Chapter 232 – Value!

Almighty Sword Domain

Daoist Zui suddenly waved his right hand. Everyone in the surroundings felt something flash before their eyes, and then Yang Ye and the other members of the Sword Sect vanished on the spot.

When they witnessed this scene, the expressions of the members of the other powers changed slightly while their eyes were filled with shock! What were they shocked about? It was naturally Daoist Zui’s strength! Experts who had attained the Exalt Realm were able to grasp some profundities of space, and this was the difference between Spirit Realm experts and Exalt Realm experts. However, what Daoist Zui had done just now was true travel through space!

Such strength…. Qing Yun’zi sighed slightly in his heart. It wasn’t long ago when numerous elders of the Origin School intended to make a move against the Sword Sect because the Origin School’s strength would definitely improve greatly if it was able to take the Sword Sect under it. However, no matter how many elders raised such a suggestion, it was refused by the Sect Master. In the past, he didn’t understand why the Sect Master would refuse, but he understood now!

In the entire southern territory, there wasn’t a single power that would rashly offend an extraordinary expert like Daoist Zui. Even if Daoist Zui was just a single person!

Kugu sighed in his heart as well. The Ghost Sect’s current strength far surpassed the Sword Sect, but the Ghost Sect had never launched a catastrophic attack against the Sword Sect. Now, he finally understood what those old geezers on Ghost Mountain within the Ghost Sect were worried about!

Unless Daoist Zui vanished from the world, otherwise, the Sword Sect would continue surviving in the southern territory even if it had fallen into decline….


On a mountain of unknown name, Yang Ye gazed at Daoist Zui who stood before him while he was shocked to the extreme in his heart. The little fellow’s ability was terrifying, but this old man’s ability was even more terrifying. In just an instant, they’d at least appeared over 500km away….

At this moment, Su Qingshi and Yu Heng’s expressions were almost the same as Yang Ye’s. However, they revealed much more pleasant surprise because the Sword Sect had the protection of an extraordinary expert!

Daoist Zui removed the gourd on his waist, took a swift gulp from it, and then gazed at Yang Ye and said, “Kid, your strength is already not bad amongst the younger generation. However, it isn’t very likely for you to be able to seize the Ascension Token and rescue your mother!”

Yang Ye was stunned. How did this old man know that I want to seize the Ascension Token? After thinking for a moment, Yang Ye gazed at Su Qingshi, and he saw Su Qingshi nod slightly. He immediately came to an understanding, and his heart felt warm. Su Qingshi had probably told Daoist Zui about the matter between me and the Flower Palace with the hopes that he would be able to help!

Yang Ye frowned and said, “Why do you say that, Senior?”

Daoist Zui said, “Kid, I know that you definitely have some sort of trump card, but let me tell you that the Origin School’s Yuan Tong, the Grand Qin Empire’s Qin Youran, and those two little girls from the Snow Palace and Flower Palace are not simple at all. Especially Yuan Tong. In the last 10,000 years of the southern territory, based on the potential and strength he has revealed, only two people surpass his current strength and accomplishments at his age. Do you know who they were?”

“Please enlighten me!” said Yang Ye.

“One was the Founding Ancestor of the Origin School, and the other was the Founding Ancestor of the Sword Sect!” Daoist Zui’s eyes narrowed slightly and said, “How many years has it been since a Martial God has appeared in the southern territory? After all, countless extraordinary figures have appeared in the southern territory throughout the last 10,000 years! However, all of these people didn’t dare call themselves the Martial God! Do you know the origins of the Martial God and the conditions to become one?”

Yang Ye shook his head. He knew the origins of the Sword Emperor and the conditions to become the Sword Emperor, but he’d never heard of the Martial God!

Daoist Zui took another mouthful of wine before he said, “There are two requirements to become the Martial God, and both of them are extremely harsh. The first is one must crush all experts of the same generation and remain undefeated. The second is the one must possess the Heart of the Strong. What’s the Heart of the Strong? It’s a type of realm of cultivation just like the Enlightened Sword Heart in our Sword Dao! If one that cultivates the sword is able to comprehend the Enlightened Sword Heart, then that person would be able to destroy all illusions and techniques with a single strike of the sword. On the other hand, the Heart of the Strong allows the one that has comprehended it to grow stronger according to the opponent. In other words, the stronger that person’s opponent is, the stronger that person’s combat strength would be!”

Yang Ye’s eyelids twitched when he heard this, and then he asked. “Senior, have the Sword Emperors and Martial Gods in the history of the southern territory fought each other?”

Daoist Zui glanced at Yang Ye and grinned as he said, “Do you know that I knew you would ask this question? If a Sword Emperor and Martial God appear in the same generation, then they would definitely become mortal enemies!”

“Why?” Yang Ye was puzzled.

Daoist Zui said, “Because the Martial God must reign supreme amongst all experts of the same generation and make them submit before him! On the other hand, those who’re able to become the Sword Emperor are stubborn and unyielding people. Moreover, how can the sword of a sword cultivator submit to another? How could a sword that has submitted be the sword of the Sword Emperor? A true sword cultivator would really rather break than bend! But the Martial God has to make all experts of the same generation submit before him, so wouldn’t they be mortal enemies?”

Yang Ye remained silent, and then he shook his head after a short while. Yuan Tong isn’t the Martial God now, and I’m not the Sword Emperor. So, why am I thinking about all of this? This old man was absolutely correct about one thing. How could the sword of a sword cultivator submit to another? So, if the day came. No, perhaps he would fight Yuan Tong a few days from now. At that time, he wouldn’t submit to Yuan Tong even if it meant death!

There was an old saying, there was always hope so long as one remained alive. Yang Ye really agreed with this saying, but there were many occasions where one couldn’t shrink back even if it meant death.

He didn’t care about reputation. If it was a battle he couldn’t win and should run from, then he would definitely run. Moreover, he would run desperately! But it was different this time, it was a battle with someone who was at the same realm of cultivation, and it was even related to his mother and Su Qingshi. So, he could absolutely not run or shrink back this time!

Truthfully speaking, he still didn’t know what sort of position he had in Su Qingshi’s heart. Of course, there was one thing he was sure about, and that was his position was absolutely not as high as the Sword Sect. However, he didn’t care because every single person had a different understanding and way of doing things when it came to affection. He, Yang Ye, acted in the same way as he did with the Sword, he tried his best, and he allowed fate to decide the outcome!

Yang Ye shook his heart, restrained his thoughts, and then looked at Daoist Zui before he said, “Senior, I have something to ask of you!”

Daoist Zui glanced at Yang Ye and said, “Rescue your mother?”

Yang Ye nodded.

Daoist Zui shook his head and said, “No!”

“Why?” Yang Ye said, “If Senior has any conditions, then feel free to tell me. So long as I’m capable of accomplishing it, then I definitely won’t refuse. Even if it’s to join the Sword Sect!” When he faced a decision between his mother and his dignity, he didn’t hesitate to choose the former.

Daoist Zui said frankly, “You don’t have the value required for me and the Sword Sect to completely offend the Flower Palace for you!”

Yang Ye asked in a low voice. “How would I obtain such value?”

Daoist Zui took another mouthful of wine, and then he said, “Gain the first on the Ascension Rankings, become the Sword Emperor, and attain the King Realm and 5th level of Sword Intent by the age of 20. Only if you complete these requirements would I and the Sword Sect not hesitate to completely offend the Flower Palace and rescue your mother!”

Yang Ye didn’t say anything before he turned around and left, and it wasn’t long before he vanished from Daoist Zui, Su Qingshi, and Yu Heng’s fields of vision.

As she gazed towards the direction that Yang Ye left, Su Qingshi’s lips had moved slightly on many occasions, but she didn’t say anything in the end, and only a wisp of worry arose in her eyes.

Yu Heng asked as he gazed towards the direction Yang Ye left. “Martial Uncle, did he agree or?”

Daoist Zui grinned. He gazed at Yang Ye whom he could still see in the distance, and a wisp of admiration flashed in his eyes as he said, “This kid isn’t bad. No matter if it’s his disposition or natural talent, they’re both not bad. Unfortunately, he has ill feelings towards the Sword Sect. Otherwise, with him and that sword addict of mine in the Sword Sect, then even if I’m gone in the future, the Sword Sect would still be able to remain safe in the future! Unfortunately….”

Meanwhile, Su Qingshi suddenly said, “Martial Uncle, since it’s like that, then why didn’t you agree to rescue his mother and eliminate the ill feelings he has towards our Sword Sect?”

Daoist Zui shook his head and said, “Even though he’s really not bad, he’s still slightly inferior to that sword addict of mine in the end. Moreover, he comes with a huge amount of trouble. Not only has the Origin School and Flower Palace aroused killing intent against him, but even the Darkbeast Empire has as well. Under such circumstances, if the Sword Sect helps him rescue his mother, then the Sword Sect wouldn’t be just completely offending the Flower Palace, and it would be making enemies on all sides! I’m not afraid of becoming enemies with these powers, but at this moment, he really doesn’t possess sufficient value to be worthy of the Sword Sect and I paying such a huge price!”

Su Qingshi’s lips split slightly, and she wanted to say something, but she didn’t say anything in the end. She merely sighed lightly in her heart and said, Value…. Value…. Would he still need the Sword Sect once he has that value?

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