Chapter 222 – Furious Spirit Rank Expert!

Almighty Sword Domain

When he saw this scene, Yang Ye shook his head with regret, and then with a thought in his heart, the Hidden Sword returned into his grasp. After that, he didn’t look back at all while his figure flashed towards the distance.

Fleeing into the distance upon a single strike failed to succeed. At this moment, Yang Ye’s style was like the style of an assassin!

Man Shi wiped off the blood on his neck, and then he raised his head to gaze towards Yang Ye who’d vanished from his field of vision before his expression instantly turned savage. He was a dignified Spirit Realm expert, yet he was actually injured by a human at the First Heaven Realm. This was an extraordinary humiliation!

“Human! I, Man Shi, swear that I won’t rest until I kill you!” Man Shi’s roar resounded from behind Yang Ye….

His rage made Man Shi forget why Yang Ye was able to break through his defenses. He’d forgotten Yang Ye’s strange technique of sword control and that strange sword. At this moment, there was only a single thought in his mind, and it was to cut this human up and swallow him alive!

Yang Ye continued dashing madly. With the boost from a high-grade Strider Talisman and the Gale Shoes, he was barely able to maintain a certain amount of distance between him and Man Shi. However, he knew that Man Shi catching up to him was only a matter of time.

Yang Ye frowned when he thought up to here. If he fought Man Shi, he would absolutely be unable to defeat Man Shi, yet he was unable to outrun Man Shi as well. On the other hand, he’d tried a surprise attack just now, but he’d failed….

In next to no time, Yang Ye’s eyes lit up. He’d almost forgotten a place, and it was the Death Abyss. So long as he leaped down into Death Abyss, then would the fellow behind him dare to continue pursuing him?

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye immediately changed the direction he was heading towards and flashed towards Death Abyss.

Time flowed by slowly. Yang Ye fled from morning until night, and from night until the day. On the other hand, Man Shi was like a ghost that wouldn’t leave his side and followed closely behind him, causing him to be unable to shake Man Shi off no matter what. If it wasn’t for the Strider Talismans in his possession, Man Shi would have probably caught up with him a very long time ago.

Even though Man Shi had tried his best to conceal his aura, the humans had still noticed that the Darkbeast Empire had dispatched a Spirit Rank expert.

On that peak that was over 500km away from Ascension Mountain Range, all the representatives of the human powers led by Qing Yun’zi were in confrontation with the group from the Darkbeast Empire who were led by Hu Zongyuan. Both sides were accumulating strength while waiting to attack, and it seemed like a battle would erupt in the next moment!

“Hu Zongyuan, your Darkbeast Empire actually dared to break the rules?” Qing Yun’zi gazed coldly at Hu Zongyuan, and his voice carried undisguised rage.

Hu Zongyuan grunted coldly and said, “Qing Yun’zi, I told you just now. My Darkbeast Empire merely dispatched a Spirit Rank expert for that mysterious Darkbeast, and we haven’t made a move against all of your disciples. Of course, if the disciples of your sects obstruct him, then don’t blame us for being merciless!”

Qing Yun’zi pondered deeply for a moment when he heard this, and then he didn’t say anything in the end. He naturally understood that Hu Zongyuan was playing tricks, but needless to say, Hu Zongyuan’s actions conformed to his intentions!

Since the Origin School couldn’t obtain the method to control Darkbeasts, then it was best if the other sects were unable to obtain it as well. When he thought up to here, Qing Yun’zi fell completely silent, and the other powers went silent as well when they saw him fall silent. Obviously, all of them had the same thoughts as Qing Yun’zi!

The Sword Sect’s Yu Heng and Su Qingshi would naturally not remain silent. Because no matter what, Yang Ye was representing the Sword Sect now! Right when Yu Heng was about to say something, Hu Zongyuan suddenly looked at them and spoke coldly. “Perhaps both of you are still unaware but internal strife erupted amongst the disciples of your Sword Sect. Besides Murong Yao, all the other disciples of the Sword Sect were killed by Yang Ye. Right, Situ Rong was killed by him as well. At that time, there were a few tens of thousands of humans and countless Darkbeasts that witnessed it. I presume Qing Yun’zi has obtained news of this as well. So, both of you can ask him!”

Yu Heng and Su Qingshi’s expressions changed upon hearing this. Yu Heng turned around to look at Qing Yun’zi, and he said, “Brother Yu Heng, Hu Zongyuan didn’t lie to you. Besides Murong Yao, all the participating disciples of your Sword Sect have perished at Yang Ye’s hands. Do you still intend to side with such a treacherous and disloyal disciple?”

“Tsk… tsk….” Meanwhile, Kugu suddenly snickered and said, “Fellow disciples killing each other. Yu Heng, I never expected that the disciples of your Sword Sect would actually kill each other. Hahaha!!”

Yu Heng’s expression became unsightly. He understood Yang Ye’s character well, and it could absolutely be said to be ruthless. However, he’d never imagined that Yang Ye would actually dare to kill the disciples of the Sword Sect in Ascension Mountain Range. Could it be that he thinks the Sword Sect really can’t do anything to him while he has Lin Shan’s protection?

“I don’t believe he would do that!” Right at this moment, Su Qingshi who’d remained silent until now spoke abruptly, and then she walked towards Ascension Mountain Range.

Right at this moment, Hu Zongyuan suddenly appeared in front of Su Qingshi and said, “Fairy Su, where are you going?”

Su Qingshi glanced at Hu Zongyuan before she said, “Since your Darkbeast Empire has broken the rules, then why should the sword sect abide by them?”

Hu Zongyuan’s eyes narrowed as he said, “The Spirit Rank expert of my Darkbeast Empire has merely gone to capture that mysterious Darkbeast, and he isn’t targeting any human profounders!”

“Does that make any difference?” Su Qingshi spoke indifferently. “Exalt Hu, playing such world games at such a realm of cultivation would only make me look down upon you!”

“Haha!!” Hu Zongyuan suddenly roared with laughter, and he laughed for a while before he said, “You’re right. Everyone here understands it well. Since it’s like that, then I, Hu Zongyuan, won’t act deceptively like you humans. Indeed, besides bringing back that mysterious Darkbeast, the Spirit Rank Darkbeast I dispatched has another mission, and it’s to kill that person who’s controlling that mysterious Darkbeast!”

When she heard Hu Zongyuan, Su Qingshi’s eyes drooped slightly while a wisp of sorrow flashed within them. The Sword Sect is too weak in the end! If Yang Ye was a disciple of the Origin School, would he dare to act so fearlessly? Moreover, if that was the case, then how could the Origin School allow the Darkbeast Empire to openly dispatch a Spirit Rank expert against Yang Ye?

Has the Sword Sect really declined to such an extent?

At this moment, faint sorrow arose in Su Qingshi’s heart. She shook her head and suppressed these emotions before she raised her head to look at Hu Zongyuan, and then with a flip of her wrist, the Green Darkness Sword appeared in her palm. Right when she was about to attack, her beautiful brows suddenly knit together, and then a wisp of happiness appeared in her eyes in the next moment.

In next to no time, Su Qingshi’s eyes recovered their calm. She raised her head to glance at Hu Zongyuan but didn’t attack. She turned around, walked back to where she resided earlier, and then fell silent once more.

Su Qingshi’s actions caused everyone in the surroundings to be puzzled. She was about to attack just now, so why did she suddenly stop? Is it because she’s aware of the gap between her and Hu Zongyuan?

At this moment, Hu Zongyuan was puzzled as well. He’d sensed the fluctuations of Su Qingshi’s profound energy just now, and he was prepared for a battle. So, why did she stop? He would naturally not think that she was afraid of him. He’d heard of this woman in the past, she was an expert that had ascended the Hidden Dragon Rankings, so even if he was at the Exalt Rank, it was clearly impossible for him to make her fear him because of that!

But if it wasn’t that, then what?

If something unusual happened, then there was definitely a reason behind it. So, Hu Zongyuan’s vigilance towards Su Qingshi increased a little.


Suddenly, a figure descended to the ground in an extremely quiet and dense expanse of forest.


The ground instantly split open while a huge expanse of dust and dirt shot up into the air.

It was none other than Man Shi who’d been constantly pursuing Yang Ye. He’d been pursuing Yang Ye for an entire day and night. However, not only was he unable to catch up to a First Heaven Realm profounder after an entire day of pursuit, he’d even been injured by that profounder. This caused Man Shi to be extremely furious, and he wished for nothing more than to eat Yang Ye’s flesh and drink Yang Ye’s blood!

As he stood in the forest and sensed the unusualness in the surroundings, Man Shi forcefully suppressed the flames of rage in his heart and vigilantly sized up the surroundings. He wasn’t an idiot in the end. After numerous collisions with Yang Ye, he’d reevaluated Yang Ye’s strength. Yang Ye's strength was indeed inferior to his, but Yang Ye’s combat technique was extremely strange.

If Yang Ye merely possessed that strange technique, then he wouldn’t have to fear Yang Ye. However, it just so happened that Yang Ye had comprehended the Sword Intent of legend and Yang Ye’s profound energy was gold element profound energy!

Simply speaking, Yang Ye was already able to be a threat to him now. Of course, if it was a head-on battle, then he would naturally have no need to fear Yang Ye. But what if Yang Ye played tricks? There were no ifs because Yang Ye was already doing that….

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