Chapter 231 – Death!

Almighty Sword Domain

After he pierced through Zi Xiu’s enormous palm, Yang Ye instantly arrived in front of Zi Xiu. After that, Zi Xiu watched with shock as Violet Spirit swept towards his neck!

Right at this moment, a furious roar suddenly resounded like a thunderclap!

“Human! Stay your hand!”

When he heard this voice, Yang Ye’s hand stopped slightly while his heart felt cold. Because the owner of this voice was at least a few hundreds of kilometers away. In other words, the owner of this voice was at least an Exalt Realm expert! But in the next moment, Yang Ye revealed a savage expression, and then Violet Spirit didn’t slow down at all as it swept towards Zi Xiu’s neck.

Stop? What a joke? Does he think I’m an idiot?

“Don’t you dare!” When he saw Yang Ye act in this way, the owner of the voice was clearly exasperation, and under the boost from his profound energy, it rumbled like thunder by Yang Ye’s ears. It shook Yang Ye’s ears to the point they droned, but Yang Ye still didn’t slow down at all, and Violet Spirit directly hit Zi Xiu’s neck!

Without suffering any obstructing at all, Yang Ye shot through Zi Xiu’s neck along with his sword.


An enormous ape head flew into the air while Zi Xiu’s enormous body crashed to the ground, causing the ground to tremble violently!

Right at this moment, a Shapeshifted Beast that looked like a middle aged man appeared here. When he saw Zi Xiu’s corpse on the ground, the middle aged man’s eyes instantly narrowed while a wisp of a savage expression arose within them. He looked at Yang Ye while a strand of terrifying imposing aura surged out explosively from his body and enveloped Yang Ye.

Yang Ye’s expression changed. This middle aged man was at least an Exalt Rank Darkbeast, and such an existence was utterly not someone he could go against. Fortunately, at this moment, Daoist Zui’s figure suddenly appeared out of thin air in front of Yang Ye. Daoist Zui didn’t seem to have done anything, but the middle aged man’s imposing aura had strangely vanished in the air.

Yang Ye instantly heaved a sigh of relief when he saw Daoist Zui make an appearance. Even though he’d always been very confident, he wasn’t confident to the point of thinking he could go against an Exalt Rank Darkbeast!

Right at this moment, numerous sounds of the air being torn apart resounded, and then Yang Ye felt something flash in front of his eyes before eight figures appeared here. He knew a few of these people, and he saw Su Qingshi, Yu Heng, Kugu, and the group leaders from the Flower Palace and Snow Palace!

When they saw Zi Xiu’s corpse on the ground, their expressions changed slightly, and then they simultaneously shot their gazes at Yang Ye. Their gazes carried various different emotions. Some were shocked, some were pleasantly surprised, some were cold….

They knew how formidable a Steel Ape was, yet Yang Ye was actually able to kill an adult Steel Ape. Moreover, it was under the circumstances that this Steel Ape had returned to its true form. In other words, Yang Ye was already capable of threatening their disciples!

Especially Qing Yun’zi from the Origin School. A wisp of ghastly coldness flashed in the depths of his eyes as he gazed at Yang Ye. At this moment, he was practically certain that Yuan Ye was probably killed by Yang Ye because strength that was sufficient to annihilate an elite of the Steel Ape Clan really was superior to Yuan Ye!

Besides Qing Yun’zi, Cai Feng from the Flower Palace revealed killing intent towards Yang Ye as well. Since the beginning, she’d never taken Yang Ye seriously. In her opinion, a person like Yang Ye was unable to be of any threat to the Flower Palace. Even though she still felt the same now, she had to admit that if Yang Ye was allowed to grow, then while he would still be unable to be much of a threat to the Flower Palace, it was best to eliminate trouble as soon as possible!

Conversely, Kugu who should be the most anxious to eliminate Yang Ye acted in an extremely unusual manner. At this moment, Kugu’s expression was calm as if he hadn’t noticed Zi Xiu’s corpse on the ground, and he kept an extremely low profile! However, nobody knew what he thought in his heart.

Of course, the reason Kugu kept such a low profile now was probably because of Daoist Zui!

At this moment, Yang Ye was still unaware that a few Exalt Realm experts had aroused killing intent towards him because of Zi Xiu’s corpse.

A wisp of a complicated expression flashed in Yu Heng’s eyes. This young man who is capable of killing a Steel Ape should have been a disciple of the Sword Sect. How regretful! Fortunately, even if the Sword Sect doesn’t have Yang Ye, there’s still hope for the Sword Sect’s future.

When he thought about the news that Daoist Zui brought them earlier, the complicated expression in Yu Heng’s eyes had instantly vanished.

Si Qingshi was silent and indifferent as always. However, when she saw Zi Xiu’s corpse, an imperceptible arc had slightly risen on the corners of her mouth….

“Zong Shi, do you want to suffer the same fate as Hu Zongyuan?” Daoist Zui gazed at the middle aged man who wanted to attack Yang Ye just now and spoke coldly.

The eyelids of the middle aged man called Zong Shi twitched when he heard this. Even though his strength was formidable, it was still insufficient before this old man. However, the Darkbeast Empire had lost an elite, and he was truly unable to swallow his anger!

However, he had no choice but to endure it while standing before Daoist Zui! So, he immediately took a deep breath and said, “Senior Zui, you were clearly able to stop this kid just now, so why didn’t you? You ought to be clearly aware that with Zi Xiu’s potential and strength, he would be able to make a huge contribution at the Ancient Battlefield!”

The Ancient Battlefield? Yang Ye frowned when he heard these words. What is that place? Even though he was puzzled in his heart, he didn’t speak out and ask about it. Because it wasn’t suitable for him to interrupt during such a situation.

Daoist Zui laughed coldly and said, “Zong Shi, wasn’t it you who caused all of this? I won’t waste my breath. Now that the outcome of the battle between Yang Ye and Zi Xiu has been decided, go back and tell your Beast Emperor that I hope the Darkbeast Empire won’t come looking for trouble with Yang Ye, otherwise, don’t blame me for being merciless!”

Zong Shi took a deep breath, glanced coldly at Yang Ye, and then flashed off into the distance with Zi Xiu’s corpse. In next to no time, he vanished from everyone’s fields of vision!

Meanwhile, Daoist Zui turned around to look at Yang Ye before he said, “You are slightly puzzled about why Zi Xiu was able to find you, right?”

Yang Ye nodded. Indeed, he was extremely puzzled at this moment. Besides feeling puzzled about why Zi Xiu could find him, he was puzzled about the meaning behind Daoist Zui’s words from before.

Daoist Zui said, “It was I who told him of your location. This was part of a bet between me and the Darkbeast Empire. They were allowed to dispatch a King Rank Darkbeast to fight you. If you lost, then they could do as they pleased. If you won, then they were prohibited from dispatching experts at the Spirit Rank or above to kill you!”

“Why did you make a bet with them?” said Yang Ye in a low voice.

Daoist Zui shook his head and said, “Kid, it’s during the Ascension Rankings now, so I can make a move and deal with them if they break the rules and attack you. But once you leave the Grand Myriad Mountains, then it would be the end of this round of the competition. So, would you be able to survive if they dispatched Spirit Rank or Exalt Rank experts after you at that time? You wouldn’t be hoping that I would protect you forever, right?”

So, that’s the reason. Yang Ye nodded slightly, and then he said, “If it was I who lost earlier and was killed, would you still not do anything?”

Daoist Zui shook his head and said, “Besides me, no one present here would be able to stop the battle between the two of you in time. However, even if you lost, I wouldn’t stop it, and you would die. If you still need help in a fight against a peer at the same realm of cultivation, then you’re not worthy of me rescuing you!”

Yang Ye nodded while he laughed with self-ridicule in his heart. He originally thought that Daoist Zui had taken a liking to him, but now it would see like…. Everything depended on strength in this world. Without strength, he would have no value; if he had no value, then nobody would attach any importance to him; and if nobody attached importance to him, then he deserved death!

If he didn’t want to die or be abandoned by others, then he had to ceaselessly improve his own strength, so that he would have value. Because only when he had value would others attach importance to him.

Just like his relationship with the Sword Sect and Daoist Zui right now. He knew that the reason Daoist Zui stood out and protected him was probably because Daoist Zui had attached importance to the value he represented. What was his value? It was naturally his ability to obtain a good position on the Ascension Rankings and bring a huge amount of benefits to the Sword Sect….

If he had no value, then would the Sword Sect or this extraordinary expert before him give a fuck about him, Yang Ye? What a joke! They had better things to do!

After he straightened out his thoughts about all of this, Yang Ye felt suddenly enlightened. At this moment, a single thought grew firmer in his heart, and it was to work hard and become stronger so that his own fate and the fate of his loved ones wouldn’t be in the hands of others!

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