Chapter 225 – The Sword Formation’s Might!

Almighty Sword Domain

Yang Ye gazed at Man Shi, and then he smiled lightly and said, “I’m naturally waiting for you!”

“Waiting for me?” Man Shi’s eyelids twitched, and then he laughed coldly and said, “Little Bastard, did you think I would fall for your tricks again?”

Yang Ye shrugged, and then he smiled and said, “I think you would!”

“Is that so?” Man Shi laughed coldly, and then he walked slowly towards Yang Ye. As he walked, he said, “Look, I’m coming over. I’m really coming over this time!”

As he spoke, Man Shi had arrived 10m away from Yang Ye, and then he said, “Look, I’ve come over!”

Yang Ye nodded and said, “Do you dare to take another step forward?”

“Why wouldn’t I? Not to mention a single step, so what if it’s two steps?” As soon as he finished speaking, Man Shi took two steps towards Yang Ye.

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief in his heart when Man Shi’s foot had just descended to the ground, and then he issued a command in his heart. In an instant….


Numerous sword howls resounded all around Man Shi, and then 36 sword lights arose from all around Man Shi and shot into the sky. In the next moment and under Yang Ye’s control, the 36 swords shot explosively towards Man Shi who stood at the center, and the speed and might they revealed caused Man Shi’s pupils to constrict violently!

Because Yang Ye had utilized his 3rd level Sword Intent this time!

With the boost from his 3rd level Sword Intent, the speed and might of those 36 swords were extremely terrifying. Everywhere they passed, the air exploded like blazing firecrackers, and it resounded incessantly in the surroundings. Moreover, even space shook where those swords passed. Their impetus was shocking to the extreme!

This time, Man Shi was slightly terrified. Yes, when he sensed the might possessed by these 36 swords, Man Shi didn’t feel fear but slight terror instead. Because the terrifying Sword Intent contained within those swords was sufficient to threaten him. Yes, he was terrified by the Sword Intent!

It’s actually 3rd level Sword Intent! The initial-stage of Sword Intent! How old is this human? He’s less than 20 years old, right? The initial-stage of Sword Intent before the age of 20! If he’s allowed to continue growing, then….

Man Shi didn’t have the time to continue on this train of thought because the 36 swords had arrived in front of him.


Just like before, he hadn’t hesitated to return to his true form. As soon as he had, the 36 swords had carried terrifying might as they shot directly onto his body.


The tips of the 36 swords directly pierced into Man Shi’s hard skin. However, right at this moment, he suddenly slapped the ground with his paws, and then a terrifying imposing aura surged violently from within him and blasted those 36 swords out of his body. But as soon as they’d been blasted away, in the next moment, they shot swiftly towards him once more!

Man Shi didn’t go head-on against these 36 swords this time. Every single one of them carried fierce and sharp Sword Intent, and it was extremely easy for them to break through his defenses. Even though they were unable to instantly take his life, there was truly no need for him to suffer such physical pain. So, when the 36 swords shot swiftly towards him once more, his leaped up and pounced swiftly towards Yang Ye who wasn’t too far away!

Obviously, he knew that only by dealing with Yang Ye could he put an end to all of this.

However, this time, he saw the corners of Yang Ye’s mouth curve up slightly while a wisp of a smile had appeared in the depths of Yang Ye’s eyes.

When Man Shi’s enormous figure arrived 6m away from Yang Ye, Yang Ye’s legs curved slightly. After a moment of silence, he leaped up into midair, and with a twist of his wrist, Violet Spirit appeared in his hand.

Yang Ye swiftly slashed his sword towards Man Shi!

“Energy Split Sword Technique!” Along with this loud shout from Yang Ye, over 20 golden strands of sword qi suddenly shot out explosively from the tip of Violet Spirit. These strands of sword qi were much fiercer and swifter than any sword qi Yang Ye had executed in the past because all of them were boosted by his 3rd level Sword Intent!

At such a close distance and coupled with the fact that Man Shi had charged towards Yang Ye, Man Shi was utterly unable to evade and could only go head on against these 20 plus strands of sword qi!

Bang! Bang!

The golden sword qi broke through Man Shi’s defenses with ease and pierced 20 plus bloody holes through Man Shi’s enormous body. But meanwhile, Man Shi had arrived in front of Yang Ye, and his enormous lion paw slapped towards Yang Ye’s chest right when Yang Ye had just finished executing the Energy Split Sword Technique.

Yang Ye was unable to evade as well. Of course, he wouldn’t resign himself to death. He clenched his right hand into a fist, and golden light flickered on it as he smashed it directly towards Man Shi’s lion paw that was a few dozen times larger than his own fist!


A muffled bang resounded on the battlefield. As soon as he came into contact with Man Shi’s enormous paw, Yang Ye’s pupils had constricted, and then enormous came from the point of contact. A mouthful of blood sprayed from his mouth before his figure was blasted flying, and he flew for almost 80m before he finally stopped after colliding with a few trees.

On the other hand, right when Man Shi was about to follow up with another attack, the 36 swords had suddenly formed a straight line before they flashed and shot towards Man Shi like a bolt of lightning.


Man Shi raised his head and roared furiously before he raised his enormous paw once more, and then he slapped it forcefully towards the row of 36 swords.


The swords weren’t blasted flying, and they pierced a bloody hole through Man Shi’s paw with ease instead. After that, they didn’t slow down at all as they shot towards Man Shi who resided behind the paw!

Man Shi’s enormous pupils constricted violently when he saw this. Obviously, he hadn’t expected that these swords which were boosted by 3rd level Sword Intent would actually be so terrifying.

At this moment, it was already too late for him to evade, but he didn’t sit there and wait for death to arrive. His figure shook, and he made those swords that were stabbing towards his neck to pierce his left chest instead.


The sword pierced through Man Shi’s left chest without facing any obstruction, and an enormous, striking, and shocking bloody hole appeared there. However, this wasn’t the end of it. After the 36 swords pierced through Man Shi’s left chest, their formation changed. They shot up into the sky above Man Shi, formed a circle, and then stabbed directly downwards at Man Shi!

Man Shi’s pupils constricted violently. He’d experienced how terrifying these swords were, so he naturally didn’t dare go head-on against them. He immediately slapped his paws onto the ground, and he relied on the counterforce to pounce once more towards Yang Ye who was controlling the sword formation why resting himself against a large tree in the distance.

Darkbeasts were formidable because of their physical defense and strength. At this moment, his defense was completely useless against Yang Ye because those swords could easily pierce through his defense while boosted by Sword Intent at the initial-stage. So, one of his advantages against human profounders was gone. Now, he only had one last advantage, and it was his physical strength and attack. Even though this human’s physical body was extremely strong as well, it was much inferior when compared to his own!

Yang Ye’s expression changed when he saw Man Shi pounce over. Right at this moment, an invisible pressure suddenly surged out from the violet mink on Yang Ye’s shoulder, and it enveloped Man Shi.

Man Shi’s speed instantly slowed down when he came into contact with the violet mink’s pressure, and he revealed undisguised shock as he gazed at the violet mink. Because he noticed that this tiny fellow’s bloodline pressure was actually effective against him, and it caused him to even shiver at the depths of his soul!

What exactly is this tiny fellow’s background?

This thought flashed in Man Shi’s mind, and then he didn’t hold back at all as he emanated the imposing aura he possessed as a Spirit Rank Darkbeast and utilized it to resist the violet mink’s bloodline pressure. At the same time, he grunted coldly and shot explosively towards Yang Ye who was resting against the large tree. He couldn’t kill the tiny fellow, and he wouldn’t dare to do it even if the violet mink stood there and let him kill it. It wasn’t just because of Hu Zongyuan’s instructions, it was also because he felt that the tiny fellow’s origins were definitely extraordinary. So, he didn’t want to offend the forces that stood behind the tiny fellow.

The little fellow couldn’t be killed, and he didn’t dare to do so, but the human who stood before him was someone he would kill no matter what!

Man Shi’s enormous paw whistled sharply through the air as it smashed down towards Yang Ye. While the paw still hadn’t arrived, the enormous gust of wind created by it caused the large tree behind Yang Ye to curve into a weird shape.

Yang Ye’s eyes narrowed slightly as he gazed at the enormous paw. He was just about to circulate the profound energy in his body, but right when he did that, he noticed to his astonishment that there wasn’t a trace of profound energy left within his body. Only now did he remember that he hadn’t just controlled 36 swords with the Sword Control Technique, he’d even executed the Energy Split Sword Technique. So, he’d completely exhausted the profound energy within his body!

Yang Ye took a deep breath before he commanded in his heart, and then the Pearl of Baleful Blood that had been always hidden in the pool of golden profound energy within his Vortex Dantian rose slowly.

Right when he was about to utilize it, roaring laughter that carried an aged voice resounded abruptly.

“Not bad, not bad! Gold element profound energy and the initial-stage of Sword Intent before the age of 20! Someone decent has finally appeared in the Sword Sect after a thousand years! With a cultivation at the First Heaven Realm, not only did you persist for so long before a Spirit Realm expert, you even injured him. You have a bit of my style from all those years ago. Haha….”

As soon as these words finished resounding through the air, a white haired old man who wore a Daoist’s robe and had a wine gourd hanging from his waist had mysteriously appeared out of thin air before Yang Ye.

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