Chapter 219 – Making A Move!

Almighty Sword Domain

Right when Situ Rong was complacent, the figure of Li Xianjun who’d smashed onto the ground at the side had suddenly shaken, and then he transformed into a blood red shadow that flashed towards the distance. In a mere moment, Li Xianjun had vanished from Situ Rong’s field of vision.

The complacent expression on Situ Rong’s face froze, and then it transformed into a savage expression instead. He hadn’t expected that Li Xianjun would actually still possess the strength to utilize a movement technique. If he knew this would happen, then he would have attacked as soon as he arrived here, and not waste his breath. Otherwise, he would be able to take revenge for the ear he lost!

Situ Rong took a deep breath and suppressed the resentment and rage in his heart, and then he turned to look at Murong Yao who supported herself on a tree. At this moment, Murong Yao was in a rather sorry state. Her countenance was ghastly pale while a wisp of bright red blood flowed from a corner of her mouth. Moreover, the clothes that covered her entire body was in tatters, causing a large portion of her body to be exposed.

Needless to say, Murong Yao was extremely beautiful. Even if she was in such a sorry state right now, she was still extremely beautiful, and it was even to the extent that because a large amount of her skin was exposed now, she even exuded lethal attractiveness to men

A wisp of lust flashed in the depths of Situ Rong’s eyes as he gazed at her, and then he walked slowly towards her and said, “Murong Yao, we didn’t have to be mortal enemies. Your mistake was standing on Yang Ye’s side. I could kill you now, but out of consideration that we’re from the same sect, I’ll give you a chance. I’ll spare you if you’re willing to become my Dao Companion for mutual cultivation.”

Murong Yao coughed lightly, and then she raised her head to look at Situ Rong while her ghastly pale face was covered in disdain. She said, “Your Dao Companion for mutual cultivation? Situ Rong, you should really take a look in the mirror. Is a dog like you even worthy of becoming the Dao Companion of I, Murong Yao?”

A cold glow flashed in Situ Rong’s eyes, and he grunted coldly and said, “Murong Yao, then don’t blame me for being merciless. But don’t worry, I’ll still make you become my Dao Companion before you die. After all, you are really quite beautiful!” As soon as he finished speaking, Situ Rong’s figure flashed, and he stomped his right foot towards Murong Yao’s stomach.

Obviously, he intended to cripple her Dantian!

As she gazed at Situ Rong’s approach foot, a wisp of a resolute expression flashed in Murong Yao’s eyes. She disregarded the injuries she’d suffered and caused the remaining profound energy within her body to start surging madly. After that, her stomach swelled up slightly. Obviously, she intended to detonate herself!

At this moment, she was heavily injured already, and she wasn’t a match for Situ Rong at all. On the other hand, once she fell into Situ Rong’s hands, then the consequences of that were obvious! So, she chose to detonate her Dantian without the slightest hesitation!

When he saw this scene, Situ Rong’s expression changed while astonishment appeared in his eyes. He didn’t hesitate at all to increase his speed to its limits because he naturally didn’t dare allow Murong Yao to detonate herself!

However, someone else was even swifter than him!

A figure had suddenly appeared in front of Murong Yao, and it was none other than Yang Ye. Earlier, he’d heard the sounds of the battle that was occurring here from over 50km away. Yang Ye held the intention to plunder them and didn’t hesitate to rush over here, but when he got here, he witnessed the scene of Murong Yao being on the verge of detonating herself.

He could be considered to know Murong Yao well, so he could naturally not watch as she died. Thus, he made a move!

Yang Ye didn’t care about Situ Rong who was behind him, and he pressed his palm onto Murong Yao’s head instead. The golden profound energy within his body surged madly into Murong Yao’s body, and then he controlled his profound energy to suppress the profound energy within Murong Yao’s body that had gone berserk.

At the same time, Situ Rong’s foot had arrived behind them, and because Yang Ye was standing in front of her, so Situ Rong’s foot collided with Yang Ye’s back!


A figure was blasted flying. However, it wasn’t Yang Ye but Situ Rong instead!

With the current strength of Yang Ye’s physical body, how could Situ Rong who hadn’t exerted his full strength possibly harm Yang Ye?

Murong Yao instantly heaved a sigh of relief when she saw Yang Ye, and then she suppressed the violent profound energy within her body. She wasn’t afraid of death, but if she could live, then how could she be willing to choose death?

At this moment, Situ Rong’s expression was extremely solemn as he gazed at Yang Ye. Obviously, he hadn’t expected that it would be he who was blasted flying!

Yang Ye withdrew his golden profound energy before he turned around to look at Situ Rong, and then he walked over slowly and said, “Originally, I didn’t intend to give a fuck about you because I was giving Qingshi face. Because it would truly be difficult for me to give Qingshi an explanation if I targeted you on purpose. Moreover, it would be a waste of my time as well. But, needless to say, my way of thinking was wrong. I should have dealt with a piece of trash like you at the first possible moment!”

“Deal with me?” Situ Rong grunted coldly and said, “Yang Ye, you think too highly of yourself. But what you said is what I wanted to say as well. I should have dealt with you a long time ago. Since we encountered each other now, then why don’t we put an end to it now?”

Yang Ye didn’t speak. He withdrew a Strider Talisman and Strength Talisman before slapping them onto himself. After that, the profound energy within his body surged into the Gale Shows before he executed the Gale Steps technique, causing his figure to suddenly vanish on the spot. In an instant, he arrived in front of Situ Rong, and then he didn’t hesitate to draw his sword and slash.

Violet Spirit whistled sharply through the air as it slashed down like a bolt of lightning towards Situ Rong’s head.

Situ Rong’s expression changed this time, and his eyes were filled with horror. Because he’d sensed the Sword Intent of legend!

Yes, Yang Ye hadn’t held back this time because he knew that Situ Rong had a trump card. While he didn’t fear Situ Rong’s trump care, he didn’t want to go to such trouble as well! Since he could deal with Situ Rong in one go, then why should he fight an intense battle and allow Situ Rong to utilize his trump card? Yang Ye wasn’t an idiot!

Situ Rong was utterly unable to dodge when being restrained and suppressed by Yang Ye’s Sword Intent. Of course, even if there wasn’t any Sword intent to suppress and restrain him, he would still be unable to evade. After all, this was a strike Yang Ye had executed with his full strength!

Even though he was horrified, Situ Rong’s reaction wasn’t slow. His Profound Energy Barrier instantly appeared around him, and then he raised his sword horizontally while the tips of his toes rubbed slightly against the ground. He’d decided that so long as he blocked this attack from Yang Ye, he would retreat and utilize his trump card.

At this moment, he didn’t have any contempt left in him, and he knew that if he didn’t utilize his trump card, then he would perish here in next to no time!

However, while the way he thought was right, but reality was brutal!


The clear and resounding sound of metal breaking resounded, and then a sword flashed down from Situ Rong’s head to toe.

“My trump card….” Situ Rong muttered while his figure was instantly split into two, causing red and white matter to flow all over the ground….

Yang Ye sheathed his sword, and then he shook his head lightly as he gazed at Situ Rong who’d been split into two. This incident reminded him once more that while he faced an opponent, he could absolutely not be careless, underestimate his opponent, or waste his breath. If Situ Rong didn’t waste his breath and underestimate Yang Ye, and he exerted his full strength right away, then Yang Ye would have definitely been unable to kill Situ Rong with a single strike of the sword!

However, Situ Rong hadn’t acted like that. Besides the moment before his death when he sensed Yang Ye’s Sword Intent, he’d underestimated Yang Ye from the beginning until the end. He’d started to take Yang Ye seriously at the end, but it was already too late because Yang Ye didn’t give him a chance!

“You actually comprehended Sword Intent….” Murong Yao spoke with slight disbelief from behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye didn’t turn around to answer her. He raised his head, looked towards the distance, and then laughed coldly. “You’ve finished watching the show. So, it’s time to come out now, right?”

Murong Yao’s expression changed when she heard him. Someone else is actually here?

As soon as Yang Ye finished speaking, a figure walked out from behind a tree. Murong Yao’s expression changed once more when she saw this figure because it was Li Xianjun who’d been heavily injured along with her during the collision between them. But at this moment, Li Xianjun didn’t seem to be injured at all!

Li Xianjun took a few steps before he stopped, and then he smiled as he gazed at Yang Ye before he said, “So, you were the true trump card of the Sword Sect. Tsk, tsk. The 1st level of Sword Intent and gold element profound energy. No wonder you dared to go against Yuan Tong.”

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath. Right when he was about to attack, Li Xianjun smiled and said, “I originally intended to deal with the both of you, but there’s no need for that now. Because there’s someone who has a stronger desire to kill you than I. If you survive, we can fight to the death during the second round of the Ascension Rankings.”

As soon as he finished speaking, his figure shook before it directly transformed into a blood red shadow that flashed backward. At the same time, a fiery red lotus formed from energy suddenly exploded in midair above the spot where Li Xianjun stood just now.

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he saw this blood red lotus because he knew that his whereabouts were exposed. So, there were probably thousands of humans and Darkbeasts approaching from all directions!

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