Chapter 237 – Leaving The Talisman Master’s Association!

Almighty Sword Domain

When they heard Lin Shan, everyone in the surroundings looked at Yang Ye because they were extremely curious about that mysterious Darkbeast that could terrify the Darkbeasts of the Grand Myriad Mountains!

Right when Yang Ye was about to speak, the white haired old man that sat at the seat of the host, Yang Ye’s Martial Uncle, suddenly said, “Kid, if it’s possible, then allow us to meet it. Don’t worry, we won’t harm it!”

Yang Ye laughed bitterly and said, “Seniors, it isn’t that I don’t believe all of you, but it’s really not a convenient time for it. Besides that, I’m friends with it, and we’re not master and servant.”

“Friends?” The white haired old man was slightly stunned, and then he said, “Kid, you’re telling me that you’ve become friends with a King Rank Darkbeast?”

Yang Ye nodded!

The white haired old man and the others immediately gazed at Yang Ye with strange expressions. It was common knowledge that even though the relationship between humans and Darkbeasts in the southern territory couldn’t be said to be like fire and water, it could absolutely not be considered to be friendly. So long as humans didn’t enter the Grand Myriad Mountains and the Darkbeasts didn’t leave the Grand Myriad Mountains, then both races would coexist peacefully. But if humans entered the Grand Myriad Mountains or the Darkbeasts entered the human world, then they would absolutely suffer the merciless annihilation of the other.

Humans coveted the Inner Cores of Darkbeasts while Darkbeasts were hostile against humans. This was common knowledge!

Yet now, a human and a King Rank Darkbeast had become friends…. This was something that had never happened in the history of the southern territory!

After a short while, the white haired old man smiled bitterly and shook his head while he said, “Kid, your relationship with that mysterious Darkbeast is rather good. It’s actually able to go against its own race for you!”

Yang Ye nodded with agreement and said, “My relationship with it is very good indeed. We’re friends that have experienced life and death together!” Actually, he’d stopped taking the little fellow to be a mere friend. Now, the little fellow was already a loved one in his heart, a true loved one just like his mother and Little Yao!

When they heard Yang Ye, the white haired old man and Lin Shan exchanged glances. In the end, Lin Shan shook his head, turned around to look at Yang Ye, and said, “Kid, we originally intended to ask you to stay away from that mysterious Darkbeast. But now it would seem like it’s impossible. But master still intends to advise you to ask it to leave if it’s possible. After all, if the Darkbeast Empire’s Emperor really wants to act against you, then even the Talisman Master’s Association would be unable to protect you!”

The others nodded with agreement. After all, if an expert at the level of the Beast Emperor really wanted to act against Yang Ye, then unless Daoist Zui stayed by Yang Ye’s side to protect Yang Ye at all times, otherwise, Yang Ye would definitely die. Of course, all of them present here were even more worried about the Beast Emperor venting his anger on the Talisman Master’s Association!

Even though the Talisman Master’s Association didn’t fear the Beast Emperor, there was truly no reason for it to make such a formidable enemy! To put it in a franker manner, there was truly no need to offend such a colossus like the Darkbeast Empire for Yang Ye!

They couldn’t be said to be heartless because they were part of an organization, and it was related to all their interests. If there were no benefits, then why should they become enemies with a colossus like the Darkbeast Empire for Yang Ye? Yang Ye’s potential was extremely good indeed, but in the end, it provided them with no material benefits at all!

The Talisman Master’s Association was very united, but it depended on the circumstances!

Yang Ye glanced at them. He naturally understood the thoughts these sly foxes had, and he didn’t blame them for it. He really didn’t. Since the beginning, the Talisman Master’s Association had already helped him enough. Now, it wasn’t willing to offend the Darkbeast Empire for him, and he understood why. After all, besides his master, Lin Shan, the others weren’t related to him at all. So, on what basis should they go against the Darkbeast Empire for him?

This world was very realistic like this, and Yang Ye had understood this principle a very long time ago.

When he thought up to here, Yang Ye flipped his wrist, and his badge appeared in his hand. He placed his Talisman Master’s badge onto the table and said, “Seniors, there’s no need to worry about me anymore. I understand the difficulties that Seniors face, and I’m unwilling to make trouble for all of you. From now onward, I’m not a member of the Talisman Master’s Association anymore. Everything that I, Yang Ye, do in the future will not be related to the Talisman Master’s Association at all!”

As soon as he finished speaking, Yang Ye performed the bow of a disciple to Lin Shan, and then he turned around and left.

Since the moment Yang Ye withdrew his badge until he finished speaking those words, not a single person present here had urged him to stay. Lin Shan’s lips had moved, but he didn’t say anything in the end.

After Yang Ye left the hall, Lin Shan turned to look at the white haired old man who sat at the seat of the host and said, “Senior Brother, and all of you old geezers! Are you happy now!?”

The white haired old man sighed lightly and said, “His natural talent in the Dao of Talismans is extremely monstrous indeed, and I really don’t want to give up on him. However, the troubles he’s facing right now are truly too numerous. The Flower Palace, the Ghost Sect, and the Origin School have already aroused the intention to eliminate him. Of course, most importantly, he’s involved with that mysterious Darkbeast now. With the threat that mysterious Darkbeast poses to the Darkbeast Empire, how could the Beast Emperor allow him to continue living?

“His natural talent in the Sword Dao is extraordinary as well. But Daoist Sui gave up on him as well when facing these problems. If I’m not wrong, the agreement between Daoist Zui and the Beast Emperor is probably one where the Darkbeast Empire wouldn’t act against Yang Ye until the Ascension Rankings comes to an end. The Flower Palace, Origin School, and Ghost Sect have probably made similar agreements with Daoist Zui as well. In other words, once the Ascension Rankings ends, then there’s practically no chance for him to survive! It’s exactly because of this that even Li Si, one who’s known for cherishing geniuses, gave up on him as well.”

Lin Shan suddenly said, “What if he obtains the first on the Ascension Rankings?”

The white haired old man’s eyes narrowed. After a short while, he shook his head and smiled, “There are no ifs. This year’s Ascension Rankings is bound to be a stage for those monstrous geniuses. Even if he has comprehended Sword Intent, he’d bound to be one that serves as a contrast to them. The strengths possessed by those monstrous geniuses are truly extremely terrifying!”

Lin Shan didn’t speak further. Yang Ye’s strength was very good indeed, but even he didn’t believe that Yang Ye could seize the first. Because no matter if it was Yuan Tong, Qin Youran, or those other disciples from the two palaces and the Ghost Sect, all of them had been fostered with the full strength of their respective sects. These people didn’t lack cultivation techniques, combat techniques, or cultivation resources!

But what about Yang Ye?


After he walked out of the hall, Yang Ye raised his head to gaze at the clouds that floated at the horizon, and then he took a deep breath. From now onward, he had no organization, no backing, and was truly all alone.

Truthfully speaking, being repeatedly abandoned was truly an unpleasant feeling, but it couldn’t be helped no matter how unpleasant it was. Because the strength he, Yang Ye, possessed was weak, yet his enemies were too formidable!

This world was like that. There were many things where one had to endure it even if it was unpleasant because one was weak!

Suddenly, Yang Ye grinned and said, “All of you look down on me now, but the day will come when I’ll make all of you unworthy to form ties with me!”

“What high-sounding sentiments!” Right at this moment, the clear and melodious voice of a woman resounded from behind Yang Ye.

Yang Ye turned around, and he noticed that the white haired old man’s granddaughter, that woman, Bai Qing, who’d entered into conflict with him on the other day had suddenly appeared behind him. Moreover, the little she-devil, Bao’er, and Little Yao who he hadn’t met for a long time were standing behind Bai Qing.

“You’re very confident!” Bao Qing gazed at Yang Ye as she spoke.

Yang Ye directly disregarded her. His figure flashed and directly appeared in front of Little Yao before he rubbed her little head, and a wisp of a gentle expression flashed in his eyes as he said softly, “Little Yao has grown tall!”

When she heard this, Little Yao who was already on the verge of tears had jumped into Yang Ye’s embrace, and she said, “Big Brother….”

There were two more days until the second round of the Ascension Rankings began. During these two days of time, Yang Ye didn’t cultivate, and he spent all his time on accompanying Little Yao and Bao’er.

Yang Ye was slightly surprised by Little Yao’s natural talent because she was already at the First heaven Realm now. Even though it couldn’t do without the fostering of his master, Lin Shan, Little Yao’s natural talent had still caused Yang Ye to feel slightly embarrassed! After all, how old was she now!? He wasn’t even a profounder at her age….

Besides Little Yao’s natural talent, Yang Ye was also shocked by Bao’er’s natural talent in talisman crafting. Because she was already able to craft mid-rank Technique Talismans now. Even though they were merely low-grade talismans, it still caused Yang Ye to feel quite embarrassed. After all, he was only able to craft low-rank Technique Talismans!

After accompanying the two little girls for two days, Yang Ye woke up at the first glimmer of dawn on the third day. He washed up quickly, and then he started journeying towards the entrance of the Imperial Palace.

The second round of the Ascension Rankings was starting today!

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