Chapter 220 – The Violet Mink's Terrifying Ability!

Almighty Sword Domain

After he took a deep breath, Yang Ye turned around and walked over to Murong Yao. With a flip of his palm, he slapped a high-grade Healing Talisman on her, and then he withdrew three Strider Talismans and passed them to Murong Yao before he said, “With your strength, it ought to not be difficult to leave the Grand Myriad Mountains. Leave! Quickly!”

Murong Yao pondered deeply for a moment, and then she stopped hesitating. She took the Strider Talismans in Yang Ye’s hand, turned around, and left. After she took a few steps, she suddenly stopped and said, “We’ll meet again, right?”

Yang Ye smiled and said, “Of course!”

After she obtained an answer from him, Murong Yao nodded, and then she didn’t stay any longer. She flashed towards the distance. She, Murong Yao, wasn’t an ungrateful person. Logically speaking, since Yang Ye had saved her, she should stay behind to face those humans and Darkbeasts with Yang Ye. But she didn’t. However, it wasn’t because she was heartless and ungrateful.

She knew that besides being a burden for Yang Ye, she would be of no use at all! So, she resolutely chose to turn around and leave!

As he gazed at Murong Yao who vanished into the distance, Yang Ye smiled, and then he waved his right hand. The Lightning Eagle appeared in front of him, and then he leaped onto its back. However, right at this moment, the surroundings suddenly dimmed down. When Yang Ye raised his head and looked up, he saw a dense expanse of flying Darkbeasts in the air above the forest!

It wasn’t just that, Yang Ye even sensed countless auras pressing down towards him from all directions. These auras included the auras of humans, but they mostly consisted of Darkbeasts!

In next to no time, the group of human profounders led by Yuan Tong appeared on Yang Ye’s left. As soon as Yuan Tong appeared here, Luo Xue from the Darkbeast Empire led all the Darkbeasts to arrive on Yang Ye’s right.

When they saw the Lightning Eagle beneath Yang Ye’s legs, all the human profounders and Darkbeasts revealed shocked expressions. Especially the Darkbeasts from the Darkbeast Empire. At the same time that they felt shocked, they felt infuriated as well. Because a King Rank Darkbeast had actually allowed a human to stand on its back. This was a humiliation for their Darkbeast Race!

Luo Xue took a deep glance at the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder. He didn’t speak and seemed to intend to see through the little fellow’s origins!

“He killed Situ Rong!” Right at this moment, someone exclaimed with surprise.

When they heard this, all the others in the surroundings looked towards the corpse by Yang Ye’s side, and they revealed furious expressions when they saw its appearance. Obviously, they hadn’t imagined that Yang Ye actually dared to kill a fellow disciple of his sect!

Yuan Tong withdrew his gaze from Situ Rong’s corpse, and then he gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Yang Ye, how ruthless of you. You actually killed a senior brother from your own sect!”

Yang Ye didn’t waste his breath on Yuan Tong. He swept his gaze through all the humans and Darkbeasts, and then he roared with laughter and said, “What ability do I, Yang Ye, possess to actually make the entire younger generation of the southern territory and all the young elites of the Darkbeast Race to join forces and pursue me? It’s probably only I, Yang Ye, who has obtained such an honor throughout the Ascension Rankings of the past, right?”

“Join forces and pursue you?” Yuan Tong shook his head and said, “Yang Ye, you think too highly of yourself. If it wasn’t for that mysterious Darkbeast’s help in concealing your aura, you would have perished a long time ago!”

As soon as he finished speaking, he gazed at Luo Xue and said, “The person and Darkbeast you wished to find have been found. Will your side do it or should we humans do it for you?”

Luo Xue took two steps forward before he gazed at the Lightning Eagle beneath Yang Ye’s feet. After that, a strand of pressure suddenly enveloped it while he shouted in a deep voice. “Get over here!”

As soon as it came into contact with Luo Xue’s pressure, the Lightning Eagle revealed a terrified expression in its eyes, and then it was about to shake Yang Ye off its back. However, right at this moment, the violet mink suddenly flashed from Yang Ye’s shoulder and descended onto the Lightning Eagle’s head. With a wave of its little claw, a strand of violet light instantly blasted onto the Lightning Eagle’s head, and then a bloody hold appeared there.

When it saw the violet mink flare-up, the terror in the Lightning Eagle’s eyes deepened, and then it lowered its head, lay prone on the ground, and didn’t dare make any rash movements!

Luo Xue’s expression changed when he saw this. It wasn’t just Luo Xue’s expression that had changed, even the expressions of the others standing behind him had changed as well. All of them exchanged glances, and their eyes were filled with shock and seriousness. Luo Xue didn’t possess a bloodline pressure, but he possessed a pressure from his imposing aura. So, ordinary Darkbeasts wouldn’t dare resist him at all!

Yet now, this ordinary King Rank Lightning Eagle had actually disobeyed Luo Xue’s orders. What exactly is that mysterious little fellow’s background?Meanwhile, the violet mink looked at Luo Xue, and then a violet glow flashed in its eyes. Moreover, violet light flickered on its little claws. Obviously, it was infuriated by this fellow that dared to try and seize its subordinate from it.

Luo Xue took a deep breath, and then he gazed at the violet mink and said, “You possess intelligence while you’re still a cub, and you even possess a bloodline pressure. Logically speaking, you ought to have become renowned in the Grand Myriad Mountains a very long time ago. But I’ve never heard of you. Moreover, in my impression, there are no records of you in the history of the Darkbeast Race. What exactly is your background?”

The little fellow didn’t answer Luo Xue. It waved its little claw towards the Lightning Eagle, and the Lightning Eagle understood what the little fellow meant and slowly soared into the sky.

Yuan Tong frowned when he witnessed this scene. However, he didn’t stop it because he believed that the Darkbeast Race would absolutely not allow Yang Ye and that mysterious little fellow to leave.

As he watched the Lightning Eagle rise higher and higher, Zi Xiu who stood by Luo Xue’s side said in a low voice, “They can’t be allowed to leave. Exalt Hu has ordered that it can’t be allowed to fall into a human’s hands. Even you’ve witnessed it. It’s an extraordinary threat to our Darkbeast Race!”

Luo Xue nodded lightly when he heard this, and then he raised his right hand slightly before pressing it downward. In the next moment, the flying Darkbeasts in the sky above Yang Ye instantly covered the heavens and the earth as they surged towards Yang Ye and the violet mink. When a few thousand flying Darkbeasts surged over at once, the imposing aura emanated from this was extremely shocking!

When he witnessed this scene, Yang Ye’s expression changed while his eyes narrowed. He was prepared to utilize the sword chest. However, right at this moment, the violet mink suddenly flashed into the air, and then a strand of violet light suddenly surged out explosively from within it. In the next moment, an invisible bloodline pressure swept out like a torrent towards the flying Darkbeasts in the sky!

At the same time, a few dozen strands of dark violet arcs of light tore through the sky and blasted towards those flying Darkbeasts!

Yang Ye’s expression changed. He knew that the little fellow was truly infuriated this time because those strands of violet light were numerous times stronger than any of the violet lights that the little fellow had executed in the past. Obviously, the little fellow hadn’t held back this time!

When those flying Darkbeasts came into contact with the violet mink’s bloodline pressure, all of them stopped without exception while terror arose in their eyes. They didn’t dare move another inch forward. It was even to the extent that they didn’t dare to dodge the strands of violet light executed by the little fellow and allowed them to blast onto their bodies!

It wasn’t just the flying Darkbeasts in the sky, even the Darkbeasts on the ground had started to shiver before this pressure, and it was even to the extent that some comparatively weaker Darkbeasts were already lying flat on the ground!


Numerous shrill cries instantly erupted in midair, and then a few dozen flying Darkbeasts fell from midair. Meanwhile, the Lightning Eagle had charged out of the encirclement of those flying Darkbeasts and risen into the sky. After that, it vanished from everyone’s fields of vision in less than a few breaths of time….

“HAHA!! Farewell everyone down below, we’ll meet again during the second round of the competition!” Yang Ye’s unbridled and roaring laughter resounded from far away in the sky….

As he gazed at the direction Yang Ye vanished toward, Yuan Tong’s eyes narrowed slightly while the killing intent within them wasn’t concealed at all. Obviously, he hadn’t imagined that the little fellow actually possessed such terrifying ability that could make all beasts submit before it! At this moment, he felt regretful. He regretted being careless that day and allowing Yang Ye to flee because if he obtained this mysterious Darkbeast and the method to control Darkbeasts….

Not to mention Yuan Tong, all the human profounders present here had never imagined that the little fellow possessed the ability to make all beasts submit before it! Because every single one of those Darkbeasts from before were King Rank Darkbeasts, yet they didn’t even dare to fight back before that little fellow! Most importantly, that little fellow was actually staying by the side of a human! If they hadn’t witnessed it with their own two eyes, they would absolutely not believe it!

As he gazed at the Lightning Eagle that had transformed into a tiny black dot, Luo Xue withdrew his gaze and said, “No matter what, it can’t be allowed to leave the Grand Myriad Mountains. Notify Exalt Hu, tell him to send a Spirit Rank expert to pursue them!”

“But wouldn’t this be breaking the rules?” Zi Xiu who stood by Luo Xue’s side frowned as he spoke.

Luo Xue took a deep breath and said in a soft voice, “That’s still better than allowing it to fall into the hands of the humans. If it falls into the humans’ control, then our Darkbeast Race will be in danger!”

Zi Xiu stopped hesitating when he heard this. He gestured with his right hand, and then a Black Hawk descended onto his arm. After a short while, the Black Hawk flashed towards a certain direction….

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