Chapter 204 – Let Me Experience It For Myself!

Almighty Sword Domain

“Qin Youran, only one last move remains!” Right at this moment, Wenren Yue suddenly said, “If you’re unable to kill Yang Ye with this last move, then the Land Diagram is mine. You wouldn’t go back on your word, right? Or perhaps, you don’t have the strength to kill him?”

Qin Youran paid no attention to Wenren Yue, and he just gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Needless to say, I really have underestimated you. You probably possess gold element profound energy, right?”

With a twist of his wrist, Violet Spirit flew back into Yang Ye’s grasp, and then he pointed it towards the ground as he said, “I’m waiting for you to kill me in 10 moves. Come give it a try!”

Qin Youran’s gaze instantly turned icy cold as he said, “Since you want to die, then I’ll fulfill your wish!”

As soon as he finished speaking, the profound energy within his body surged madly. However, right when he was about to attack, Yuan Tong suddenly appeared between the two of them. He glanced at Yang Ye before he turned to look at Qin Youran and Wenren Yue. He said, “Can the bet between you two be delayed until the battles in the second round of the Ascension Rankings? Give me some face today and put it aside for now, alright? After all, our greatest enemy right now is the Darkbeasts of the Grand Myriad Mountains!”

Qin Youran said coldly, “Yuan Tong, with your strength, would you even be afraid of those Darkbeasts?”

Yuan Tong shook his head and said, “I’m naturally not afraid of them. But as a disciple of the number one sect in the southern territory, I have the responsibility to think about all the profounders of the southern territory’s younger generation. The disciples of the six great powers and the Imperial Academy have no need to fear the Darkbeasts, but what about these other profounders behind us? So, I hope both of you will temporarily put your differences aside and join forces against our enemies, alright?”

When they heard him, all the profounders in the surroundings instantly revealed grateful expressions. Indeed, the disciples of the six great powers and the Imperial Academy had no need to fear the Darkbeasts, but they had to. Especially when those Darkbeasts had formed groups. Presently, they only had a chance to resist the Darkbeasts by being united, and only in this way would they have a chance at survival!

“The Origin School is righteous!”

Suddenly, someone shouted from within the crowd….

“The Origin School is righteous! The Origin School is righteous!” After that, numerous loud shouts resounded incessantly in the surroundings….

Qin Youran’s expression changed slightly when he saw this, and he hesitated for a short moment before he glanced coldly at Yang Ye. After that, he returned to where he stood before this. Because if he persisted, then he would probably offend all the profounders of the younger generation!

Wenren Yue remained silent!

Yuan Tong made a downward pressing motion through the air in front of them. In an instant, the entire crowd that covered the mountain fell silent. Yuan Tong nodded lightly upon seeing this, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, if you’re willing to hand over that violet colored little fellow on your shoulder and tell us how to control Darkbeasts, then I can make the decision to allow you to join the Origin School. Right, as an Inner Court Disciple!”

The others in the surroundings immediately revealed envious gazes when they heard this. An Inner Court Disciple of the Origin School!

What did that mean? It meant that Yang Ye would have a great future, and it represented that Yang Ye would possess extraordinarily powerful backing. If he was an inner court disciple of the Origin School, then would anyone not give him face in the future?

Of course, these terms were extremely inferior when compared to the method to control Darkbeasts. But the problem was… did Yang Ye have a choice?

When they heard Yuan Tong, Wenren Yue, Leng Xinran, Xiu Luo, and Li Xianjun all look at Yang Ye as they wanted to see what Yang Ye’s choice would be. Of course, the Sword Sect was included amongst these people who looked at Yang Ye as well. Murong Yao’s lips moved slightly, yet she didn’t speak in the end. On the other hand, Situ Rong smiled coldly instead.

Yang Ye glanced at the violet mink, and then he smiled before he turned to look at Yuan Tong. He said, “According to rumor, the Origin School’s Yuan Tong is the most monstrous genius in the southern territory for the last thousand years. According to rumor, the Origin School’s Yuan Tong is the number one expert beneath the King Realm. According to rumor, the Origin School’s Yuan Tong has the highest chance to become the Martial God in the entire southern territory. Truthfully speaking, when I heard all of these rumors, I’d always wanted to meet you. Now that I have, I never expected that the person who’d most likely to become the Martial God is actually such a pussy and is actually such a shameless hypocrite!”

When he spoke up to here, the smile on Yang Ye’s face vanished as he said, “Don’t you just want the method of controlling Darkbeasts that I possess? Don’t you just want to win the support of everyone? Then why made up such honorable reasons? Since you want to be a prostitute, yet you still wish to establish a monument that describes your purity? If you really do become the Martial God, then I, Yang Ye, would think that there’s nothing great about the Martial God!”

When they heard Yang Ye, the expressions of everyone in the surroundings changed, and they said to themselves, He’s courting death!

Of course, some secretly admired Yang Ye’s courage!

The members of the two palaces and the Ghost Sect nodded faintly as they gazed at Yang Ye, and this included both Xiu Luo and Li Xianjun from the Ghost Sect. Needless to say, they really admired Yang Ye’s courage!

Yuan Tong’s eyes narrowed slightly as he said, “Your reliance is the Sword Sect?”

At this moment, Situ Rong suddenly stood out and said in a cold voice, “Brother Yuan, even though Yang Ye is a disciple of my Sword Sect, he’s arrogant, unbridled, and fails to see the larger issues at hand. Moreover, he’d a ruthless fellow that even strikes killing blows against fellow brothers from my Sword Sect. As the leader of the group from the Sword Sect, I announce that all Yang Ye’s actions and words on Ascension Mountain Range are completely unrelated to us. All of you can do as you please!”

As soon as he finished speaking, besides Murong Yao and Qin Feng, all the other four members of the Sword Sect had walked over to stand behind Situ Rong.

However, Situ Rong failed to notice that exactly when he spoke these words, Wenren Yu, Leng Xinran, and Qin Youran revealed undisguised contempt towards him. After all, there could be enmity between fellow members of a sect, and they could fight it out behind closed doors. However, when others intended to bully the members of their sect, then it was something they had to prevent at all costs. Because it was related to the honor of the sect!

Yet Situ Rong hadn’t hesitated to commit such an act. Not to mention the members of the other great powers, even those independent cultivators revealed undisguised contempt.

“Situ Rong, Yang Ye is a disciple of my Sword Sect. Is that something that you can change?” asked Murong Yao in a low voice.

“I didn’t say he isn’t a disciple of the Sword Sect!” Situ Rong said coldly, “I merely said that his words and actions are unrelated to us. Moreover, everyone is facing great danger right now. Since he possesses a method to control Darkbeasts, then why doesn’t he hand it over? Hmph! My Sword Sect doesn’t have any selfish members!”

He had the chance to get Yang Ye killed now, so how could he let it slip by?

Murong Yao intended to say something further, but she was stopped by Yang Ye. He truly didn’t have the mood to pay attention to Situ Rong’s schemes!

Yang Ye didn’t even spare a glance at Situ Rong, and he looked directly at Yuan Tong and said, “Yuan Tong, I’ll say it again. I’m really curious, how did you know that this little fellow of mine is a King Rank Darkbeast?”

When they heard Yang Ye, all the others in the surroundings exclaimed with shock, and the gazes they shot at the violet mink had changed! Earlier, when Yuan Tong said that this violet colored little fellow on Yang Ye’s shoulder was a King Rank Darkbeast, many of the others didn’t believe it. They felt that there was enmity between Yang Ye and Yuan Tong, and he was looking for an excuse to eliminate Yang Ye. After all, it was truly inconceivable for a human to possess a King Rank Darkbeast!

But now, when they heard Yang Ye admit it himself, all of them couldn’t maintain their calm, and their gazes towards the violet mink had become covetous and burned with greed!

“Is that important?” Yuan Tong’s brows raised as he spoke.

“Of course!” Yang Ye spoke in a deep voice.

“The experts of the Origin School had probably headed to the Tomb of Emperor Zhou to investigate!” It was Wenren Yue who spoke these words. She glanced at Yang Ye and said, “The members of my Flower Palace, the Sword Sect, the Ghost Sect, and the Origin School had all perished there at that time. So, our sects would naturally not give up on investigating. However, the experts dispatched by my Flower Palace, the Ghost Sect, and the Sword Sect returned empty handed. As for what his Origin School found out, it’s very obvious. After all, the Origin School’s network of information is merely inferior to the Grand Qin Empire!”

Yang Ye smiled bitterly and shook his head upon hearing this, and he said to himself. I was too careless in the end and allowed the little fellow to act on too many occasions. But it doesn’t matter. If they know then they know. So long as it isn’t an Exalt Realm expert of a Spirit Realm expert, then why would I fear anyone?

In any case, he had no need to be fearful because this place was only filled with profounders at the First Heaven Realm!

Meanwhile, Yuan Tong suddenly started walking slowly towards Yang Ye, and he said while he walked, “Yang Ye, your strength isn’t bad. You’ll definitely have a better future if you come to my Origin School. Of course, the precondition is you hand over the violet colored little fellow on your shoulder and the method to control this little fellow. Oh, right, you seem to have no choice. Isn’t that so?”

“Who told you that I have no choice?” Yang Ye similarly started walking slowly towards Yuan Tong as he said, “According to rumor, you, Yuan Tong, are the number one expert beneath the King Realm. I, Yang Ye, possess mediocre ability, but I want to experience it for myself!”

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