Chapter 203 – 50% Of His Strength

Almighty Sword Domain

“Eh,” Yuan Tong exclaimed softly when he witnessed this scene, and a trace of interest appeared in his eyes for the first time. On the other hand, a puzzled expression appeared in the eyes of those members from the Sword Sect because they’d never seen or heard of such a sword technique!

At the instant they saw Yang Ye’s sword break through the ice, the expressions of the three members of the Ghost Sect and Leng Xinran from Snow Palace had become serious. Even though it was merely an act of breaking through ice, with their ability, they were naturally aware of what it meant if a sword could attack by itself while it wasn’t being controlled!

From the moment Violet Spirit broke out from the ice, Qin Youran’s expression had changed slightly. Obviously, he’d never expected this. However, his reaction wasn’t slow.

He grunted coldly while he spread his fist that was originally blasting towards the center of Yang Ye’s forehead, and he grabbed at the Violet Spirit sword that flashed over like a bolt of lightning. Moreover, his movements were so swift that they were actually slightly faster than Violet Spirit!

Violet Spirit’s tip had just touched Qin Youran’s chest when he’d grabbed hold of it. Suddenly, Violet Spirit was sealed once more in ice. This time, the ice around it was even thicker than before!


Right at this moment, Yang Ye broke through the ice that sealed him, and then a strand of golden sword qi instantly shot towards Qin Youran!

Qin Youran’s eyes narrowed slightly while a wisp of surprise flashed in them. Obviously, he’d never imagined that Yang Ye would actually be able to break through the hard ice that he’d formed! He didn’t have the time to think because the sword qi has arrived in front of him, and he immediately pressed his palms out forward and aimed them at the extremely swift and fierce strand of golden sword qi.


This time, Yang Ye’s golden sword qi wasn’t ever successful like it had in the past. When it came into contact with Qin Youran’s palm, the sword qi was instantly frozen and became a dazzling white strip of ice that stopped in midair….

“He can even seal techniques in ice. Qin Youran’s attainments in the A Thousand Leagues of Snow technique has already arrived at the advanced-stage!” Yuan Ye from the Origin School spoke softly when he saw the golden sword qi being frozen.

Yuan Tong smiled lightly and remained silent by Yuan Ye’s side.

A wisp of a solemn expression appeared on Yang Ye’s face when he saw the strand of golden sword qi being sealed in ice. This combat technique of his is really extraordinary. It’s actually even able to seal my golden sword qi in ice. Looks like I have to be a bit more serious!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye issued a command in his heart. Violet Spirit broke through the ice once more and transformed into a strand of violet light that shot into the sky. It circled around in the sky above Qin Youran while he himself stomped his foot on the ground and executed the Gale Steps technique, allowing himself to transform into a string of afterimages as he shot explosively towards Qin Youran.

A wisp of a savage expression flashed in his eyes when he saw that Yang Ye had actually taken the initiative to attack. He was originally prepared to finish Yang Ye in one more, but now, Yang Ye was actually even able to launch an attack against him. So, wasn’t this like slapping him in public!

When he thought up to here, the profound energy within Qin Youran’s body surged out, and then a very thick layer of ice started spreading on his arm, causing the temperature in the air to swiftly descend. In merely an instant, a large area around Qin Youran was covered in a layer of extremely thick ice. Moreover, it was still spreading swiftly. But it didn’t spread towards the surroundings and had spread towards Yang Ye instead!

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly because the coldness within this hard ice caused him to sense danger. However, at this moment, he didn’t have the time to think about anything else. The profound energy within his body surged while dazzling golden light flashed into appearance on his fist.

After a brief moment of silence, Yang Ye’s fist suddenly blasted towards the ice that stood in front of him!


This time, Yang Ye’s fist wasn’t sealed in ice, and it blasted the ice into pieces instead. Moreover, a terrifying wave of energy blasted out from the point of collision, causing some nearby profounders to uncontrollably take a few steps back.

Once he blasted the ice apart with a single punch, Yang Ye didn’t lose momentum at all, and he carried an all-powerful imposing aura as he instantly arrived in front of Qin Youran. After that, his fist that flickered with golden light smashed swiftly towards Qin Youran’s head. Everywhere his fist passed, it actually emanated the sound of air being blasted apart, and such might caused all the spectating profounders in the surroundings to be visibly moved. Especially the members of the Sword Sect because they knew that they’d underestimated Yang Ye!

The calmest amongst the people present here was Wenren Yue because only she knew that this wasn’t Yang Ye’s true strength! Perhaps Qin Youran’s strength was slightly superior to her own, but he would absolutely not be too much stronger than her. Yet if she didn’t utilize her trump cards, she had zero confidence in being able to defeat Yang Ye.

However, Qin Youran had said that he would kill Yang Ye within 10 moves, and she could only chuckle in response to this….

At the moment Yang Ye broke through Qin Youran’s ice, there was quite a bit of surprise in Yuan Tong’s eyes as he said in a low voice. “Pretty good strength….”

“That golden profound energy of his is probably gold element profound energy. No wonder it possesses such terrifying might!” Yuan Ye spoke in a low voice from the side.

Yuan Tong shook his head lightly and said, “It’s not just because of that. His own physical strength is extremely good as well. If Qin Youran was serious, then he would be able to defeat this disciple of the Sword Sect, Yang Ye. However, it’s probably impossible to kill him within 10 moves now. Unless Qin Youran utilizes the Land Diagram he possesses, or if he has some other trump cards hidden up his sleeve!”

“Is that Yang Ye’s strength really so formidable?” Yuan Ye was astounded.

Yuan Tong glanced at the members of the Sword Sect who stood at the side, and then he said, “He’s probably the strongest amongst the Sword Sect’s members this year. However, that’s all he is!”

Qin Youran’s eyelids twitched when he saw his technique being blasted apart. He’d never imagined that it would actually be directly blasted into pieces by Yang Ye. He had no choice but to admit that he really had underestimated Yang Ye since the beginning! But so what? A weakling will always be a weakling!

Qin Youran tapped the ground lightly with the tips of his feet, and he seemed as if he was sliding as he moved backward by over 30m. But in the next moment, he suddenly shot explosively towards Yang Ye. This time, his left hand was covered in ice as well, and he swiftly slapped both his palms at Yang Ye when he arrived in front of Yang Ye.

Everywhere his palms passed, the air was instantly frozen!

Yang Ye refused to display weakness, and he smashed both his fists towards Qin Youran as well. As soon as they came into contact with each, then instantly split apart. Yang Ye’s fists were immediately covered in ice, but it blasted into pieces in the next moment!

As he gazed at the two of them who were in battle, Yuan Ye shook his head and said, “Qin Youran’s A Thousand Leagues of Snow can be said to have encountered a counter. If this fellow didn’t possess gold element profound energy, then he would have probably been frozen into a statue by now. But it just so happens that Yang Ye possesses gold element profound energy….” When he spoke up to here, he suddenly looked at Leng Xinran from the Snow Palace and said, “If Leng Xinran executed this technique, then even Yang Ye’s gold element profound energy would probably be unable to resist it!”

Yuan Tong glanced at Leng Xinran and said, “This technique belonged to the Snow Palace in the first place. All those years ago, the Snow Palace owed the Grand Qin Empire’s Imperial Academy a favor, so it gave this technique to the Imperial Academy. Remember, if you meet Leng Xinran in battle and she utilizes this technique, then you must not allow yourself to come into contact with her body….”

Yuan Ye was visibly moved!

At the side, Xiu Luo from the Ghost Sect said in a low voice, “Senior Brother, it looks like I really underestimated this disciple of the Sword Sect called Yang Ye. He’s actually able to fight Qin Youran for so long!”

Li Xianjun glanced at Xiu Luo before he said, “I’d sensed a dangerous aura from him since the beginning, but I’d never imagined that he could actually fight Qin Youran equally. Even though Qin Youran hasn’t even utilized 50% of his strength, it’s already sufficient to prove his strength.”

“Qin Youran hasn’t even utilized 50% of his strength?” Xiu Luo exclaimed with shock.

Li Xianjun sneered and said, “What else? He’s the most monstrous genius in the younger generation of the Imperial Academy. Do you think that is the limit of his true strength? If it’s really like that, then would he have any right to challenge Yuan Tong? Remember, don’t underestimate anyone from the other five great powers and the Imperial Academy, including that fellow from the Brightmoon Sect!”

When he heard this, Xiu Luo looked at that young man who seemed extremely ordinary, and then he said, “Him? I admit that the geniuses of the Origin School and the two palaces are formidable. But I don’t think that all the members of the Sword Sect including Yang Ye and that fellow Senior Brother just spoke about can rival my strength!”

Li Xianjun shook his head when he heard this, and then he stopped speaking and turned around to gaze at Yang Ye and Qin Youran who were still in intense battle!


Yang Ye’s fist and Qin Youran’s palm collided, and then they instantly split apart. This time, they didn’t launch another attack after they’d split apart, and they just gazed coldly at each other. Because both of them were aware that if they didn’t utilize their real strength, then they would be utterly unable to harm the other. But they were also unwilling to expose too much of their strength in public!

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