Chapter 188 – Retreat

Almighty Sword Domain

There was a moment of silence when the Hidden Sword struck the lotus flower petals, and then a bang resounded as the petals suddenly broke apart. After that, a wave of air suddenly erupted from the point of collision, and it blasted them back.

His body had just started moving backward when Yang Ye had forcefully stopped his figure, and then he allowed the wave of air to blast onto him.


The clothes he wore were instantly blasted apart, and in the next moment, his figure flashed as he shot explosively towards Wenren Yue whose figure was flying backward.

Moreover, right at the instant that Yang Ye moved, the violet mink on his shoulder had waved its little claw, and then a violet glow blasted towards Wenren Yue before Yang Ye could even arrive.

At this moment, the shock in Wenren Yue’s heart was truly indescribable with words. She’d always felt that she’d taken Yang Ye’s strength seriously. However, the facts told her that she’d still underestimated his strengths, and she’d underestimated it by too much.

This young man that wasn’t a well-known figure had actually comprehended the Sword Intent of legend….

What exactly is that cute violet colored little fellow that I’ve overlooked until now? It was actually able to execute such a strange attack that’s even more mysterious than Yang Ye’s Sword Control Technique….

Wenren Yue didn’t have the time to be shocked because the cute little fellow had waved another strange violet glow at her.

The Earth Rank armor had been blasted apart by Yang Ye, so she naturally didn’t dare to go head on against this violet glow. With a wave of her hand, countless petals condensed from profound energy had instantly converged before her and revolved at high speeds.


The petals instantly exploded into pieces while the violet glow didn’t slow down at all as it blasted towards Wenren Yue. However, right when it struck her body, her figure suddenly vanished mysteriously on the spot before appearing over 30m away to the left. Moreover, she left a few dozed petals behind to collide with the violet light….


An explosion resounded once more!

Wenren Yue had just steadied herself when her pupils suddenly constricted, and her figure flashed once more and vanished on the spot. She’d just vanished on the spot when Yang Ye arrived where she stood an instant ago. Moreover, the Hidden Sword in Yang Ye’s hand was slashing down towards the spot she stood. If she was just an instant slower, then she would have probably been slashed into two now!

After his strike missed, Yang Ye turned to look at Wenren Yue who stood nearby, and he had a solemn expression. This woman deserved to be the representative of the Flower Palace’s younger generation. No matter if it was her instinct in combat or her reaction, both were top-rate. Coupled with the bunch of Earth Rank treasures she possessed and that strange movement technique, she was really difficult to deal with!

Wenren Yue gazed at Yang Ye while her expression wasn’t carefree as it had been earlier. Her expression had become solemn instead as she said, “I’ve still underestimated you. No, everyone has underestimated you. With your strength, you’re entirely capable of entering the top 10 of the Ascension Rankings. But it still isn’t enough if you want to obtain the 1st and seize the Ascension Token!”

Yang Ye’s expression changed when he heard this, and then he said in a low voice. “How did you know that I want to obtain the Ascension Token?”

Only his master, Lin Shan, knew that his objective was the Ascension Token, and his master would definitely not tell that to this woman. So, since it wasn’t Lin Shan, then how did this woman find out?

“I guessed!” Wenren Yue said, “You want to rescue Martial… rescue your mother, so you naturally have to seize the Ascension Token. Even though it can’t rescue her directly, it can lighten her punishment. Moreover, you came to participate in the Ascension Rankings while at the second rank of the First Heaven Realm, so I felt that your objective ought to be the Ascension Token. However, if this is the extent of your strength, then it’s still not enough. Not to mention those monstrous geniuses from the Origin School, you might not even be able to deal with me and Leng Xinran!”

“What exactly are your intentions!?” asked Yang Ye in a deep voice. Because this woman’s attitude towards him was truly too unusual!

“That isn’t important!” Wenren Yue said indifferently, “You ought to be aware of the Origin School’s Yuan Tong. Even though I haven’t fought him, I can tell you that my sect has already permitted us to directly admit defeat if we encounter him during the second round! You’ve witnessed my strength just now, yet my sect doesn’t even look favorably on my strength. Do you think you can defeat him?”

Yang Ye shook his head, he would naturally not tell her that he’d merely utilized the 1st level of Sword Intent. He’d already blasted her Earth Rank treasure into pieces with the 1st level of Sword Intent, and if he utilized the complete extent of his Sword Intent, then he was confident in his ability to heavily injure her. The reason it was only a heavy injury and not a fatal injury was because he considered the possibility that she possessed a Pseudo Dao Artifact!

If she didn’t possess a Pseudo Dao Artifact, then he was confident in being able to directly annihilate her! Moreover, he hadn’t utilized the Sword Chest and Dragonbreaker yet. If the Sword Chest was combined with both his Sword Control Technique and Sword Intent while he utilized the Dragonbreaker that even Elder Mu praised, then he was extremely confident in being able to directly annihilate her. The reason he didn’t utilize all his trump cards to kill her was that he felt this matter was slightly strange. He faintly had the feeling that this woman knew his mother!

“Is that violet colored little fellow on your shoulder a Beast King?” Wenren Yue suddenly asked this question.

Yang Ye replied with a question. “You know my mother?”

Wenren Yue fell silent.

Yang Ye was even more certain that he was right when he saw this. It was very likely that she knew his mother, so he immediately asked another question. “Is my mother well?”

After a short moment of silence, Wenren Yue said, “The situation is slightly bad. Your mother executed a forbidden technique that day, causing her cultivation to plummet. Moreover, it even damaged her internal organs. Now, she’s suffering the torture of the cold and baleful winds at the bottom of Passionless Cliff….”

When she spoke up to here, Wenren Yue glanced at Yang Ye whose eyes were crimson red and face had started to become savage, and she hesitated before she said, “But fortunately, with her foundation, it’s possible for her to hold on for a few years. If you’re able to obtain the Ascension Token and make the Flower Palace lighten her punishment, then it would be even better!”

After a long time, Yang Ye took a deep breath, calmed his emotions, and then looked at her as he said, “Give me a reason not to kill you. I know you still possess trump cards or even a Pseudo Dao Artifact of legend. But let me tell you that all of these won’t be able to save you. Give me a reason not to kill you!”

If it was any other disciple of the Flower Palace, then he would naturally not waste his breath. But she was different. He would naturally not think that his mother had no friends in the Flower Palace. So, if this woman or her seniors had a relationship with his mother, then how would he explain it to his mother if he killed her?

The corners of Wenren Yue’s mouth raised slightly while she revealed emotion for the first time. She said, “You’re really confident. Even though I don’t know exactly what trump cards you possess, but I can tell you that if I want to flee, then even a Spirit Realm expert wouldn’t be able to kill me.”

As soon as she finished speaking, Wenren Yue’s figure suddenly vanished on the spot before she mysteriously appeared over 60m away. In less than the time for a single breath, she vanished completely from Yang Ye’s field of vision. At the same time, her voice drifted over slowly from afar. “Those three disciples of the Ghost Sect are searching for the members of the Sword Sect over 500km to the south of us. If you don’t want them to be completely annihilated, then you better be quick….”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly when he saw her vanish within his field of vision. Just as Wenren Yue had said, he was really unable to kill her while she possessed this mysterious movement technique. Just like the little fellow. With the violet mink’s terrifying ability, even an Exalt Realm expert would probably be unable to catch up to it. Even though Wenren Yue’s movement technique couldn’t be considered to be instant teleportation, it wasn’t very inferior to the little fellow’s teleportation.

In any case, it wasn’t something that he could catch up to right now!

Meanwhile, the violet mink suddenly pointed towards the direction that Wenren Yue had vanished towards, and then waves its little claw with all its might. It seemed to be saying that it could catch up to her….

Yang Ye rubbed its little head and smiled. “I know you can catch up to her. But there’s no reason for me to fight her to the death!”

If it was said that he merely guessed that she was related to his mother in the beginning, then what she said before she left allowed him to determine that she was definitely related to his mother.

Why? Because if she wasn’t related to his mother, then there would be utterly no need for her to warn him about Yuan Tong’s strength and that the disciples of the Ghost Sect were searching for the disciples of the Sword Sect.

After standing silently on the spot for a short while, Yang Ye sighed lightly before his figure flashed, and he flashed towards the south with the violet mink.

If it was up to him, then he didn’t want to bother about the fate of those disciples from the Sword Sect. But he’d promised Su Qingshi before he entered Ascension Mountain Range that he would help the disciples of the Sword Sect if possible. Because Su Qingshi knew of his ability to control Darkbeasts….

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