Chapter 211 – Grab and Run!

Almighty Sword Domain

The curly bearded robust man raised his right hand and directly smashed his fist towards the violet light!


The violet light shattered into pieces while the robust man took two steps back!

The violet mink was about to continue attacking when Yang Ye hurriedly stopped it. He embraced the violet mink in his arms, and then he gazed at Leng Xinran and the robust man before he smiled embarrassedly and said, “Both of you can carry on. We merely passed by, we just passed by….” As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye turned around with the intention to leave. At this moment, he slightly regretted getting here earlier because if he was a little later, then wouldn’t it be better when the two of them were heavily injured from the battle?

“Human, do you think we’re idiots?” The robust man took a step forward and spoke in a low voice.

Yang Ye stopped when he heard this, and then he looked at the robust man and said, “Then what do you want?”

The robust man’s eyelids twitched. What do I want? Is there something wrong with him? Who was the one that came to steal from me?

When he thought up to here, the robust man revealed a furious expression and said, “Human, greedy humans. Both of you leave this place and I won’t pursue the matter, otherwise, this place will be where you’re buried!”

Right at this moment, Leng Xinran suddenly gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Icesoul Fruit, a high-grade Earth Rank spirit fruit. It blooms after 300 years, bears fruit after 300 years, and it takes a further 300 years to ripen. At this moment, those Icesoul Fruits are on the verge of ripening. So long as they ripen, then they will be Heaven Rank spirit fruits. Consuming a single one of them is equivalent to 10 years of bitter cultivation. How about we join forces to kill this King Rank Shapeshifted Darkbeast?”

Yang Ye was slightly surprised and tempted when he heard this. He was surprised that the fruit would actually become a Heaven Rank spirit fruit upon ripening, and he was tempted by Leng Xinran’s suggestion. Since she’s put forward such a suggestion, then this King Rank Darkbeast was absolutely not trash. At the very least, she was unable to deal with it by herself!

Yang Ye still hadn’t made his stand clear when the violet mink on his shoulder had suddenly made a move. With a single flicker, it directly appeared behind the robust man, and with another flicker, it had appeared in front of the tree.

“Don’t you dare!” The robust man’s expression changed violently when he witnessed this scene, and a savage expression instantly rushed onto his face. He shouted furiously as he suddenly stomped the ground with his right foot, and then he shot explosively towards the violet mink.

However, it was already too late. Because the violet mink had waved its little claw, and a strand of violet light enveloped the large tree. After that… after that, the large tree instantly vanished on the spot beneath the astounded gazes of the robust man, Yang Ye, and Leng Xinran.

At the same time, the violet mink’s figure flashed and directly vanished on the spot as well, and then it appeared on Yang Ye’s shoulder. After that, it slapped Yang Ye’s head with its little claw as if it was telling Yang Ye to hurry up and run!

Yang Ye was stunned for a while, but his reaction wasn’t slow at all, and he quickly recovered from his shock. As soon as that happened, he didn’t hesitate at all to slap a high-grade Strider Talisman on himself, and then his profound energy surged into the Gale Shoes as his figure transformed into a string of black light that shot explosively towards the distance.

If it was a one on one battle, then Yang Ye would still be confident in his ability to win. But if it was two against one, then Yang Ye’s confidence wasn’t so sufficient. Or it should be said that he didn’t have the slightest trace of confidence! After all, Leng Xinran wasn’t trash and coupled with a King Rank Shapeshifted Darkbeast that wasn’t weaker than her…. Yang Ye didn’t hesitate to immediately choose to run first!

Needless to say, Yang Ye’s full speed was extremely swift. In merely the time of two breaths, he’d vanished from Leng Xinran and the robust man’s lines of sight!

“Human! I’ll tear you apart while you’re still breathing!” The robust man was the first to recover from his shock, and he let out a furious roar that shook the heavens and the earth. After that, he swiftly stomped the ground with his right foot and relied on the counterforce to shoot explosively towards the direction that Yang Ye had fled towards. On the other hand, the ground where he stood earlier had directly collapsed while arm thick cracks swiftly swept towards the surroundings….

As she gazed at the direction both Yang Ye and the robust man left towards, Leng Xinran’s beautiful brows had knit together while she muttered in a low voice. “What a mysterious Darkbeast….”

As soon as she finished speaking, her figure flashed, and she chased after them. The Icesoul Fruit was of utmost importance to her, and she’d been searching for it in the Grand Myriad Mountains for many days. Now that she’d finally found it after experiencing great difficulty, how could she possibly let it go?


At this moment, Yang Ye could be said to have increased his speed to its limits. Everywhere he passed, strands of faint afterimages appeared. But the violet mink on his shoulder felt that he still wasn’t swift enough, and it twisted Yang Ye’s ears with force with the intention of making Yang Ye speed up….

Yang Ye really wanted to speed up as well, but this was his limit. So, he could only roll his eyes at the little fellow’s actions!

Suddenly, Yang Ye seemed to have thought of something, and his eyes lit up. Don’t I have a flying Darkbeast? When he thought up to here, Yang Ye was about to let the Lightning Eagle out. However, right at this moment, a furious roar suddenly resounded. After that, a fierce gust of wind that came from the strike of a fist whistled sharply through the air as it smashed forcefully towards Yang Ye’s head!

Yang Ye’s pupils constricted, and his figure suddenly stopped before he turned around and smashed his fist over.


A low and heavy bang resounded. Yang Ye’s arm felt numb as he took around 10 steps back, whereas, the robust man who stood before him hadn’t moved at all!

The robust man was just about to continue attacking. However, right at this moment, the temperature in the air had suddenly lowered, and then a white shadow flashed by. Leng Xinran who wore a white dress appeared here. The robust man’s expression changed slightly, and he hesitated briefly and didn’t choose to attack in the end. Because even he had to fear the strength of this woman who stood before him!

Leng Xinran paid no attention to the robust man, and she looked at Yang Ye and said, “I’ll help you stop him. Give me three Icesoul Fruits in return, alright? If you refuse, then I’ll join forces with him. Coupled with the countless human profounders and Darkbeasts that are pursuing you in the Grand Myriad Mountains, you wouldn’t be able to flee to mountains even if you possess that mysterious little fellow!”

Yang Ye’s expression changed slightly. Needless to say, this woman’s words really made sense. He had a flying Darkbeast, but would it be of any effect towards those Darkbeasts? However, he was slightly unwilling to give away half of the treasures that he’d just obtained!

“You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. If you’re reluctant, then you’ll definitely be kept busy by the two of us, and then you’ll definitely be noticed by Yuan Tong and that genius Darkbeast from the Darkbeast Empire. Do you have the confidence to go against them all by yourself?” said Leng Xinran.

Yang Ye stopped hesitating when he heard this, and an Icesoul Fruit flew towards Leng Xinran with a wave of his right hand. He said, “I’ll give you the other two when we return to the Grand Qin Empire. I’ll keep my promises!”

Needless to say, Leng Xinran really made sense. He and the little fellow would truly be in danger if he was kept busy until Yuan Tong and that mysterious genius Darkbeast from the Darkbeast Empire arrived! Not to mention the presence of Leng Xinran, the robust man, and the countless other profounders and Darkbeasts!

After he thought it through, Yang Ye resolutely chose to join forces with Leng Xinran!

Leng Xinran took the Icesoul Fruit, glanced deeply at Yang Ye, and then said, “Alright!”

As soon as she finished speaking, her figure flashed explosively towards the robust man. At the same time, she said, “If you encounter Yuan Tong, then don’t fight him now. Remember that!” In next to no time, the sounds of battle between Leng Xinran and the robust man resounded.

Yang Ye frowned when he heard this. He didn’t give it any further thought, and his figure flashed towards the distance.

When he saw Yang Ye vanish into the distance, the robust man’s expression instantly turned savage, and he roared furiously towards the sky while his figure suddenly returned to its original form.

When she saw the robust man’s original form, Leng Xinran’s icy cold expression instantly turned solemn, and she said in a low voice, “So you were an elite of the Skyhowl Demon Wolf Clan….”

At this moment, an enormous black colored wolf was staring fixedly at Leng Xinran. The black wolf’s entire body was completely pitch black and covered in thick scales that flickered with a ghastly sheen. Its claws were like four sharp blades, and as they occasionally swept past the ground, sharp screeches would resound. After that, numerous deep claw marks would appear on the ground….


The Skyhowl Demon Wolf raised its head and howled loudly before its figure leaped up and pounced towards Leng Xinran….

15 minutes later, numerous blood red claw marks had appeared on Leng Xinran’s white dress. On the other hand, the Skyhowl Demon Wolf was in an even more embarrassing state. Numerous tiny injuries densely covered its body. Those injuries were extremely tiny, and it was impossible for an ordinary person to notice them if they weren’t densely packed together like that!

With a flip of her wrist, the fine thread of hair in her hand tore through the air and struck the Skyhowl Demon Wolf’s body. Its hard scales weren’t able to obstruct this thread of hair, and it directly penetrated the wolf’s scale armor, causing a blood red mark to appear on the wolf’s body. At the same time, Leng Xinran leaped backward!

When her figure descended to the ground, Leng Xinran glanced at the direction that Yang Ye had fled towards, and then her figure flashed towards the distance. She’d kept the Skyhowl Demon Wolf here for so long, so if Yang Ye was still unable to escape, then Yang Ye could only blame his fate. Because she would naturally not fight the Skyhowl Demon Wolf to the death just for Yang Ye!


The wolf howled once more when it saw Leng Xinran leave. However, it didn’t choose to pursue her. It wasn’t that the Skyhowl Demon Wolf was afraid of Leng Xinran, it was because pursuing her was pointless! Because the treasure wasn’t even in her possession!

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