Chapter 207 – Yang Ye’s True Strength

Almighty Sword Domain

Yuan Ye walked slowly towards Yang Ye while he said, “Unfortunately, just as my Senior Brother said, your strength really is not bad. If you joined my Origin School and received its fostering, then your future accomplishments would definitely be extraordinary. But you refused. I’m truly unable to figure out why you refused? After all, refusal equals to death!”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Tell me, if I chose to join the Origin School because I was afraid of death, then would the members of your Origin School think highly of me? If I head to the Origin School, then I would probably not obtain any fostering and would be looked down upon instead, right? Moreover, I’m very clearly aware that your Origin School hasn’t taken a fancy to my natural talent or strength, and it’s my method of controlling Darkbeasts instead, right? After your Origin School obtains that method, then not to mention fostering me, it might even kill me. What do you think?”

Yuan Ye was stunned, and then he nodded and smiled as he said, “I admit that you’re absolutely correct. If you really joined the Origin School under such circumstances, then not to mention everyone else, even I would look down on you. You’re a smart person, but you’re bound to die. Because you possess something that you’re not worthy of possessing. Tell the method to me and I’ll give you a swift death, alright?”

“Leave now and I’ll spare your life, alright?” Yang Ye replied with a question.

Yuan Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. With a flip of his wrist, an energy sword formed from profound energy appeared in his hand, and then he said, “I’m not against someone acting arrogantly because I’m such a person as well. But I’m against someone without strength who acts arrogantly, and you’re that that type of person. You’re a disciple of the Sword Sect and are skilled in the sword, so I’ll utilize the sword to deal with you!”

“Then what are you waiting for?” asked Yang Ye.

Killing intent flashed in Yuan Ye’s eyes while the profound energy within his body surged, and a swift and fierce glow immediately arose from the energy sword in his hand. As his profound energy surged ceaselessly into it, the energy sword grew more and more materials. In the end, that energy sword actually seemed like a material object.

“Speed!” Yuan Ye shouted lightly while his figure suddenly transformed into a black ray of light that shot explosively towards Yang Ye. Moreover, numerous seemingly material afterimages were left behind him!

Yang Ye’s eyes closed slowly while the profound energy within his body surged madly into the Violet Spirit sword that he held in his left hand. Suddenly, a golden glow and a violet glow erupted from Violet Spirit, and then these glows mixed together and were extremely dazzling.

Yuan Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly. When he arrived 3m away from Yang Ye, he suddenly shouted. “Split!”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure shook before four ‘Yuan Ye’s’ immediately split from his body, and then five ‘Yuan Ye’s’ appeared here. Those four clones seemed like the real Yuan Ye. At the very least, it if was based solely upon outward appearance, then it was utterly impossible to notice any difference between the clones and Yuan Ye’s actual body!

Just like his true body, they held an energy sword that was formed from profound energy, and these five swords stabbed towards Yang Ye from five different directions. At this moment, the expressions on the faces of Yuan Ye’s clone and his own body were the same while their movements were uniform as well. It was even to the extent that their imposing auras were similar!

When the tips of these five swords were merely over 10 inches away from Yang Ye, Yang Ye had suddenly opened his eyes. A tiny sword flashed within his eyes, and then an invisible force suddenly surged out explosively from Yang Ye’s body before he drew his sword and sheathed it….

At this moment, time seemed to have stopped. The five energy swords had stopped only a few inches away from Yang Ye’s body, yet Yang Ye stood on the spot without moving at all, and it was like everything from before hadn’t happened!

After a short moment of silence, four of the five ‘Yuan Ye’s’ here had exploded into pieces and transformed into bits of starlight that vanished into the air. On the other hand, Yuan Ye who was on Yang Ye’s left gazed at him with a slightly stunned expression while the faint blood red mark on his next seemed extremely striking.

“The Enlightened Sword Heart and the initial-stage of Sword Intent. How could this be possible?” Yuan Ye gazed at Yang Ye while he muttered dejectedly in a low voice.

Yes, Yang Ye hadn’t held back this time. Not only had he utilized the 3rd level of Sword Intent, but he’d also utilized the Enlightened Sword Heart as well. So, Yuan Ye’s movement technique didn’t affect him at all, whereas, the speed and might of the Reactive Strike had become countless times stronger after being boosted by his 3rd level Sword Intent and golden profound energy. Thus, even a genius of the Origin School couldn’t defend against it!

Yang Ye didn’t answer Yuan Ye because Yuan Ye had perished after he finished speaking those words. With a wave of his right hand, Yuan Ye’s spatial ring flew into his palm, and then Yang Ye smiled as usual after he took a glance at the content of the ring. He smiled and said softly, “As expected of a genius from the Origin School. His wealth really isn’t something those independent cultivators can compare to!”

Just the amount of high-grade Profound Rank treasures in Yuan Ye’s spatial ring amounted to six while there was a total of over 20 mid-grade and low-grade Profound Rank treasures as well. As for treasures beneath the Profound Rank, there wasn’t a single one. Besides Dark Treasures, there was an entire 8,000 plus energy stones within the ring and 62 King Rank Inner Cores. Besides that, there were also over 100 types of various spirit herbs and spirit fruits, and not a single one of these were beneath the Profound Rank!

Suddenly, Yang Ye revealed an overjoyed expression because he noticed that one of the scrolls had the words ‘low-grade Earth Rank movement technique, Clone Illusion Technique’ written on it!

Yang Ye was visibly moved after he took a look at its content. Because the Clone Illusion Technique was truly very formidable. It was divided into 10 levels, and every single level allowed one to form a clone that possessed an exactly similar outward appearance as one’s own body. When it was cultivated to the 10th level, then one could instantly split and form 10 clones.

Of course, these clones had a weakness, and it was that they had no offensive ability. They could only deceive the opponent, and they could only exist for 15 minutes of time. Even though it was like that, Yang Ye was still overjoyed. After all, he really lacked movement techniques, and the Clone Illusion Technique was even at the Earth Rank!

The might of this technique was extremely formidable, and the reason Yang Ye was able to overcome it with a single attack just now was because of his Enlightened Sword Heart that could see through the essence of all techniques. So, the Clone Illusion Technique could be said to have encountered its bane. If it was any other person, then that person would probably find it difficult to deal with!

After he put the spatial ring away, Yang Ye turned around to look at the direction of Cloudfall Gorge. Presently, he faced two choices. The first was to return to the Grand Qin Empire because he possessed sufficient King Rank Inner Cores now. So, if he chose to return, then those Darkbeasts of the Grand Myriad Mountains wouldn’t dare to look for trouble with him at all. The second choice was to continue residing in the Grand Myriad Mountains. But in that way, he would probably encounter a great deal of trouble. After all, the fact that he possessed a Darkbeast had been exposed, and there should be a huge amount of people that had set their sights on the little fellow!

Of course, there were also benefits from staying in the Grand Myriad Mountains, and that was he could continue plundering and robbing all over this place. If his luck was good, he could even subdue some formidable King Rank Darkbeasts!

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye decided to continue staying here. Presently, his strength was still too weak, so he had to stop at nothing in order to improve his strength. Otherwise, going against the colossus that was the Flower Palace would simply be a joke!

After he made his decision, Yang Ye held the violet mink in his arms as he Cloudfall Gorge. At this moment, Cloudfall Gorge had definitely transformed into a battlefield because both the humans and Darkbeasts would definitely not shake their hands and become friends. So long as both sides were in battle, then would anyone have the time to look for trouble with Yang Ye? Now, only he would be looking for trouble with them.


On a mountain peak that was over 500km away from Ascension Mountain Range, Qing Yun’zi who sat cross-legged on an enormous rock had suddenly opened his eyes, and he swept everyone here with his gaze before he said, “Yuan Ye is dead!”

When they heard this, the expressions of everyone changed slightly. Yuan Ye was the third ranked expert in the Origin School’s younger generation, so who had the ability to kill him in Ascension Mountain Range? Perhaps Qin Youran, Wenren Yue, and Leng Xinran might have been able to, but it was still extremely difficult to achieve. After all, with Yuan Ye’s strength, even if he was unable to go against them, then even Qin Youran would be helpless against him if he fled!

Yet Yuan Ye had perished!

In next to no time, all of them gazed at Exalt Hu. Exalt Hu laughed coldly and said, “Qing Yun’zi, could it be that the members of your Origin School can’t die? Since he dared to come to participate in the Ascension Rankings, then you should be mentally prepared for his death!”

Qing Yun’zi turned his head to glance coldly at Exalt Hu, and then he turned towards the direction of Ascension Mountain Range while a wisp of worry arose in his eyes. Even though Yuan Ye’s death hurt slightly, that was all. However, if Yuan Tong died, then it wasn’t just painful because even the Origin School couldn’t bear such a loss!

He originally possessed absolute confidence towards Yuan Tong. But now, along with Yuan Ye’s death, this confidence of his had started to waver. Because Exalt Hu had been too calm and composed since the beginning. Even if a monstrous genius like Yuan Tong had appeared on the human’s side, Exalt Hu had still remained very calm and composed. So, if Exalt Hu wasn’t extremely unconcerned and careless, then Exalt Hu had a trump card! Obviously, it was the latter!

When he thought up to here, a gold glow flashed in Qing Yun’zi’s eyes. No matter what, he would absolutely not allow Yuan Tong to perish on Ascension Mountain Range. Even if he had to break the Ascension Rankings’ rules!

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