Chapter 236 – Returning To The Talisman Master’s Association!

Almighty Sword Domain

Li Si raised his head to glance at Yang Ye before he said, “Young Brother, you must realize that the more King Rank Inner Cores you produce, the lower your chances of encountering those extremely formidable monstrous geniuses while drawing lots in the second round of the competition will be. Conversely, the lower the number of King Rank Inner Cores you produce, the easier it will be for you to encounter those genius disciples!”

Yang Ye frowned when he heard this, and then he said, “Senior, if it’s like this, then wouldn’t it be very unfair to those independent cultivators and profounders with comparatively lower cultivations?”

“Fairness?” Li Si grinned and said, “Young Brother, there’s no such thing as absolute fairness in this world.”

“Right!” Yang Ye smiled and said, “On many occasions, there’s no justice in the world!”

“The Ascension Rankings is the stage for experts, and it isn’t realistic for someone who doesn’t possess sufficient strength to participate in it with the intention of rising to prominence. But since the first Ascension Rankings until now, there have still been countless people with insufficient strength that have come to participate with the hopes that they could rely on this stage to rise to prominence. However, the outcome is that countless young people that possess promising futures would perish on this stage. Why can’t people realize the limits of their strengths and insist on doing things that are beyond their reach?” said Li Si.

Yang Ye said, “What senior said definitely makes sense, but I think that there are many things in this world that we have to do even if we’re clearly aware it might lead to our deaths. Because there are many things in this world that are worthy of us using our lives to protect and fight for, right?”

Li Si glanced at Yang Ye, and then he nodded and said, “Young Brother’s words are reasonable. Indeed, there are many things in this world that are worthy of us sacrificing our lives for.”

When he spoke up to here, Li Si waved his right hand and an iron plaque flew towards Yang Ye before he said, “This is your proof of identity to participate in the second round. Be sure not to misplace it. I hope Young Brother will be able to obtain a good position on the Ascension Rankings three days from now!”

Yang Ye received the iron plague, and then he bowed slightly to Li Si before he turned around and left.

Right when Yang Ye had left, a middle aged man that wore gold armor appeared by Li Si’s side.

“What do you think?” The middle aged man who wore gold armor gazed at Li Si as he asked this question.

Li Si said, “His disposition and strength are both not bad. However, it’s slightly not worth to offend the Flower Palace for him! Even though my Grand Qin Empire will make a move against these sects and clans one day, the time isn’t now. So, I suggest giving up on him!”

The middle aged man shook his head and said, “It’s best that you reconsider!”

A wisp of surprise flashed in Li Si’s eyes, and then he turned to look at the middle aged man before he said, “Why?”

The middle aged man pondered deeply for a short moment before he said. “I’m unable to put my finger on it, and I just have the feeling that he isn’t simple. Besides that, according to the report of the scouts on Ascension Mountain Range, he fought Youran, and not only did he remain undefeated, he even retreated unharmed. Besides Youran, he fought Yuan Tong as well. Even though he fell into a disadvantaged position, he was still able to retreat unharmed. Moreover, he was able to escape from the joint pursuit of both the human profounders and Darkbeasts of the Darkbeast Empire. Do you think it’s only because of that mysterious Darkbeast?”

Li Si fell silent. They were naturally clear aware of everything that occurred in Ascension Mountain Range. After they found out about Yang Ye’s deeds, they’d started to investigate Yang Ye. When such a colossus like the Grand Qin Empire was utilized to investigate him, Yang Ye’s identity and the enmity between him and the Flower Palace were revealed before them.

He was satisfied with Yang Ye as well. Yang Ye had comprehended Sword Intent at such a young age, so his accomplishments in the future were bound to be extraordinary. If Yang Ye joined the Grand Qin Empire, then the Grand Qin Empire would possess another expert in the future. But unfortunately, Yang Ye’s enemy was the Flower Palace. With Yang Ye’s character, the only way to make Yang Ye join the Empire and willingly work himself to the death for him would be to rescue Yang Ye’s mother.

However, becoming enemies with the Flower Palace for Yang Ye was an exchange that wasn’t quite worth it for the Grand Qin Empire! In short, the value Yang Ye revealed right now was still insufficient, and it wasn’t sufficient to make the Grand Qin Empire offend the Flower Palace for him!

Li Si still shook his head and said, “You ought to be clearly aware of the relationship between my Grand Qin Empire and the other sects. If my Grand Qin Empire makes a rash move against any of the six great powers without a suitable reason, then they would definitely join forces, and it would be an immeasurable threat to our Grand Qin Empire!”

The middle aged man pondered deeply for a moment before he said, “He possesses a mysterious Darkbeast as well! This Darkbeast is an enormous deterrent to the Darkbeast Race in the Grand Myriad Mountains!”

Li Si grinned and said, “Do you know why the Sword Sect’s Daoist Zui didn’t ask for that mysterious Darkbeast from that kid after he made an appearance?”

“Why?” Li Si didn’t answer but replied with a question instead. “Do you think that existence from the Darkbeast Empire would allow it to threaten the Darkbeast Empire?”

The middle aged man shook his head.

“So, that mysterious Darkbeast is a disaster. Any power that obtains it will suffer the frenzied attacks of the Darkbeast Empire! This is the reason why the Sword Sect’s Daoist Zui didn’t try to obtain that mysterious Darkbeast!” Li Si said, “Especially our Grand Qin Empire. If our Grand Qin Empire obtains it, then I guarantee that existence from the Darkbeast Empire would immediately tear apart all the agreements between them and us humans, and then all the Darkbeasts would leave the Grand Myriad Mountains!”

“You mean that existence from the Darkbeast Empire has already locked his sights on Yang Ye?” The middle aged man frowned.

Li Si nodded and said, “This is the true reason why I gave up on him. He has the potential to become an expert, but that’s a matter for the future. After all, the Flower Palace isn’t his only enemy now. There’s also the Origin School, Ghost Sect, and the Darkbeast Empire! If he doesn’t possess extraordinary Karmic Luck, then merely the Talisman Master’s Association would be unable to protect him!”

The middle aged man suddenly said, “What if he seizes the first on the Ascension Rankings?”

“Then our Grand Qin Empire will spare no efforts to rope him in!” Li Si said, “But is that even possible? The Ascension Rankings this year is bound to be a stage that belongs to the disciples of the Origin School, my Empire’s Imperial Academy, and the two palaces.”

“I hope so….” The middle aged man spoke in a low voice.

After he left the Imperial Palace, Yang Ye arrived at the Talisman Master’s Association. He’d just arrived there when he’d been dragged into a hall by his Master, Lin Shan. Just like the last time, numerous old geezers were sitting in the hall.

“Kid, do you know that you’ve gotten yourself in huge trouble this time!?” Lin Shan spoke in a low voice as he gazed at Yang Ye who had a dazed expression.

“Trouble?” Yang Ye was stunned, and then he said in a puzzled tone, “Master, what trouble?”

“Do you have a mysterious Darkbeast?” asked Lin Shan in a low voice.

The violet mink had been exposed, so Yang Ye didn’t conceal it and immediately nodded, and then he said, “It’s related to the little fellow?”

“Of course it is!” Lin Shan laughed bitterly and said, “Kid, don’t think that you can rest at ease because you’ve returned safely from the Grand Myriad Mountains. Just think about it for a moment, if you were the Beast Emperor of the Grand Myriad Mountains, then would you allow a Darkbeast that’s an extreme threat to the Darkbeast Empire to fall into the hands of a human?”

“I wouldn’t!” Yang Ye gave an honest answer.

“Since you know that he wouldn’t, then why did you still bring it back?” Lin Shan was slightly exasperated, and he said, “Do you know how terrifying the Beast Emperor is? His strength is comparable to the Sword Sect’s Daoist Zui!”

“Master, didn’t I return safely in the end?” Yang Ye smiled bitterly and said, “Besides that, since that Beast Emperor is an expert of such a level, then he probably wouldn’t make a move against an ant like me, right!?”

Lin Shan laughed bitterly and said, “Kid, do you know that your master’s heart almost leaped out of his chest from shock after I found out that you actually possessed such a mysterious Darkbeast. At that time, I was already prepared to head to the Ascension Mountain Range to retrieve your body and bury you. The Beast Emperor would indeed disdain to make a move against you, but he would absolutely not allow that mysterious Darkbeast to fall into the hands of any power. Because in that way, it would be an enormous threat to his Darkbeast Empire. Now, you’re a member of the Talisman Master’s Association. Kid, do you understand now?”

Yang Ye frowned and said, “Didn’t Senior Zui make an agreement with the Darkbeast Empire and they wouldn’t come looking for trouble with me? Could it be that they would go back on their word?”

“I don’t know if they will or won’t!” Lin Shan said, “All I know is that if you continue to allow that little fellow to stay by your side, then the troubles you face would definitely grow more and more numerous. Alright, Kid, let that little fellow out so that all of us can have a look at it. Even I want to see exactly what Darkbeast is actually capable of deterring the Darkbeast Clans of the Grand Myriad Mountains!”

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