Chapter 223 – Come On Over here!

Almighty Sword Domain

Man Shi walked forward slowly while he ceaselessly sized up the surroundings. After taking a few steps, he suddenly stopped, and then laughed coldly and said, “Little Bastard, I’ve sensed your aura already. Is there any need to continue hiding?”

No one answered him, and the forest remained extremely silent!

Man Shi frowned, and then he took a few steps forward before his legs stopped on a pile of leaves. Right when Man Shi had just stepped onto the pile of leaves, his expression instantly changed violently while his figure flashed backward explosively. However, he was still a little too late. The pile of leaves suddenly shot into the sky, and then the leather shoes on Man Shi’s feet instantly split apart before two strands of fresh blood flowed out from the soles of his feet….

As he sensed the injuries on his foot caused by Yang Ye’s strange sword, Man Shi was furious. However, right when he descended to the ground, his expression had changed violently once more because a talisman had suddenly appeared in the sky above where he’d descended. After that, a thick pillar of lightning descended right towards him. For the very first time, Man Shi revealed shock in his eyes when he sensed the terrifying aura within the lightning!


A furious roar resounded. Man Shi didn’t hesitate to instantly return to his true form, and the bolt of lightning just happened to descend onto him once he’d finished doing this….


A thunderclap resounded and rumbled within the deathly silent forest. Along with a sorrowful howl, a terrifying wave of energy swept swiftly towards the surroundings, and all the large trees in the surroundings were instantly transformed into bits of wood before the terrifying wave of energy.


Right at this moment, the howl of a sword resounded. A golden strand of sword qi tore through the sky from above Man Shi. In an instant, it shot towards Man Shi whose flesh and skin had been split apart.

Right when it was about to descend onto his body, 10 strands of violet light suddenly appeared in front of the golden sword qi, and they blasted onto Man Shi before the sword qi could descend.


Another explosion resounded, and a few more bloody holes had appeared on Man Shi’s battered back. Moreover, the golden strand of sword qi had arrived above him at this moment.


The golden strand of sword qi instantly cut open numerous deep bloody marks on Man Shi’s body. Right at this moment, Yang Ye’s figure had descended onto Man Shi’s back, and he held Violet Spirit with both his hands. Right when he was about to stab the sword down forcefully, Man Shi suddenly rolled to the side, causing Yang Ye to be instantly throw off to hit a large tree.


The tree instantly split apart while Yang Ye fell to the ground. After he fell to the ground, Yang Ye sighed lightly. He didn’t hesitate to withdraw a Healing Talisman and Strider Talisman, and he slapped them on his body before his profound energy surged into the Gale Shows, allowing him to retreat explosively. Right when he’d just retreated, the violet mink on his shoulder suddenly waved its claw, and over 10 strands of violet light blasted towards Man Shi who’d pounced at Yang Ye.


Another enormous bang resounded in the forest….

After a short while, the forest returned to calm once more. At this moment, Man Shi could be said to be in an extremely sorry state. Large pieces of scarlet red skin were exposed on his back, and fresh blood was flowing down from his back like a stream….

“Human…. Human….” Man Shi’s figure shook as he took his human form, and his gaze was slightly frenzied as he gazed at the direction Yang Ye had fled toward. Man Shi clenched his fists tightly while a savage and terrifying expression appeared on his face. After a short while, a hoarse roar resounded in the forest, and it was extremely horrifying like the howl of a ghost!


After he fled from the forest, Yang Ye hurriedly withdrew a few energy stones and started to absorb them. After that, his profound energy surged madly into the Gale Shoes as he ran towards Death Abyss.

Even though he’d heavily injured Man Shi just now, Yang Ye still felt it was a pity now. He’d utilized his one and only high-rank Technique Talisman just now, and he’d even launched a surprise attack while being assisted by the little fellow. However, he was still unable to kill Man Shi and was only able to cause some injury to Man Shi. Such injuries were nothing to a Spirit Rank Darkbeast!

This was obvious from the fact that Man Shi still had the strength to toss him towards the tree just now. So, Yang Ye had chosen to flee immediately and not utilize all his trump cards to fight Man Shi to the death! After all, if Man Shi was determined to flee while they were within the Grand Myriad Mountains, then Yang Ye would only watch!

If he didn’t have 100% confidence in being able to kill Man Shi, then Yang Ye wouldn’t expose his trump cards. Because one he utilized them and was unable to kill Man Shi, then he would be in huge trouble!

Firstly, the Ghost Sect would definitely not let him go, and they would even dispatch an Exalt Realm expert to reclaim the Pearl of Baleful Blood.

On the other hand, once the matter of him having subdued a large amount of Darkbeasts was exposed, then not to mention whether the Darkbeast Empire would kill him, even the human powers, the Grand Qin Empire included, wouldn’t let him go. At that time, how would he rescue his mother?

In short, his current strength was still too weak while he possessed something that even those extraordinary powers were tempted by. So, if he didn’t want to be targeted by them, then he could only keep a low profile, the lowest he could do….

All along the way, Yang Ye ran desperately without any fear because he had the little fellow opening up the path for him. With the pressure emanated by the little fellow, there wasn’t even an ant throughout his path, and it was extremely smooth. Of course, if he encountered the territory of a Spirit Rank Darkbeast, then they would choose to go around it.

Presently, both he and the violet mink were unable to go against Spirit Rank Darkbeasts. Not to mention that one was right behind him now.

Time gradually flowed by and night descended before long.

Nighttime was the most dangerous in the Grand Myriad Mountains because the night was extremely beneficial to Darkbeasts. Moreover, many Darkbeasts were active at night. Just like the Nightbirds that Yang Ye had encountered at the bottom of Death Abyss. Even though such Darkbeasts possessed comparatively low cultivations, they were huge in number. Numbers were extremely advantageous against one that didn’t possess absolute strength!

Yang Ye didn’t choose to continue fleeing because there were no stars or moon in the sky. Even though he could still see in the dark, it was very inconvenient in the end. Of course, most importantly, he was prepared to launch another counterattack. Yang Ye wasn’t a person that liked to assume a passive position, and it naturally couldn’t be any better if he was able to kill the Spirit Rank Darkbeast that was pursuing him. Even if he was unable to kill the Darkbeast, Yang Ye was very happy to be able to cause that Spirit Rank Darkbeast some trouble.

Yang Ye’s way of thinking was good, but the reality of the situation was cruel. This time, Man Shi didn’t give him a chance to prepare. Just a short while after Yang Ye stopped here, a figure descended like an enormous rock and smashed forcefully onto the ground, causing the entire ground to tremble!

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he saw Man Shi suddenly appear here. How did this fellow become so quick? Could it be that he possesses Strider Talismans as well?“Human, I’m going to shatter your bones piece by piece before I eat you bit by bit. Don’t worry, I won’t kill you. I’ll keep you awake to feel all of this!” Man Shi gazed resentfully at Yang Ye while his knuckles cracked as he clenched his fists.

Yang Ye’s brows raised, and then he chuckled and said, “Then what are you waiting for? Come on over here. Don’t worry, I didn’t set up any traps. I’m just right here. Come on!”

When he heard Yang Ye, Man Shi who was walking towards Yang Ye had suddenly stopped while the rage on his face calmed down. His mind had instantly sobered up when he recalled the scenes of him suffering surprise attacks from Yang Ye before this.

Right, why isn’t this human running anymore? Why did he stop? The more he thought about, the more Man Shi felt that there was definitely a scheme hidden behind all of this. So, not only did he stop walking towards Yang Ye, he instinctively took two steps back. At the same time, his eyes ceaselessly scanned the surroundings.

Even if his physical body was extremely formidable, he really didn’t want to suffer the attack of such a formidable talisman for a second time!

Yang Ye laughed in his heart when he saw Man Shi’s actions, but his face was extremely calm as he said, “What? Didn’t you intend to crush my bones into pieces? I’m standing right here! Come on over here? What? Could it be that you’re afraid of a tiny human profounder at the First Heaven Realm?” As he spoke, Yang Ye even took two steps towards Man Shi on purpose!

This time, not only did Man Shi remain calm, the vigilance on his face grew deeper. He would naturally not believe that this human would stand there and wait for death to arrive. Since it wasn’t like that, then this human was definitely playing some sort of tricks just as he had in the past!

When he thought up to here, Man Shi said in a low voice. “Little Human Bastard! What tricks are you up to this time? If you have the ability, then fight me with your own ability!”

“Fight you with my own ability?” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he smiled and nodded before he said, “Alright, then come on over here, and we’ll fight with our own ability. Come right over, I’m right here….”

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