Chapter 213 – Advancement!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye’s skin was originally copper colored, but it had become light golden colored now!

Yang Ye slowly brushed past his chest with his right hand, and it felt completely hard.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed. At this moment, his body was more than two times stronger than it was before this!

After thinking for a while, Yang Ye roughly understood the reason for this. The transformation his physical body experienced could be said to be because of the Icesoul Fruit. Because Elder Mu had once said that the physical body had to be stimulated into order to be strengthened. Obviously, the stimulation from the Icesoul Fruit was sufficient to strengthen his body. After all, the harm it inflicted upon his body was on par with Elder Mu’s Nether Ghostflames!

Of course, if it was merely the Icesoul Fruit, then it would definitely be unable to improve his physical body to such an extent. During the process that his body was being improved, the golden profound energy within his Vortex Dantian was probably the main force that fueled this transformation!

The golden profound energy possessed extremely formidable offensive abilities, and its abilities of restoration were terrifying to the extreme as well. Every single time the golden profound energy within his Vortex Dantian cleansed his body, his physical body and strength would undergo as qualitative transformation!

In short, the improvement of his strength and physical body this time was mainly because of the golden profound energy and the Icesoul Fruit! Otherwise, if he merely relied on the golden profound energy, then his physical strength and cultivation would probably be unable to improve to such an extent.

Right at this moment, a strand of violet light flashed, and then the violet mink appeared in front of him. It flashed onto his shoulder before it rubbed its little head against Yang Ye’s face. Obviously, it was trying to curry favor with Yang Ye again….

Yang Ye took the violet mink in his arms, and he gazed at this little fellow that seemed so obedient now and said seriously, “Little Fellow, did you make me eat that Icesoul Fruit intentionally so the golden profound energy would help me?”

Yang Ye wasn’t stupid. He knew that it was impossible for the little fellow to harm him, and this was something that was beyond any doubt. However, the little fellow had remained indifferent during the critical moment from before, so there was only one explanation, and it was that the little fellow had expected all of it. Moreover, it even had a plan to deal with it!

The violet mink’s eyeballs spun about. When he saw this, Yang Ye hurriedly grabbed ahold of its little head and said, “Don’t lie to me. Did you do that intentionally so that the vortex would help me improve my strength?”

After a short while, the violet mink nodded….

Yang Ye took a deep breath when he saw this, and then he asked. “Can you communicate with it?”

The violet mink shook its head this time.

“Then you were guessing just now?” Yang Ye spoke with astonishment.

The violet mink felt slightly guilty, and it flashed onto Yang Ye’s shoulder before rubbing its head against Yang Ye’s face with all its strength….

Yang Ye laughed bitterly as he shook his head. He’d experienced how formidable his Vortex Dantian was a very long time ago. But it would never take the initiative to help him unless he was on the verge of death. Obviously, this was exactly the little fellow’s intentions….

But what if the tiny vortex did nothing to save me….

Yang Ye didn’t continue thinking along this line of thought because it was meaningless. The tremendous qualitative change in his strength was an undeniable fact, and he was much more confident to face those monstrous geniuses during the competition of the Ascension Rankings. Especially the strength of his physical body. According to his estimations, it wasn’t much different from the violet robed young man from the Steel Ape Clan who he’d met on that day!

As for amongst the humans, there was probably almost no one in the younger generation who could rival his physical body!

Yang Ye restrained his thoughts and asked the violet mink. “Little Fellow, can I eat another Icesoul Fruit?”

If he ate another, and it allowed his strength and body to undergo such a transformation again, then he would still have two more that….

The violet mink hurriedly shook its head. It pointed its little claw at Yang Ye’s stomach, and then it started waving its claws to convey something.

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Alright, don’t get anxious. I won’t eat it now!”

He naturally understood the violet mink. It was conveying that he couldn’t eat another because the tiny vortex would definitely watch as he died this time. After all, it wasn’t an idiot, so it wouldn’t fall for the little fellow’s trick again!


Right at this moment, a strand of rumbling suddenly resounded from outside the cave, and then the entire cave shook. In the next moment, it instantly collapsed.

Yang Ye’s expression changed. He swiftly stomped his right foot on the ground, and his figure shot upward. At the same time, he drew his sword and slashed it up towards the large falling rocks!


Everywhere Violet Spirit passed, countless rocks scattered downwards!

After he leaped out of the cave, Yang Ye arrived above the collapsed cave, and he looked towards the distance. The curly bearded robust man from beneath the cliff on that day was staring fixedly at him from afar.

Obviously, it was the robust man who caused the collapse of the cave!

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he saw this robust man. He’d never imagined that the robust man would actually chase him until here. At the same time, he felt fortunate in his heart. Because, if the robust man was a little bit earlier, then he would probably be dead.

“Human, hand the Icesoul Fruit Tree over, otherwise, I’ll eat you alive!” The robust man gazed at Yang Ye while the killing intent and rage in his voice wasn’t concealed at all.

“How did you find me!?” Yang Ye replied with a question.

“Human, even if you transform into ash, I, Xiao Lang would definitely not forget your smell! Out of consideration for the little fellow on your shoulder, I’ll allow you to leave after you hand the Icesoul Fruit Tree over!” The robust man spoke in a deep voice.

Yang Ye shook his head and said, “I’m sorry but you’re too late. I’ve already consumed the fruits!”

“Human, do you think I’m an idiot?” The robust man called Xiao Lang said furiously, “Would a human like you dare to eat the Icesoul Fruit? Even the Spirit Rank Shapeshifted Beasts of my Darkbeast Empire wouldn’t dare eat it just like that. Who’re you trying to deceive? I’ll tell you one last time, hand the tree and fruits over, otherwise, today will be the day of your death!”

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he heard Xiao Lang. Even Spirit Rank Darkbeasts wouldn’t dare eat it by itself? But I actually ate it just like that….

At this moment, Yang Ye suddenly felt that he was extraordinary! Why? Because a First Heaven Realm profounder like him had done something that even a Spirit Rank Darkbeast wouldn’t dare do. So, wasn’t this extraordinary?

Xiao Lang clenched his fists when he saw Yang Ye remain silent, and then he said furiously, “Human, I’ll ask you one last time! Will you hand them over or not?”

If he wasn’t afraid of the mysterious little fellow on Yang Ye’s shoulder, Xiao Lang wouldn’t be so long-winded at all!

Yang Ye shrugged and said, “Treasures belong to those with ability. No, it should be those with strength. I admit that your strength is really good, but you really shouldn’t have chased me down by yourself. Isn’t that just like giving your life away?”

Xiao Lang’s eyelids twitched this time. Earlier, he’d been overwhelmed by rage, and he hadn’t considered this problem. Now, as soon as Yang Ye spoke these words, he suddenly recalled that he seemed to be unable to deal with this human and little fellow. After all, that human woman wasn’t here to keep them busy, so he had to deal with both of them by himself!

When he thought up to here, Xiao Lang gazed at the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder and said, “You’re a member of my Darkbeast race, so why are you with a human? Aren’t you afraid that your clan would be annihilated?”

Yang Ye chuckled when he heard this. This fellow is actually trying to sow discord between me and the little fellow to split us up. Needless to say, this idea is extremely good. But is it possible?

The violet mink blinked, and then it pointed at Xiao Lang before it pointed at Yang Ye, and it seemed to be telling Xiao Lang to follow by Yang Ye’s side….

Yang Ye rolled his eyes. Xiao Lang was a Shapeshifted Beast. Even though he wasn’t at the Spirit Rank, he’d still taken human form and possessed the true intelligence of a human. So, how could Xiao Lang possibly follow by Yang Ye’s side? The little fellow was truly being too naïve!

Sure enough, Xiao Lang was instantly infuriated. A strand of violent killing intent surged explosively from within his body, and he roared furiously. “You actually want me to follow a human? Are you humiliating me?”

When it saw Xiao Lang actually flare up towards it, the little fellow was infuriated as well. Its figure flashed before it arrived near Xiao Lang, and with a wave of its little claw, a strand of violet light instantly appeared in front of Xiao Lang….

Xiao Lang’s eyelids twitched when he saw that it was this strange attack again. This attack is truly strange, shocking, and mysterious to the extreme!

Xiao Lang clenched his right fist tightly, and then he smashed it towards the violet light that appeared in front of him!


The violet light dispersed while Xiao Lang took a few steps back. However, right at this moment, another strand of violet light had suddenly appeared behind his retreating figure….

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