Chapter 212 – Eat!

Almighty Sword Domain

After dashing madly for a few hours, Yang Ye finally stopped.

Yang Ye sat cross-legged within a hidden cave. He didn’t check the Icesoul Fruit Tree within his Vortex Dantian. He embraced the violet mink who had an excited expression on its little face, and then he said seriously, “Little Fellow, you must get my approval before doing something like that next time, understand?” 

Even though the violet mink possessed shocking ability that made it impossible to be harmed by ordinary Darkbeasts, Yang Ye was still slightly worried about it. Because the little fellow was truly too unrestrained. If he didn’t explain how serious it was to the little fellow, then it might even dare to seize the possessions of an Exalt Realm expert in the future….

The violet mink blinked. When it saw the solemn expression Yang Ye revealed, it didn’t dare continue being playful, and it immediately nodded. However, its lively eyes carried a trace of grievance. 

Yang Ye shook his head when he saw this, and then he stretched out his hand to rub the little fellow’s head before he said in a gentle tone, “Little Fellow, even though those treasures are tempting, they are a pile of rubbish to me when compared to you. If you want to seize something in the future, then ask me about it first, alright?”The violet mink stretched out its little claw and rubbed Yang Ye’s face before it nodded.

Only now did Yang Ye relax, and he closed his eyes slightly while his mind sunk into his body to look at the Icesoul Fruit Tree within his Vortex Dantian.

Yang Ye’s eyes suddenly opened wide when he witnessed the state of his Vortex Dantian, and his eyes were filled with disbelief. Because besides the Icesoul Fruit Tree, there was another tree within the pool of profound energy. It was slightly smaller than the Icesoul Fruit Tree, and it even had around 10 fist sized fruits hanging from it….

“Little Fellow, what’s that?” Yang Ye gazed at the violet mink while he spoke with astonishment. 

The violet mink gestured with its little claws….

Before long, Yang Ye came to an understanding. The tree was actually that Vermillion Spirit Fruit that the little fellow had tossed into the profound energy pool at that time. Yang Ye hadn’t imagined that it would have actually become a tree in such a short period of time. Moreover, numerous fruits had formed on the tree! This Vortex Dantian of mine actually possesses such effects? 

Yang Ye suppressed the shock and pleasant surprise in his heart, and then his consciousness sunk into his body once more. At this moment, the seven King Rank Darkbeasts within the Vortex Dantian resided around the pool of profound energy. All their fist-sized eyes stared at the two large trees with expressions of hunger. However, not a single one of them dared to touch those fruits arbitrarily. Obviously, the little fellow was still possessed extreme deterring force in their hearts!

Yang Ye shot his gaze towards the Icesoul Fruits. The five fruits on the tree were slightly larger than an adult’s fist. Yang Ye noticed that the skin of the Icesoul Fruits was covered in white markings that seemed like the veins within the human body. Moreover, these veins were moving like tiny worms!

Yang Ye opened his eyes. He remained silent for a while before he flipped his palm, and an Icesoul Fruit appeared there. As soon as it entered his palm, his palm felt cold, and a strand of coldness flowed throughout his body.

A wisp of surprise flashed in Yang Ye’s eyes, and he hurriedly circulated his profound energy to expel this coldness. As he gazed at the Icesoul Fruit in his hand, Yang Ye finally understood why Leng Xinran wanted this fruit. She cultivated an ice element cultivation technique,  and she possessed water element profound energy herself, so the Icesoul Fruit was probably extremely beneficial to her!However, exactly what effects did the fruit have? Yang Ye was unable to figure it out.

Meanwhile, the violet mink suddenly waved its claw, and then the fruit in Yang Ye’s hand appeared on its claw. After that, its figure flashed and arrived in front of Yang Ye before it held the fruit with both claws and moved it towards Yang Ye’s mouth. Obviously, it wanted Yang Ye to eat the fruit….

As he gazed at the violet mink and the fruit before him, Yang Ye puckered his lips and asked. “Can I really eat it?”The little fellow was very reliable at most times, but it was also unreliable sometimes. Just like when he was at the bottom of Death Abyss, it had given him and Su Qingshi the Union Fruits….

The violet mink nodded, and then it pushed the fruit towards Yang Ye’s mouth.

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he said, “Little Fellow, can I really eat it?”

Meanwhile, the violet mink pouted. Obviously, it had become slightly impatient. When he saw this, Yang Ye didn’t dare delay any longer, and he opened his mouth and took a small bite before swallowing it directly….

Coolness that penetrated the heart. This was what Yang Ye felt at this moment, and it felt not bad. So, Yang Ye took another bite, and it wasn’t long before the entire Icesoul Fruit had entered his stomach. 

After he finished eating the fruit, Yang Ye was about to say something. Suddenly, his eyes opened wide while he held his stomach with both hands. At this moment, Yang Ye’s hair was freezing at a visible speed, and in next to no time, his forehead, eyebrows, eyes, mouth….

Before long, his entire body was sealed within ice.

The violet mink, and then it flashed and directly entered Yang Ye’s Vortex Dantian.

At this moment, Yang Ye had naturally not died. Even though he hadn’t died, he was on the verge of it. After his body was sealed in ice, Yang Ye noticed to his astonishment that he was actually unable to circulate the profound energy within his body while even his Sword Intent couldn’t be utilized. In short, he seemed to have become an ordinary person now. It would still be fine if that was the extent of it. However, he noticed that strands of bone piercing coldness were corroding the cells in his body as well….

After he noticed this, a strand of panic crawled out from the depths of Yang Ye’s heart. His body was comparable to a King Rank Darkbeast, yet he was unable to resist this coldness. Most importantly, he was actually unable to circulate his profound energy or utilize his Sword Intent….

Little Fellow, you’ve tricked me again! At this moment, Yang Ye howled sorrowfully in his heart.

The bone piercing coldness didn’t stop because of Yang Ye’s sorrowful howl. Moreover, it grew even colder instead. On the other hand, the ice that surrounded Yang Ye’s body grew even thicker and even the ground beneath Yang Ye had started to frost before spreading towards the surroundings within the cave….

If Yang Ye looked within his body now, then he would notice that the blood vessels and veins within his body had been frozen by the coldness. In other words, Yang Ye’s vitality was starting to gradually vanish.

But at this moment, Yang Ye was completely helpless. No, it should be said that he still had one last way to save himself, and it was to contact the little fellow. However, the little fellow completely ignored his calls, and it just hid within the pool of golden profound energy….

Yang Ye’s consciousness gradually blurred. At this moment, he finally understood a principle, and it was that one does not simply eat a Heaven Rank spirit fruit….

In next to no time, the coldness invaded Yang Ye’s Vortex Dantian, but right when it had just entered there, the profound energy within Yang Ye’s Vortex Dantian suddenly seethed. After that, the golden profound energy within the pool surged out like a torrent!When the coldness encountered the golden profound energy, it was instantly dispersed, and the golden profound energy moved along Yang Ye’s Dantian and flowed swiftly towards his veins that had been frozen. Everywhere it passed, Yang Ye’s frozen blood vessels and veins instantly returned to normal, and at the same time, the ice around Yang Ye’s body melted gradually….

15 minutes later.

Bang!The sound of ice shattering resounded in the cave. Yang Ye who’d been sealed with ice broke out from within it, and his clothes shattered along with the ice! At the same time, the golden profound energy that flowed through his veins and blood vessels instantly surged towards his Vortex Dantian. In less than the time for a single breath, it had fully returned to the pool within his Vortex Dantian, and this included the golden profound energy within Yang Ye’s normal Dantian….

At a certain moment in time, Yang Ye opened his eyes and took a deep breath. After that, a wisp of a puzzled expression appeared on his face as he said lightly, “I’ve actually advanced by three ranks!” Indeed, Yang Ye was at the sixth rank of the First Heaven Realm now!As for the reason, Yang Ye wasn’t so sure about it. Suddenly, Yang Ye recalled what Leng Xinran had told him — a single fruit was equivalent to 10 years of bitter cultivation.

Could it be that is the effect of this Icesoul Fruit? But if it’s 10 years of bitter cultivation, then it should have improved my cultivation by more than three ranks, right?

Suddenly, Yang Ye seemed to have sensed something, and he lowered his head to look at his body. Yang Ye was stunned on the spot when he laid eyes on his body.

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