Chapter 206 – Leaving

Almighty Sword Domain


Suddenly, a sharp cry of a bird resounded, and that sharp and ear piercing sound caused the profounders with comparatively weaker cultivations to immediately bleed from all seven apertures!

Yuan Tong’s expression changed slightly, and he raised his head to look towards the distance. An enormous colossus was flying over swiftly from afar. This colossus was over 30m long and around 12m wide. Of course, most importantly, even if they were almost a kilometer apart, the imposing aura emanated by that colossus and the strong winds caused by it could be felt by the profounders here!

A Golden Roc!

The expressions of everyone changed once more when they noticed the appearance of this colossus. The Golden Roc was the most terrifying flying Darkbeast in the Darkbeast Empire, and it was a terrifying existence that could fly extreme distances in a single day. Of course, its speed was secondary. The most important point was the cry of a Golden Roc, that cry was equivalent to a low-grade Earth Rank Soundwave Technique!

The Golden Roc was extremely swift, and the aftershock of its sharp cry hadn’t dispersed when it had arrived in the air before Yuan Tong and the others. It revealed a ferocious glow in its eyes as it gazed at Yuan Tong and the others. However, it didn’t launch an attack. It slowly descended in front of Yuan Tong and the others instead.

At this moment, all of them had finally noticed that there were four people standing on the Golden Roc. The person in the lead was a young man around the age of 20. He was handsome, wore a luxurious robe, and held a white fan in his hand, causing him to seem extremely graceful and elegant.

A young man in violet colored robed stood on the left of the young man in a luxurious robe. If Yang Ye was here, he would notice that this violet robed young man was the Shapeshifted Darkbeast from the Steel Ape Clan that he’d fought!

At the right of the young man in luxurious robes was a robust man that bared his upper body. His figure was extremely tall and robust, and he was much taller than the violet robed young man and the young man in a luxurious robe. His figure seemed powerful, his features were rugged, and the muscles on his entire body had bulged up and were filled with explosive strength.

A beautiful woman stood by the side of the robust man. She was extremely beautiful and wore extraordinarily revealing clothes. She merely wore a piece of beast skin to cover her chest, whereas, an extremely short beast skin skirt covered her lower body. If someone merely squatted down a little, then that person would probably be in for a treat….

Something worthy of mentioning was that when this woman appeared before all of them, the gazes of countless young men amongst the profounders had descended onto the woman….

When these few people appeared, the members of the other five great powers and the Imperial Academy had simultaneously moved over to stand by Yuan Tong’s side. When facing Darkbeasts, no matter how great the enmity between them was, humans had to stand together. Even the Sword Sect and the Ghost Sect were the same! Because this was related to their entire race!

The young man in luxurious robes swept all of them with his gaze, and then his gaze descended onto Yuan Tong before he said, “You’re Yuan Tong?”

Yuan Tong took a step forward and met the young man’s gaze before he said, “You’re that mysterious Darkbeast from the Darkbeast Empire, right?”

When he spoke up to here, he glanced at the other three people by the young man’s side and said, “I presume that the three of you are the elites of the four great clans in the Darkbeast Empire, right? I really….”

Suddenly, Yuan Tong's voice stopped abruptly while his expression changed, and his figure flashed up into the sky.


Right at the instant that Yuan Tong’s feet left the ground, an enormous black python’s huge blood mouth had suddenly emerged from beneath the spot Yuan Tong was standing just moments ago. The enormous python was extremely similar in appearance to the Heaven Devouring Python that Yuan Tong had captured. However, it was even larger than that python!

After missing, the enormous python’s figure shook as its speed rose greatly once more, and it transformed into a black ray of light that shot explosively towards Yuan Tong who’d flashed up into midair!

Yuan Tong grunted coldly when he saw this python attack. He pressed his hands downward lightly, and his figure suddenly descended. When he was about to come into contact with the python, Yuan Tong raised his right leg and stomped it down towards the python’s head. At the same time, he shouted loudly. “Go back from whence you came!”


As soon as they collided, the python instantly descended swiftly and directly entered the ground.

The human profounders instantly cheered when they witnessed this scene.


Right at this moment, the black python emerged once more from the ground. At this moment, a footprint that was around 10cm deep had appeared on the originally pitch black scale armor on its head.

When they witnessed this scene, the expressions of the other three by the side of the young man in luxurious clothes had changed, and the gazes they shot at Yuan Tong had become serious!

The black python was utterly infuriated. It raised its head and howled towards the sky. Right when it was about to attack Yuan Tong again, the young man in luxurious robes spoke. “Shen Mang, return!”

When it heard this, the figure of the black python called Shen Mang jerked, and then it hesitated for a moment but didn’t disobey the young man in luxurious robes in the end. It glared fiercely at Yuan Tong before its figure flashed over to arrive in front of the young man in luxurious robes, and then it settled down there.

The young man in luxurious robes gazed at Yuan Tong and lightly tapped the fan in his right hand onto his left palm. He said, “As expected of the most monstrous genius in the last thousand years within the southern territory. As expected of the existence that’s most likely to become the Martial God. Merely the strength of an ordinary kick broke open Shen Mang’s defense. I’m truly unable to figure this out. With your strength, there’s entirely no reason to participate in the Ascension Rankings, yet you’ve come here. It’s truly puzzling!”

Yuan Tong spoke indifferently. “Since you can’t figure it out, then don’t continue thinking about it. You’re the number one expert amongst King Realm Darkbeasts and I’m the number one expert amongst First Heaven Realm profounders. Today, let me see if your Darkbeast Empire or we human profounders are stronger!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yuan Tong suddenly launched a punch towards the young man in luxurious robes. In an instant, a strand of force tore through the air and whistled sharply as it shot explosively towards the young man!

The young man’s expression remained unchanged when he saw this, and he didn’t put up any sort of defense or launch a counterattack. He just allowed it to strike his chest.


An explosion resounded and the force dispersed completely. However, the young man was completely unharmed, and that force wasn’t even able to destroy his clothes!

When they witnessed this scene, the expressions of the human profounders became extremely solemn. They were clearly aware of how formidable Yuan Tong was, and there were probably very few amongst them who could resist a single punch from him. Yet now, this young man in luxurious clothes had actually resisted it with such easy. How terrifying is the defensive ability of this Shapeshifted Beast?Yuan Tong’s gaze was calm as if he’d expected this.

The young man patted his clothes that had been crumpled by Yuan Tong’s attack, and then he said, “I’d like to meet someone from your human race before we fight. According to rumor, he possesses a King Rank Darkbeast, and it seems to be very special. Not only does it possess extremely mysterious abilities, but it’s also able to exert a form of invisible bloodline pressure towards Darkbeasts. I’m very curious, exactly what Darkbeast possesses such a unique ability. Human, can you ask him to come forward so that I can meet him?”

Yuan Tong shook his head and said, “He isn’t here. But he really does possess a King Rank Darkbeast. If you want to see that King Rank Darkbeast, then you have to go look for him.”

The young man nodded, and then he glanced at the human profounders before he said, “Will it be one on one battles or group battles? Right, I have a suggestion. It’s best if you choose to fight one on one battles, otherwise, you might be completely annihilated. Of course, I hope that will happen, but you ought to be clearly aware that it’s impossible!”

Yuan Tong glanced at the Darkbeasts on the young man’s side, and then he said, “Then it’ll be one on one battles!”

“I’ll take the first battle!” Yuan Tong had just finished speaking when the robust man stepped forward, and he glanced at the disciples of the six great powers and the Imperial Academy with a provocative gaze. After that, he said, “I’m A’Meng from the Gold Behemoth Race. I hope a stronger member of your human race fights me so that I can fight to my heart’s content!” As soon as he finished speaking, he leaped off the Golden Roc and flashed down, and it wasn’t long before he arrived at Cloudfall Gorge.

After a moment of silence, the Ghost Sect’s Xiu Luo suddenly stepped forward and said, “They say that the members of the four great clans of the Darkbeast Empire are extremely formidable, so I would like to give it a try!” As soon as he finished speaking, his figure flashed down towards the gorge as well….

Li Xianjun’s expression changed slightly, but it was already too late to stop Xiu Luo now.

In next to no time, the sounds of battle between Xiu Luo and A’Meng resounded within the gorge.


At this moment, Yang Ye had already appeared 50km away. Needless to say, Yuan Tong was formidable indeed. But Yuan Tong’s attempt to finish Yang Ye with a single punch could only be said to be too naïve. Yang Ye hadn’t chosen to fight Yuan Tong to death because it wasn’t suitable to do so at that time. No matter if he won or lost, he would suffer the joint attacks of everyone in the surroundings. So, he could only flee!

As long as he still had his life, there was no need to worry about being unable to take revenge. Wouldn’t it be better for him to take advantage of the situation after both the human profounders and Darkbeasts had fought to the point both sides had suffered heavy losses?

As he thought about this, a smile couldn’t help but creep onto Yang Ye’s face. Suddenly, his smile stiffened, and he stopped moving before turning around because Yuan Ye had suddenly appeared behind him!

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