Chapter 224 – Not Running Anymore!

Almighty Sword Domain

Man Shi’s eyes narrowed slightly while his expression turned terrifyingly savage, and a violent imposing aura surged from within him. He gazed at Yang Ye and said furiously, “Human, no matter what tricks you’re up to, I, Man Shi, wouldn’t fear you!” As he spoke, he was about to attack!

However, right at this moment, Yang Ye just sat on the ground while a bunch of talismans suddenly appeared in his hand. He said lazily, “Right, how could you possibly fear a tiny human like me? Alas, I’m just a tiny ant at the First Heaven Realm, and you can crush me with ease. Come, believe in yourself. I’ll die as soon as you come over here!”

Man Shi’s eyelids twitched as he gazed at the bunch of talismans in Yang Ye’s hands, and he immediately stopped. He wasn’t very knowledgeable about the talismans possessed by humans, but he knew that the bolt of lightning that had easily broken through his defenses was created by such a talisman. Moreover, he’d been constantly unable to catch up to this human because of such talismans….

So, if all the talismans in this human’s hands were the same type of talisman as the one from before….

When he thought up to here, Man Shi took two steps back instinctively because he truly didn’t want to endure the might of such a talisman once more.

Yang Ye stood up when he witnessed Man Shi’s actions, and then he shrugged and said, “Since you’re not coming over, then I’m leaving!”

As soon as he finished, Yang Ye turned around and walked step by step towards the distance. Yes, he hadn’t utilized any movement technique and just walked step by step as if he was waiting for Man Shi to chase him!

As he gazed at Yang Ye’s back, Man Shi was visibly struggling. Because he was naturally unwilling to watch this human leave just like that. However, he was slightly fearful to chase after Yang Ye because Yang Ye clearly seemed as if he’d set up a trap and was waiting for Man Shi to step into it.

While Man Shi was conflicted and hesitant, Yang Ye had walked over 60m away. Actually, Yang Ye was extremely nervous because if Man Shi chased after him, then he would really have to fight Man Shi with his life on the line. This time, he didn’t have the advantage of a surprise attack, and he could only go head on against Man Shi, so he would absolutely perish in such a battle. Even if he utilized his 3rd level Sword Intent!

Because the gap between heir cultivations was truly too huge!

Fortunately, Man Shi’s ‘intelligence’ allowed him to avoid danger. After Yang Ye walked around 100m away, he suddenly raised his speed to its limits and transformed into a shadow that shot explosively towards the distance. In less than a single breath of time, Yang Ye had vanished from Man Shi’s field of vision and slipped into the veil of night!

When he witnessed this scene, Man Shi who was hesitant and conflicted seemed to have suddenly understood something, and he immediately stopped hesitating. His figure flashed and directly descended to where Yang Ye stood just now.

As he stood there for a moment, there was nothing but the cold night breeze brushing against him….

At this moment, how could Man Shi not realize that he’d been deceived….

A wisp of a savage expression instantly surged onto his face while his eyes turned crimson red. Man Shi’s right foot stomped the ground with rage, causing the ground to instantly split apart. At the same time, a furious roar resounded through the night. “Little Human Bastard! I’ll definitely kill you even if you flee to the Grand Qin Empire!”


Yang Ye shuddered when he heard the roar come from behind him. Even though he didn’t witness it, he could imagine how furious Man Shi was right now. Of course, this was extremely normal. After all, a Spirit Rank expert had been tricked by a First Heaven Realm profounder. No one would be able to endure such a thing!

Of course, Yang Ye wasn’t complacent in his heart because there was nothing to be complacent about this. After all, it was he, Yang Ye, who’d been constantly pursued and had to flee incessantly. If Man Shi wasn’t too cautious, then the situation he was in just now would have become extremely bad!

Yang Ye shook his head and discarded all the distracting thoughts in his mind while he withdrew a Strider Talisman and slapped it onto himself. After that, he withdrew a few energy stones and started to absorb the energy within them. Even though he had the boost from the Strider Talisman, his speed would still be inferior to Man Shi unless he utilized the Gale Shoes. But there was a problem, the Gale Shoes truly exhausted too much profound energy!

Since he’d been pursued until now, Yang Ye had utilized at least 200 energy stones. Such an amount was nothing to him, but if it was an ordinary profounder, then 200 energy stones could be considered as a huge amount. Not to mention the Strider Talismans, its level of preciousness was to the point that only a few outer court and inner court disciples of the Origin School were able to possess one!

Yang Ye knew that the reason he was able to escape the pursuit of a Spirit Rank expert could be said to be because he was using fleeing with ‘money’. If he didn’t possess countless energy stones and numerous Strider Talismans, then no matter how formidable Yang Ye was, he would absolutely be unable to escape a Spirit Rank expert for so long!

Yang Ye was always very clearly aware of the level of strength he possessed, and he’d always maintained a balanced attitude. So, even if he was almost able to kill a Spirit Rank expert just now, he’d never felt complacent, self-satisfied, or felt that he could rival Spirit Rank experts.

If he really thought in that way, then Yang Ye would probably face the same consequences as those proud and self-satisfied fellows he’d killed in the past.

As he sensed the aura that drew closer and closer to him from behind, Yang Ye restrained his thoughts, and then he sped up and flashed towards the distance.

Time passed slowly. In next to no time, dawn had arrived, and the sun crept up into the sky. Golden light rained down from above, and it illuminated the body and caused one to feel warm.

At this moment, Yang Ye didn’t know which part of the Grand Myriad Mountains he was at. But he was clearly aware that he was definitely extremely far away from Death Mountain Range. Ascension Mountain Range was 5,000km away from the Imperial Capital, whereas, Death Mountain Range was a few thousand kilometers away from the Imperial Capital as well. However, he’d merely traveled a little over 5,000km in the last two days of time!

Simply speaking, he had to run for his life for a few days and night at least in order to arrive at Death Mountain Range!

A few days and nights…. Yang Ye frowned when he thought up to here. Man Shi was getting closer and closer, and it would take one day at most for Man Shi to catch up. Moreover, he felt that Man Shi had utilized some sort of technique that caused Man Shi’s speed to constantly increase, so Yang Ye felt that it might not even take a day for Man Shi to catch up!

Yang Ye took a deep breath, and then he turned to look at the violet mink before he said, “Little Fellow, do you have any way to deal with that fellow behind us?”

The violet mink blinked before it waved its little claws about. Obviously, it was telling Yang Ye to go head-on against Man Shi!

Yang Ye smiled bitterly as he shook his head, and then he said, “I would like to fight him as well. But the problem is I’m unable to defeat him!”

The violet mink pointed at Yang Ye’s stomach.

Yang Ye shook his head against and said, “Even though they obey you now, what if they fall towards the side of that fellow behind us? What would we do then? At that time, we would have really been courting death!”

He had thought about ganging up on Man Shi, but the problem was he didn’t dare. Because the deterrence of a Shapeshifted Spirit Rank Darkbeast was extremely great towards King Rank Darkbeasts.

Even if those Darkbeasts within his Vortex Dantian didn’t betray him and the little fellow, their combat strengths would definitely fall infinitely before a Spirit Rank Darkbeast!

So, he’d abandoned the thought to besiege Man Shi with numbers.

When it saw Yang Ye object once more, the violet mink was slightly impatient. It started scratching Yang Ye’s ears and slapping Yang Ye’s face as if it was telling Yang Ye to think of something by himself….

Yang Ye shook his head and laughed bitterly. In the next moment, he took a deep breath while a resolute expression flashed in his eyes. Since Man Shi would catch up sooner or later, he felt that he might as well just fight Man Shi. Of course, going head-on against Man Shi would definitely not do, and since that was off the table, then he could only resort to surprise attacks….

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye stopped holding back at all. The profound energy within his entire body surged towards the Gale Shoes, and then he executed the Gale Steps to transform into an afterimage that shot explosively towards the distance.

When Yang Ye raised his speed to its limits, the gap between him and Man Shi had been immediately increased.

Man Shi who was pursuing behind Yang Ye had instantly sensed the increase in Yang Ye’s speed, and his expression changed slightly. But in the next moment, he revealed a trace of happiness in his eyes while he grunted coldly and said, “Little Bastard, go on and speed up! Do your best! Let me see if your energy stones will be able to replenish such exhaustion of your profound energy!”

The Grand Myriad Mountains was filled with bushes, trees, and mountains. This time, the location Yang Ye chose was a forest again. It couldn’t be helped because forests provided the best cover….


In a dense forest, Man Shi’s feet descended heavily onto the ground. In an instant, the entire ground trembled while countless leaves rustled down from the trees in the surroundings….

As he gazed at Yang Ye who stood not too far away from him, Man Shi spoke in a ferocious voice. “Little Bastard, why aren’t you running anymore?”

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