, she should intend to kill him, but up until now, she’d practically been constantly on the defensive, and this didn’t conform to reason at all!

Wenren Yue didn’t speak. With a flick of her finger, countless fist sized rings shot out from her hand. When these arrived 3m away from Yang Ye, all of them suddenly erupted with a wave of blue light before they instantly fused into an enormous ring that enveloped down towards Yang Ye. Moreover, its speed was so swift that it even surpassed Yang Ye’s Sword Control Technique!

He knew this ring was terrifying, so he didn’t dare be careless. His figure flashed towards the side, yet the ring flashed along with him and enveloped down once more.

“This ring is a Quasi Heaven Rank Dark Treasure, and it innately possesses intelligence of its own. Unless you destroy it by force, otherwise, it will follow closely behind you no matter where you flee!” Wenren Yue spoke indifferently as she gazed at Yang Ye who was constantly dodging the ring.

Yang Ye stopped dodging when he heard this. The gold profound energy within his body surged violently into the Hidden Sword, and when the ring descended once more, he suddenly shouted loudly and executed an upward slash.


The formidable strength behind this slash instantly blasted the ring flying. However, in the next moment, it shot over explosively once more just like his Sword Control Technique!

Yang Ye’s expression changed, and then he turned to look at Wenren Yun. He knew that he had to deal with this woman in order to stop the ring. So, when he thought up to here, 10 swords appeared before him, and then with a command in his heart, the Violet Spirit sword and the other 10 swords attacked the crystal blue ring!

Violet Spirit alone was unable to resist the crystal blue ring, but it was different when 10 more swords were included. At this moment, these swords had obstructed the ring under Violet Spirit’s lead.

The Sword Control Technique was formidable because of its speed and because one could control countless swords with it. Just like what Yang Ye was doing right now….

As she gazed at the 11 swords that fought her crystal blue ring in midair, a bright light flashed in her beautiful eyes, and she exclaimed with admiration. “I underestimated this sword technique of yours. I never expected that it actually possesses such an effect, and you’re able to control 11 swords at once. I think that this is probably not your limit, right?”

At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t take the initiative to attack. He knew that if he wanted to kill this woman, then it was only possible if he utilized his Sword Intent, all 36 swords within the Sword Chest, and the Violet Mink. He’d thought of doing this earlier, but he’d given up on it now. Because up until now, he noticed that this woman hadn’t revealed any killing intent at all. Just as she’d said, she seemed to be intentionally forcing him to expose his trump cards!

Something is strange about this!

“How did you find me in such a short period of time!?” asked Yang Ye. Presently, he would naturally not think that it was a coincidence that this woman found him.

Wenren Yue said, “It’s a secret technique of my Flower Palace. The reason I came to look for you was merely because I wanted to have a look at your strength. That was my only intention!”

Yang Ye was puzzled. “Why?”

“You haven’t answered my question!” said Wenren Yue.

After a short moment of silence, Yang Ye said, “This really isn’t my limit, and I do have trump cards. I’ll let you witness my trump card after you answer my question. Don’t worry, it will absolutely not disappoint you. Truthfully speaking, I really don’t have a good impression of the members of the Flower Palace. So, only one of us will leave alive today!”

“You’re very confident!” Wenren Yue gazed at him and said, “I really look forward to it!”

“Can you answer my question now?” Wenren Yue shook her head and said, “I can only answer you once I’ve witnessed your trump card, and I can’t do it now!”

“Is that so?” Yang Ye’s eyes gradually narrowed as he said, “Then you probably won’t have the chance to answer me anymore!”

“Wouldn’t we know the answer after giving it a try?”


Yang Ye stomped with his right foot, causing the ground to instantly split apart, and his figure shot explosively towards Wenren Yue. When he was 6m away from her, he suddenly utilized his Sword Intent, and it surged towards her like tidewater.

Wenren Yue’s eyes opened wide when she sensed this strand of Sword Intent, and her eyes were filled with shock and disbelief!

This wasn’t the end of it. At the same time, a violet colored ball of energy appeared abruptly in front of her, and it blasted onto her before she could even react.

The lotus flower petals appeared abruptly and blocked the Violet Mink’s violet ball of light.


The violet ball of light instantly dispersed. Meanwhile, Yang Ye had arrived before her, and then he drew his sword and stabbed it directly towards the lotus flower petals that were in front of Wenren Yue’s chest. “Break!”

Under the boost from his Sword Intent and Yang Ye’s Enlightened Sword Heart, the current speed and might of Yang Ye’s Reactive Strike had at least been multiplied by numerous times. Even the air shook slightly everywhere the Hidden Sword passed ….

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